Jordan Sather, Buffalo Shooting – These Flags Won’t False Themselves!

Jordan Sather

How many flags could the CIA false if the CIA could false flags?

[Editor’s note: Jordan Sather’s got it right: one more phony “false flag” to promote gun control, where this one bears striking similarities to the Christchurch, NZ, mosque shootings, which were equally like video games in their production values. Check out “The New Zealand Shootings: Were they real or a political stunt?” (7 June 2020) with this unoriginal “amateur hour”. Notice the absence of blood, nobody screams or evades, cartoon weapon, and much, much more.]


As the ‘official story’ goes – last night a man opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York while live-streaming on Twitch, killing at least 10 people and injuring several others. He also posted an online manifesto in which he described himself as a white supremacist.

This situation has all the earmarks of a standard Deep State false flag – racist shooter, live-streaming on social media, questionably written manifesto, symbolism at the scene, calls for gun control, and political timing of the event. I wouldn’t be shocked if this shooter happened to be a patsy that was mind controlled by a shadow government group to carry out this task. Let’s take a look at the red flags surrounding this shooting that indicate it could be a planned event:

1) Timing.

When it comes to Deep State false flags, mass shootings included, they always seem to take place when it’s most politically convenient for the perpetrators. No doubt them Deep Staters are looking for any distraction they can get right now with how many walls are closing in on them – we’ve got Michael Sussman’s case as part of Durham’s investigation that starts Monday, the 2000 Mules documentary is exposing election fraud en masse, Russia is bringing out more allegations of U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine, & a whole lot more is going on, too. To misdirect our attention away from these things we have this mass shooting in New York, we have Congress holding it’s first open hearings in 50 years about UFOs on Tuesday, and we’ll see what else they try to throw our way in the coming days! (Death of prominent Deep State asset imminent? How are Queen Elizabeth and the Pope feeling?)

2) The Lone, White, Racist Shooter.

Big surprise, they’re telling us that this shooter was a crazy white guy who was apparently incredibly racist and anti-semitic. (Weird that he’s supposedly super racist, when a handful of his shooting victims were white people.) We don’t hear anything about the mass shootings that take place in crime-ridden cities like Chicago, but when an event happens that’s perfect to push agendas with, it’s front page news instantly. Division is the name of the game for our social engineers.

3) Calls for Gun Control.

Another big surprise, the shooter was using an AR-15 style rifle when he carried out the attack and it took less than 12 hours for major media platforms and corrupt politicians to call for gun control afterwards.

Good ol’ Problem/Reaction/Solution, a.k.a. the Hegelian Dialectic. The Deep State creates the problem (manufacture a shooting incident), the public reacts in the predicted, intended way (omg all those MAGA people are racist and violent! We have to do something about guns!), and the pre-planned solution is rolled out to the public. (gun bans, more censorship, media hit pieces against muh conspiracy theorists questioning the attack).

Happens every time.

And not only will this event spur calls for gun control, but since the shooter happened to livestream on a social media platform and posted a written manifesto to go along with the attack (or maybe his handlers wrote and posted for him, who knows) then Big Tech will of course call for more censorship as well. They usually go after a few birds with one stone when it comes to their false flags.

4) Another Manifesto.

Seems to be the new hit thing when a shooter carries out an attack these days, he puts out a manifesto on social media! Our Buffalo shooter released a 180 page manifesto before carrying out his attack yesterday, complete with graphs and charts and statistics and his life story. 180 pages. I’m gonna go with, “he didn’t write that” for $500, Alex. I wonder which FedBoi was hired to write this for him? In fact if you look closely, whole pages of the manifesto from the Buffalo shooter was copy and pasted directly from the manifesto of the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter. It’s the exact same. I hope they aren’t paying these Fedbois top dollar because they aren’t doing a very good job covering their tracks!

In what might the most hilarious part of this scam-ifesto, the Buffalo shooter claimed to post pictures of himself. Here’s a screenshot from the manifesto and pictures he posted:

I saw these photos and thought, where have I seen that guy before? Ran a quick reverse image search through Tineye and came to realize that these photos are actually of comedian/troll named Sam Hyde. Since 2015, Hyde has been misreported numerous times as the perpetrator of shooting attacks.

Whoever wrote this manifesto, whether it was actually the shooter, Fedbois, or someone else, they are clearly trying to troll us with those photos. Do they think we won’t pick up on this? I would think they would expect us to. Regardless, something weird is going on with this manifesto. It’s almost like it was quickly and hastily put together at the last minute, probably like this whole manufactured shooting.

”When the Deep State buys their false flag from”

5) Symbolism.

In what might be the most apparent detail that exposes false flags for what they are, the symbolism surrounding these events will stick out like a sore thumb when you familiarize yourself with what symbols they use and how/why they use them. Whether it’s Freemason symbolism, false flags happening on numerologically significant dates (9/11, 7/7, 3/11, etc..), or other symbols plastered around the crime scenes, it’s a tell tale sign that something deeper is going on with the event.

One issue with this Buffalo shooting that shows pure contradiction in mainstream media narratives is that they’re calling the shooter a white supremacist Nazi due to the Black Sun symbolism in his manifesto – the problem here is that this Order of the Black Sun symbol, which is an actual Nazi symbol dating back to their secret societies of the WW2 era, is used by the Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

The Azov Battalion that Putin is fighting. The actual Ukraine Nazis. The Nazis the media says aren’t there or aren’t a problem. The Nazis that the Biden Administration is working to fund with money and support with military equipment. Maybe those rifles the Biden Admin is sending to Ukraine will be used in a mass shooting on U.S. soil someday? Maybe that’s what they want to happen?….

Twitter avatar for @dancohen3000Dan Cohen @dancohen3000

The mass shooter’s manifesto features the same sonnenrad the Azov Battalion uses in its symbol. It’s pretty incredible to watch the Democratic Party hacks who spent the Trump era warning about fascism downplay Azov’s Nazism.


Caroline Orr Bueno, Ph.D @RVAwonk

There’s a lot of disinformation already about the mass shooter in Buffalo, NY. To be clear, he didn’t have an “Azov Battalion symbol” in his manifesto — it’s a sonnenrad (black sun), which is a common white supremacist symbol.

Another glaring symbol used in this shooting brings us to another connection with the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting of 2019. This Christchurch shooting was clearly a false flag that they used to justify advancing gun laws in New Zealand and that Big Tech used to basically shut 8chan off of the internet for a while. 8chan was where Q was posting at the same and where many citizen journalists were congregating to share info and expose the New World Order. They claimed the shooter posted his manifesto on 8chan and that the website radicalized him. They were targeting anons, citizen journalists, and Q with that shooting. (Also, there were connections found between the Christchurch shooter and that Ukrainian Azov Battalion. The Democrats are supporting the Nazis that are committing these shootings. What a mess.)

So this Buffalo shooter had many of the same symbols on his gun that the Christchurch shooter did! We’ve got the hash marks:

We also have the “14” and the “Fish” symbol used on both guns. The number 14 is somewhat commonly used in Neo-Nazi circles, and it also has meaning within the Illuminati cultists too. (Many of these Deep Staters are secretly Nazis)

You might be familiar with the infamous photo of John Podesta with the 14/Fish symbolism written on his palms. Remember when John Podesta was in New Zealand only days before the Christchurch shooting happened? It’s almost as if he traveled there directly to give the go orders for it, and these Deep State Illuminati Cultists communicated to their friends that they were behind it with the chosen symbols on the guns. (John Podesta is in Durham’s crosshairs right now, so it makes sense that him and his friends are wreakin havoc and trying to misdirect the public’s attention away from Durham’s case)

Plus these Deep State NWO folk have their own weird religion that they stick to, and who knows what the heck their weird belief systems involve.

This 14/Fish symbolism also shows up with one of John Podesta’s friends, a woman you may have heard of who goes by the name Ghislaine Maxwell. Back in 2015 the U.N. came out with 17 of what they called “Sustainable Development Goals”, and the 14th goal had to do with the oceans. Ghislaine Maxwell had a company called “TerraMar” that was also involved with the oceans, and Ghislaine/TerraMar were partnering with the U.N. on these “Sustainable Development Goals”. I find the 14/Fish example here to be quite curious. May have been no accident.

List of the U.N.’s “Sustainable Development Goals”

Video of Ghislaine Maxwell discussing her Terramar project at a 2015 U.N. meeting about these “Sustainable Development Goals”

What does the 14/Fish symbolism mean and why is it plastered on the guns used in these false flags? Well it will be tough to know for sure as they are secret codes they are using within their own little cult. The meaning behind symbols comes from the intent of the user, and knowing their actual intent behind the usage of symbols can be tough to gauge. We can do educated guesswork, though.

One theory is that the 14 + Fish symbolizes aspects of the religious belief of these Illuminati folk. The claim here is that 14 + fish references the power of black magic and resurrection. There could be more specific meanings that we aren’t aware of.

As we head into times where the Deep State will continue to get exposed and get put on the ropes, their desperation and desire to cause chaos will surely increase. While I do believe that their power is waning dramatically from where it was 10, or even 5 years ago, I don’t think we’re out of the woods just yet. This is no time to become complacent. Keep your head on a swivel, be vigilant, and do not give up in this information war. The sooner we collectively wake up to the agendas and mass mind control of the New World Order, the sooner we can rid this world of their corruption and start building society anew.

Keep fighting for truth and justice!o

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51 thoughts on “Jordan Sather, Buffalo Shooting – These Flags Won’t False Themselves!”

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  2. Coming soon from Candace Owens. Keep an eye out for this!

    Watch: Conservative Firebrand Candace Owens UTTERLY WRECKS George Floyd And BLM in Epic New Video

    “Owens covers all her bases, exploring Floyd’s most intimate relationships, discussing the case with legal and medical experts (as opposed to paid hacks), sitting down with Chauvin’s kin, and looking at the grossly corrupt organization of Black Lives Matter. Along with 2000 Mules, this might be the other most noteworthy documentary produced this year.”

  3. What is happening starting May 22nd is essentially the end of American sovereignty. From the video:

    “With the imminent passage of THE AMERICAN SPONSORED AMENDMENTS to the International Health Regulations, WHO will have free reign for using these expansive definitions of health to call a crisis over anything it wishes in any nation it desires.”

    “We need to face that these American sponsored amendments are a great step toward America voluntarily forfeiting its sovereignty to the New World Order or Great Reset.”

    “The ratification of these amendments IS A FORGONE CONCLUSION”

    Scared yet? well, I am……and anyone should be.

    Get it? You have no say in the matter. In a bit more than a week, like it or not America will be part of the NWO. Our sovereignty will be gone. Who in CONgress do you know is speaking of this? Who in the MSM?

    I have posted this previously to little or no response.

    Apparently, Alabama has already passed a law banning this declaration by WHO (at about 29 minutes). State by state is the way to go. The federal government is in on it. F them.

    Maybe the following video will help: (from Jim’s BitChute) …..PLEASE WATCH

  4. Here’s the absolute utter bullshit/insanity on steroids we are up against:

    …right from the h(e)alls of CONgress!

    Q: “Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?” –

    A: “Yes.” -Democrat witness

    I’ll tell you, there is no way to deal with total irrationality other than putting it out of its misery.

  5. This photo emerged today in media. Its said to be Payton in his school. I have no proof about this photo and where it was actually taken. I ask, what school would allow him to wear this in a school?
    More grist for the mill, eh?


  6. “Under surveillance” for a year, which means the FBI had a year to train, groom & MK Ultra the “suspect”. This time they had him livestream the mass shooting for shock value & release a manifesto within 45 minutes. Just more anti-gun, anti-Christian, anti-White hate propaganda by the Jewish-controlled media & Biden administration.

    The Wikipedia page on the shooting was ready and had 50 plus news sources as footnotes in a couple of hours on a Saturday night!!! The “suspect” was arraigned on a Saturday night!!!! When in New York you can’t see a judge until Monday morning!!! Oh, and the cameras inside the store were “not working” again LOL! 100% false flag.

    1. Jack: the media is controlled by the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird. Payton’s Buffalo video is fake. We’re being played by two fulltime fakers, Obama and Biden. Both are phonies 100%. Both Payton and Ozwald and many more are government stooges and patsies.


  7. Does the fact that even much of the alternative media is accepting this as a real event boggle anyone elses mind? Am I living in some strange bizzaro alternate reality? Does anyone LOOK or do they just accept what they hear? Astounding….just astounding that anyone with the slightest reasoning ability and mildly acute perception cannot see this as fake as hell. Is there some mass hypnosis underway of which, for one reason or another, we have not fallen under?

    1. Will Two….99.9% of all Americans STILL believe that Sandy Hook was a real event and that was WAAAAY back in 2012.
      They also STILL believe that planes flew into the Twin Towers…
      Americans ARE the dumbest people on the planet. IMO the CIA has controlled the USA since the killing of JFK and maybe even before that. The USA has descended into a type of H_ll unknown on this planet since records have been kept.

      1. You’re wrong, Don. A large majority of Americans believe there was a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK, a majority do not support the official narrative of September 11 ( › americans-do-not-believe-official-911-story) and even a majority think Sandy Hook was used for political gain ( The problem is that we don’t have free and fair elections anymore in much of the country and the highest levels of our political, media, and judicial systems are either complicit or intimidated.

      2. My efforts to expose Sandy Hoax through the judicial system took a serious hit in Wisconsin, but now I am going to the US Supreme Court. For my Petition and supporting Appendices, check ’em out at

      3. BETTER: Here’s a link to the Petition and its Appendices:

        Have to be granted pauper status to file Pro se. Perhaps
        by mid-week I should know if I’ve made it through the door,
        but it may be 2-3 months before learn of acceptance or not.

      4. William, thanks for saying that. I agree. More than anything, Americans are just frustrated…knowing they cannot seem to get their voices heard. Jim is giving it a shot, but few Americans have the means or know how to take it that far. Massive resistance is needed yesterday.

      5. William, sorry but you are wrong. I don’t think you understood what you were seeing or reading.

      6. Jim, thanks for that info. Reading now. The first thing I noticed is that “pauper status” is rarely granted under other than criminal cases. What do you think of your chances?

      7. Well, I am not sharing the supporting petition, but it means you cannot afford an attorney. Given the massive judgments against me (over $1.1m) and my expenses for attorneys in the past (close to $100,000), I cannot afford an attorney. I appear to qualify and do not believe this will be an obstacle that I cannot overcome. But you are right. One cannot submit Pro se without qualifying as a pauper.

      8. “Will Two….99.9% of all Americans STILL believe that Sandy Hook was a real event and that was WAAAAY back in 2012.”

        Don…You have no basis in fact to spew out percentages of this exaggerated nature.

      9. Jim, that was truly an amazing document, especially considering the pro se aspect.
        That Wisconsin judge is only fooling himself. No one can objectively view that case and say the facts were settled and undisputed. It was a political decision. No judge in his right mind is as naive as he seemed to be in he following statement:

        The judge decided as a matter of fact, not law, that it is unreasonable for anyone to believe that groups of people would deceive other groups of people: “No reasonable person would come to the conclusion that someone fabricated or falsified Mr. Pozner’s son’s death certificate. No reasonable person would believe that President Obama hired crisis actors to stage a pretend school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in order to advance the former President’s supposed agenda on gun control. No reasonable person could consider what Leonard Pozner tried to tell Dr. Fetzer and his fellow “researchers” immediately after the shooting and come to the conclusion that Noah Pozner never lived, and thus never died. It is impossible to imagine that anyone in today’s digital world could believe, much less conceive, that three or four hundred “actors” could or would keep this “secret” safe and not be lured to sell this fantastic story to the highest bidder. Yet, even today, even now, Dr. Fetzer would have everybody believe that “Nobody died at Sandy Hook.” (Doc-348, page 9)

      10. My Petition to proceed as a pauper has been docketed by the Supreme Court. We shall see. Docket Search

        The Supreme Court’s docket system contains information about cases, both pending and decided, that have been filed at the Court. The docket provided here contains complete information regarding the status of cases filed since the beginning of the 2001 Term.

        Users can search for the docket in a particular case by using a Supreme Court docket number, a case name, or other words or numbers included on a docket report. The format for Supreme Court docket numbers is “Term year-number” (e.g., 06-123; 07-12; 06-5001).

        Questions Presented. The Questions Presented in a granted or noted case can be obtained by first obtaining the docket report for that case, then clicking on the blue “Questions Presented” hyperlink located on the left side of the docket report. Once the hyperlink is clicked, a .pdf file setting forth the Questions Presented in the case will appear.

        Search for:
        Fetzer v. Pozner

        1 item found for: Fetzer v. Pozner

        Search Results:
        file type icon Docket for 21-7916
        Title:James Fetzer, Petitioner v. Leonard Pozner
        James Fetzer, Petitioner Leonard Pozner Court of Appeals of Wisconsin, District IV Petition for a writ of certiorari and motion for leave to proceed in forma James H. Fetzer Party name: James Fetzer

      11. Will Two writes:……….”Jim, I have the greatest faith in your intellect, conviction and integrity. But if you beat these odds, I would really appreciate your buying me a Lottery ticket.”

        I’m sure the blog readers can pool their resources to help you.

      12. Don, it’s not a question of my not being able to afford a lottery ticket. My point was that if Jim beat those odds, he might be in the zone and his buying a ticket in that zone could be an “odds” beater. Of course, I am sure you realize that, but just saw an opportunity at my personal degradation. Nice.

      13. If I win any multimillion dollar Lottery, Jim’s financial needs will be foremost in my mind. This is my concern.
        I hope this is also the goal of other JF blog participants.

  8. Lol! As I have said from the beginning of the year the false flags will be coming in waves and the script writers aren’t desperate they just don’t care and willfully knows that they’re mind raping us. And the unicorn world we live in getting hotter….. LOL !

  9. Here’s the full video. The “action” starts at around 6:05. As always, where’s the blood? You might notice that when he goes back and shoots some guy directly in the head, all we see is what might be the result of an air rifle..NO BLOOD…..give me a break…the guys head would have exploded at point blank range. Absolute bs.

    1. Will… the first thing I said was where’s the blood???????? It’s staged obviously, so why not employ those exploding fake blood packs? It goes right back to the “in your face” of all these events. 99.9% automatically believe what they are told. Us point one percenters jump up and down trying to point out the obvious. And that makes us seem insane to the normies. The power that be make it obvious to rub it in our faces and laugh at us, getting their rocks off ! It’s like why re-use that hag over and over again? They love to make it obvious and the more so it is, the more they get off. Some times they go too far…

      One guy I did not take for awake was Shane. Out of the blue he said the Boulder King Soopers shooting was fake and it was so obvious, give me a break! Wow…

      1. Dave, their arrogance is showing and it will be their downfall. Anyone who took this shooting to be real is simply highly non-observant…to be kind.

    2. Yes Will they love to mind rape the stupid, anyone with a brain cell left after the past two years of this scamdemic will have known that more of this garbage is coming.

    3. If you look at the initial shots at the lady in the blue dress, you can see that she was not trying to support herself from hurt as she fell on the asphalt surface. She did not flay her arms out laterally to break her fall, she seemed, to me, to drop like a stone. As for the presence of blood, I did not see any. Who got hold of the film camera, developed the film, and quite possibly altered some aspect of the film? I did not see any blood and you’d expect a 3000fps slug to explode one’s head and make a real mess of the struck bodies, especially the squash.
      There are glaring, undeniable realities and yet a huge percentage of ‘murricans will insist there are at least 97% of true believers of these shenanigans. To this, all I can fashion into a reply is “arrrgggh”.

      1. Bahmi….I does seem she dropped like a stone. But, her arms were folded into her torso, so I would think that cushioned the fall to a degree. Also, seems to me that woman and the woman outside by the cart are white. Film camera? How do we know it was a film camera? Who would use a film camera in today’s digital world? maybe an artist…that’s about it.

  10. The fallen man by the check stand screams and then the gunman says ”sorry”. Hardly no one hides because they were caught by surprise. The gunman’s presence lasted about one minute.
    File photo: man that screams.
    It appears that the gunman has studied and was influenced by other such events. I don’t know if he was a government agent, its too early to make a definitive assessment. Yes, this does appear to be a false flag and people were killed.


    1. Don, did you see when he went back and shot the man face up with a mask….all I saw was some kind of air hitting the guy……do you think it’s possible to shoot at that close a range and cause no blood or not to have the mans head explode?

      1. Good questions Will Two………..
        I saw the video about ten times. He’s using a small caliber rifle…..hardly a military ”assault” weapon.
        There are some strange things happening in Payton’s video. My question is that he appears to come onto events that have already happened!!! People are ALREADY on the floor BEFORE he shoots them. That does not look real. Are these scenes all staged??? [ In small cal. shootings, the body holes are small and it takes some time for blood to emerge. Maybe?? ] That aside, the visual scene-for-scene of the video raises very serious questions… it real or fake???? I do not buy the idea that the video is the real deal!!!! There are several suspicious cuts in the video. Big problem there.
        Are we being bamboozled??? Something is wrong with that video.

      2. Don…of course we are being “bamboozled”. Big thanks to Obama and his crew. I also noticed they were on the floor when he entered. This thing was as staged as it gets. A mass murderer does not say “I’m sorry” to a possible victim. It’s obvious he went off script and had the stupidity to apologize for doing so. That in itself is ludicrous. Small caliber or not, there would have been blood and at least some splatter …especially at that proximity. This has all the mo of a video game put into reality….VERY similar to the Christchurch insanity. Do not doubt your gut feelings. Do not give these creatures that satisfaction.

    2. The File is Braden who is the man on the floor in my photo above. Payton did not shoot him because he is white and he
      said “sorry” and moved on. Were the shots fired by Payton real? We’ll have to see how this all evolves as the investigation continues. That aside, the video is strange.


      1. Don, once you watch today’s Raw Deal, any doubts you may have will disappear.
        It was faked.

      2. This video did not convince me. I was convinced long before I saw it. Jim and his co-host did a good job of clarification of this hoax.

      3. Don, did you go back and review your comments? You may have been convinced it was fake, but that is not what you expressed.

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