Joe Olson, Medical Tyranny Checkmate

 Joe Olson

“We don’t know who discovered water, but we are pretty sure it wasn’t the fish”

I will leave colloquialism scholars to debate the origin of this phrase, I will credit it to the 60s cult icon Marshall McLuhan in his Medium is the Message, book and album. He also stated “We shape our machines and thereafter, they shape us”.  Both of these concepts give insights to our current condition.

There are only two systems of social organization, either you have Free Speech, Private Property Rights and Rule by Informed Consent, or you do NOT.  Every other system is a rebranding of feudalism, the preferred system of monarchs, monopolists and sociopaths. These three groups recognize their codependency for achieving and expanding power and have networked for centuries on a one world fiefdom, ruling a scarcely populated planet. At present they have control of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Famine, Disease, Pestilence and War. (the biblical “death” is inevitable, WAR is the more accurate controlled threat vector)

Their Famine vector includes carcinogenic GMO livestock and crops, use of toxic pesticides and herbicides and reduction of food and fertilizer production, coupled with staged supply chain issues. Their Disease vector includes the now proved Gain-of-Function bioweapon production as well as their gene altering mRNA injections. Their Pestilence vector includes the chemical and biological attacks mentioned above as well as their “bioengineering” chem.-trails and quantum increase in EMR, electromagnetic radiation.

I substituted WAR from the biblical Death, because death is inevitable, War has always been intentional, always by the same feudalists, always disguised as accidental and unavoidable.  Humanity is in an undeclared, asymmetrical, full spectrum war against the ruling feudalists who have unleashed all of their weapons of destruction upon us. There were only a few who recognized a decade ago, that the Carbon climate forcing, sustainable energy and peak oil hypothesis were Pestilence vectors, designed to kneecap economic production by unnecessary reductions in thermal energy production.

Being on the leading edge of Truth Movement made it an easy transition to explain the expanding array of threat vectors. The medical community was slow to respond to the CDC, FDA and big pharma staged COVID plague. A decade of college indoctrination, enormous financial investment and dependency on future income has reduced most medical professionals into group think, allopathic puppets. The first to speak out suffered the wrath of a powerful monopolist narrative machine with a full spectrum of government supported punishments.

One of the first to speak out was Dr Judy Mikovits with her book Plague of Corruption and her documentary movie Plandemic. I am a hands on, first person interactive activist who has attended dozens of Medical Freedom events in the last two years. On Saturday, May 21, 2022 there was an event in the Woodlands, just north of Houston featuring four leading edge medical Patriots. I was stunned and heartbroken to see just 40 people in attendance.

There is NO greater Property Right than your protection of what enters YOUR body and YOUR skull.

For those who recognize this fundamental position, I plead with you to support the in person in Minneapolis on May 28, in Atlantic City on June 04, in Dallas on June 11 and in Tampa on June 18. Here are the brave Truth tellers you will be able to thank in person.

Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, on the century long trans-human cult. If you doubt that there are techo-CRAZIES at work on this planet visit website. Their position is that Earth has an “engineering problem which will be solved by science to create a new, equitable society”. Unfortunately, most humans will be eliminated to achieve this equity. Patrick’s website is shadow banned by the GooGhoul gods, but can be accessed at

Dr Judy Mikovits presentation included all of the bureaucrats involved in the development of these bioweapon vectors and their deadly injection cures. Judy documents the multiple crimes, which can only be classified and racketeering on an industrial scale. Her movie is at

Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer, licensed to practice in California who has been holding virtual grand jury hearings with leading experts on this international racketeering and genocide program.  All you have to do is a run a GooGhoul search on any of these brave activists and see the level of vitriol and smears directed at those sharing Truth.

Dr Richard Fleming is a PhD Physicist, Cardiologist and a lawyer. His 90 minute presentation included grand jury level, indictable evidence, prosecutable in all 50 states. A portion of these crimes were committed in Texas by Pfizer subcontractor Ventavia Research with eight offices in the state and thousands of victims of their fraud. Brooks Jackson reported them to the FDA in Sept 2020 and was immediately fired. A year later, the British Medical Journal reported her evidence. Dr Fleming discusses a portion of his evidence with Alex Jones in this video:

We have been subjected to a lifetime of hypnotic programming where confirmation bias restricts you questioning the directed narratives and cognitive dissonance allows you to see evidence of lies and crimes, then dismiss any blame to the perpetrators. Humanity desperately needs to awaken and reject these narcissistic megalomaniacs before they ruin our planet. Please take the time to attend one of the Crimes Against Humanity Tour events, and support the presenters by buying their books and sharing their website material.

Joseph A Olson, PE

May 25, 2022


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6 thoughts on “Joe Olson, Medical Tyranny Checkmate”

  1. Jim I hope the small clique of regular commenters watches and comments on the Texas Rangers Director’s Presser. Right away you can feel something is off… just by this guy’s demeanor. He seemed conflicted about what he is saying. But what was really incredible is the amount of time elapsed between cops’ arrival and resolution. If they waited much longer, the shooter would have died of old age.

  2. I don’t see anything new here. But I am getting really sick of We stand with Uvalde posts. It’s all the same jive as the other mass shootings. Jim I am sure you are working on a post. Something has happened on Fake Book. Kurt Haskell has a bunch of deconstructing posts that have not been taken down yet. That’s anomalous. Any reference to being another staged event usually is taken down as fast as electrons can travel. The big signs of it being another drill is lady with a clippboard and law dogs that are out of place like police from Golden showing up at the King Soopers Boulder shooting. Not one Boulder policeman present? They are virtually around every corner. But they said, oh we will just let cops from another county handle it. Now we have Border Patrol and US Marshals showing up in Uvalde ? I get the feeling a bunch more folks are catching on with this one.

    1. Dave, Yes. 100% fake. Modeled after Sandy Hook just as Buffalo was modeled after NZ. Hard to believe anyone takes this shit seriously but by promoting it using the mainstream, politicians can treat is as true and take measures based upon its being real. So it’s a game. Several of my recent shows have been debunking it already. About to post another Need to Know (27 May 2022). You can find it at

      1. Just once I would like to see somebody busted for faking this crap. Maybe it’s true, no one gets to the top of any bureau or elected office without selling his soul and or being compromised. It must be how they know they can get away with it. Would the Texas Rangers soil themselves by being involved with this? You don’t want to believe it’s possible. Maybe that’s how they got away with 911. No one could believe any of our own people would be involved.

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