Enough Fraudulent Votes Identified to Change 2020 Election Outcome: Dinesh D’Souza

‘I’m putting this information out because I want the American people to be the jury.’–Dinesh D’Souza

Analysis of cell phone records performed by an election intelligence group shows that thousands of fraudulent ballots were deposited in mail-in drop boxes during the 2020 election, an amount sufficient to change the outcome of the election, said Dinesh D’Souza, director and writer of the documentary “2000 Mules.”

Many people, including D’Souza, were baffled by numerous anomalies occurring in the 2020 election especially by the sudden stopping of the vote count on the election night followed by a remarkable turnaround the next morning, the filmmaker said.

He was reluctant however to accept any supposition of fraud thinking that “an anomaly is an unlikely event.” He pondered that “Trump could have won the bellwether counties and somehow still lost the election. He could have gained with working-class voters and Hispanics, but maybe he lost more suburban voters.

“There are scenarios in which I could see that it’s possible that Trump lost. It wasn’t obvious to me that Trump won,” D’Souza said on EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program.


When D’Souza, a filmmaker, author, and daily podcaster, came across the information collected by an election intelligence organization called True the Vote, it piqued his interest. The group came up with a completely ingenious and novel way to look for fraud and to document it, D’Souza said.

True the Vote has the largest store of election data in the world, said D’Souza, adding that the organization purchased 10 trillion pings of cellphone data in five swing states occurring during the crucial days leading up to the election, from October 1, 2020, through Election Day.

“[The pings] were concentrated in only five areas, the greater Atlanta area of Georgia, the area of Phoenix, Maricopa County, Detroit, Milwaukee, and the greater Philadelphia area,” D’Souza said. “These are the five areas where the election was decided.”

Epoch Times Photo
OPSEC Group’s Gregg Phillips (C) conducted the geospatial investigation into ballot trafficking featured in Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” documentary to be released next week. (Screenshot/2000 Mules) 

True the Vote then used a kind of search algorithm to mine the data looking for mules, the filmmaker said.

The FBI and CIA use geo-tracking in the same way in their investigations, he said.

“The term mule is now commonly used in drug trafficking and sex trafficking. The mule is the middleman, the guy who makes the transport,” D’Souza wrote for The Epoch Times.

True the Vote borrowed this term to apply it to the paid professional operatives who engage in dropping off illegal votes and who went to 10 or more mail-in drop boxes, D’Souza explained.

The reason why mules went to at least 10 drop boxes was to ease suspicion of election workers who open drop boxes every day and document the number of ballots deposited, the filmmaker said. If they found that one dropbox contained many more votes than the average number of votes dropped there or dropped in other boxes in the area it would raise suspicions, he added.

Therefore “the mules are instructed to … spread [the votes] around,” D’Souza said.

A rule of tracking only those who visited at least 10 drop boxes was adopted in order to eliminate mistakes, he continued. “It’s possible someone went to one dropbox and they sort of had to stop and tie their shoelace at the next dropbox.” The researchers set the bar pretty high, he added.

Where Illegal Ballots Come From

A screenshot of Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” documentary to be released May 2, 2022. (Screenshot/2000 Mules)
A screenshot of Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” documentary. (Screenshot/2000 Mules) 

To find out where the mules got the votes from, the researchers investigated the connection between left-wing activist organizations deeply embedded in these urban areas where the mules operated, D’Souza said.

The purchased geo-tracking records showed that mules first stopped by at the left-wing organizations, collected a batch or a satchel of votes, and like a mailman, went on a route to drop off the votes, he explained. The deliveries often occurred in the middle of the night between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.

To verify their findings, True The Vote obtained official surveillance videos from the states themselves, D’Souza said.

D’Souza described that mules seen on videos are typically shrouded in hoodies, they look around to make sure they’re not being observed, and then they run up to the dropboxes. Some of them wore gloves to avoid leaving their fingerprints, he added.

Mules often take photos of their hands putting the ballot into the dropbox, D’Souza said.

“They have to show proof that they were there and that they delivered the fraudulent votes. That’s how they get paid, apparently. So all of this is on [surveillance ] video.”

He hopes showing these dealings in a movie makes “some demands on law enforcement because they’re the ones who have to act next,” D’Souza said.

The documentary presents very rigorous math to assess the impact of mules’ activity on the 2020 election, the filmmaker said. But even rough calculation based on the assumption that “2,000 mules stopped at an average of 40 or so drop boxes, dropping in an average of five ballots per drop” shows that a minimum of 400,000 illegal votes have been added, D’Souza said. In Pennsylvania, an estimated 1,100 mules dropped ballots at nearly 50 drop boxes apiece, he noted.

In all five swing states analyzed by True The Vote, Joe Biden’s winning margin varied from a narrow margin in Georgia (about 12,000), Arizona (about 11,000), and Wisconsin (about 21,000) to a big margin in Pennsylvania (about 82,000) and Michigan (about 155,000), according to Reuters. If fraudulent votes dropped by mules were subtracted from the Biden’s column in these states, Donald Trump would have won them, D’Souza said.

However, the ballots dropped by mules cannot be easily associated with voter names because there is no name on the ballot and the envelope with the name and address of the voter is detached from the ballot during the counting process. D’Souza explained. These two pieces can never be reunited so there is no way to identify fraudulent ballots, he added.

Therefore, the researchers tried to identify the connection between mules and “left-wing organizations,” the filmmaker said. One finding was that a number of the mules were Antifa or BLM supporters.

To determine the mules’ affiliation with Antifa or BLM, the researchers analyzed geo-tracking data related to violent riots in Atlanta that coincidently occurred within the same timeframe and tried to match cell phones of mules with cell phones of riot participants, D’Souza said.

D’Souza also noted that although election fraud dates back to the 19th century, the new election rules imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic created favorable conditions for fraud.

Ballot Harvesting Versus Ballot Trafficking

Epoch Times Photo
Election workers count ballots in Philadelphia, Pa., on Nov. 4, 2020. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images) 

There is a difference between ballot harvesting, which can be permissible in some states to various extents, and ballot trafficking, which is permitted in no state, the filmmaker said.

In the swing states analyzed by True the Vote, the laws for ballot harvesting are more restrictive, D’Souza said. “In Georgia, for example, you can only give your  ballot to a family member, or if you’re in a confined facility to your caregiver.”

“In no state, is it legal to pay anyone, let alone a mule, to deliver a vote … because when money comes into the process, you’ve contaminated the process, you’ve introduced the issue of bribery.”

If mules are paid to deliver ballots, those votes become fraudulent and illegal, and they cannot be counted, D’Souza said.

The involvement of money in mules’ activity has been confirmed by whistleblowers and has been revealed by a mule interviewed in the documentary, the filmmaker said.

Mules often took photos of their hands dropping a ballot into the box, which can be considered proof of completing their jobs for which they get paid, he added, but it is not a selfie that says “I voted.”

The organizations hiring mules are often non-nongovernmental organizations with nonprofit status, D’Souza said. “[Nonprofits] are prohibited by law from engaging in overt election activity.”

Although those organizations are not named in the movie, the filmmakers will cooperate with any investigation by law enforcement, D’Souza said.

“Without free and fair elections we’re not a democracy, we’re basically a criminal cartel masquerading as a democracy.”

D’Souza hopes that his documentary will encourage viewers to think about the evidence it presents. “This is not a movie in which you’re going to hear any shouting or insistences. There’s a range of people expressing a range of views, but it allows you to see for yourself and think for yourself.”

“I’m putting this information out because I want the American people to be the jury.”

Ella Kietlinska
Ella Kietlinska is a reporter for The Epoch Times focusing on U.S. and world politics.

Joshua Philipp

Joshua Philipp is an award-winning investigative reporter with The Epoch Times and host of EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program. He is a recognized expert on unrestricted warfare, asymmetrical hybrid warfare, subversion, and historical perspectives on today’s issues. His 10-plus years of research and investigations on the Chinese Communist Party, subversion, and related topics give him unique insight into the global threat and political landscape.
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16 thoughts on “Enough Fraudulent Votes Identified to Change 2020 Election Outcome: Dinesh D’Souza”

  1. I applaud Dinesh’s impressive production. True-The-Vote gets high marks from me. It makes sense why Dinesh limited it to just the Mules story. And even further limited it to just the battleground states. He stuck with the undeniable and dispensed with the esoteric. The way I see it is he could just keep this going with a new release every month that zeroed in on just one area. He could call the next one ’how did 20,000 dead guys vote?’… next we have ‘why were 200,000 out of state residents allowed to vote?” followed by “how in the hell did 2,000,000 illegals vote?” That nullifies Idaho’s total population by over a 100,000 people. No one really thinks only two million illegal votes were cast, do they?

  2. I think Dinesh might open a few eyes that were closed. How many Police agencies around this country will make an arrest ? I wonder how many “actual” Biden voters are quite alarmed by the gibberish that spews from the two dimensional Biden avatar? I wonder how many of them own two V8 powered vehicles like me? And feel like they can’t travel anymore just because of Joe-Bama. It’s now $350 to fill my RV. What will it be Memorial Day? How about 4th of July? Labor Day? I’m guessing $400 by July.

  3. Dinesh D’Souza needs to put all of his evidence in writing, point by point. Many people do not want to watch a movie. If his evidence is ever going legal, it must be put in writing.


    1. What’s the point? There’s no court in the land that will hear challenges to the 2020 election. Our system is corrupt to the core.

      1. The USA is a failed nation. Its demise is inevitable at this point in time. As I have said many times on this blog, the US is THE most corrupt nation on this planet and has been for a long time.

      2. I totally agree William. When corruption in the US has been revealed there is NO one you can turn to for help. All of the law enforcement institutions are TERRIFIED to go against the CIA. When people turn to the CIA they end up DEAD.

        The CIA is the center of control in the US. The Congress, the President and Judiciary are mere proforma theater.
        Look at what happened to JFK when he stated that he wanted the CIA eliminated. He ended up shot in the head in daylight …in the presence of HIS WIFE. Later, his brother and grandson were also killed.


  4. Good one.

    One of these days enough people are going to wake up to the fact that there is perfect Justice in ‘the Universe’ – in the Theater in which we are carrying out our parts in the Play of Life – to understand that everything is recorded, that there is no ‘getting away with anything,’ and so create the conditions for many more of us ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ to move on from The Play and into The Real Thing. As graduates from the equivalent of spiritual elementary school. With a whole enormous Realm – leading back to Oneness – just waiting for us to inherit our potential. Leaving some of us fractals of The One behind, unfortunately. But that’s, er, Life.

  5. The 2020 election was dirty in the extreme. President Trump was the real winner, this was, until the Dems went into full speed to cheat in the contested states. In these states the vote counting was stopped and thousands of fake ballots were stuffed into the voting machines until Biden was the Electoral College Winner.
    This will happen again and again until the entire voting system is CHANGED to legal identified paper ballots. Mailing ballots to all voters was and is a recipe for massive cheating.

    1. I recall one truck driver said on camera on 2020 Voting Day that he had just picked up many thousands of blank/fake ballots in CANADA that had been shipped from CHINA. He was delivering these fake ballots to a Polling Station in the USA.
      Sorry, I have no link, just my memory. I believe that any link has been deleted.

  6. The questions I have when reports or documentation is done on a malfeasance this grand is who is going to be held responsible and what punitive action is applied ?
    And if Donald J Trump would have been selected President would he have made ‘Operation Warp Speed’ null and void. Eliminate the Federal Reserves ? Declared Covid-19 a global scamdemic?

    I think all of us here on Jim blog site knows the answers to those questions. As William DeBerg stated in his previous article or essay. That we as humans are living in the century of an “The IGNOBLE LIE” and that lie has been the basis of our somewhat miserable lives on this blue planet. And for those that believe in the teachings of the God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob it all started in the garden of Eden. With the fallen angel who was Lucifer and called Satan the devil.
    That same Satan is worshipped by those in positions of assumed power. He is the author of lies and confusion and until we as children of God realize that our freedoms come from being born human and not augmented individuals we will never know the truth we seek or true freedoms. I’ll be celebrating my half a century milestone this year and I can truly say that I’ve never been so free in my life in this country on this blue planet. Stop voting and believing it can change a outcome of our lives but live that life that ask not to be free, everything else is slavery.

  7. While I was aware of much of the article’s evidence beforehand, I found it interesting that the same people who were doing the ballot harvesting were also involved with the ANTIFA and BLM riots. It is easy to finger-point at these two organizations as fronts for George Soros, but the true sponsor of these groups is way above his pay grade. We know from the Kenosha riot and the January 6th one that ANTIFA especially is composed of ex-cons released early and working undercover with the FBI and never prosecuted. That suggests that rogue elements controlling the FBI–and the DOJ and even government at large–is behind all of the electoral and other societal sabotage. That, in turn, means if freedom is ever gained in America that the place to start is the FBI (“Public Enemy #1”), which needs to be cleaned out entirely.

  8. The only solution for this is in person voting with valid ID, – something more than a utility bill. At this point in time proof of actual citizenship should also be required. It is very clear the Brandon administration was not legitimately elected. He should immediately be removed from office because he is creating a lot of damage with each passing day. Any executive orders which have been issued by him need to be immediately voided, as they have no legitimacy and are essentially dictates coming from former president Obama. An unelected shadow government is running the country. Unfortunately the Supreme Court has shown great dereliction of duty when it comes to election fraud, and to freedom of choice as it relates to all medical procedures. Racism is rampant within the Democrat Party. This wide spread racism promoted by a radicals put in place through counterfeit ballots has completely destroyed the foundation upon which the ideals of the country were originally constructed.

  9. “Without free and fair elections we’re not a democracy, we’re basically a criminal cartel masquerading as a democracy.”

    Well, there it is…precisely, unaltered and right on target. Anyone who denies this has had their head up their rectum for the past 14 months. If we do not take this information from 2000 Mules and run with it, demanding a rectification, there is NO ONE TO BLAME BUT OURSELVES.

    Stop Bitching Do Something…Van the Man….



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