Emerald Robinson, The Pfizer Vaccine Only Has 1,291 Side Effects!

Emerald Robinson

A judge forced the FDA to release Pfizer’s clinical data and it’s worse than you can possibly imagine

The FDA was forced by a judge to release clinical data on the COVID vaccines back in January and so 55,000 pages of documents were just released. The FDA had originally wanted to hide the data for 75 years and release it in 2096 because, of course, the FDA is basically engaged in a criminal conspiracy. The COVID vaccines should never have been approved. This was obvious from the very beginning when animal trials were skipped in the Trump Administration’s ill-fated “Operation War Speed.” And now it’s undeniably true. We have the clinical data, and it’s horrific.

Hiding out in one appendix is the clinical data for Pfizer’s vaccine — which lists 1,291 adverse side effects in alphabetical order. Let’s give you just the bad things that can happen to people who took the Pfizer vaccine that start with the letter “a” to enjoy:

1p36 deletion syndrome; 2-Hydroxyglutaric aciduria; 5’nucleotidase increased; Acoustic neuritis;Acquired C1 inhibitor deficiency;Acquired epidermolysis bullosa; Acquired epileptic aphasia;Acute cutaneous lupus erythematosus; Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis;Acute encephalitis with refractory, repetitive partial seizures;Acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis; Acute flaccid myelitis; Acute haemorrhagic leukoencephalitis; Acute haemorrhagic oedema of infancy;Acute kidney injury;Acute macular outer retinopathy; Acute motor axonal neuropathy; Acute motor-sensory axonal neuropathy; Acute myocardial infarction;Acute respiratory distress syndrome;Acute respiratory failure;Addison’s disease;Administration site thrombosis;Administration site vasculitis; Adrenal thrombosis;Adverse event following immunisation; Ageusia; Agranulocytosis; Air embolism;Alanine aminotransferase abnormal;Alanine aminotransferase increased;Alcoholic seizure;Allergic bronchopulmonary mycosis;Allergic oedema; Alloimmune hepatitis;Alopecia areata; Alpers disease;Alveolar proteinosis; Ammonia abnormal;Ammonia increased;Amniotic cavity infection; Amygdalohippocampectomy; Amyloid arthropathy; Amyloidosis; Amyloidosis senile; Anaphylactic reaction; Anaphylactic shock; Anaphylactic transfusion reaction; Anaphylactoid reaction; Anaphylactoid shock; Anaphylactoid syndrome of pregnancy; Angioedema; Angiopathic neuropathy; Ankylosing spondylitis; Anosmia; Antiacetylcholine receptor antibody positive;Anti-actin antibody positive; Anti-aquaporin-4 antibody positive; Anti-basal ganglia
antibody positive; Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody positive;Anti-epithelial antibody positive;Anti-erythrocyte antibody positive; Anti-exosome complex antibody positive;Anti-GAD antibody negative;Anti-GAD antibody positive;Anti-ganglioside antibody positive; Antigliadin antibody positive;Anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody positive;Anti-glomerular basement membrane disease; Anti-glycyl-tRNA synthetase antibody positive;Anti-HLA antibody test positive;Anti-IA2 antibody positive;Anti-insulin antibody increased;Anti-insulin antibody positive;Anti-insulin receptor antibody increased;Anti-insulin receptor antibody positive;Anti-interferon antibody negative;Anti-interferon antibody positive;Anti-islet cell antibody positive; Antimitochondrial antibody positive;Anti-muscle specific kinase antibody positive;Anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein antibodies positive;Anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein associated polyneuropathy; Antimyocardial antibody positive;Anti-neuronal antibody positive; Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody increased; Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody positive;Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody positive vasculitis; Anti-NMDA antibody positive;Antinuclear antibody increased;Antinuclear antibody positive; Antiphospholipid antibodies
positive; Antiphospholipid syndrome;Anti-platelet antibody positive;Anti-prothrombin antibody positive; Antiribosomal P antibody positive;Anti-RNA polymerase III antibody positive; Anti-saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody test positive;Anti-sperm antibody positive;Anti-SRP antibody positive; Antisynthetase syndrome; Anti-thyroid antibody positive; Anti-transglutaminase antibody increased; Anti-VGCC antibody positive;Anti-VGKC antibody positive; Anti-vimentin antibody positive;Antiviral prophylaxis; Antiviral treatment;Anti-zinc transporter 8 antibody positive;Aortic embolus;Aortic thrombosis; Aortitis; Aplasia pure red cell;Aplastic anaemia; Application site thrombosis;Application site vasculitis; Arrhythmia; Arterial bypass occlusion;Arterial bypass thrombosis;Arterial thrombosis;Arteriovenous fistula thrombosis;Arteriovenous graft site stenosis; Arteriovenous graft thrombosis; Arteritis; Arteritis coronary; Arthralgia; Arthritis; Arthritis enteropathic; Ascites; Aseptic cavernous sinus thrombosis;Aspartate aminotransferase abnormal;Aspartate aminotransferas increased;Aspartate-glutamate-transporter deficiency;AST to platelet ratio index increased;AST/ALT ratio abnormal;Asthma;Asymptomatic COVID-19;Ataxia; Atheroembolism; Atonic seizures;Atrial thrombosis;Atrophic thyroiditis; Atypical benign partial epilepsy;Atypical pneumonia;Aura;Autoantibody positive;Autoimmune anaemia; Autoimmune aplastic anaemia; Autoimmune arthritis;Autoimmune blistering disease;Autoimmune cholangitis; Autoimmune colitis;Autoimmune demyelinating disease;Autoimmune dermatitis;Autoimmune disorder;Autoimmune encephalopathy; Autoimmune endocrine disorder;Autoimmune enteropathy; Autoimmune eye disorder;Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia; Autoimmune heparin-induced thrombocytopenia; Autoimmune hepatitis;Autoimmune hyperlipidaemia; Autoimmune hypothyroidism;Autoimmune inner ear disease;Autoimmune lung disease;Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome;Autoimmune myocarditis; Autoimmune myositis; Autoimmune nephritis;Autoimmune neuropathy; Autoimmune neutropenia; Autoimmune
pancreatitis; Autoimmune pancytopenia; Autoimmune pericarditis; Autoimmune
retinopathy;Autoimmune thyroid disorder;Autoimmune thyroiditis;Autoimmune
uveitis; Autoinflammation with infantile enterocolitis; Autoinflammatory disease;Automatism epileptic;Autonomic nervous system imbalance;Autonomic seizure;Axial spondyloarthritis; Axillary vein thrombosis;Axonal and demyelinating polyneuropathy; Axonal neuropathy;

You get the idea. There are 9 pages of side effects in small print.

You already know that children, especially young boys, can get myocarditis from the vaccines but you should add to that list the serious possibility of them getting: a brain stem embolism, acute kidney injury, cardiac failure, frontal lobe epilepsy, Hashimoto’s encephalopathy, herpes, interstitial lung disease, or Type 1 diabetes mellitus — just to pick a few very serious side effects from a very sobering list.

And don’t tell me that your chances are slim of getting injured. The U.S. government’s own database, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), has over 1 million reports of “adverse events” to the new vaccines — with 24,000 events listed as “death.” Pfizer was aware of more than 158,000 “adverse events” when they asked for approval from the FDA. People had serious issues after taking the Pfizer vaccine and Pfizer knew it before it sought approval for its vaccine. Look at this chart compiled by Pfizer itself.

Why would the FDA approve a new vaccine when 15,000 people had serious disorders of the nervous system after taking it?

There’s simply no good reason.

Tell your friends and tell your family: the vaccination of children must stop immediately. The U.S. government has bought 50 million doses of this poison for children under the age of 5 pedning FDa approval and it must never be allowed to use them.

Call your elected representatives, call your senators, call everyone you know to put a stop to this today.

Do not allow anyone to jab a child with this stuff.

Emerald Robinson is an independent journalist. She served as the chief White House correspondent for Newsmax (2020-2022) and for One America News (2017-2020). Her interviews with world leaders like President Trump and Sen. Rand Paul are well known.

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7 thoughts on “Emerald Robinson, The Pfizer Vaccine Only Has 1,291 Side Effects!”

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  2. It’s worse than that. They had effective treatments and drugs meaning they had no emergency use authorization. Worse still is that this is global folks. This is every single country on the planet. They want every living thing injected with whatever this is. They even jabbed great apes. From the censorship to even the changing definitions of words.

    None of this is normal for a .02% death rate virus.

    And it appears Moderna is the real enemy here. Pfizer sure, but what is this Moderna patent talk I am hearing?

    1. I’ll tell you what an increased risk of death is……allowing the dems to stay in power. We had all better get on our knees or use some other strong intention to make damn sure 2022 brings an end to these traitors. There will not be another chance….

      ……these folks know it…..putting it up again to get the idea across…best video I have seen all year….



  3. Rappoport today…unbelievable: Please, please read!



    CDC/FDA smoking gun of smoking guns

    by Jon Rappoport

    They confess: they had no virus when they concocted the test for the virus; they “contrived” a model by pretending to find what they wanted to find; it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy

    This is the con and the crime that drove millions of lives, and economies, into ruin.
    Quiz: If an agency of the federal government revealed they had no basis for constructing a diagnostic test that was used on millions of people; but the test was the cornerstone of a national lockdown; and the lockdown drove the economy off a cliff; and destroyed millions of lives; however, NOW, that agency says, they DO have a basis for the test; would you buy what they’re selling?

    If your answer is yes, you’re in good company; the company I call Blind, Ignorant, Denialist, Hoaxing Journalists.

  4. Little by little, the state has taken your children; through schools that condition and do not teach, drugs and vaccinations that maim, masks that decrease IQ, a curriculum that requires no grade, math that requires no correct answer et al. And NOW, apparently YOU, as parents, have no right to know who they are. Day after day, I think it cannot possibly get more insane. I keep getting that wrong.

    Wisconsin Teacher Training: ‘Parents Are Not Entitled To Know Their Kids’ Identities’

    A Wisconsin school district told educators that parents are not “entitled to know their kids’ identities,” according to a training slide obtained by a conservative watchdog group.


  5. Who will pay? Who will be held accountable? Certainly not Pfizer! The government? Good luck!

    Dylan’s License to Kill has never been more appropriate, eh?

    ONLY WE THE PEOPLE CAN TAKE AWAY HIS LICENSE TO KILL….will we? Very, very doubtful right now. I would not even take bets on 2022.


    Man thinks because he rules the earth he can do with it as he please
    And if things don’t change soon, he will
    Oh, man has invented his doom
    First step was touching the moon (Me…well, we know better now)

    Now, there’s a woman on my block
    She just sit there as the night grows still
    She say who going to take away his license to kill?

    [Verse 2]
    Now, they take him and they teach him and they groom him for life
    And they set him on a path where he’s bound to get ill
    Then they bury him with stars
    Sell his body like they do used cars

    Now, there’s a woman on my block
    She just sits there facing the hill
    She say who going to take away his license to kill?

    [Verse 3]
    Now, he’s hell-bent for destruction, he’s afraid and confused
    And his brain has been mismanaged with great skill
    All he believes are his eyes
    And his eyes, they just tell him lies
    But there’s a woman on my block
    Sitting there in a cold chill
    She say who going to take away his license to kill?

    [Verse 4]
    You may be a noisemaker, spirit maker
    Heartbreaker, backbreaker
    Leave no stone unturned
    May be an actor in a plot
    That might be all that you got
    Till your error you clearly learn

    [Verse 5]
    Now he worships at an altar of a stagnant pool
    And when he sees his reflection, he’s fulfilled
    Oh, man is opposed to fair play
    He wants it all and he wants it his way

    Now, there’s a woman on my block
    She just sit there as the night grows still
    She say who going to take away his license to kill?


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