England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions

By Lily Zhou

Restrictions including COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, and work-from-home guidance will be removed in England, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday.

Johnson also suggested that self-isolation rules may also be thrown out at the end of March as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic becomes endemic.

Effective immediately, the UK government is no longer asking people to work from home.

The COVID pass mandate for nightclubs and large events won’t be renewed when it expires on Jan. 26.

And from Thursday, indoor mask-wearing will no longer be compulsory anywhere in England.

The requirement for secondary school pupils to wear masks during class and in communal areas will also be removed from the Department for Education’s national guidance.

Roaring cheers from lawmakers could be heard in the House of Commons following Johnson’s announcements on masks.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons, London, on Jan. 19, 2022. (House of Commons/PA)People who test positive for COVID-19 and their unvaccinated contacts are still required to self-isolate, but Johnson said he “very much expect[s] not to renew” the rule when the relevant regulations expire on March 24.

“As COVID becomes endemic, we will need to replace legal requirements with advice and guidance, urging people with the virus to be careful and considerate of others,” the prime minister said.

Asked to remove testing rules for vaccinated UK-bound travellers, Johnson said the government is reviewing the testing arrangements on travel and that an announcement can be expected in the coming days.

But he refused to reconsider the vaccination mandate for frontline health care workers, insisting “the evidence is clear that health care professionals should get vaccinated.”

Johnson told MPs that the Cabinet decided to remove its so-called “Plan B” measures on Wednesday morning as data suggest the Omicron wave has peaked nationally, and he attributed stabilising hospital admission numbers to “the extraordinary booster campaign” and the public’s compliance to the restriction measures.

Epoch Times Photo

The removal of the “Plan B” measures against the CCP virus came as the prime minister battles increasing pressure calling for him to resign over alleged lockdown-breaching parties in Number 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s official residence, during the pandemic.

It also came after Number 10 received a petition on Monday signed by more than 200,000 people, calling for an end to vaccine passports and similar COVID certifications.

A separate petition calling on the reversal of vaccine mandates for health care workers, which was also delivered to Number 10 on Monday, received about 160,000 signatures.

Governments in Scotland and Wales have also announced the removal of Omicron curbs, but mandatory indoor mask-wearing and COVID passes will remain in place.

Lily Zhou

Lily Zhou is a freelance writer mostly covering UK news for The Epoch Times.
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29 thoughts on “England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions”

  1. Over 1000 protests across Germany (with a reported 188,000 participants…of course, we know that number is ridiculously deflated..multiply it by at least ten) and the government is “concerned”. Imagine that, “concerned”. Concerned is a word a parent uses if their child comes home with a B instead of an A on their report card (do they still have those?). it’s not a word one uses that means a damn thing when the leaders of your country are part of a genocidal program. It IS a word used when you have a gun pointed at your head or your loved ones heads to say the right thing, eh?
    Protests mean nothing. Look at Australia. What changed? And here in the US, we have not even gotten to the stage of massive protest. By the time we do, it will be too late. Maybe it is too late already. The damage has been done. Possibly not as much as the masters want, but what the hell, they will take what they can get. The damage cannot be reversed and we have not even come close to seeing ALL the damage.
    No doubt January 6th 2020 was a staged insurrection…a poorly produced Grade B movie. Could it be it’s time to show them what a REAL insurrection looks like?


  2. Something is due…this is not just coincidence….(Jim Stone

    Canada is putting up a barrier around the Parliament building in Ottawa just like the one at the white house
    I am calling this “credible rumor” but cannot find any MSM source to back it up yet
    There is only one reason why such barriers would go up. It is because they expect to need that barrier. Why would they expect to need that barrier? Is it because too many people are going to start dropping dead from the vax? Is it because there will be a war? I doubt that because such a barrier is useless against a real military, that type of barrier is for the little people . . . . .
    So what is it? Are they going to release the next plague? Are they going to turn the lights off? WHAT? Any way you cut it, having barriers go up in both the U.S. and Canada is ominous, it proves the barrier at the white house was not a fluke, and that the same fate is planned for both places. They are both expecting the same action. Why?

    My guess is there is going to be a LOT of rage soon, once people truly figure out what that vax was and that Covid was cover for an enormous con job. I have been in Ottawa several times and normally you can walk right up to the parliament building (for the Americans who don’t know that) it was even more exposed than the white house.

    See this.


      1. Have to agree, SS….It was virtual, to begin with…what a damn farce and shame. And the discussion centered around do 1st Amendment right apply to a grand jury. It’s a joke. We will never get the truth of 9/11…no different than hoping for the truth of all the times Empire deceived us. Have they ever confessed to any of their atrocities? And if they did (as in the case of slavery, the native Americans et al), did it ever benefit ALL the people? No…never! In those case, they allowed the natives to build casinos and the blacks to loot fearlessly. Nice remedies, eh? Eff them all.

      2. Although, I do not agree that DEW was the dominant factor (if used at all) in bringing down the towers. I side with Fetz and Khalezov (911-Thology) that nukes did the damage. I differ a bit as to the type of nukes and there placement, but I have no doubt this was a nuclear event. In Judy Wood’s book, “Where Did the Towers Go”, she presents the possibility of DEW with many engaging pictures (printed in China, btw), BUT never closes the argument. She’s quite clever in that respect.

  3. I just came across this on 153news.net. Not much to say after seeing this: (I put this in the search engine “Patent Covid19 test Kits” and the result I got below came through Startpage……DuckDuckgo and Brave did not give the same result) Several fact checkers have debunked it, but there it is….anyone?


    Patent US-2020279585-A1



    This web page summarizes information in PubChem about patent US-2020279585-A1. This includes chemicals mentioned, as reported by PubChem contributors, as well as other content, such as title, abstract, and International Patent Classification (IPC) codes. To read more about how this page was constructed, please visit the PubChem patents help page.


    1. Will Two, I seem to recall other reports (some I believe published here) that confirm it. The Rothschilds patented the tests for COVID 19 in 2015 and (again) in 2017, first in the Netherlands, then in the USA.

      1. Jim…I vaguely recall the same, but do not remember seeing a link to the actual patent itself. It’s interesting, the person who published this on 153news was having a hard time bringing up the Goggle info. He/she is sure they were blocking it. With Linux and using Startpage as my browser, I found access to the info. Here’s his post and the Goggle info from that link: (it’s truly remarkable they get away with this since the info is there for anyone to read. The fact checkers ALL have lied)


        Truthertz words:

        This IS the Silver Bullet and they KNOW it! Look at the extent they have now gone to trying to prevent me from posting this devastating proof of their gigantic planned Fraud. Again, if you’re not sending this to everyone, including your state reps, etc, you should stop whining about what’s happening. I SPOKE to and told my state senator to search 4 words today “Patent Covid19 test Kits” I’m calling him back tomorrow to see what he has to say for himself.

        Source: Google Patents
        URL: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20200279585A1
        Description: System and Method for Testing for COVID-19
        License Note: “Google Patents Research Data” by Google, based on data provided by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services and OntoChem, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
        License URL: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode

      2. Today I had my minor surgery at the VA. Two surgeons drained the [gland]…..30 minutes…..

        This was after I had a loud polite back and fourth with the staff …..they said I had to have a PCR swab test or no surgery. I said NO test.

        The surgeons said they’d do it without the test. Thank gawd.

        I told the nurses and the doctors that this whole testing and covid thing is BS…..they all agreed with me 100%.

        Stand up to these people that want to force things on you.!!!

      3. Don….How did you get in the House of representatives to take that pic? You must be one of the privileged.

  4. Yes Friends, there are positive signs.World War against humanity may be on a strategic retreat; whatever. In Eagle County Colorado, home to Vail, the greatest ski are ever built… the 60k per year paid thee member commissioner board have said they are getting out of the public health order business. This came out of the blue. They let their insane mask rule expire after MLK weekend. Because the moronic strain obeys arbitrary time lines.

    Does anyone else just want to cry when they see a toddler masked?

    I mentioned my little victory over the mask rule at work. All you need is solidarity and they cave. The labor market is so fucked every business in town knows they can’t replace anyone and that puts the worker in the driver ‘s seat more than ever now. That’s one positive about Kung Flu. Now is the time to ask for a raise. If I could convince my two counterparts, leveraging a raise would be a snap since without us, our property can’t function. They don’t quite have balls as big as mine.

  5. Praise God! It looks like we’ve won. It’s VJ DAY — Victory Over The Jab! I’m crying. I have resisted this shite daily for two years in the street and online, watched my wife and daughter and brother and good friends all get jabbed despite my warnings, and now it looks like the tide could be turning, as the evildoers seem to see the handwriting on the wall. Whether or not they pull another trick on us — and we certainly need to go after 5G now! — I am savoring this moment. It’s one of the rare highs I’ve felt in two years. As for reprisals, sure, let’s make them happen. Besides, they still own our governments and judiciaries and media and traitorous social media platforms. Let’s work on that now. The word is “ROTHSCHILDS” (who also print our money) — spread it far and wide! You don’t get off the hook so easily, Illuminati Swine!

    1. JFT, Not to rain on your parade since I too want to remain optimistic. I see what happened in England as a sign that means this scam is going down. It could also mean they are getting ready for the next phase. The cup is half empty or half full. It’s up to how you see it. BUT, until the madness like what is presently happening in NYC comes to a halt and those responsible for this crime and degradation of the human spirit pay dearly, I will not be fully satisfied. I grew up in NYC and used to walk to the Museum of Natural History. There was no charge to get in and no one was stopped at the door for any reason. After that, I would walk back through Central Park (I lived on the East Side) and visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art…same there…free access, no hassle at all.

      Absolutely totalitarian and disgusting: (less than 2 minutes) THIS IS COMMUNISM. PERIOD!

      This is what the Democrats want. NYPD arrests a child and family for not having vax cards – Fuc*in Pathetic…


      1. Jim, If 5G does what many scientists and researchers think it will, there will no longer be a need for killer vaxxes. I heard it was rolled out here, too…but I have no verification. I did put up one or two links the past few days. As I said in a previous post, I see this little different than when electricity was rolled out nationwide and all sorts of illness started…along with vaxxes for those. As electrical beings, we were able to adapt….but microwaves are not good for any living thing. This time it could be for good. Is this all because folks who have cells et al think they need faster service? What speed will be fast enough? How much convenience do we need? Enough to kill us all? All I have is a land line and not even long distance service. It serves me well and always has. Or is it just an excuse for depopulation? Who knows. Those microwaves in your home have a screen barrier on them for a reason. Who’s going to screen the world?

      2. OK, Jim….I just received this email selling stock in a new technology which will replace smartphones…they will be obsolete very shortly. I am of the opinion this is coupled with the 5G roll-out. No more comps and no more phones. It seems to be coupled with virtual reality. It’s all in this tech called SCG…..and I believe they ONLY work with 5G technology. The following vid is a sales pitch about that very thing. I watched about 22 minutes until he finally got to the device itself and then I turned it off. It seems to be a set of glasses that replaces everything. You cannot skip around, so you are locked into watching the whole damn thing. I will not. So, I just put this out as what could possibly be going on. There is no doubt this crap is revolutionary and the 6 billion plus smartphone users will suck it up like cocaine. It WILL be addictive…much more so than the devices we have now. I have no interest.


    2. Oh no JFT. Don’t rejoice yet for the other shoe hasn’t drop yet. Those degenerates in London hasn’t finished with the global reset. I won’t praise God yet until this country abolishes the mandates and admit that the scamdemic is over.

      1. I want it not only to end, SS…..I want accountability and justice. I want an admission of guilt….and admission of fraud…an admission of genocide…indictments, trial and punishment. Less any of that, none of the “easings” mean a damn thing. THEY WILL JUST DO IT OR SOME NEW SCAM AGAIN.

  6. Not a day goes by in which the leftists fail to outdo the previous days insanity, inanity and ignorance. Anyone who thinks there can be any redemption, turning the tide or reversing the current of this madness and return to normalcy WITHOUT some form of mea culpa and acceptance of responsibility is fooling their self. It’ll just start over with the first chance these imbeciles get. This madness, this theft of treasure and resource in the name of inequity must come to an end. Get a load of this shite:

    Unbelievably Leftist – UCLA Scientists Studying ‘Inequality’ Among Animals

    Among the examples they cited were the fact that baby red grouse that aren’t abandoned by their fathers in infancy “are more likely to succeed in establishing their own territories,” while baby squirrels that survive off food hoarded by their mothers for the winter “are much more likely to survive until the spring.”

    “Those young, pine-cone-rich squirrels, the scientists say, are children of privilege,” the New York Times concluded, without actually citing any evidence of “inequality” as a factor in these studies.



  7. Breaking: Starbucks Reverses Itself, Drops Vaccine Mandate for All of Its Employees

    ME…Paneras stopped it about a month ago.

    Friends, it is now clear this cosmic scam is coming to a close. BUT, I ASK, WHO WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE???
    Answer…very likely no one. They got the results they wanted. The vast majority succumbed to their deception. It was a psyop from day one as many here knew.

    I doubt very much anyone will pay and Fauci will walk off with a huge pension WE will be paying. They gave us a bone to chew on until the next load of bullcrap.

    And, please, do not tell me to be grateful…..these bastardz deserve a guillotine.



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