Das Mein Schmampf! The Alien Bigfoot Ghost & Leprechaun Manifesto

Das Mein Schmampf!

The Alien Bigfoot Ghost & Leprechaun Manifesto


by Mike Palecek

7th Street Press

… They’ve been here a long time, on our world,
which might as well be considered theirs as well dontcha know? Because it ‘tis.

Well now the wee folk and the large folk, the invisible folk and the out there folk, have been issued a directive, a diktat, an ultimatum from their higher power ya might say, that if ya can’t get off yer arse and do something to help out These L.O.S.E.R.S. in their battle against Those L.I.A.R.S., a fight the L.O.S.E.R.S. are most likely unawares is even goin’ on, then what good are ya lad?

In any case, if you don’t want to be replaced by orange orbs, zombies and hobbits, you best be gettin’ to work. It’s not like ya haven’t had nine hundred years to get the ball rollin’.

What ball ya say?
And that there is a fair question.


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Mike Palecek has worked on newspapers in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. He also produced Penn Magazine, and was a co-founder of Moon Rock Books, as well as co-hosting, along with Chuck Gregory, The New American Dream Radio Show. He has written several novels, information about those available here: https://mikepalecek.newdream.us. Recently retired after working for twenty years with the disabled, Palecek also served five terms in jail and prison for protests against U.S. military policy, and was the Iowa Democratic Party 5th District candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2000 election, receiving 65,000 votes.

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55 thoughts on “Das Mein Schmampf! The Alien Bigfoot Ghost & Leprechaun Manifesto”

  1. What is this weird unknown actor doing sitting in a fake White House stage when there are dozens of beautiful historic rooms in the actual WH? Its rumored that the stage is actually in another nearby building. I guess the actor runs back and forth between the two because he’s often seen kissing the wife moments later. Is Jill a fake too?

    How many thousands of people are in on the charade? Is nothing real at the WH or is it all real?


    1. You really don’t buy it, do you? Here’s a photo a friend shared yesterday of the real older Joe Biden: http://jamesfetzer.org/wp-content/uploads/The-Real-Joe-Biden-.jpg Note the double, sagging chin, ears and head profile. Notice they have different signatures and smiles: http://jamesfetzer.org/wp-content/uploads/Biden-different-signatures-smiles.jpg They have different shape and size of cranium: http://jamesfetzer.org/wp-content/uploads/Biden-Different-skulls-.jpg He performs on a sound stage in the Eisenhower Executive Building: http://jamesfetzer.org/wp-content/uploads/Biden-fake-White-House-theater.jpg Two things are one and the same (not simply referred to using the same name) if they have all and only the same properties at the same places and times. The same guy can change at different times and places with regard to (let us call them) transient properties, such as standing at one time and sitting at another. But signatures, smiles, and (most obviously) shape and size of skull tend to persist (with minor variations across time). If you want to persist in believing that these two guys–with different signatures, different smiles, and different shapes and size of skull–are one and the same, then I am baffled. Completely baffled. A lot of people, including Jill, ARE in on it. What would it take to convince you?

      1. Jim and Don…..that first link is the killer. In my browser, Biden only shows up on the extreme right when you click on the pic that could be because I am always zoomed in on this blog).. There is absolutely no way in hell that is the same Biden with which we are now blessed. Don, take a close look at that pic and let us know.

        Jim, Do you know what that pic is about?…..or where it was taken?

      2. Hello Dr. Jim, Will and friends………..
        Pic 1. Too blurry to to tell much of anything.
        Pic 2. They appear to be the same person taken 30 years apart. Signatures can changer over time. Mine has changed.
        Pic 3. Same in both pics taken with different lighting.
        Pic 4. WH stage set in a different building? The WH knows the answer for this….the why and wherefore.

        If this is an actor its farfetched that the wife and thousands of other people would be in on it. The actor would have to be working 24 hours a day, be coached and scripted constantly. Or the actor is some sort of genius lookalike. To believe this is a double or actor you have totally suspend reality and accept millions of assumptions.

        My take is a lot more simple: The Biden then and now is the same jerk he always has been, only more so now.

      3. OF COURSE! And with completely different shapes and sizes of skull–and with completely different handwriting and smile! I am sorry, Don, but the limits of your imagination are showing. The objective proof is decisive, but I can tell it’s too much for you–just as others find it too much to believe that Sandy Hook could have been faked!

      4. Don, that first pic that Jim provided was blurry. BUT, even with the blur, it’s more than obvious that is not the Biden we are now looking at….although, I would like to know when and where that was taken. maybe you can find a similar profile of the present Biden and compare the two…blur or not. it would not hurt.

      5. Don, this is the one to take a close look at. Someone already did what I just asked you to do. The Biden on the left top (and possibly the left bottom) is the same as the one you said was blurred.


  2. If this person in the photo is an actor, he certainly did a bang up job at the presser today. He was able to lie for two hours nonstop. The real Biden has been able to tell lies for 50 years but this guy, whomever he is, is a real wiz-bang. He’s even better than old Biden if that’s even possible. Where did the Dems ever find him? Where could they find someone that dumb?
    Its miraculous on a cosmic scale.

    I’ll have more later on this phenomenon. Standby…..more to come.


    1. I did not know that actors are allowed to speak to foreign leaders and make binding policy statements that affect our security. That is amazing. I wonder what else actors are allowed to do?

      I learn something new every day with this ledged fake president. Is there anything in the US Constitution that allows a fake president to operate? I’m reading it right now by so far is says nothing. Did the Founders figure that a fake President was going to be allowed?

      1. Here’s a squinting Biden, either the real one or the actor, telling Putin what he must do. Is this legal for an actor, unnamed, to be doing?


    2. Is it legal for this possible actor to be giving Putin advice that he has permission to invade the Ukraine?
      This is scary. Is it ethical and legal for an actor to speak for the US? This is kind of a worry.


      1. Here’s another pic of the same old Biden today.
        I look a long careful look at the link from Before Its News. All I saw were many pics of the same old Biden in many different poses, under very different lighting situations. They all look like the same person to me.

        Will2….your composite of pics all look the same to me. You will notice that when he puts his chin down, the fat below the chin shows, or at a low angle. OMG, that even happens to me….and other family members. Such a tragedy. I notice that Dr. Jim’s face is very different in his many photos. Some even look like someone else. Does Dr. Jim have a double?

        For me to be convinced of a double, it would take a lot more than either of you have presented.

        How is Sandy Hook comparable to a Biden Double? With all respect. That’s a wild red-herring if I ever heard one.

        People are shocked that Biden’s face has changed over the last 30 years. It happens to all of us. Plus, we do not know exactly what facial surgery he’s had and when. I would decline to even take a guess.


      2. So an actor [ name unknown ] might be deploying 50,000 US troops to a possible war in the Ukraine.

        I wonder what the Constitution has to say about this.


      3. I didn’t know that Will2 had become the post-counter. It seems that my posts have come to annoy him.
        Do we need someone counting and worrying about Will’s many hundreds of posts?
        Will2…you can post all you want, they do not annoy me….have at it.

      4. Don…Correct…I post more than anyone here. BUT, I do not wear out a topic. I post and move on to other things unless I have something to ADD. Your posts attempting to refute that Biden is a doppelganger have become redundant and sarcastic as was your reply to me. Post all you wish. I simply made a suggestion.

      5. Oh my gosh, I think one of Will2’s posts was sarcastic, out of the thousands he’s posted but I do forgive him. Another one was slightly redundant but that was no big deal, I ignored it.

        I hope Will2 will someday forgive me for any sinful posts I have made. Maybe he can move on then as he advised me.

        All of my posts are an ADD on to the ones already posted. The situation with Biden gets more fantastic as each day passes. Even Jill makes a fool of herself with her new husband, the doppelgänger. She acts like this new man is even better and more lovey dovey than the old one. Is it possible that Jill is a better actor than the double? I think she is.


      6. Don, you have covered a lack of facts in regard to disputing the idea that Biden is a double with sarcasm. Sarcasm has it’s place…Mark Twain as a sterling example…but as a debate technique on this blog, it only serves to distance the other side.
        But if you insist on carrying on, here’s a simple question: How do you explain Biden using his left hand signing documents in one of those links provided by Jim? Have you ever seen anyone change hands (sans some injury) for their signature…especially a politician and a president….. whose signature authenticity would seem to be of utmost importance?

    1. Will… I’ve posted about the Ashli Babbit psychological operation before and I’ll try and find the older video of the supposed medical triage that she was given after she supposedly received a GSW to the throat.
      There was ever a US Army West Point graduate and combat vet that posted a video with a play-by-play script of what should have happen that didn’t.
      1. The foyer and door that she supposedly got shot thru leads to an elevator that take staffers down to the first floor and basement. ( let’s keep that in mind as the advanced BLS Trained Capital officers took her down three flights of stairs head first with a chest /neck wound) And let’s not forget the chest compression she is given as they rolling her on a gurney out to the ambulance.
      2. Non of those tactical trained Capitol police officers yelled cease fire as they were standing in ‘line of sight’ behind her when she got shot.
      3. There was more people there with selfie sticks than sticks & stone or weapons for a riot than I’ve ever seen .

      This is just my observation and analysis from a ole combat corpsman and a veterans advocate with 7 years experience on Capitol Hill… Just saying.

      1. SS…I totally concur….and for the most part, always have UNTIL I saw that Capitol Punishment video. Please watch…especially the interviews with her husband. (around 1:17:00)


        Is that video about further establishing her “death”…I just don’t know.

        That aside, as I have mentioned….the cap cops were on the stairs and behind Ashli. WHY did they not do something instead of letting the cop on the other side in the doorway (and in much less of a strategic position) take that shot? Just makes no sense….not that anything about this does.

    1. Good move, SS…..truthfully, I wish my granddaughter would do the same, but at least she’s a trauma care nurse…maybe that’s a bit less harmful…really do not know.


    Seems any reasoning being knows the dems will do anything to steal another election. These bastardz have no morals and will stoop to any level to get what they want…legal or illegal….that has been proved time and time again. Most of us realize until and IF we ever have true election reform (that means PAPER DAMN BALLOTS…NO ELECTRONIC VOTING) your vote will not mean anything. Here’s the dems most recent ploy.

    Read it and weep…

    Dems Hide HR1 In NASA Bill To Sneak Through Radical ‘Election Takeover’ Policies Ahead of Midterms


    1. Election stealing is as old as this Republic. Has you seen this documentary or heard of Clint Curtis ? In thirty years of living in America I have never voted Will. ( I was election judge in Annapolis, Md for five years.) The same Diebold machines were used in the nineties in Haiti as beta testing for their supposed free election.

  4. Once again, the Federal Bureau of Instigation caught doing what they do best….causing unrest, committing treason and in general making life miserable for real patriots.

    (what can you expect from an organization that was led by a cross dresser for 50 years….Snow White?)

    THIS WILL WAKE ANYONE UP: The Fake Michigan Gov. Kidnap case by the FBI was a dress rehearsal for J6, with SAME PLAYERS or scammers at FBI- – : Julie Kelly of American Greatness with Steve Bannon today on the FBI’s entrapment, wait till you hear this… Holy Cow! FBI reaches a new low – War Room clip


  5. Both videos were good. Though they covered familiar ground. I had not heard about the DNA of a convicted felon on the .22 cal. cartridges. Check out the bizarre face in the chemtrail from yesterday.

    I have a renewed interest in the chemtrail situation because of yesterday skiing. The sky was the deepest blue you can imagine as I headed to Vail Mountain. Except for three parallel white trails in the southern sky. As the day wore on the trails from jets flying unusual directions became more frequent.

    I think there’s only one effective way to make unaware people understand chemtrails. You have to point it out while it’s occurring. As I road the chair with some young ski bunnies, such an opportunity presented itself. Two jets crossed paths in opposite directions in front of an already expanding trail. I said… “When I was a kid jets did not do that”. “Watch those trails over the next hour expand to an ever larger size like the one behind them”. “That didn’t happen before about 1995”. The ladies were intrigued by my observation and thanked me in a genuine tone. They were both 22. I didn’t delve into the nefarious purposes but I sparked their interest with “there’s over 160 patents on weather modification you can look up on their official website”. “When people talk about climate change, there it is… creating artificial clouds is climate change”.

    The saturation mission rendered a cloudless forecast 90% cloudy by day’s end. I am pretty sure I saw a B-2 Steath Bomber laying down a trail way in the distance. This was the fourth sighting. As the moon rose over the Gore Range, the chemtrail mission continued until midnight. God help us. I predict the next plague that comes will start up there. They have proven the technology.


  6. 5G control mechanism- what does this say about our scientific scrutiny and current knowledge of viruses? Has the research community changed gears and started to investigate things like graphene hydroxide absorption of the 5G in the synapses?
    Makes ya want to give Joe Biden a big hug, eh? Kapos of the world will get a big surprise when they are eliminated and turned into corn fertilizer instead of being promised eternal life. Scum is a dime a dozen, just look at Australia. Why we don’t arrest and indict slime like Buttigieg, Newsom, and the other traitors who attended the Klaus Schwab day camps is beyond me.

    1. ((5G control mechanism- what does this say about our scientific scrutiny and current knowledge of viruses?))

      To me, Bahmi, it says the ‘vid is to cover the deadly effects of a 5G roll-out, that by the way, in the US starts tomorrow. A major airline has sent a warning. This is history repeating itself re the 1918 flu crap. I actually believe back then free energy was up and coming and the present form of electric was pushed to cover up that technology. Man has since adapted, but initially, it was deadly. THAT is what they are expecting now. Collateral damage is nothing when it comes to their bottom line.
      There is a group in the UK working with a local police force to arrest the perps pushing this vax crap. Check 153news.net for some videos. Australia seems to be lost as is Canada. They are proposing a law that makes it illegal for parents to promote their child biological sex. In-fucking-sane….. https://tatumreport.com/canadas-conversion-therapy-bill-makes-it-illegal-to-tell-a-child-to-accept-their-biological-sex/



      1. This person has to be the absolute greatest actor in the last 5,000 years of recorded human history. He even kisses the wife Jill and the children. I wonder how many hundreds or thousands of people are in on this charade and what it costs? Wow. Give that man a golden Oscar or a hundred of ’em.! The actor even has all of the real Biden face lines and freckles. I counted them. How do they do that? Even the spots on his hands are the same!
        Thanks Jim for your endorsement.


    1. This guy does not appear to have the bright white Chiclets in his mouth and his hair up front appears quite a bit denser than those on Jerky Joe. Biden squints more than his double. I could tell more regarding his teeth if I had a closer look at them. On the other hand, this guy’s ears seem more like Biden’s, especially at the level at the bottom of the ear that is stuck right to his neck and not flapping unattached. Overall, I concur with Jim’s assessment.

    2. ((This person has to be the absolute greatest actor in the last 5,000 years of recorded human history.))

      Don…A bit hyperbolic, wouldn’t you say? You diminish the really great actors through the ages.
      This thing could not shine their shoes.

      IF he was that good an actor, would so many being questioning his identity? It may be a mistake to conflate good plastic surgery and make-up with acting ability. Personally, I have no way to absolutely assure this man is not Biden. All I know he resembles the Biden I knew from years ago to a very small degree. That Biden, despite all his flaws and inability as a politician was at least likable and a fair orator. This guy is the antithesis of that Biden.

      1. Don, I have done so many shows and blogs about this that I took for granted you were more familiar with the evidence. Here’s my “Top 10 Stories for 2021”, “#10: Fake President assumes Fake Office following Fake Election”, https://www.bitchute.com/video/oud12I6ar2KH/ So go through these proofs and tell me what I have wrong. They are not the same. He’s an actor. This Guy not Real Joe. And if you think I’ve got it wrong, spell out exactly why so I can review the bidding.

      2. When people display images to promote the idea that Biden is an actor, they use photos from Saturday Night Live and other venues. More than 7 actors have played Biden on SNL. Worldwide dozens of actors have played Biden. These people have used make-up to look like Biden in the many venues….but not one is the real Biden, who has been seen and heard for almost 50 years. Today, he’s older and a lot dumber than 50 years ago.

        I did not see anything about Biden in the Jan 18 – 9:41 AM link. If I missed it what is the exact start time?

        IMO Biden has never been likeable…he’s been a craven liar for 50 years.


      3. Yes, Will2…..I’ve seen that 2 minutes about 5 times. The shape of a person’s face in closeup has to do with the shape of the lens of the camera. I studied photography in college and we learned all about the different lenses and focal length. A lot also has to do with the price of the camera and what company made it.
        Thank you

      4. Don….I have no dog in this race. I was simply giving you a better link. BUT, if those courses you took taught you that the shape of the skull is influenced by the camera brand, the price of the camera and the brand and the focal length, you might want to reconsider. I would almost guarantee that if I used a Nikon, a Canon, a Sony, a Pentax and maybe even a Hasselblad and took the shot at the same distance and angle, with the same lighting, speed and aperture, the shape of the skull would not change. …unless, of course, I used a fish-eye or another specialty lens of some sort. If a normal lens caused that much distortion, I would most definitely ask for a refund.

    3. If I could blow up this schlub’s picture, I could tell if the teeth are natural, capped, etc. Joe’s teeth are all capped with a bright white shade. This guy’s teeth are yellowish toward the lower front teeth near the gumlines. I’ve seen this before…..for 35+ years.

    1. Hey Will, I know I own you two replies from a previous post, but I saw this one and I figure I’ll reply quickly with some insight. Have you ever heard of Codex Alimentarius ? Many moons ago I worked on a farming project for Oxfram London and we had to run our project template thru a barrister to make sure that it met the SOP’s of certain Codex Alimentarius policies.
      Rosa Koire whom I met about ten years ago mention this UN international food codes that has change how food is grown in the developing world and has dramatically increased the production of non essential foods in America versus edible food production. A good example of this is the growing of grapes for wineries in California and the acquisition of federal water sources for irrigation for these privately owned wineries. Let that sink in for a minute. During the summer in certain California counties you could get fined for watering your lawn but wineries have full access to federal water sources at all times.



      1. Just another one of those steps in killing off us peasants….really sickening.
        What must motivate these creatures?

      2. Yes, SS…I am somewhat familiar with Codex Alimentarius. If I remember correctly, they were using it to stop private gardens in Canada….don’t know if that ever went through. I just see it as a way to justify poisons and standardize crops as a means of control to make damn sure no one gets the proper nutrition. Where the hell was it when the natives grew and lived on food they grew for thousands of years?

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