The CDC Caught in their Own Lies: The Unvaccinated in the U.S. for COVID-19 is “Millions” More than Originally Reported

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

For almost a year now I have been stating that the CDC has been lying to the public about the COVID-19 shots, using their own data from VAERS to prove it.

Now the corporate media is reporting the same thing: the CDC’s statistics on COVID-19 “vaccines,” in this case the total amount of people in the U.S. who are “vaccinated” with a COVID-19 shot, have been overstated by “millions.”

Bloomberg broke the story today, but if you want to avoid their paywall you can also read about it on Yahoo News.

The U.S. government has overcounted the number of Americans who are at least partly vaccinated against the coronavirus, Bloomberg reports.

Why it matters: Millions more people than initially thought are unprotected as coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths are rising across the country.

Three states — Illinois, Pennsylvania and West Virginia — found enough over-counting of first shots to indicate millions of unvaccinated people had mistakenly been counted as having received a dose.

What’s especially interesting is that the corporate news report quoted two state officials who admitted that the data from the CDC was worthless.

James Garrow, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, which has worked with the state to blend data sets for a more accurate view of vaccination trends, said “we don’t have any faith in the numbers on the CDC website, and we never refer to them.”

The truth is, we have no idea,” said Clay Marsh, West Virginia’s Covid czar.

This news comes out the day following a report published by The Exposé that the UK Government was lying about the number of unvaccinated and that instead of 5 million unvaccinated in the UK, they now admit that it is 23.5 million who have refused the jab, over 40% of their population. See:

UK Government Caught Lying: 23.5 Million People in England Have NOT had a Single Dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine

And in what could be related news, NBA star Kyrie Irving, who refused to bow to pressure to say he took the COVID-19 shot, now all of a sudden is being welcomed back to his team, allegedly because so many of his “vaccinated” teammates have tested positive for COVID and they need his services again all of a sudden.

Hold The Line: Unvaccinated NBA Star Kyrie Irving To Rejoin Brooklyn Nets

This cannot all be a “coincidence,” so we need to ask the question: Why are they suddenly admitting this?

Undoubtedly it is because their war against humanity is entering a new phase, as I reported yesterday.

Operation Omicron: The Globalists are Preparing for Mass Murder in the Weeks Ahead

It would appear that they have mostly given up on convincing any more of the “unvaccinated” to have a change of heart at this point, so it is on to the next phase, which for some reason that we do not fully know yet, requires them to admit there are more “unvaccinated” than they originally thought.

They have already stated that the “unvaccinated” are the ones causing the surge in the new “Omicron” variant, so it is likely that this next phase of the “war on the virus” is going to start targeting the “vaccine hesitant” with a new strategy.

In a sign that vaccine mandates may start getting more widespread and stricter, the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals this week overruled a lower court’s nationwide injunction against the Biden administration’s mandate that required healthcare workers at federally funded facilities to receive Covid-19 vaccines.

Fifth Circuit overturns nationwide injunction on vaccine mandate for health care workers

And yesterday, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for private employers of companies exceeding 100 people can take effect.

Appeals Court Allows Biden Private Business Covid-19 Vax Mandate To Take Effect, Setting Up Supreme Court Showdown

All appeals that have reached the Supreme Court to date have upheld vaccine mandates, with the most recent one coming earlier this week where they refused to issue an injunction against New York’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers.

Supreme Court Declines to Block New York COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

So the Vaccine Cult leaders seem to have the courts in firm control, setting up new actions to take against the “vaccine hesitant” that will most certainly test the resolve of those who have not succumbed to their efforts so far.

Things are about to get very ugly, but the silver lining here is that there are more of us than they were reporting, which is what we have suspected all along.

As they roll out the next phase in Operation Omicron, expect them to inflict great casualties with their bioweapon shots, targeting seniors and children first, and then when they begin dying in massive numbers, many of whom will not even get into hospitals due to staff shortages, you can be absolutely sure they will blame the unvaccinated for their murders, and it is going to plunge this country into a civil war.

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18 thoughts on “The CDC Caught in their Own Lies: The Unvaccinated in the U.S. for COVID-19 is “Millions” More than Originally Reported”

  1. I wish I could snap my finger like the hypnotists do and bring all of the Covidians in my circle out of the trance. My latest project is a coworker. He said Fauci was a hero. Everyone can’t be a searcher for the truth or the pursuit would be meaningless, just like if everyone was a fantastic musician or athlete or cake maker. Whatever. I am putting Dr. David Martin on the top of the heap as far as all the Kung Flu Scamola warriors. I am sure the title would mean less than zero to him. His latest interview is as good as it gets to destroying the trance people are in.

  2. Yep…the pop- ups persist, but the following is important enough to put up in spite of the interference…for now, anyway.

    Everything you need to know about Ivermectin….

    I have an idea….Fauci should be tied to a chair with his eyelids propped open and made to watch this until he confesses he’s a rat, a traitor and a genocidal maniac. Someone make it so.

  3. Adding on to my comment of 8:54 today. I was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. After that short video, KNOWING he is certainly privy to as much and likely more information than us peasants, if we make it to 2024, DeSantis will be my choice. This is beyond disturbing.

      1. Can Trump STILL not know the score–that these “vaccines” are lethal weapons? I am VERY PISSED WITH HIM OVER THIS.

      2. Jim…I cannot think of any excuse other than they are all playing the same game and WE are the pawns. Initially, it may have been bad advice….but that possibility is no longer viable since he must know as much as us. Even if he is still being wrongly advised (how that could be possible is beyond understanding), do we want someone back in office who is that naive or part of this genocide? I think we all know that answer.
        We have once again been fooled.

      3. I think he is going to lose a lot of support, which will shift to DeSantis, who still looks very good.

      4. The problem is, DeSantis has nowhere near the following nationwide, but he does have over two years to campaign. My guess is Trump will offer him the VP and he may take it. I hope not, but he’s up against a strong opponent and I just cannot see him or anyone beating Trump in the primary….anti-vax defectors or not.

      5. You are spot-on, Will Two. That was an unforgivable act of treachery, deception and deceit. We lured him to Iraq on a peace mission and then used the occasion to assassinate him, the greatest general and statesman in the Middle East, whom the Israelis despised for defeating them again and again. Damn Trump!

      6. As I said in the previous comment, Trump now has a huge political machine on his side…just check out the War Room with Bannon. Trump’s supposed to give a major speech on the 6th of January. It would take quite a speech to convince me to give him my vote again….just don’t see that happening. Republicans in the know are in a bad place.
        In any case, without serious election process reform, none of it will matter.

    1. Trump is totally out of touch. Thousands of people have been killed by the vaccines. Even the boosters can injure and kill.
      Yes, Desantis for me as of NOW.

  4. One of the best antidotes to Kung Flu Diatribe Jive is Dr. Charles Hoffe’s presentation. His trials and tribulations with the British Colombian authorities over how to treat his patients and their blanket denial that the shots were causing any of the serious problems he was dealing with as a three decade long general practitioner. It was the dictionary picture of a Kafkaesque story but this was no fiction. His account is both revealing and horrifying what we as thinking humans are up against with entrained Covidians. please watch and comment. Thank you.


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