22 May, 2022

666 Cases of Heart Disease in 12 to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots – Less than 2 Cases Per Year Following All Vaccines for Past 30+ Years

Brian Shilhavy

Editor, Health Impact News

The COVID-19 shots cause heart disease, mainly myocarditis and pericarditis, which is destroying the health of our young people.

This is a fact that is no longer in dispute, as even the CDC admits this, as their most recent report states:

As of November 24, 2021, VAERS has received 1,949 reports of myocarditis or pericarditis among people ages 30 and younger who received COVID-19 vaccine. Most cases have been reported after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), particularly in male adolescents and young adults. (Source.)

The only debatable points are, 1, whether or not these cases are “rare,” and 2, if the benefits of COVID-19 mass vaccination of young people outweigh the risk for heart disease.

And it is on these two points that the CDC is lying to the public, as I will conclusively prove in this article.

The second point is actually very easily debunked, by simply looking at publicly available statistics on COVID-19 deaths for this age group.

As of December 1, 2021, out of 779,402 alleged COVID-19 deaths covering almost 2 years now, only 630 of those were under the age of 17.

And even those 630 alleged deaths in this age group are not necessarily caused by COVID-19. It just means that when they died, they tested positive for COVID-19.

So there is no benefit to vaccinating children under the age of 17 for COVID-19 when they have almost a statistically zero percent chance of dying from COVID-19, when it is known that these shots cause heart disease.

As to the claim by the CDC that instances of heart disease caused by COVID-19 shots are “rare,” the factual evidence states otherwise.

I ran a search in VAERS, the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, for all cases of “carditis” following COVID-19 shots for this age group, and from the 11/26/2021 release of VAERS data, it returned a result of 666 cases. (Source.)

Next, I preformed the exact same search for the same age group excluding COVID-19 shots and including all other vaccines listed in VAERS for the past 30+ years, and it returned a value of 40 cases, less than 2 cases per year. (Source.)

Keep in mind that the 666 cases in this age group following COVID-19 shots are for only 6 months for 12 to 15-year-olds in the U.S., as the Pfizer shot was only given emergency use authorization for that age group in May of this year (2021).

Children between the ages of 5 and 11 were just given emergency use authorization last month, November, 2021, but there are already 2 cases of heart disease also reported in this age group, a 6-year-old and 8-year-old, both boys. (Source.)

By whose definition are these cases of heart disease in these children “rare”?

We reported a couple of weeks ago that the American Heart Association journal, Circulation, published an abstract from a cardiologist, Steven R Gundry, that claims getting COVID-19 shots “Dramatically Increases” the risk for heart attacks.

UK medical doctor Vernon Coleman, in referencing the study, stated: Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is “Murder”. See:

American Heart Association Journal Publishes Data that UK Medical Doctor Claims are “Proof” that COVID-19 Vaccines are “Murder”

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, another cardiologist from the UK, confirmed the results of the AHA study and shared that British authorities in the field of Cardiology confirmed to him that this is happening, that the COVID-19 shots are leading to increased heart attacks, but they are afraid to go public because they will lose their research funding from the Drug Companies.

He called for an immediate end to vaccine mandates. Watch the interview, which is on our Bitchute channel.

Ben Madgen: Former Pro-Basketball Player in Australia. Image source.

The COVID World recently reported that former Australian pro-basketball player Ben Madgen has been diagnosed with pericarditis (inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart) shortly after receiving his second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

The Australian doctors who treated him apparently disagree with the CDC that this is a “rare” side effect, as they told him that pericarditis is now a common side effect of the Pfizer shot for young males.

There are so many reports now of athletes and other young males suffering from heart attacks since the COVID-19 shots have started, that medical authorities had to try to come up with a different explanation to deflect attention away from the deadly COVID-19 shots.

So they invented a new disease: “post-pandemic stress disorder.”

Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned.

This could result in a 4.5 per cent rise in cardiovascular cases nationally because of the effects of PPSD, with those aged between 30 to 45 most at-risk, they claim.

Mark Rayner, a former senior NHS psychological therapist and founder of EASE Wellbeing CIC, said that as many as three million people in Britain are already suffering from PPSD, thanks to stress and anxiety caused by the effects of Covid-19. (Source.)

You can’t make this stuff up!

If adults want to be stupid enough to believe this nonsense and risk taking a COVID-19 shot, that is their choice.

But minor children are subject to the choices of their parents, so please do NOT give your child a COVID-19 shot!

Heed the warning from these parents who now regret their children getting one of these shots because their child is now dead, or suffering with heart disease.

Share this video far and wide. It is on our Bitchute channel and you can also download it from our Telegram channel.

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5 thoughts on “666 Cases of Heart Disease in 12 to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots – Less than 2 Cases Per Year Following All Vaccines for Past 30+ Years”

  1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/jAjTBmroLzdI/ <— strong evidence by Karen Kingston vax is poison

    And many more sources of this knowledge: This was just censored from Facebook after I posted it. Therefore, it must be true. "Someone wonderful has put together this list of resources. Anyone who wants to learn more about why vaccines are not safe nor effective, check out these doctors and documentaries! It's about time the biggest fraud in the history of pharmacology gets exposed. Vaccines are literally nothing more than poison masquerading as medicine:1. Dr. Nancy Banks – http://bit.ly/1Ip0aIm2. Dr. Russell Blaylock – http://bit.ly/1BXxQZL3. Dr. Shiv Chopra – http://bit.ly/1gdgh1s4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – http://bit.ly/1MPVbjx5. Dr. Suzanne Humphries – http://bit.ly/17sKDbf6. Dr. Larry Palevsky – http://bit.ly/1LLEjf67. Dr. Toni Bark – http://bit.ly/1CYM9RB8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield – http://bit.ly/1MuyNzo9. Dr. Meryl Nass – http://bit.ly/1DGzJsc10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin – http://bit.ly/1G9ZXYl11. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot – http://bit.ly/1MrVeUL12. Dr. Robert Rowen – http://bit.ly/1SIELeF13. Dr. David Ayoub – http://bit.ly/1SIELve14. Dr. Boyd Haley PhD – http://bit.ly/1KsdVby15. Dr. Rashid Buttar – http://bit.ly/1gWOkL616. Dr. Roby Mitchell – http://bit.ly/1gdgEZU17. Dr. Ken Stoller – http://bit.ly/1MPVqLI18. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein – http://bit.ly/1LLEqHH19. Dr. Frank Engley, PhD – http://bit.ly/1OHbLDI20. Dr. David Davis – http://bit.ly/1gdgJwo21. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych – http://bit.ly/16Z7k6J22. Dr. Harold E Buttram – http://bit.ly/1Kru6Df23. Dr. Kelly Brogan – http://bit.ly/1D31pfQ24. Dr. RC Tent – http://bit.ly/1MPVwmu25. Dr. Rebecca Carley – http://bit.ly/K49F4d26. Dr. Andrew Moulden – http://bit.ly/1fwzKJu27. Dr. Jack Wolfson – http://bit.ly/1wtPHRA28. Dr. Michael Elice – http://bit.ly/1KsdpKA29. Dr. Terry Wahls – http://bit.ly/1gWOBhd30. Dr. Stephanie Seneff – http://bit.ly/1OtWxAY31. Dr. Paul Thomas – http://bit.ly/1DpeXPf32. Many doctors talking at once – http://bit.ly/1MPVHOv33. Dr. Richard Moskowitz – censored34. Dr. Jane Orient – http://bit.ly/1MXX7pb35. Dr. Richard Deth – http://bit.ly/1GQDL1036. Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic – http://bit.ly/1eqiPr537. Dr Chris Shaw – http://bit.ly/1IlGiBp38. Dr. Susan McCreadie – http://bit.ly/1CqqN8339. Dr. Mary Ann Block – http://bit.ly/1OHcyUX40. Dr. David Brownstein – http://bit.ly/1EaHl9A41. Dr. Jayne Donegan – http://bit.ly/1wOk4Zz42. Dr. Troy Ross – censored 43. Dr. Philip Incao – http://bit.ly/1ghE7sS44. Dr. Joseph Mercola – http://bit.ly/18dE38I45. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet – http://bit.ly/1MaX0cC46. Dr. Robert Mendelson – http://bit.ly/1JpAEQr47. Dr Theresa Deisher https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=6Bc6WX33SuE48. Dr. Sam Eggertsen-https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8LB-3xkeDAEHundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren't safe or effective, in these documentaries….1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic – http://bit.ly/1vvQJ2W2. The Greater Good – http://bit.ly/1icxh8j3. Shots In The Dark – http://bit.ly/1ObtC8h4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth – http://bit.ly/KEYDUh5. Vaccine Nation – http://bit.ly/1iKNvpU6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines – http://bit.ly/1vlpwvU7. Lethal Injection – http://bit.ly/1URN7BJ8. Bought – http://bit.ly/1M7YSlr9. Deadly Immunity – http://bit.ly/1KUg64Z10. Autism – Made in the USA – http://bit.ly/1J8WQN511. Beyond Treason – http://bit.ly/1B7kmvt12. Trace Amounts – http://bit.ly/1vAH3Hv13. Why We Don't Vaccinate – http://bit.ly/1KbXhuf9 hour court casehttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DFTsd042M3oDocumentaries… 1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic(2013) – http://bit.ly/1vvQJ2W2. The Greater Good – (2011)https://youtu.be/VxR8XQHc0A03. Shots In The Dark -(2009) http://bit.ly/1ObtC8h4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth -(1998) http://bit.ly/KEYDUh5. Vaccine Nation – (2008)https://youtu.be/bLk641P8CE46. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines – http://bit.ly/1vlpwvU7. Lethal Injection – http://bit.ly/1URN7BJ8. Bought – (2015)https://youtu.be/HrgkKREhQrshttps://youtu.be/_9nre8AMe5I9. Deadly Immunity – (2005)http://bit.ly/1KUg64Z10. Autism – Made in the USA(2009) – http://bit.ly/1J8WQN511. Beyond Treason – (2005)

  2. Its really amazing that so few people follow this blog and its goldmine of information. Hundreds of thousands should be following.

    The people of the US are the absolute dumbest on planet earth. About 99% have no idea what’s happening. Is it the fluoride in the water?

    1. FOR EJ and WillTwo (miss ’em both already):

      @Will Two
      My original reply to this never showed up.

      >>Hey, EJ…I was being “nice” and replying because no one else would and now you attack me.>>

      Don’t need anyone to be nice, just authentic civility is all that is needed.

      >>Can you blame others after being called “swine”?>>

      Guess I could have chosen a better metaphor but it just came so easy as IMO it represents my take on things here. Could have been pearls before monkeys, children, or something :-))

      >>I should have severed relationships with you when you called me “bi-polar” in that email.>>

      That was your choice wasn’t it?

      >>Where’s your psychiatric license?>>

      *Majored in psychology and sociology at San Jose.
      *Three years as an Army psychiatric social work specialist. (4th Armor div, Germany; 5th General Hospital, Stuttgart, Germany; 101st at Fort Campbell; 82nd at Fort Bragg. Did intake interviews, marital counseling; prisoner counseling; child guidance; recruit counseling; etc.
      *Two years at the Contra Costa County hospital in the ER and Psychiatric ward.
      *A few years with a Mexican Curendera in San Diego.
      *Studied with Native American and Peruvian Shaman and medicine men and women.
      *Conducted drum ceremony and life counseling for hundreds over the years.
      I had a 127 IQ in High School 60+ years ago and feel the odds are I have gained, not lost any of it.

      Just like I knew you were a Gemini from my intuition, remember 🙂

      >>How many times have you complained about not getting enough attention?>>

      Wasn’t seeking “attention” but rather hopeful for some interesting idea/thought exchange.

      Most every group has a “bad boy or girl” that others can use to bolster their camaraderie and position in the group. Like support the Jews at Black Listed News and you get the wrath of dozens. Same with sharing some truth not liked about Trump at The Donald, etc. Not sure of what it was/is here with a lack of real honesty but true hostility prevalent.

      >>Thanks, EJ…I guess no good deed goes unpunished, eh? . …From just another swine. Good-bye….and good luck.>>

      Your choice for victim clothes my friend. No attempt at “punishment” was tried.

      I still wish you the best as I said in my other article comment to you. And yes, good bye is appropriate. I am sliding off the digital dance to work on my music, about 20 new songs to finish when my rotor cuff heals. Plus as the cold weather sets in IMO there will be a big uptick in vaxx deaths from the build up of the clotting and I will be needed locally with real people rather then digital folks.

  3. I do not think the author of this piece does himself service or contribute his article’s credibility by harping on 666. I do not for a minute believe in that kind of serendipity or coinky-dink.


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