The Real Deal JFK SPECIAL (18 November 2021): Dedicated to Oliver Stone

Jim Fetzer

To watch the video, click here: The Real Deal JFK SPECIAL (18 November 2021)

Dedicated to Oliver Stone, whose new film will be released on 22 November 2021. His “JFK” was a masterpiece with three flaws: he did not know that Oswald was in the doorway of the Book Depository at the time the JFK motorcade passed by or that the Zapruder film had been massively edited, no doubt because he was relying upon advice from Robert Groden, who has played the JFK community (virtually) from the beginning. And he posited three (3) hit teams, when there turn out to have been eight (8) assassins. My worry is that this sequel, which I have been told was screen-written by one Jim DiEugenio, may suffer from similar defects. We shall see. I have the greatest admiration for Oliver, who has been doing his best to get the truth about JFK out to the American public–and I wish him nothing but success in that endeavor!

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10 thoughts on “The Real Deal JFK SPECIAL (18 November 2021): Dedicated to Oliver Stone”

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  2. why would Stone make this film without consulting you? Jim. Doe you suppose he is unaware of your knowledge and expertise in this subject?

    1. Will, “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass” and my “The Real Deal JFK SPECIAL” are almost the same length (just short of two hours). I would welcome your comparison and contrast. What are their respective themes? What do they contribute? Worry not about spoiling. Give us a summary and a critique. We need it.

      1. As well done as Oliver Stone’s documentary comes across, there is little comparison between your and Stone’s. There are areas that are common, such as Oswald’s famous picture with the rifle being a fraud, the idea there had to be more than one shooter, the implication that LBJ was involved, Oswald’s obvious CIA connection, the
        fake results of the autopsy…and many more. But it is an excellent documentary for the average public consumption and one has to give Stone credit for going against the common narrative which has been destroyed over the years in so many ways by so many writers and researchers that the official story now reads as a fantasy. Your presentation is more scholarly and scientific and it’s obvious, that for the documentary to sell, that approach would not go over well for the average movie viewer.
        There are two narrators other than Stone….Whoopi Goldberg (why?) and Donald Southerland (wisely chosen to connect to that original scene in JFK in which Garrison converses with an insider played by Southerland who’s message is for Garrison to concentrate on the WHY and not the who.
        Stone uses the technique of interviewing endless witnesses and experts throughout the documentary. That certainly adds validation to his entire premise.
        It begins with Kennedy’s famous commencement address at that American University and then continues with numerous authentic news reels of reactions and events on that fateful day….some of which I guarantee most have never seen. In several clips, you hear Oswald clearly stating he did not shoot anyone.
        As the documentary progresses, it becomes very clear the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and LBJ were all complicit…along with many other officials. He presents undeniable evidence.
        Unlike Jim, he does not speak of multiple shooters, although that seems to be inferred because it becomes obvious through witness testimony that Oswald was not on the 6th floor of the depository.
        He spends much time on the magic bullet and when that presentation is over, there is no doubt that bullet was used to back up the Warren Commission’s findings. The bullet was not found until AFTER they realized it was missing to justify some fake wound in his back. The chain of custody of the bullet also had major inexplicable consistencies.
        Stone makes it very clear as to why so many wanted him dead. Unlike Jim, he does not mention any organized crime influence (I guess he wants to stay alive, eh?). And as I mentioned, he does not identify any additional shooters.
        He does go into the idea that other patsies were set to be used (the one for a possible attempt in Chicago being very similar in face and background to Oswald..). They had planned similar assassination scenarios from a tall building in Chicago and the Florida Hotel in Tampa.
        At the conclusion, he makes it blatantly clear the JFK assassination is when America and its people changed and that made it more important than ever, considering the country as it is now, to expose the truth of what happened on that day that ended America as we knew it.
        There is no speculation or poetic license in this documentary. It’s all fact presented in a highly palatable fashion.

      2. Thanks, Will. I would suggest that what Oliver presents is almost entirely common knowledge, where the proof that Lee was in the doorway when the motorcade passed by receives only indirect confirmation as opposed to direct and decisive proof (from superposition of faces as well as the height, weight, build, shirt and t-shirt he was wearing, which match those of the man in the doorway extending his look at what’s going on). This sounds like an intermediate look at the assassination that is old material in a new guise to create the impression of an advance in our understanding, when it really is one more limited hang-out. Olive should have reached out to me. DiEugenio published a bizarre attack on my research that took me 7-hours to rebut by laying out the evidence that he was wrong on every count! I suspected then it had the intent of discouraging Oliver from moving in my direction–where the resources I would bring overwhelmed DiEugenio’s meager palate. What an opportunity lost!

      3. I agree, Jim….but for most Americans, this is a good start. I think anything deeper or more delving would not have made it to the main screen.

      4. Also, Jim…Never overestimate the ability of the average TEE VEED American to think much further than what is presented by the MSM. You will always be sorely disappointed. Sorry to say.

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