No stone unturned Oliver Stone’s JFK documentary revisits America’s darkest day and demands answers


[Editor’s note: For an alternative take on the assassination of JFK, see “The Real Deal JFK SPECIAL (18 November 2021)”, for comparison and contrast.]

Oliver Stone has always been politically outspoken and at 75 he shows no signs of quietening down. During publicity for his latest project in Cannes earlier this year, the iconoclast director – and Oscar winner several times over – trained his ire on revered figures of both liberal and conservative persuasion, declining to moderate his scathing language even for a dead former Supreme Court justice.

Of course, he has always been anti-establishment. Although what is meant by “establishment” seems to be ever-shifting. After his first Oscar for the prison drama Midnight Express, early directing glories featured Willem Dafoe starring as a Christ-like figure in the best picture Oscar winner Platoon, for which Stone also won for best director; Tom Cruise as a beleaguered Vietnam vet in Born on the Fourth of July where Stone again won the best director Oscar, and Tommy Lee Jones in Heaven and Earth, the third in Stone’s Vietnam trilogy based on his experiences in Vietnam.

Then he moved on to examine another war in Salvador, eviscerated the financial sector in Wall Street where Michael Douglas delivered his Oscar-winning role as Gordon Gekko, wrought an exceptional performance from Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in The Doors, and dealt with criticism for the ultra-violent Natural Born Killers, heavily revising Quentin Tarantino’s script much to Tarantino’s chagrin. Stone’s greatest controversy though – at least until recently, where his defence of Russia and sympathy for Donald Trump have raised eyebrows (he told The Times the former president had been “picked on from day one”) – revolved around his 1991 movie JFK.

The epic political thriller, which was nominated for eight Oscars, examined the events leading up to president Kennedy’s assassination as viewed through the eyes of New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison, played by Kevin Costner. Based in part on Garrison’s co-authored book On the Trail of the Assassins, the film in part reframed public perceptions of the assassination and kicked off another trilogy of films from Stone focusing on American Presidents. Anthony Hopkins left his indelible mark on Nixon, while Josh Brolin was exceptional as George W. Bush in W. But if JFK was decried by a critic as “the greatest lie Hollywood ever told”, with his new documentary series, JFK: Destiny Betrayed, Stone is doubling down.

With the growing appeal of superhero comic book cinema, Hollywood became less conducive to funding Stone’s decidedly adult and potentially inflammatory films. He’s turned increasingly to documentaries, most prominently delivering an astounding 2016 portrait of the exiled American whistleblower Edward Snowden, and even interviewed Vladimir Putin over two years for a four-part 2017 series. He’d also made documentaries about Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Cuban president Fidel Castro. Now in the four-part series JFK: Destiny Betrayed, written by Jim DiEugenio, Stone has returned to re-examine the murder of president Kennedy. The series, which has its world premiere in Australia on November 22 – the 58th anniversary of Kennedy’s death – goes into extensive detail regarding information that has been unearthed as some – though, significantly not all – documents have been declassified and subsequently scrutinised in a raft of recent books.

It’s worth noting that these document dumps — first in the 1990s and then more recently in 2017 — have been attributed to the outcry that accompanied Stone’s original film. Moreover, it has been regular citizens who have trawled the papers, and painstakingly re-traced events to unearth new “findings” – the strong conclusion it all draws is that there were indeed two “shooters” when the 46-year-old president was assassinated while his limousine drove in that fateful parade in Dallas in 1963 and Lee Harvey Oswald took the fall.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Stone presented the material as a feature-length film, an edit of the series. He is now happy that we will see the material as a series as it provides more depth about Kennedy, the man. Stone narrates with the help of Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Sutherland, who appeared in the original JFK film. The series starts as images of Kennedy’s funeral unfurl with Stone giving an introduction as he stands at Dealey Plaza where the assassination took place. He explains how his 1991 film “tried to explore the mysteries that enshrouded this place that day; we also tried to explore the reasons why president Kennedy was killed.

At the end of our film we alerted the public that almost 30 years after Kennedy’s assassination, tens of thousands of documents were still being kept secret (at the House Select Committee on Assassinations) about his murder and his policies. “JFK created a year-long sensation in the media. Some quarters praised the film, others attacked it.

But at the end of that unprecedented controversy, a new agent of government was formed. It was called the Assassination Records Review Board. The board went to work declassifying this immense amount of material, yet the public has not been made aware of what in fact constitutes a new factual record of who Kennedy was and the real circumstances. In this series, you will be informed for the first time what was in many of the most important of these files.

“We have to keep doing this because democracy and our freedom from fear dies when there is no longer trust between the people and their government.” So why should people watch it? I ask Stone at Cannes. “I think it’s very important,” he responds. “America plays a dominant position in the world and has a controlling interest. I think the question, how did America get to where it is now? is answered in this movie. It’s up to people if they are interested in history or not. Some people will say, ‘What difference does it make? They killed him. I accept that. And you know, we’re into this new world and we have other leaders.’ But I’m interested in history and how this happened.”

Does the film prove that the CIA orchestrated Kennedy’s murder? “I think it’s implicit, but it’s not proven. It’s just, how do you do this? How do you move all these pieces around the board? You can see the extent of the planning in the documentary. You ask yourself who can bring in units, call off security or change parade routes? It’s a big deal to pull off an assassination. It’s a Black Op, it’s been done. And they did it. They did it abroad, they had training to do it. But they didn’t do such a great job. In many ways it was sloppy. There were a lot of mistakes.”

The Warren Commission, which was set up to investigate the assassination, he says was corrupt and covered over the cracks. The FBI was the main investigatory agency for the commission, and J Edgar Hoover “fed them what he wanted them to hear”. “The evidence was so corrupt, we’re talking about ballistics, the trajectories, the rifle itself, the bullets, the fingerprints and the autopsy was a disgusting, disgusting mess. They were allowed to get away with that. They’ve gotten away with it for so long in so many other forms. Today that wouldn’t happen. We have too much information. The only thing they understood back then was to make it as confusing as possible.

Researchers are still fighting with each other, which is distracting.” Of course today everyone would be filming on their mobile phones. Back then the only visual evidence of the killing came from a Dallas dressmaker Abraham Zapruder filming on a Super 8 camera. “The Zapruder film, no one will agree on that one. Was it altered? Or was it not altered? That goes on forever,” he sighs. As the result of the declassifications there’s new evidence regarding Oswald. “We now know for sure that Oswald was not on the sixth floor and that he was involved with the CIA as an asset from 1958 till 1963 and that what he said was accurate. ‘I’m a patsy’. His behaviour after the assassination was so amazingly clear. I mean, anybody who assassinates a president for political reasons takes credit for it and is proud of what he did.”

After the release of the 1991 film, which Stone insists was based on “the facts as we knew them at that time” the circumstances around Kennedy’s death captured the public’s imagination. “I was as surprised as everybody. I didn’t know that he was so loved. And I’m glad that we hit a nerve. But above all, it’s the evil of these government organisations that we hit. Boy, and they brought the attention, because by attacking me and the film, they brought more attention to the case.” Stone insists that the idea that the CIA orchestrated Kennedy’s death is not just another conspiracy theory. “That’s what they say. That’s CIA terminology. You know, that’s what they said from the early 1950s, that when we get attacked, we will say that the people attacking us are conspiracy theorists and make fun of them.”

One might imagine that Stone has been obsessed with Kennedy’s death. “No, Jim DiEugenio is obsessed. He’s the series’ writer and he’s a real researcher. He reads every document. He runs a website, he defends it and he attacks. He writes books and criticisms and I would call him obsessed. You have to be kind of an autodidact and he’s very good at that. His memory is very good. He remembers details. I’m just a passer-by, I’m a tourist.” Unsurprisingly, the series was financed out of the UK. “If you’re attacking the American military, foreign policy, strategy and the CIA, you’re in trouble.” Stone made Snowden in Germany. “We didn’t feel comfortable working in the US and we were financed by France and Germany essentially. The US did add some money at the end, but it was a small company.”

He concedes that the negative US response to the film weakened his ability to finance the JFK series. “I guess the American public doesn’t want to know. It’s like an ostrich, burying your head in the sand.” In many ways, Stone was attracted to Kennedy as a subject because of his own early life experiences. “I was a teenager in a boarding school in Pennsylvania when president Kennedy was killed – and, like all the other students, I did not believe what I saw on TV,” he recalls. “The world changed on that day. Who knew that my future would also involve Vietnam four years later?” During his military service, Stone was injured several times. “A bullet penetrated my neck and only a few inches separated me from death. But I am still here. Fate helped shape my personality.” Kennedy did too. Stone, having already made two anti-war Vietnam War films, eagerly immersed himself in mountains of research before making JFK. “Kennedy actually went after peace and he made it happen. But in doing that, he alienated so many people. He was the last American president who really struggled for peace in the world … He also, of course, was looking for a peace with Cuba, which was a big problem for the United States.”

Notwithstanding those latent sympathies for Trump, Stone voted for Biden. “I think he’s a cold warrior from way back. He brings us a sense of calmness to this bad political situation. I was tired of Trump, but I do think he shook up things up. Still, his nuclear talk was insane. It made me very worried about his marbles. I mean, he would drop a nuclear bomb if he could get elected. This guy will not lose. He can’t lose in his mind. He’s unable to accept that he lost so is a fascinating character that way.” Would he consider making a movie about Trump? “I think no,” he replies decisively. “I do think there will be somebody, you know the younger filmmakers. But it depends on what their take is. I hope it’s a mature one.

Trump’s funny. I used him in a movie; he was briefly in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. He is not as important to me as Bush. You understand why I made W? W is about a man who was really an idiot.” There’s that political outspokenness again. But Stone is just warming up, and eventually he reaches full speed. “Snowden was a patriot. He did good for the country … I think Assange’s work with diplomatic – cables to the United States when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state was amazing.” Back to Bush, who “destabilised the entire Middle East and made America the enemy of the world by saying, ‘You are either with us or against us’ ”. “He polarised the world and he started this campaign against Russia too or he let the people around him start it.”

Then he’s onto Al Gore, whose election defeat was “a great mistake, a great loss and tragedy, because I do think he won the election. And I think it was stolen. That’s another thing. Another crime of Bush, by the way. Scalia put him in the presidency. That’s right, Scalia,” he repeats, referring to Justice Antonin Scalia who served as an associate justice of the US Supreme Court. “Jesus, what a monster.” And now it’s Hillary Clinton’s turn: “In my opinion, she’s a monster.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, Stone didn’t vote Republican or Democrat at the 2016 election, opting for Jill Stein, a peace candidate.

“A lot of people didn’t understand because they thought that you had to vote for Hillary because the Democrats had to be voted in. As secretary of state she did a lot of damage not only in invading Libya – and she gloated over that – but she started the whole conflict with Syria. “She also set off this whole four-year bullshit about Russia-gate. The whole thing was coming from her. She was a bad loser.” But all that’s in the past. What does Stone think is the biggest problem in the world at the moment? “Climate change, I think CO2. It’s more important than all this ideological conflict. We’re on a timetable where that is going to get worse and worse and worse.

Countries have political differences and cultural differences and people argue and they go back and forth. We have to get to a fact-based scientific conclusion.” Stone has been making the eco-documentary Starpower on the subject, together with scientists. “It includes all the methods of providing clean energy to the world. I’m not quite sure when it will come, out but we’re working very hard on it.” At Cannes, Stone expressed the hope that the remaining JFK files would be released. Back in October 2017, then president Trump released 2800 previously classified files, announcing that he was looking into the rest, but backed down in the final hours, citing national security reasons. He did grant an extension and the deadline expired earlier this year. It’s been said a group of private citizens are organising a lawsuit against the Biden administration to get the files released. Biden in turn said on October 22 that the remaining files “shall be withheld from full public disclosure” until December 15 2022 – nearly 60 years after Kennedy’s assassination.

A statement from the President said the delay was “necessary to protect against identifiable harm to the military defence, intelligence operations, law enforcement or the conduct of foreign relations” and that this “outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure”. Despite all the travesties of justice he feels have taken place in the US, Stone says he remains a patriot. “I went to school there, I was educated there. I served in Vietnam and I love my country. I just want to see it reform itself. It could be such a force for peace and co-existence, if they wanted it to be.” The first episode of JFK: Destiny Betrayed world premieres on DocPlay on November 22 with further episodes screening on November 29, December 6 and December 13.

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19 thoughts on “No stone unturned Oliver Stone’s JFK documentary revisits America’s darkest day and demands answers”

  1. I’ve watched Jim’s overview of the assassination and it is so much more convincing than that of Oliver Stone. Stone just doesn’t have the total grasp on the evidence that Fetzer does, and he doesn’t see what DiEugenio is eliding, like the number of shooters and the plurality of interests arrayed against Kennedy.

    I wonder if DiEugenio’s hit piece on Fetzer was simply to secure his position with Stone, or was it something more sinister like further blackening Fetzer’s name in service to the intelligence services et al? It wouldn’t do for the people behind Pozner/SandyHook/BostonBombing/etc/etc for James Fetzer to be validated as a JFK researcher for an illustrious American film director.

    In this way, Stone is a limited hangout. His most telling quote in this article is, “I’m just a passer-by, I’m a tourist.” This is true. Witness his claim that JFK researchers are in contention over the Zapruder film: “Was it altered? Or was it not altered? That goes on forever.” It does?

    It’s hard to imagine that the guy who made “JFK” has such a poor grasp of the evidence. Yet his 1991 film, as pointed out by the article’s writer, created the impetus that resulted in historic data dumps of declassified assassination documents. In Europe, Stone is revered for this. In the US, he has to walk the line. In important ways, it’s enough that he’s even in the general vicinity of so-called conspiracy theory.

    “JFK” the film was successful in marshaling public outrage because it is an emotional telling of the national trauma of the assassination. Through strange characters, twisted plots and gloomy weather, Stone mirrors the murk of confusion and paranoia that engulfed the bereaved nation. It’s raining in DC as Garrison meets Mister X, but it stops as Mister X says, “Do your own work. Do your own thinking.” It’s clear the work is not done. As Garrison stands at Kennedy’s Arlington grave, it may have stopped raining, but it’s still overcast.

    The effectiveness of Stone’s documentary, “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass” lies in making a similar emotional appeal through use of the Kennedy family, and recounting the mourning in foreign nations after the assassination.

    But I think that “Israel and the Assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers” by Laurent Guyénot makes an even stronger emotional appeal. He does this not only by naming the ultimate guilty party, but by tying in the death of JFK, Jr. (and his unborn child) to his father’s and uncle’s assassinations. Guyénot tells how President Clinton commandeered the investigation of the airplane crash that killed JFK, his sister-in-law and his pregnant wife for “security reasons” and, without autopsy, quickly buried them all at sea. As the Kennedy family has no tradition of sea burials, Guyénot points out that John Kennedy, Jr, would surely have wanted to be buried in Arlington with his parents.

    This documentary is not to be missed and serves as a Cliff Notes, as Jim describes it, of Guyénot’s book, “The Unspoken Kennedy Truth”, covering all three Kennedy assassinations, including JFK, Jr.
    See Laurent Guyénot’s “Israel and the Assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers” at Jim’s bitchute, here:


  2. Ollie Stone… his films are great entertainment. As far as him knowing what’s what… voting for Biden? Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? He thinks Trump legit lost? That’s a blind spot a mile wide. CO2 being the enemy of Earth? Everyone has their blind spots, even Oliver Stone. Biden is a self evident disaster beyond all rhyme or reason even to the Dems. Climate Change has a lot more people fooled. Almost no one talks about the universal and overnight adoption of Climate Change when “everyone agreed” it’s Global Warming that’s the danger for a very long time. Before that Newsweek had the cover story “The Coming Ice Age”. It reminded me of the ESSO stations in Baltimore changing the name to Exxon almost overnight. They made the brand name ESSO disappear much like global warming and the coming ice age before it. Why the name change? In my view, no matter what happens with weather, their scam to control everything we do has cover.

    There was an article about the Vail Ski Area’s season being shortened by climate change yesterday. What a short memory they have. Just three seasons ago, it was 13 degrees below zero on October 20th at the snow stake. There was three feet of snow before Halloween and another two feet of new snow on Halloween. You’ve never seen cold or more fantastic skiing in your life that early. By November 30th, the ski area was 97% open and it was the most phenomenal skiing anyone can remember in nearly 60 years. The 2010-2011 season was a similar deal. Wall to wall snow and cold from start to finish with 540 inches. It’s been like this since the beginning in 1962. Monster winters followed by skimpy warm ones. The 2011-2012 season was the worst ever after the best ever. It happened that way again in 2015-2016 was a monster early winter and big snow all season. The 2016-2017 was the second worst. Vail’s first season was almost like the movie White Christmas. The 1962-63 season was delayed because of warm weather and no snow right up to Christmas. It made everyone who invested $10,000 for a lot with two life time ski passes question their sanity. That investment is now worth 5 million minimum.

    It’s nearly universal, the high Priests of the Climate Change religion cannot and will not look at 160 plus US patents on weather modification. Because it destroys their narrative of incidental climate change because it’s intentional. If it’s intentional, we don’t have to shut down industry, we have to shut down HARRP and the massive high flow water vapor generating stations running full tilt during already massive rain events to make them even worse. You can actually watch them working in real time. The Priests of Climate Change never heard of HAARP and it’s staggering ability to create high and low pressure areas which are the driving force of most weather.

    I have photo evidence of three B-2 Stealth Bombers creating dominant cloud cover over Moab, Utah with one pass of their chem-spew sprayers. It was June 7, 2010. Never seen anything like it in 14 years of documenting “climate hijacking”. What was unique was it was over 100 degrees, crystal clear and as close to zero humidity as the desert gets. This cloud was about a mile above Moab judging from how close the B-2s were. It was gray and hideous looking with tortured striations heaving this way and that. It actually looked like a monster. It drifted slowly to the east and it was sunny again a couple hours after the attack. God only knows what chemicals fell out of that monster.

    No one knows more about the hijacking of climate than Clifford Carnicom. He devoted 20 years of research on his own dime on what is going on up there. Here’s the Cliff Note version pun intended. Rain and snow samples analyzed the world over document the exponential increase in free form aluminim, barium and strontium when there should be zero. Aluminum is a well known neuro-toxin and could account for the explosion of dementia among the elderly and at earlier ages than ever. Aluminum powder is an incendiary and could easily by itself account for the severity of the forest fires from hell we have seen in the last 20 years. That does not diminish the role of what I call “Smart Fires” from directed energy. Put those two together and you have the Paradise and Santa Rosa fires easily explained. They were very similar to the Hunger Games fire out of nowhere.

    Then there’s the cross domain synthetic life form known as Morgellons documented to be falling from the sky the world over. The stuff looks like large chunks of fossilized spider webbing like you see in old barns. Lots of photos of it from Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. Once inside you, the life form appears to feed on iron in the blood and cause the destruction of red blood cells. It manifests itself in the form of synthetic fibers that come out of the skin and create an “insect crawling under the skin” sensation that drives people to commit suicide. In part because brain washed Doctors label their patients delusional. When I mentioned Morgellons to my Doctor you could see his eyes glaze over with disinterest, like I was describing watching paint dry. Carnicom was baffled as to why the fibers are indestructible by flame. You can put a flame to them or freeze them; yet they still grow in a peri dish. One Morgellons sufferer contacted me after the Vail Daily did their hit piece on my information. She sent me pictures. It looked like a nightmare come true. She wanted me to convince her family it was real. But how could they not believe what they could see? A lot like the chemtrails themselves.

    Even though the Vail Daily did their best to discredit me, there was more comments on the online version than I’ve ever seen on any story. In fact they shut down comments after their hit piece for all stories. For many years. People saw through the hit piece in record numbers proving more awareness than I thought possible and that was 10 years ago at least.

    Another fallout that Carnicom found is desiccated human red blood cells. It’s raining blood, how bizarre is that? You can still find the Unsolved Mysteries TV show story on the goo-like rain that fell in Oakdale, Washington. It gave everyone in town the flu for a month or more. The only people that did not get sick were the few bed ridden people that never go outside. Microscopic analysis of the goo showed desiccated human white blood cells. It’s now “a thing” for it to rain human blood.

    I have noticed a major increase in chemtrailing over the central rockies in the past couple weeks. After not much visible activity in the months prior to that. I could see a scenario where ski areas could be blackmailed into paying for snow. One of the things Michael J. Murphy covered with his films “What in the World are they Spraying?” and “Why in the World are they Spraying” was weather derivatives sold on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It is basically casino gambling on flood or drought. What if the gamblers could stack the deck and knew the massive drought was coming that destroyed the corn crop in Nebraska a few years ago? Another evil financial instrument, you could call a weapon. Like when they shorted airline stock right before 911.

    Whatever happened to Michael J Murphy? I spoke to him a year or two before his untimely death. He was nearly killed in a suspicious car crash that he miraculously walked away from. From the pictures of the crash, walking away seemed unlikely. A few months later he started posting the most bizarre cries for help on his Facebook Page. Most of his friends turned their back on him. I suspect his account was hacked to make him appear to be a serious drug addict so that his untimely death was almost expected. I traded a couple messages with Edward G. Griffin about Mike’s death. Griffin was interviewed and appeared in Mike’s film. He saw nothing untoward but I have a gut feeling their was foul play. His final film about geo-engineering was just a month away from release. I would like to track down the editors because it was almost finished when Mike died. He was a valiant young man in the prime of life. I started to choke up watching one of his last videos here:

  3. Israel is one of the most dangerous nations on earth. The Israeli Mossad nuked New York on 911. Not just one time several on the same day. Israel is an evil and vile place. The US could not have a worse enemy.

  4. JFK knew that Israel is America’s greatest ENEMY! He was ready to confront this ENEMY on several fronts, especially their relentless efforts to obtain NUKES! Mordechai Vanunu blew the lid off their preposterous BIG LIE. JFK paid the ULTIMATE PRICE for opposing the Zionist Slimeballs! Everyone else [American politicians] learned a lesson!

    1. Oliver Stone is controlled opposition. He woud know they would kill him if he told the whole story. If the vaccine was dangerous they woud never have given it to Israeli people. I think this stuff about the vaccine is like the “flat earth theory” it makes the truthers look stupid and may even help them die from the virus. I was undecided if the virus exists but came across people who knew about it and someone we know died from the virus. The virus must be real, but everything about it is suspicious , like the virus may be manamde , funded by Fuaci etc. Some of these “know alls” say there are no viruses of any kind etc, well plenty of people die and so I say aids is caused by a virus, etc.

  5. If Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries, besides that other Jewish state Melbourne Auatralia, then the vaccine must be safe. Why would they kill their own people???? I hope so anyway, because I am vaccinated.

  6. Trump won not Biden, although Trump is useless just a right wing shill, he never investigated 911 and his mate Larry Siverstein. And Biden isn’t Biden, Jim Fetzer poited out the fake Biden has his earlobe joined to his neck, whereas the real Biden has a prperly formed earlobe. Bidendoesn’t have a steady hand, he is an old fool.

    William Oliver Stone was born in New York City, to Jacqueline (Goddet) and Louis Stone, a stockbroker. His American father was from a Jewish family (from Germany and Eastern Europe), and his mother, a war bride, was French (and Catholic). After dropping out of Yale University, he became a soldier in the Vietnam War. Serving in two different regiments (including 1rst Cavalry), he was introduced to The Doors, drugs, Jefferson Airplane, and other things that defined the sixties. For his actions in the war, he was awarded a Bronze Star for Gallantry and a Purple Heart.

  8. Oliver Stone says the most important thing is CO2 climate change. Just like Robert Kennedy junior, a shill. CO2 is not causing climate change, CO2 is neutral. Climate changes anyway, ice ages etc. Patrick Moore helped start Greenpeace (although AUst ABC and others deny it ) when it was “Don’t Make a Wave” and the protests in the sea were “Greenpeace” .They seem more worried about the CO2 bulldust than anything. Stone says Trump lost, well Trump won. And I bet his video does not mention the Israel seems to have been involved with Kennedy’s assaination, because John F Kennedy wanted to not let let Israel have the nuclear bomb. Also Al Gore does the climate change bulldust too, and Al Gore should have been president, he was president of the Senate, they need one vote to object about baby Bush being eleceted and he refused himself, work that out?

    1. Will the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs get away with the MANY heinous CRIMES against America and Humanity?
      See Attachment for the answer. [Israel will become a MELTING POT!]


      1. Sure like 911. But America, Australia,England,France etc did invade the Iraq , Afghanistan , Libia, etc. So they are all murders , not just the Jews.

      2. Western countries/governments are INFESTED with and CONTROLLED by Zionist Slimeballs! If anyone threatens to bolt from the pro-Israel dogma, Israel plays the Holocaust victim and anti-Semite cards and talks about the “Samson Option”. Thinly veiled threats of assassinations, “suiciding”, “accidenting”, blackmailing and bribery are ever-present. Harold Wallace Rosethal’s “The Hidden Tyranny” interview reveals their Luciferian origin and nature. Then there are “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”to reveal the Zionist GAMEPLAN!

      3. On a personel level I have had some strange things happen to me. They may just be that, but maybe not? Our car was written off hit twice from the rear when the traffic was banked up on a side exit. I drove the car off the road but the rear was smashed up. Some guy came up and said he hit us and it was our fault.I had my wife young son about 2 years old, my invalid father in law and my wife. I was worried the car might cach on fire, this guy was yelling at my wife,so I went over and shut him up, I felt like decking him. The police did an investigation and said it coud not be him, the daamage did not match his damage. Another truck came but said he just came to help, maybe he was involved? He had done a u-turn and come back. Anyhow, our car was a right-off and we never found out who to blame.. The second incident was a huge truck came up behind me and it felt ominus. I pulled into the left (Australian slow) lane behind the other car, and let him have a free run through. As he passed me the car infront (a lady driver I found out later) must have fallen asleep and veered toward the passing truck. The truck swerved away, but still hit the car. I had braked anticipating trouble. The car flew across my view (dropped some brake/auto fluid on my car bonnet) just in front of my car, basically over the front of the front of my car bonnet it. Then flew over the railing on the side of the road, into a small valley beside the road, was like asort off bridge. The passenger was dead (he didn’t move, and nobody tried to revive him, not even the lady the cops seemed to respect, who described herslf as an army nurse. The lady drive seemed OK. I tried to give the cops evidence but they ignored me, so I left. The other day I was at seven-eleven. I filed up the fuel and walked toward the shop to pay and get a coffee. I blond girl pulled out of the car parking and drove straight at me. At the time I had a fairly serious foot injury, and wasn’t up to jumping in the air or something acrobatic,but I pushed down on her bonnet, very hard, I am fairly strong. she vevtuallu stopped and drove around me. I got the 7-11 guy to show me the video from their security recording
        He gave me the camers numebr and time of the film. I contacted the emergncy police 000 (like 911 in your country). The police never contacted me?????????

      4. There are Jews and there are FAKE JEWS. “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”. [Revelation 2:9]

      5. Someone tries to run me down, I have the 7-11 video evidence, and the police don’t answer my complaint. A guy kicks a dog in an anti-vax protest and it makes the news, and the RSPCA take him to court, with large threats of jail and fines. WTF?????????????? And I notice some other bloke punched him, but that isn’t complained about. I don’t condone kicking a dog, unless it is self defense, I’m not sure what happened, but there are a lot of dogs who bite humans etc.

  9. The JFK assassination was a blood coup of the USA. The USA has never recovered from it because there never was a proper unbiased investigation. In fact the government commission avoided any testimony that did not fit their preconceived script of what happened.


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