Liberals Pounce on Andy Ngo for Posting Inconvenient Facts on Suspect in Waukesha Car-Plowing Massacre

“Sorry, not sorry for reporting on who Darrell Brooks is,” Ngo tweeted in response to liberal attacks including one from Daily Beast reporter Robert Silverman.


Independent journalist Andy Ngo is routinely subjected to harassmenthate, and sometimes even brutality from the radical left because he’s unafraid to report on the inconvenient truths about violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs that frequently go unreported by the mainstream media. The MSM views both groups as selfless heroes committed to advancing democracy or whatever despite the reality of the situation being just the opposite.

As per the norm, the left has once again shown their true colors in the aftermath of the deadly Waukesha, Wisconsin, car plowing attack on Sunday that left six dead and at least 48 injured. They used the horrific attack to mock the Kyle Rittenhouse “not guilty” verdict and used it to attack Ngo for having the audacity to give people the disturbing background on the suspect in the case, Darrell E. Brooks Jr.

Before we get to the latest round of attacks on Ngo, let’s look at what he reported about Brooks, courtesy of this Twitter thread:






Ngo’s Twitter thread triggered Daily Beast “reporter” Robert Silverman, who has me blocked for some reason but whose tweets I’m still able to view from another account. This was the start of a multi-tweet thread yesterday of Silverman condemning Ngo for alerting readers as to possible racist motivations behind Brooks’ alleged actions:


And then, after a fauxfended Silverman accused Ngo of being an opportunistically dishonest reporter (a characteristic that is rumored to be a requirement to work at certain supposedly “respectable” MSM outlets, so I hear), he contacted Ngo to try and get him to answer questions about the Twitter thread he wrote on Brooks. Ngo smartly declined, while also noting Silverman has a history of targeting him:



Regardless, Silverman’s article went up anyway. The headline laughably described Ngo and fellow independent journalist Tim Pool as “big-time right-wing trolls,” which is sort of the equivalent to declaring Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams role models for how to accept defeat gracefully:


In addition to that, Twitter mobs, including disgraced former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann went all ragey on Ngo, with some reporting Ngo’s tweets to the Twitter Powers That Be. Surprisingly, they declined to take action:


Ngo had his share of defenders as well, including those who turned around and mocked the Daily Beast’s skewed priorities:



To his credit, Ngo isn’t backing down, alerting readers on his “Locals” page about Silverman’s “report” as well as his reporting about Brooks:



Good on Andy Ngo for giving a textbook example of how not to bend the knee when the outrage mobs come for you. This is how it’s done.

Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter

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3 thoughts on “Liberals Pounce on Andy Ngo for Posting Inconvenient Facts on Suspect in Waukesha Car-Plowing Massacre”

  1. This was a serendipitous find. I watch too many movies as an escape from the current miasma in which we exist. Rarely do I watch documentaries as they defeat my escape. These just popped up on my regular site. They’re quite elementary, but are a simple road map to where we are today in the US; also, a bit Christian oriented, but not overwhelmingly so. Apparently they won several awards for best documentary of the year. Most here have known this is going on….this march to communism via the democratic party and some republicans for that matter…but they could be good as a review and to send to friends who have failed to see the path we are on.

    Agenda: Grinding America Down 2010

    Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit 2016

  2. >Daily Beast reporter Robert Silverman

    He seems to be more of a freelancer; his account/archive on is here:

    He’s definitely a Jew, as you can see from this tweet (note his Twitter account uses a different name as handle):

    While some may think the name Robert Silverman is alone enough to conclude he’s Jewish, it’s always good to check.

    It’s important to explicitly note when a radical journalist attacking others for *simply posting facts about ‘criminals of color’ is a Jew* — this helps people who may be either ignorant of, or on the fence about, what’s known as the ‘Jewish Question’ begin to notice a pattern — because there definitely is a pattern, and more Whites need to be aware of this.


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