by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu

[Editor’s note: According to international law and the Nuremberg Code (adopted after World War II and the discovery that Dr. Joseph Mengele had been conducting experimental medical procedures on prisoners without their consent), no medical procedure may be permitted that brings about death and injury to the subjects. Given the vast damage being done today by these mRNA (fake) vaccines, how can this be allowed to continue? The answer is simply: The Rothschilds own our medical establishment, lock, stock and barrel:

Look at the data and the extent to which we are being played boggles the mind. Share as widely as you can.]


Thanks dr. Zelenko for the link, I await your response on my little inquiry!

vigiaccess.org – scroll down, accept the terms, then search ‘covid-19 vaccine’.

The data, as of October 3, 2020, spaks for itself:




I’ll wait for an explanation, meanwhile we’re set for Nuremberg2!

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  2. A revelatory interview with Dr. Peter Breggin who just wrote ” Covid-19 and the Global Predators”. The Dr. breaks it wide open as to who is behind it (your first guess will be correct) and who partnered with that man from HELL (that may come as a surprise, but not to all) back in 2016-17 (go to around 30 minutes in the interview for that info).



  3. I watched some all out panic on the networks now accusing Trump of trying to steal the 2020 election. It reeks of real desperation. Then they started to immediately drum in the idea vaccines are safe and effective and now they plan to Kung Flu vaccinate little kids. Because the makers did a study on it and they care about us and love us and only want the best for us. And how health care workers are under siege and quitting because of hostility directed their way from patients. That will not provide sufficient cover for the million that plan to quit over the death jab. The only thing truthful to come out of Killery’s pie hole ever was “we are in an information and we are losing that war” The establishment is in panic mode over the election fraud not going away.

  4. Take a good look. We now know with 99.99% the “vid is a ROTHSCHILD operation. Find a way to blow up this image. Read it and weep and then FIND SOME WAY TO BRING THESE PRICKS TO JUSTICE.

    Though the patent was indeed appropriately granted in September of 2020, the priority date and IDENTICAL ABSTRACT from 2015 BUSTS THIS COLD.
    Covid is a Rothschild plot, NO IFS OR BUTS.
    This is not a TikTok post, you actually have to read this. I have simplified this down as much as possible.
    This cannot be trolled. I will not be issuing a retraction.


  5. Sure hope this is just the beginning. May it spread worldwide:

    Big Pharma payola scandal erupts in Australia, takes down six corrupt officials and Australian Premier Berejiklian

    Wednesday, October 06, 2021 by: Ethan Huff


    (Natural News) More than half a dozen staff members of New South Wales, Australia Premier Gladys Berejiklian have resigned in shame over their involvement in a massive Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) bribery scheme.

    Berejiklian and her comrades reportedly took tens of millions of dollars from Big Pharma in exchange for pushing lockdowns and now “vaccines,” destroying countless lives and businesses in the process.

    According to a former Australian member of parliament (MP), Pfizer and AstraZeneca both paid lobbyists to push vaccine mandates on the people, ensuring a steady stream of ill-gotten profits.

    Just prior to ousting herself, Berejiklian was seen on a jumbo screen at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney telling children who were being herded in as part of a mass vaccination drive that getting jabbed for the Chinese Virus is necessary to stay “safe” and “healthy.”

    Clive Palmer, head of the United Australia Party, says that Berejiklian was promised that she would not be charged in a corruption probe if she imposed a vaccine mandate. She allegedly accepted that offer, and has since resigned from her position.

    Chances are this is only the tip of the iceberg, and more indictments and resignations are soon on the way – both in Australia and abroad. Perhaps an end to the jab mandates will soon come based on all these revelations.

    The entire covid cabal needs to be taken down with haste
    Berejiklian claims that it was a “difficult decision” for her to resign, which came about right after a corruption watchdog group announced that it was looking into her “alleged misconduct.”

    Her deputy premier John Barilaro also resigned, citing constant pressure from the media and an ongoing defamation case against YouTuber Jordan Shanks, whom Barilaro says is a “big reason” why he has officially checked out of politics.

    Shanks, meanwhile, claims that Barilaro is lying and falsely accusing him of being a “racist.” Barilaro further called Shanks “a conman to the core, powered by spaghetti.”

    With these two Branch Covidians gone, New South Wales (NSW) is said to be in a state of “political disarray and chaos.” Many are wondering what will happen next, and how soon the region might be able to reach “post-Covid freedom.”

    In addition to Berejiklian and Barilaro, NSW has lost a senior cabinet minister and three veteran Coalition members of parliament. It is also expected that a new treasurer will be needed to replace the existing one.

    Sometimes political disarray and chaos is needed to root out the snakes, and one can only hope that the same thing happens in the United States. Right now, Americans are having to contend with an illegitimate regime that was not lawfully elected, but that is trying to force the country into the same tyranny that was imposed on NSW.

    With this wave of resignations down under, the hope is that it will spread all around the world to every place where Fauci Flu tyranny is sweeping the land. We the People must push for every last covid criminal to either resign or be removed – no exceptions.

    “You know, when this virus thing first started and I began hearing things about ‘big pharma,’ I was skeptical,” admitted one commenter at Creative Destruction Media about how he felt in the very beginning of all this.

    “But now I am fully believing this whole thing is a multi-billion dollar scamdemic. Now we are finally getting proof and insider knowledge of the corruption involved and it is VERY ugly indeed.”

    The latest news about the shockwave of resignations that are likely coming as more Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fraud gets exposed can be found at Collapse.news.

    Sources for this article include:




  6. Here we have the Aussies fighting for their freedom. Even Polish officials have come out in support for the people of Australia. The PEOPLE of NYC came out in support and yet, I have I have not heard from one American politician…not one. Where’s the great US in this battle? How many countries have we invaded in the name of “democracy” but actually for the bankers. Where are we now as the world watches Australia morphing into totalitarianism? Our hypocrisy is staggering. We should all hang our heads in shame, knowing what we have allowed this country to become…..run by morons, liars and deceivers like Biden, Fauci, Gates, Pelosi, Schumer and similar creatures who would sell us out and sell their souls for power and money.
    Watch to the end, it’s incredibly inspiring:


  7. I got Pfizer vax today.
    I can keep working.
    I did to get Daniel Andrews off my back.
    I feel fine.
    I joined the truth movement because of 911.
    I came to know the Titanic, moon landing, CO2 global warming etc are all dodgey.
    I know 5G is like all radiation ie. not good for you, but that is it, keep the phone on speaker, not near your head.
    I am hoping all this hype about the vax is misguided, but I certainly disagree with the vax being mandatory. I think the lockdown is reducing our civil liberties and is morally wrong, if not illegal.

      1. After the Jesuits convinced us we live on a spinning ball, they should have called it “good enough”. But once they started adding all the conflicting motion of the sun moving and the galaxy moving as well, they went too far with the fantasy. Just like when they took the car to moon. Imagine the disaster of the lunar rover breaking down miles from their tweaker shelter called the lunar module. It’s a lot like the risk of landing in the ocean and drowning. Nobody in 1969 said “hey… why not land on terra firma?” Wouldn’t that be far less riskier? Or if water was somehow actually necessary, how about landing in the Great Salt Lake? Let’s just say they were lucky enough to make it to the moon and back on their very first try. What would happen if Neal. Buzz and Mike drowned after all that glory?

      2. Dave, But we DO live on a “spinning ball”. This troubles me. A flat Earth is not even physically possible because of the law of gravitation. An object in space could not be flat! And every other object is space is roundish, if not a perfect sphere. I worry that otherwise intelligent persons like yourself seem to be played into “flat Earth theory”!

      3. Set your mind at ease Jim. The Grand Canyon and Mt Everest show Earth isn’t flat. I go way beyond the Moon Missions being faked. Which we agree on. I doubt the Moon is a place you could land on. I also doubt space travel is possible as we have been programed to believe. In my opinion, the space station is a crock just like the Moon Missions. People are welcome to believe that is real, just like they are welcome to think Elon Musk sent a Tesla into space. Musk said the following about the car in space…. “you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake”. That was right in your face. I am still friends with people that believe the whole space fantasy show including TESLA. I’m also still friends with Dan. He thinks Sandy Hook was just like the NEWS said. He at least looked at the FBI stats and admitted he had no explanation for it.

  8. How can there be “COVID-19 vaccine” reactions before 2020? Well, it turns out that there were COVID-19 test kits produced before 2019, so maybe this isn’t so surprising!

    (BTW, I did check the database and the numbers are as shown in the article).

    1. 2015 patent by the Rothschilds for the RT-PCR test five years before the COVID hoax !

      System and Method for testing for COVID-19
      Richard A. Rothschild [GB], 2015
      CPC: G06K2009/00939, G06K9/00892, G11B27/031
      IPC: G06K9/00892, G11B27/031, G11B27/10, 2015-10-13

      Patent date is 2015 !

    1. And more from Stone. As far as I can tell, at 5 PM Eastern, FB is still down. THAT is encouraging. And right now, we need as much encouragement as we can find, eh? Maybe it’s Q nonsense…who knows.
      So, here is the latest…..


    1. Let’s hope. But, it take watermarked, individually identified, hand-counted, in-person paper balloting under tight security to overthrow the existing order.

  9. These kind of figures would never have been accepted in the past. So, someone with tremendous power and resources is allowing this to continue (no doubt the Rothschilds). It’s beyond outrageous. We need to start a fund to arrange for a venue to hold the Nuremburg Two trials because the number of traitors involved in this scam has become legion.

    Add this video to the mix from Adams with Attorney Thomas Renz….


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