Paul Craig Roberts, America: A Dead Man Walking

Paul Craig Roberts

Will America Exist in 10 or 20 Years? Probably Not

I knew America was finished when the insouciant dumbshits let the corrupt Establishment openly and blatantly steal a presidential election and install a cipher as front man for the Establishment’s agenda.

What is the Establishment’s agenda? It is Evil incarnate.

The agenda is the rewrite of Western history as one vast crime.

The agenda is the demonization of all European and British ethnicities with white skin.

The agenda is the replacement in Western universities and school systems of pride for the great achievements of Western civilization, such as the rule of law as a shield of the people instead of a weapon in the hands of the government, civil liberty, and no crime without intent, with guilt for, and rejection of, our achievements reduced to racism, misogynism, and denial of multiple genders. Monuments to heroes are destroyed and replaced with shrines to felon drug addicts.

The rewriting of history in the West by the West’s worst enemies is now being used in elementary schools to separate white children from their culture and their identity. The parents who complain are being designated “domestic terrorists” by the anti-white Democrat school boards and the Democrat anti-American Biden regime. The evidence is everywhere. See here for example:

Get Your Children Out of Public Schools Where They Are Brainwashed With Critical Race and Gender Indoctrination

Get Your Children Out of Public Schools Where They Are Brainwashed With Critical Race and Gender Indoctrination

These anti-white, anti-normal, counterfactual ideologies are now nationally instituted in US public schools.

Tucker Carlson says, wake up insouciant dumbshits. Of course, Americans won’t, and it is already too late.


The agenda is the overrunning of British, European, American, and Canadian white ethnicities with a policy of open borders to third world unassimilable illegal immigrant-invaders. The immigrant-invaders receive preferential treatment from the anti-white European political regime and media.

The consequence is the demoralization of European ethnicities. In some European countries, for a white woman to report her rape by an immigrant-invader borders on a hate crime. The European governments are careful not to report the race of those arrested for crimes. To honestly report would be a hate crime, a sign of racism, and result in a demand for resignation if not arrest.

The agenda is the replacement of white ethnicities who are taxed too heavily to afford children with publicly-supported immigrant-invaders who have many children, and by intermarriage of races encouraged by propaganda, advertising, and entertainment. Indeed, in the US for example white men have disappeared from advertisements, and their traditional movie roles are now taken by women and blacks. A white family is seldom seen in advertisements.

The agenda is to kill and make infertile as many white people as possible with Covid mRNA “vaccines” that attack the body’s fertility organs and destroy the body’s natural immune system.

Every dumbshit who votes Democrat votes for this agenda. Americans are so utterly stupid that they vote themselves for obliteration. A people this stupid cannot be helped.

Throughout the Christian world, or perhaps more correctly, the former Christian world, no Christian churches are being built, but mosques proliferate. It is the Muslims, not the Christians or name-only Christians, who have confidence. Jean Raspail in his bestseller in 1973 explained how this works. His book is out of print, and no publishing house has the courage to publish a book that informs the people who are selected for destruction and are well on their way to Orwell’s memory hole.

Those people are white people. Their future is death and obliteration. And the dumbshits sit there, with guns in their safes, sucking their thumbs, voting for Democrats, taking the death jab, sending their kids to public schools and universities to be brainwashed against white people.

Such a people are already dead.

An overstatement? Perhaps. The Jews thought Mein Kampf was an overstatement and ignored the writing on the wall.

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25 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts, America: A Dead Man Walking”

  1. Darn good news.

    Military Members from All 5 Branches File Class Action Lawsuit Against the Pentagon for Vaccine Mandates

    The class action lawsuit was filed by the Liberty Counsel in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. It lists President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as defendants

  2. Well there goes PCR with his white Americans ain’t shit rant ! Are we sure he isn’t a Zionist?
    “The agenda is to kill and make infertile as many white people as possible with Covid mRNA “vaccines” that attack the body’s fertility organs and destroy the body’s natural immune system.”

    Where the hell is he getting this rubbish? I don’t know if I should laugh or feel sorry for him.
    Meanwhile in sunny Key West Florida everyone is having a good ole time and Duval Street is jumping with live music. (Wish you were here Dave Kraft) not a mask or social distance in sight. Folks are happy and drinking and not giving a F#$k about the country or their problems.The servers and bartenders are overworked due to no one wants to works these days and everyone who’s gotten the jab is calling out sick. I ate twice with my family at Harpoon Harry’s and the servers are doing double shifts at other bar nearby which was unheard a year and half ago. Crazy times we live in. But you better live like it your days on this blue planet.

  3. Today is my 60th birthday and what a way to start it reading this before my first cup of coffee. I can’t account for my last ten years all that well. It’s a bit different than Ozzy Ozborne’s claim of forgetting the entire decade of the 80s. It’s funny Paul Craig Roberts initials make me think of the PCR tests, the very basis for two years of insanity. Looking back to 2007, the year I got flushed out of the Matrix caccoon by a taxi driver named Ben. The tendency today is to almost be like Cypher and plan his return to the power plant, and yet there is no way back to the land of the willfully ignorant.

    My best pal dwells in the power plant claiming the internet is a cartoon land and all the information contained in it is bunk. Certainly plenty of that and yet the truth dwells there as well. I have another really old friend Robert that says average people shouldn’t be allowed to post anything on the net. Only the “arbiters of truth” should be allowed to post… you get the picture. It went without saying ABC, NBC is what he was talking about. It’s easy to see what we face trying to wake up mankind. We face legions of Mavricks and Roberts who maintain their ability to go on living by viewing the World through the Big Media lens.

    I love that video somewhat put together of every major news outlet saying the same thing with a half second overlapping each successive video.It was a startling example. It summed up the problem better than any other. They were all patting themselves on the back for doing such an impartial bang-up job. How did it get to this point? Colin Powell’s son Michael being appointed the FCC chairmanship ushered in the era of singular messaging from all sources by allowing ownership consolidation like never before. He became chairman just 8 months prior to the 911 attack.

    Here is quote from 2003 story… Never mind that a diversity of voices — voices with the ability to be heard — is integral to the health and maintenance of a democracy. While Powell and his supporters claim that the existence of dozens, even hundreds, of channels on cable and satellite systems proves there’s diversity unbound, Powell’s critics note that the diversity is a mere illusion if only five fat companies own all those channels.

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  5. ”Mein Kampf” is readily available on Amazon….in many versions, as is the ”Communist Manifesto”.

    One book that’s NOT available on Amazon is ”Nobody Died at Sandy Hook-
    It Was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control”.

    The USA was taken down in a blood coup in 1993….America has never recovered.


  6. PCR’s last sentence is a bit ironic as I have been told by Jews that large numbers of Jews vote Democrat. That aside neither major political party represents me or my interests. PCR is also conflicted when he starts out saying the election was stolen yet large numbers of the American public voted for this catastrophe. Without a 50 state audit it’s impossible to declare Bozo Joe the actual winner of 2020. All the evidence points to a very high improbability that he could not have won. I learned recently that the death jab, as PCR calls it, was only 1% more effective than the placebo during the abbreviated Pfizer trials. I did know that the “spike poteins are known to migrate to the testicles, ovaries, brain, and probably the mammary glands as that is soft tissue too. What I didn’t consider is that the vaccine is actually an effort to sterilize the entire world population rendering large amounts of people infertile. That’s probably why they are so insistent that children need to be “vaccinated”. Trumps biggest mistake was not launching a very viable 3rd party once the election was stolen from him. The real losers are the American people more than Trump. We now have to suffer under Bozo Joe’s demented and completely illegitimate communist controlled dictatorship.

      1. Thanks, I have dyslexia just like Pretendent Bozo. Not surprising, since he and I are the same age.

    1. The “Pillow Man” [Mike Lindell], PROVED that the 2020 Election was STOLEN from Trump – but NOBODY wanted to hear it – not the MSM, not SCOTUS, not the DemonicRATS, not the RINOs and NOT EVEN TRUMP! And how do we explain that?! The ALIENS bribed, blackmailed and THREATENED everyone to SHUT UP – OR ELSE! How would YOU like to be “Khashoggied”???

  7. PCR got it right – in fact, all of Humanity is a “DEAD MAN, WALKING”! Who is responsible? THEY LIVE and are “WALKING AMONG US” [HHAliens!]


      1. You provided a link previously, where the top 50 books [among HUNDREDS] on the ALIEN PRESENCE on our planet were listed and their content disclosed as CREDIBLE EVIDENCE. All that’s left to do for anyone not already BRAINWASHED BY THE ALIEN MSM MIND-CONTROL MACHINE is to CONNECT THE DOTS! I provided additional evidence and supporting information/links on this Blog!

      2. GodSend, your message is the same, repetitive and frankly, has become boring. WE get it. Aliens are the problem. PLEASE change the tune.

      3. Jim Marrs’ book “ALIEN AGENDA” received Honorable Mention on the Top 50 list!


      4. Well, Will Two, have our host’s VERY repetitive messages about Sandy Hook, 911, JFK, etc., also become boring? I don’t think so. Truth, no matter how inconvenient or unwelcome to many, is never boring and should be repeated until it becomes SELF-EVIDENT. [Stage 3 on Schopenhauer’s list!] 🙂

      5. So, Will Two, I suppose you think that the “Gospel Truth”, which has been/is being repeated around the world for about 2021 years [and will continue to be repeated until the end of Time] is also boring? 😉

  8. Well, PCR, that was a depressing as it gets, but also as true as it gets. I always thought Americans would wake up before the end.
    I was wrong.


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