Dylan Eleven, War Has Been Declared Upon Us. This is very simple: The vaccine is killing people. Therefore anyone saying you have to take the vaccine is trying to kill you.

Dylan Eleven 

Why the f— is anyone listening to these people? And how the hell are they still getting away with it? Telling us to kill ourselves is a declaration of war. Act accordingly.

Every time a politician or someone is talking on TV about how you must take the death vaccine, they are literally telling you to kill yourself. They know the vaccine is deadly. They are threatening us with consequences and violence if we don’t kill our selves.

Anyone that is telling us to get vaccinated is openly telling people to commit suicide and to sacrifice your children. This is satanic. As are the masks, 6-feet separation, and lockdowns.

Biden, Trudeau, … the list goes on, all around the world. They are all satanists telling you to kill yourself with the death clot shot “vaccine”or else.

How is this allowed to continue? Why are these people not being held accountable for the mass deaths and injuries caused by these Covid “vaccines”, lockdowns, and mask mandates?

How? Why? Because they have not openly declared war upon us. They are telling us to kill our selves for our own benefit–a coward’s war.

I would suggest that telling people to kill themselves by taking the death shot or else, is a declaration of war and we act accordingly. How about you?

The very fact that they are still watched by millions on TV and are allowed, by the people, to tell us to kill our selves, without consequence, means to them that they are getting away with it.

They will keep on with this genocidal agenda until they are literally pulling people from their homes and forcibly vaccinate murdering them. The media is driving the battle. The police and army will bring the violence.

Or, we can pull them from the TV stations and podiums before that. And army and police: Do your real jobs and stand with the people! There is no more waiting. The final time has come.

The world is uniting. The masses are protesting, unity is being witnessed by millions. The next step is to stop the vaccine genocide and covid crap. Start by removing the real virus: the main stream media, without whom this genocide could not have happened. And strip the good from the ranks of the force of fascism, the police our brother and the soldier our sister, who should join with the people now.

They are using the media as a weapon of war. Therefore, the media is a strategic military target in this war.

Benjamin Fulford stated over a year ago: to end this war, the first thing the military needs to do is take out the media. Go to the TV and radio stations and occupy them. This would have ended the covid scam and halted the genocide vaccine program in one easy step. Because it has all been a lie and there is no virus. Just a genocide weapon they call “a vaccine”. And without the mass brainwashing of the media, no one would have committed suicide with a deadly vaccine.

Instead, the military did not do that, and the world war was waged by the media. Global domination without firing a shot!

Now they are trying to finish us off by telling us to kill ourselves and then forcing the death vaccine upon us.

Instead of the military taking control of the media and stopping the lies, the military is occupying industry and the hospitals to replace the jobs of the doctors and nurses who would not participate in their genocide plot. To further the vaccine is Genocide.

The media continues to lead the battle. Still the enemy of the people.

Do we wait for Trump? do we trust the plan, still? After all, that has happened? Are they coming? They are fucking late at this point. Billions have been injected with the death vax already and most will die from it.

So, whether they are coming or not, we are not waiting any more.

The sides of this battle are clear. And war is upon us.

Good verses evil.

Humanity verses satanists.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what they want.

An insider Satanist revealed the plan is for massive civil war. And what these stupid politicians don’t realize is they want us to hang them from the streets. They want total war, one side against the other.

They want us to destroy ourselves and then when all the planet looks like a Mad Max movie, they will manage a much fewer number of us and usher in their final plan of dominance.

What the satanists were surprised about was how easily the people fell for it and how well it worked.

The only thing we can do to save the world and beat these bastards is for it not to be a bloody fight of the people versus the police and army.

That is what they want.

We could all simply choose the side of good and not further their agenda any more. Unite and take over! Now! Or it’s going to be needlessly bloody.

Police and army: it’s time to choose your side.

The people must unite in mass disobedience and join with those who will uphold their police oath to protect the constitution, and with those in the armed forces that joined up to save the world rather than to protect sick, genocidal pedophiles.

The governments do not have the legal authority to go above our inalienable rights and the constitution of our countries. Therefore their actions are acts of war against the population.

For example; in Canada, the first paragraph of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms was explained by the person who wrote it. The first paragraph states that the charter shall not be violated unless the government can demonstrably justify it based upon the emergency. As he observes, not only has this not been done to a sufficient degree, they haven’t even attempted to do it!

They are acting against the constitution, illegally, and the only solution is to remove them all from power and scrap the whole system of government and start again. Because they are all acting against the constitution and against the people.

This is the suggestion from the person who wrote The Charter of Rights for Canada.

The Canadian and US governments have no justification for their actions. They must be removed.

There is no emergency. There was never an emergency, and they never justified any measures with any proven scientific basis.

There will appear to be an actual “emergency”when the vaccinated die off in large numbers. And they will try to call it “a new outbreak”, but in reality is is the effects of the vaccine in the vaccine injured.

Again, this is not a justifiable emergency that can remove our rights; it just means they should stop jabbing people and help those jabbed.

So where does that bring us?

They are threatening us with violence and will eventually use violence to murder us with a genocide weapon they call a vaccine.

They have no scientific, moral, legal, constitutional, or medical justification for their threats and mandates.

This is an undeclared war. We must recognize it as a declaration of war or we will not be able to take the steps necessary to save us all.

The cabal is attempting Global Genocide by covertly hiding the fact that they have declared war upon us. Because, if they did actually go to war with the people, they would not win due to our numbers.

This is based upon Sun Tzu. If your enemy is stronger than you, evade him. Fight without fighting. Undermine and destroy your enemy from within and only go into battle when the war is won.

This is the strategy for Global Genocide using the death shot Vaccine.

Make no mistake. This is war. It would be so much easier for us to win if they actually announced it’s a war. Then we could simply storm the TV stations and stop these people telling us to kill ourselves, arrest a few pedophile politicians and be done with it.

But they are not announcing it, so we are not storming the buildings. Hmmm. There is a solution here somewhere.

Do we wait for them to tell us they have declared war upon us. Do we wait for the government to tell us it’s ok to take them out? What if they don’t tell us is ok for us to fight back? What if they don’t declare war in the open?

I suggest that they have declared war upon us. Several times. The latest is telling us to kill ourselves and sacrifice our children. This is satanic and is a declaration of war.

We either act collectively now, understand we are at war and remove these people from their podiums on TV and from public office. Or we will have to defend ourselves at our front doors, individually, from the forced death vaccine squads.

We are here. The time has come. Unite, Prepare and Act Accordingly.

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24 thoughts on “Dylan Eleven, War Has Been Declared Upon Us. This is very simple: The vaccine is killing people. Therefore anyone saying you have to take the vaccine is trying to kill you.”

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  3. This is a highly informative video that could be watched in its totality, BUT especially at 21:57 in which a woman reads the definition of mandate from the 11th edition of Black’s Law (2019). I have the 5th edition which was recommended to me and the definition is not the same….so I assume this is a fairly recent change or addition. I have never heard this anyplace else. If anyone here has the 11th Edition, maybe you can verify this info.


  4. I have noticed that quite a few people have decided that anyone that diverges from their version of the truth is a disinformation agent. That’s tossing out the baby with the bathwater. No one suffers from this charge more than Alex Jones. The charge I hear all the time is he won’t go after Israel and/or the Zionists. He’s too this or he’s too that. Whatever. I have been warned to watch out for Alex Jones… blah blah blah. Everyone seems to forget how many millions of people Alex has flushed out of the Matrix Caccoon with his films.

    Alex’s latest film hits the destruction bullseye of the Kung Flu lockdown lie. I predict another million people will be “Matrix flushed” after viewing this.


  5. I have not had tell-a-vision since May. Recently been watching again. Reality does not line up with their continued dire Kung Flu propaganda and never has. The “in the trenches” day to day experience has not squared up with the “shots are deadly” narrative either. That does not mean it’s not happening. Just not happening in my circle to the degree I expected so far. I thought for sure it would kill my Dad at 93. And several other senior citizens that I know and stay in touch with. They all seem fine and some of the first to take it. Maybe they all got the fake ones. I do know of two men that you might pin the jab on killing them. One was only in his 50s and fit and healthy prior to the shot.

    An intriguing appearance by Killery on late night talk show a few nights ago. I forced myself to watch some of it just to see what the murdering Satanists are up to from one of their high priestesses. It sure looked and sounded like the old Killery. She had some side kick with her and they were fawning and getting wet over Justin Castro.

    The desperation and doubling down of the child raping devils knows no let up. The current theme is people not taking the vaxx also tear off mattress tags and kick puppies. They are just plain bad people. And all the problems of the world grew on their deviant shoulders. The fear of the election audits is palpable Sleepy Creepy won fair and square.


    Stone has it right. The damn pilots walked off because they did not want the stinking jab.

    V for Vendetta is the answer. TAKER OVER THE MEDIA, SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY.

    Jim Stone:

    Southwest airlines

    I just saw a headline (and no truth) on Drudge: Day 4 of shutdown and no one knows why. Southwest airlines is shut down because they mandated all pilots get the jab, and so many were not jabbed and so many walked off the job to avoid it that it shut down the entire company. The company will not budge. The pilots will not budge. Southwest is going down.
    This is not rocket science.
    They are not being honest with how many pilots walked off the job either. That’s an easy calculation. Southwest has 8,500 active pilots. Commercial airline Pilots are not permitted to fly a plane more than 30 hours a week. There are 168 hours in a week. You need 2 pilots per plane. That means that to keep flying, you need 168/30 (5.8) x2 pilots = 11.6 pilots to keep ONE plane in the air 24/7. Let’s look at the actual numbers from Southwest to see if my math holds up:
    Southwest has 8500 pilots and 718 planes. That equals 11.83 pilots per plane. So my math holds. Ok, so if you have 718 planes and they have turnaround times, and 1085 flights get canceled on the same day while over a thousand get delayed, how many pilots quit? At least half. There’s no math that is going to work for that but at least half. They have more pilots than they need to keep 718 planes up – and they used weather as an excuse while at the same time United and American airlines only had troubles with a combined total of 35 flights. So obviously someone does not want to be honest.
    QUESTION: If the vaccine scam is being pushed by claiming those resisting the vax are uneducated and “anti science”, do you think the MSM is going to admit the real reason why Southwest is such a screwup after mandating pilots get the vax? commercial pilots are one step short of astronaut. Can the MSM actually market the idea that astronauts are anti-science? No. They can’t market the idea that pilots are not anti-science either if they are quitting to avoid the jab, so we’ll never see the real reason for the problems at Southwest get published, EVER.
    In reality, those pushing the covid con know anti-vaxxers are PRO SCIENCE, they are the only ones who know science well enough to be asking questions. You can bash an accountant, a truck driver, a welder, or any other category which by chance has people with a firm grip on the science, but you cannot get away with bashing pilots. So silence and stupidly worded questions is all we will get when it comes to explaining why Soutwest has so many delayed and canceled flights, the MSM won’t even touch the topic of pilot walk outs because if they do, they might be asked why. And “science” matters.
    The MSM is desperately claiming the problems at Southwest are caused by southwest allowing too many pilots to take leaves of absense for Covid and that they did not call them back on time. But look at the top, where I did the math. Southwest DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH PILOTS TO EVER FLY WITH A HUGE NUMBER ON LEAVE, they need 11.6 pilots per plane and had 11.83. That’s why math matters, it proves the MSM is lying about the reasons – Southwest would have always had problems this serious if the MSM was speaking an ounce of truth, no, there were never enough pilots at Southwest to have THAT MANY on leave, they always ran it right on the edge. They had enough pilots for occasional sick calls and that’s all.

    1. BillAu, if you start deteriorating because of the ‘vax’ (actually: bioweapon), check out Dr. Judy Mikovits’s recommendation of a product called Suramin, based on pine needle oil. She’s a smart gal.

      P.S. Sorry you had to take the demonic injection for your job. But you can still do something about it.

  7. I had the first dose of Pfizer and will get the third in three weeks or so. I only did it so I could be allowed to work. I Certainly “hope” you people are wrong that it is a death jab.
    I did a soil test for a lady yesterday. She agrees they didn’t go to the moon. I told her sometimes the conspiracies are are wrong but I believe that 911, CO2 global warming, etc were all dodgey,. But I told herthat the “flat earth” theory” was a “reverse hoax to make the conspiracy theorists/ truthers look stupid, and that some people I have met were tricked into believing it. Perhaps the covid conspiracy thing is partially a reverse hoax, too?
    I said is the virus real? And she said she was a covid nurse and that the patients lungs fill with liquid. I said is it just pneumonia (I meant pleurisy in pneumonia). She didn’t think so. I had “pleurisy in pneumonia” when I was about 4 years old and went to hospital. I got it playng in the rain. I can’t remeber much about being sick, but they called the ambulance.
    The internet says “Pleural effusion: A build-up of fluid between the tissues that line the lungs and the chest.
    Fluid can accumulate around the lungs due to poor pumping by the heart or by inflammation.
    Symptoms include coughing, sharp chest pain or shortness of breath.
    Treatments include antibiotics, water pills (diuretics) and removal of the fluid.”
    I’ve heard it can cause the lungs to go hard?
    So there may be a virus.

      1. The vaccine definitely will get Daniel Dickhead Daniels and his Gestapo off my back so I can work. I always knew I would die one day, death & taxes, you know. I am not sure about all the covid stuff, but I have to work and live, that is real. This covid stuff could be a reverse hoax , just like flat earth theory, that made a fool of the truth movement. That Robert F Kennedy Junior, who is against vaccines, says climate change from CO2 is real https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y8vo71Er1o -that is a lie. Vaccines are usually safe and hopefully this one is, too. Didn’t you trust Trump, only to find out he is just a “limited hangout”. Jim was sucked in too.

      2. BillAu mentions Co2 and climate change. From what I read the entire thing is a hoax. Yes, the earth is heating up but ALL of the solar system is heating up. There is evidence of heating on ALL of the planets [the MSM ignores that little detail].

        Will they now tell me that the cars and factories and hamburger stands on Mars and Mercury are causing planet heating?

        The heating is caused by the SUN. We can do nothing about it. We just have to learn to live with it.

      3. BillAu…You have made a personal choice to take the vaccine. The best I can tell is that the consequences of not taking it outweighed the chance of taking it. YOU made that choice. Not Trump. Who knows why Trump supported the vax. Maybe he was under bad advice. Trump is not the president of Australia. The choice you made was because of policies in Australia. It’s that simple. All I stated was that I hope you received and will further receive a placebo. Good luck.

  8. The United States has ONE major product…………………FRAUDS.

    After a new fraud is made they stick it in your face. What can you do about? You cannot call the cops because they’re ALL frauds themselves.
    Its really amazing when your homeland attacks its own people.

    File: Fraud is America’s #1 product.


  9. Dylan, we get it. Now HOW do we do it? Do we take the path of V for Vendetta and if so, how? We need a plan, we need organization and we need millions upon millions to join in. THEY control the media; for a start, how do we deal with that?
    Btw, one of the great rants of all time. I think I can say with little reservation that most here feel the same. But I can also say that most here have no idea how to start. We’re way past words and into the planning stage….and it has to happen soon. We are done sitting back. There are alternative sites like Rogan, Whatfinger,The War Room and Infowars. With all their followers, they should be leading the charge, but all I hear is more information, but NO ACTION.
    These are not rhetorical questions. We need answers and we need them sooner than later.

    1. Yes, this article proposes no solutions. All we can do is avoid the vaccines at all cost and try to convince others to do the same–or, at the very least we can try to get others to avoid any additional jabs. (I have not been very successful at preventing friends and family from getting vaccinated, because of the tremendous coercion applied to them, but I have influenced a lot of folks into not getting additional jabs. Sow doubt in people’s minds, because in my experience people are starting to realize that vaccines are not effective, are risky, and the media is totally biased. Rather than “taking out the media”, get people to stop watching the mainstream outlets, to distrust them, and to search out alternative media sources. Support those who are resisting, like pilots and medical professionals, and do not frequent any businesses that require vaccination, even if one is vaccinated,. And, we need to restore electoral integrity to states where mail-in balloting has led to massively fraudulent outcomes. It will take money, campaigning on the ground, and lots of social influencing–not just talking to each other. Will, keep at it with your family–we need to turn things around one person at a time.

      The one thing I took from the moving Israeli video on testimonials to the horrible effects of the vaccines is that almost no one who was vaccinated in the movie really wanted to be–they were pressured, coerced, or generally carried along by the false propaganda. And now they are courageous and inspiring testaments to tens of millions of more with those same doubts.

  10. There is NO virus.
    There is NO pandemic.
    I have been saying this for months now.
    Thank you for this.

    Wake up people.
    COVID is a hoax.
    SARS-CoV-2 is a hoax.
    There is NO VIRUS.
    It does not exist.
    Sars-Cov-2 has never been isolated, nor purified.

    Proof is here:

    FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever

    Zero Evidence that the COVID fulfills Koch’s 4 Germ Theory Postulates
    Dr.Andrew Kaufman with Sayer Ji

    Rational Thinking & How Do Virologists know there is a Variant ?
    Dr.Tom Cowan
    September 10th, 2021

    David Icke Helloooo There is No Virus

    Covid hoax: There is no virus. The wuhan lab gain of function research is a cover story
    There is no test for the imaginary SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    PCR test, Antigen test, Lateral Flow test,Antibody test. None have been validated. None have tested using a real virus. Only computer modeled and simulated pseudo-viruses have been used as primers in the above tests.
    All fraud, all the time.

    1. LP, I do believe you have made your point many times. What I would like to know is if you would like to contribute some solutions. C’mon, I KNOW you do and bet you just have them waiting to show us.


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