WORLD BOMBSHELL: Leaked DARPA document, DRASTIC analysis confirms attack on humanity using aerosolized, skin-penetrating nanoparticle spike proteins

SOTN Editor’s Note: This is by far the most important “Ed Note” ever posted by this Alt Media platform.  The New World Order globalist cabal has proven itself to be desperate to the extreme by conducting OPERATION COVID-19.  Likewise, the cabal has been exceedingly brazen and reckless in the implementation of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.  However, it has been self-evident throughout this “Biowar on Humanity” that this is only the beginning of a much longer and cataclysmic war to commit global genocide, carry out significant depopulation of the Earth, and debilitate as many human beings as possible who can pose no resistance to their NWO agenda.  What follows is almost certain to be the next phase of this “stealthy war via bioterrorism” against the American people.  Therefore, the US citizenry is [IMMEDIATELY] compelled to shut down every single institutional co-conspirator, as well as terminate all genocidal perpetrators by any means necessary.  The following shocking but not surprising exposé fully explains why such a drastic response must be executed by the Patriot Movement post-haste.

by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Prepare for a flood of intel in today’s Situation Update podcast shown below. Beyond the world bombshell DARPA document leaked to DRASTIC, which shows that EcoHealth Alliance and Fauci conspired to release aerosolized, skin-penetrating spike protein nanoparticles into wild bat populations in China (which would immediately leap to humans as planned), we also have bombshell intel about something else that makes it even worse.

DRASTIC has confirmed that Daszak and Fauci, working via the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) were able to create 180 strains of coronavirus bioweapons and put them under the control of the communist Chinese (an act of treason). We now know from other sources that CCP-run bioweapons deployment teams have crossed the US border, carrying MERS-augmented biological weapons with at least a 30% fatality rate, with plans to release them in major US cities when commanded to.

With full credit to DRASTIC, we have mirrored their PDF analysis of the DARPA documents at this link on NN servers (PDF).

The original EcoHealth Alliance proposal to DARPA is numbered HR001118S0017-PREEMPT-PA-001

Investigative journalist Lara Logan has confirmed all this through her own sources, as she is now warning that the migrant crisis in Texas is the “perfect cover” for America’s enemies to sneak in a dangerous biological weapon. Our sources, who have been in touch with Logan, have confirmed she knows much more but isn’t yet at liberty to go public with the full details.

We have the full details here. Read these bullets carefully. This is the plan that’s now under way, to the best of our knowledge. It’s far worse than you probably imagined. The “Super MERS” attack is now imminent, and the bioweapons deployment operators are already pre-positioned across US cities, likely armed with drones and aerosolizing drone attachments. We are about to be sprayed with a super dangerous biological weapon:

  • DARPA originally funded MERS but refused to support any effort to release it into the wild. They wanted to keep it as a strategic, last-ditch biological weapon for extreme emergencies.
  • Fauci and EcoHealth Alliance finagled a way to get their hands on MERS, which became the template for the gain of function research that was laundered through the WIV, using US taxpayer money. Elements from MERS, HIV, SARS and other viral strains were engineered together to create the “chimeric” bioweapons with special affinity for human ACE2 receptors.
  • Daszak and Fauci approached DARPA to request funding to release their bioweapons in China. DARPA refused. But they found funding through globalist sources that support depopulation.
  • Had DARPA agreed to the funding, Daszak and Fauci had planned to invite Shi Zheng Li (the “Bat Lady”) to a celebration announcement at DARPA headquarters!
  • SARS-CoV-2 was never designed to kill. It was designed to spread rapidly, with low fatality, to create worldwide panic and demand for vaccines, along with government lockdowns and global communism due to “cases” diagnosed via fraudulent PCR tests.
  • But MERS is a super deadly bioweapon. This will be released next, a souped-up version of MERS that has been weaponized via Fauci, the NIH and the WIV under the control of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army).
  • The EcoHealth Alliance project proposal to DARPA mentions their plans to develop three to five coronavirus bioweapon strains each year. This was to be an ongoing, never-ending assault on humanity via biological weapons, all funded by the US military working with communist China.
  • We don’t yet know the official designation of this MERS bioweapon, but I’ll call it “Super MERS” for now. Super MERS is already in the hands of PLA operators who have crossed into the United States via Mexican narco smuggling routes. The CCP / PLA has hundreds of military advisors working with Mexican narcos, with the promise that the narcos will receive a piece of the southern USA once China occupies and defeats the United States.
  • These Chinese bioweapons operatives are told to simultaneously release “Super MERS” across US cities when given the activation command, which could come via public means such as the New York Times being ordered by China to use a certain phrase on a certain day. (The NYT has long been on China’s payroll, just like most Democrats, half the US Senate and all of Big Tech). The White House is almost completely controlled by the CCP, and Biden is China’s puppet.
  • This Super MERS strain will kill at least 30% of those who are infected, under normal circumstances. But because the covid vaccines have destroyed the immune response among vaccinated individuals, the death rate in the vaccinated may be significantly higher. (50%?)
  • The Super MERS strain is effectively the second half of the binary weapon system, with the first half being the vaccine. This is why tyrannical government has pushed so hard for mass vaccinations. It’s the setup for the kill. The Biden administration has been working with China all along to try to achieve a 70% vaccination rate in the USA, which would translate into an overall kill rate of at least 20% of the US population once Super MERS is released. This translates into about 70 million people, roughly speaking. Or more than ten times the death statistics of the Nazi Holocaust.
  • The release of Super MERS cannot be stopped. The agents are already in place. The border has long been penetrated. America’s military was ordered to stand down during all this, via treasonous Pentagon criminals like Milley and Austin. The left-wing media is all in on this, as is Big Tech. They are all taking orders from China.
  • The release of Super MERS will be called a “variant” by the criminal government, and they will blame the unvaccinated while activating the CDC’s covid death camps to round up political dissidents and begin mass executions.

Map of the CDC’s current “quarantine stations” which will be transmorphed into covid death camps. Source:

From the website:

“CDC has the legal authority to detain any person who may have an infectious disease that is specified by Executive Order to be quarantinable.”

Treasonous imposter Joe Biden recently signed an EU adding measles to this list of quarantinable diseases. Thus, any political dissident can be “diagnosed” with measles via fraudulent PCR testing, then forcibly thrown into a quarantine death camp run by the CDC.

The State of Washington recently posted a public jobs ad calling for “Isolation & Quarantine strike team” coordinators to help run its own quarantine camp in Centralia, WA. When the public became aware of this ad, Washington government goons scrambled to remove the “strike team” phrase from the job listing and stealth edited it to pretend that it was just an ad for people to do laundry and change bed sheets. (Yes, really.)

At the same time, we are hearing rumors that military personnel who refuse vaccinations are being loaded onto buses and forcibly isolated / quarantined by the military until they agree to be vaccinated. This isn’t happening everywhere (yet). Our report is from a single military base, but this practice could spread.

China will very shortly initiate the bioweapons release in America, likely followed by cyber attacks and financial system tactics

While the exact timing on all this is always difficult to know, it appears China will soon initiate its bioweapons attack on America, making covid look like child’s play. Once this commences, anyone who doesn’t take Super MERS seriously will be in grave danger. This will be a time to truly stay away from public places and avoid large cities where it is likely that Chinese operatives will use drones to disperse aerosolized, skin-penetrating toxic nanoparticles based on the MERS research.

Yes, America’s cities are about to be “gassed” / sprayed with deadly poison, much like Zyklon B (except at a much larger scale).

Cyber attacks will likely be timed to coincide with this planned chaos and biowarfare death wave, and it seems almost certain that China will choose this moment of vulnerability to assault America’s financial standing — i.e. the world reserve currency status of the petro dollar.

Very quickly, America could lose:

  • A third of its active duty military personnel, due to the mass vaccinations.
  • A third of the US population living in targeted cities.
  • World reserve currency status for its fiat currency dollar, which would collapse to near-zero value overnight.
  • The power grid could go down, regionally, due to cyber attacks, plunging areas of the country into darkness.

At the same time, armed state and federal government agents would be unleashed as “strike teams” against the population, aiming to achieve:

  • Nationwide gun confiscation
  • Mass executions of political dissidents
  • Medical kidnappings, quarantines and executions of large populations in order to achieve depopulation
  • Total government control over all movement, speech and medical interventions

Expect highway checkpoints, vaccine papers, on-site executions, door-to-door medical kidnappings and every nightmare of government terrorism against the people that you could possibly imagine.

More details are found in today’s Situation Update podcast:

Prepare to be sprayed with aerosolized, skin-penetrating toxic nanoparticles. It’s all in the DARPA proposal (which DARPA refused to fund, thankfully), and the depopulation agenda is now abundantly obvious to everyone paying attention.


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49 thoughts on “WORLD BOMBSHELL: Leaked DARPA document, DRASTIC analysis confirms attack on humanity using aerosolized, skin-penetrating nanoparticle spike proteins”

  1. just stumbled onto several interviews on the same show. A Canadian Paramedic’s story reminds me of the English Undertaker’s an awful lot. Young people suffering and dying from old people’s heart problems. Doctor condemns Kung Flu vaccines by describing the mechanisms saying a majority of vaccine recipients have tested positive for blood clots. Videos of doctors saying the vaccine is deadly in a hospital setting.

    I was suffering from Kung Flu overload but you’ll might put eyeballs on this one

  2. Will I agree with you, I saw that they hadn’t isloated it last year, rpobably got the link from this site. More recntly they said they did isolate it some other way or something, something to do with viruses are never isolated like bacteria because they have to be in a host, because they are not really independent.
    Anyhow, the Victorian (state) guy has closed down the building industry in Victoria because the workers objected to mandatory vax, mind you the federal leader said to mandate the vax at the start, and they stopped him.
    I work for the building industry, but usually just go someone’s backyard or a vacant paddock,before construction starts, to check the soil and recommend the foundations, so I can work. But, there is no work because nobody is building or the people are holding back on designs etc.
    Also they just made it mandatory for my daughter to be vaxed if she gioes to university in person, so she’s going online if and when they ever go back, for the time being.

  3. As Jim has mentioned on his Rev Radio show today, he’s set up a place to contribute to his fight against the injustice he’s been subject to in his fight against the defamation suit AND the Remington sell-out…er I mean, settlement with the liars…er I mean “victim” of SH….Here’s the link. .. …..any amount will help.

    That show and Jim’s explanation should be here shortly:

      1. I may be a bit presumptive here, but I doubt there is anyone here who contributes on a regular basis to this blog who lives on less than I. So, throw in a few bucks and pass the word around.

  4. Let me see if I have this straight. A ‘president’ who was was provably fraudulently elected, incapable of forming a coherent sentence (even when prompted through an embedded ear piece), whose handlers need to wipe his butt, has mandated that all service members receive an injection for a virus that has never been proved to exist that is filled with graphene and a substance that will alter your genetic code forever and allow the creators to own us, while he pulled our troops out of Afghanistan, leaving thousands behind, arming the Taliban with weapons and cash that you and I payed for through an illegal income tax that was initiated under a state of emergency that has never been lifted as our children are forced to accept a critical race theory based on nothing and forced to wear masks that limit their oxygen intake that do nothing to stop a virus that does not exist and read books that promote pedophilia and transgenderism while employers are forcing their workers to take a vaccine that does nothing to stop a virus that is non-existent.

    Do I have that correct?

  5. I noticed a big uptick in chem-spew planes lately as i drove down through SE Wyoming and Northern Colorado. I saw very few in the Black Hills this summer compared to the usual frequency ahead of storm fronts. Lots of chem spew over the central mountains of Colorado the last several days and the sky was the bluest blue before it. The things I’ve seen in relation to their tried and true method of slow extermination have fascinated me since 2007 when I got red pilled by a cab driver named Ben. Remember Conspiracy Theory, the movie? It was no coincidence Jerry was a cab driver played by Mel Gibson.

    Might be a rerun story but I met two women 10 years back, I call them beauty and the beast. You’ve never seen a hotter chick with a more homely best friend. They were friends since childhood and were world travelers. They hailed a cab on sept 10th, 2001 in Berlin. Their cabby was a Chatty Cathy swarthy Middle-Easterner of unknown heritage. When the man learned they were flying to New York, he warned them not to go, something terrible was about to happen there. They took it with a grain of salt and went about their day. After lunch they hailed another random cab. It was de je vu all over again. They got a nearly identical warning from another Berlin cabby. What are the chances?

    Beauty and the Beast went to the airport and were about to board their flight to New York. It was over booked and no one took the generous offers to voluntarily bump themselves. When the offer was doubled, they jumped on the chance to get a second free round trip. Then the news came on the TVs at the airport while waiting for the next flight. Their flight was canceled and they were stuck in Germany. I will never forget this intriguing tale and the other 911 related stories from the FEMA videographer at ground zero and the rival firm trader of Cantor Fitzgerald who almost ended his life jumping ship to a company with a 100% fatality rate during the attacks. He said the intercoms were telling people to stay where they were after the first tower was attacked which he ignored. I got the same chilling feeling from all three stories. Something was really wrong with this realm. I didn’t understand what until I started to dig in John Decamp’s Franklin Cover up book and his mind blowing interviews and revelations which intertwined with FBI Ted Gunderson’s investigations. I was still not to the bottom of the plaque on humanity but I was probing the depths of depravity. I started to see this huge underlying sickness that spanned our realm. This all occurred long before the Kung Flu madness. When I think back to all the strange spirit killing things that happened the last 18 months, I have to remain optimistic that the Health Ranger’s dyer predictions don’t pan out.

    1. So those cabbies knew something was going on on 911. But the muslims did not do it. Maybe they were jewish, they were told, but sounds more muslim or maybe indian?
      You like the term Kung Flu, but it may have come from the USA via Fauci etc, that is one theory there are evidently? two Wuhan labs , one government and one private? They used to say on Alex Jones, that the virus spliced etc, but it appears the two chinese vaxes are just dead virus, nothing high tech or genetically modified about them. That points to the Chinese NOT being the culprits, to me anyway.

  6. When you connect all the available and important dots [FACTS], a clear picture of an ALIEN AGENDA emerges, which explains all the weird stuff which has been happening since the mid-40s and beyond. Here are just a few: Cattle mutilations [reproductive organs]; Documentes stories of ALIEN abductions; Roswell and Area 51; UFO/AVC sightings; The DISCLOSURE project [William Pawelec]; Phil Schneider videos [ALIEN encounters in D.U.M.B.s]; “Ike” encounter with ALIENS at Holloman AFB; Edward Snowden release of secret documents, indicating ALIEN CONTROL of Federal gov’t since “Ike”, Jeffrey Lash story; CONSPIRACY OF EVIL [DemonicRATS 2020 Election FRAUD, Jan. 6 COVER-UP of videos]; COVID-19 origins BS [actually of ALIEN creation in their DUMB Labs]; SURVEILLANCE madness [ALIENS are CONTROL FREAKS [William Pawelec]; PROOF of “ALIENS WALKING AMONG US” book; “THEY LIVE” – prophetic Carpenter film; etc., etc., etc.

    1. Obviously, the ALIENS are highly motivated to conceal and obfuscate all efforts to disclose the facts of their EXISTENCE and AGENDA! After all, THEY want to REPLACE the Human Race with their genetically-engineered Race of HHAs [Hybrid Humanoid ALIENS – like Jeffrey Lash, “Gruesome” Newsom and THOUSANDS of others]. HHAs are soul-less, emotionless, heart-less, “COLD” [Pawelec] CRITTERS!

  7. How was Fauci so sure there was going to be a pandemic when he announced it in 2017? It appeared that he wanted it to happen. This is especially a worry because he was cleverly hiding his funding for ”gain of function” for some known to be very dangerous bat viruses. His obvious goal was to make them more dangerous.

    At that time there were US laws prohibiting dangerous virus research. So he had it done in China where it can be hidden beneath layers of administration to conceal his nefarious intentions.


  8. My wife came from China before we met. Her relatives in China are all vaccinated, they are fine.
    My mother and brother vaxed here in Australia, they are fine, They want me to be vaxed I don’t.
    Anyhow the ones mainly used here in Australia are: Pfizer =mRNA based and the AstraZeneca=genetically modified bacteria.
    So the mRNA=Pfizer is the main one that seems people are worried about, but the AstrZeneca can cause blood clots and is genteically modified,which is a bit scary, I don’t like eating GM food let alone injecting it.
    The Cihnese vaxes Sinopharm and Sinovac use the regular method (evidently, I told) like when making vaxes for rabies. They use dead “real” viruses to get your immune sytem going on the antibodies.
    Evidently the viruses mutate so vaxes tend to become outmoded.
    “The Beijing-based biopharmaceutical company Sinovac is behind the CoronaVac, an inactivated vaccine. It works by using killed viral particles to expose the body’s immune system to the virus without risking a serious disease response.
    By comparison the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are mRNA vaccines. This means part of the coronavirus’ genetic code is injected into the body, triggering the body to begin making viral proteins, but not the whole virus, which is enough to train the immune system to attack.

    Money and national security are probably reasons not to use the Chinese vaxes.
    If I have to get a vaccine I like the sound of the Chinese one better.

    “CoronaVac is a more traditional method [of vaccine] that is successfully used in many well known vaccines like rabies,” Associate Prof Luo Dahai of the Nanyang Technological University told the BBC.”

    Now people have for thousands of years done innoculations by giving small doses of a disease to build resistance, in China then Arabia etc. I listened to a BBC show years ago that said something like: Flemming(?) was doing that for a job or when he found the “cow pox” thing (which may have not been what it was thought etc) with the cow girls etc.

      1. Simply reading up on it. It is almost being forced on us, as you may have noticed.
        The governments here are mandating it for many things like work and study.
        I am not convinced about either side of the medical stuff. The virus may exist or may be exaggerated or it may be a hoax. And similarly with the vaccines.
        At the back of my mind is the government and media lie about most things eg Sandy Hook, 911 etc. So if they are telling all true or partial virus information it would only be “a convenient truth”.
        Now I have mentioned this before and backed it up, that Kennedy relative who is a big anti-vaxer said anyone who said climate change by CO2 was a lie, should be jailed. Which means he is wrong about CO2, at least, and had dubious motives , like the guy who wrote this bulldust article.

      2. BillAU, other than the CDC (in the US…I do not know the equivalent organization in Australia) admitting the virus has never been isolated, what evidence would it take to convince you the vax is not a vax, but a killing machine?

  9. What’s the big deal? There are already a bunch of bioweapons being shipped in over the border that, in the next ten years, will kill a total of 500,000 to one million Americans. They go by the name of fentanyl, cocaine, black-tar heroin, methamphetamine, etc.

    1. Agreed William. Just travel to any major city or small town in America and anyone with eyes to see will experience the ravaging effects of the supposed war on drugs. I drove thru downtown Macon Georgia a couple of months ago and all I could say is God help us.

  10. There goes Mike and his chicken little shit again ! Next it’s an ET invasion. I guess Godsend will be tickled pink. Lol ! Where’s William ‘Bill’ Cooper when you need him ? And the beaded fat lady will sing .

    1. Bill Cooper saw UFOs and was tricked for 20 years to believe they had alien pilots, but finally he concluded they were human pilots. I don’t know if there were real ones too, say Easter Island statues etc, but I think Bill Cooper was on the money. The cops came round and “killed Bill” for not paying taxes.
      As an aside, my name is Bill. Years ago I was driving down the road and a car was menacingly waiting for me to pass them so they coud do a turn across my path. Finally I got past him. As I did, I saw his personalised number plate “KILLBILL”, I guess like the movie.
      A bit like the “POLICE” one on the fake cop car on that fake Floyd murder.

  11. Mike Adams has gone on record as saying there is no hope, we’re all doomed. I do not trust his judgment. The bottom line, as always, is what should we do? And the answer is: continue to notify and inform and educate everyone we can all he time and participate in the mass demonstrations against the New World Order and their stooges currently taking place all over the planet. Kill the head, the body dies. They’re going to try to thin us down any way they can anyway, it hardly matters how, as long as we allow them to remain in power over us. God bless the Australians in particular now during their time of heroism. Let us follow their sterling example and rise up against our tyrannical genocidal oppressors and meanwhile pray for the best and enjoy God’s Kingdom and our incarnational lessons as best we can. Hey, do you expect to keep this body forever?

    1. To call out, “The sky is falling!” when the sky is falling is not chicken little but truth declaration. I have not seen him abandon all hope but inform us to the best of his ability as to what appears to be going on. While I may not always agree, I find him far more often right than wrong. We need to know what we are up against to deal with it. In my opinion, he’s doing a lot of good work.

  12. Maybe Deer Trail, Colorado had the right idea… they sold licenses to shoot down drones! Is it safer to run away from the killer drones or shoot them with double-ought ?

  13. I went and reread this article as unpleasing a task that was. It suggests life as we once knew it is over. Who can live under those circumstances? I am getting a flashback of the Three Mile Island nuclear Meltdown. In Baltimore they started having “end of the world” parties… daily! Maybe that’s just what we should do. Live each day like it’s your last one.

  14. I rarely ever have trouble posting on this blog. 1. I always keep copies of my comments. 2. This blog can only post one comment at a time. If you post a comment during someone’s ”comment time”, your comment will be kicked out. That’s why I always keep comments to post for a later time.

  15. What does “nano-particles in the air – and bottled water” signify, exactly? The Attachment reveals the answer! [MASS MIND CONTROL by the ALIEN INVADERS].


    1. It doesn’t require ETs to explain this, GodSend. The Rothschilds’ banking empire and the World Economic Forum are sufficient. Don’t need ETs! It simply complicates matters beyond necessity.

      1. How about we start a Go-Fund-Me to OFF the Rothschilds… we could hire the best snipers in the world! These creatures are a bane to our very existence.

      2. Needed or not, the ET ALIENS are REAL! You can’t just dispense with REALITY because you have no knowledge of it. You should STUDY the ALIEN phenomenon – like you studied 911 and Sandy Hook. [I did!].

      3. GodSend, there may be ETs. I am not arguing that. My point is that we do not need to APPEAL TO ETS TO EXPAIN THE PANDEMIC AND THE MASS GENOCIDE AGENDA. The Rothschilds and WEF and human greed are enough.

      4. When all of Humanity is under attack, like it now is, it’s logical that there is a NON-HUMAN ENEMY at work! It makes no sense to simply IGNORE all the evidence which clearly points to the actual culprits! Get and confront the FACTS about ALIENS fist, Jim, and then your understanding of what is REALLY happening in our world will be greatly improved. 🙂

  16. Pingback: Globeinfolive
    1. Do you think there’s nothing to it? Are we better off knowing what we’re up against or not? I agree that it has aspects of fear porn. The question is, however, whether or not it is true. I post many of these articles because they are important and deserve further scrutiny. I’d like your best analysis. Is this true or not?

      1. Jim, I don’t know what’s going on of late, but trying to get a post up is becoming more difficult…just sent you an email.

      2. Will, do I have this right?

        Along with 5 or 6 other comments today, the following was in reply to your comment that was once again disappeared:

        Jim, I tried posting a longer comment, but it disappeared about 4 times…maybe more, so I shortened it. I think it’s a s true as the existence of the ‘vid and a safe vaccine (a vaccine, btw, that is even supported by our supposed friend, Ran Paul..he’s not for any mandate, but he does support the vax). Adams has previously posted fear porn (re Tennessee FEMA camps, but when perusing the actual documents, they were not for everyone…just those incapable of helping themselves) when looked into, they were click bait. I see this as the same. Would not the aerosols also damage the elite or will they be in hiding? There are many docs out there which are proposals that never make it to reality. I understand presenting articles that may lead to some precaution, but something of this nature just creates terror and that serves no purpose other than decreasing our natural immune systems cresting more problems we don’t need.
        Keericed, am I now in a position at which I am to be afraid to go outside and breathe the air and feel the sun on my skin… if social damn distancing and masks are not enough? If this article is true and it’s what we have to look forward to, we may as well all end it now considering what power we have all over this. A quick end would certainly be better than sitting at home and rotting away.

      3. Yes…thanks, Jim…have no idea why this happens, but I remember it was also happening to EJ…beats me.

      4. What was Hunter S. Thompson’s last book title? Kingdom of Fear. It’s hard to imagine someone “who throws a baseball like an 8 year old girl” could be doing this. Mike gets a bit over his skis at times, but he could be right. I suppose the normalcy bias is dying to kick back in and it’s hard difficult to accept this uber-dier predicament as the Health Ranger describes. I’m just going to keep living each day with all the joy I can muster. Back in Colorado until the Covidians go bonkers again. Maybe until the last golden leaf drops off the fall splendor

      5. Psychobabble has always been a huge part of the weaponry used against us. Much of the ghoulish descriptions regarding Covid are case in point. A weak kneed disease that is easily cured, if the government even allows a cure.
        Not only, where would Mike Adams get this alleged inside dope in the first place? Mike has been known to stretch matters from time to time. Surely there must be some information regarding control of MERS and how to at least make a dent in it.
        Alien intervention? Where’s Phil Schneider when you need him?

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