21 Sep, 2021

We are Living Through the Greatest Scam and Cover-up in Human History – Are You Prepared for What Comes Next?

by Brian Shilhavy

Editor, Health Impact News


This week the Biden administration did something that no other president in the history of the United States has ever done before: issue a federal mandate requiring people to get a “vaccine” as a condition for employment. His executive order covered federal employees, and private businesses with more than 100 employees.

However, some corporate media organizations have claimed that the federal mandate has some exemptions, not based on religious or medical exemptions, but apparently based on privileged political status.

Newsweek: Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Washington Post: Postal Service workers not included in Biden’s mandatory vaccination order, source says

In addition, the White House Press Secretary admitted that the COVID-19 vaccine mandate did not apply to illegal immigrants walking across the border.


So it is obvious that this mandate has nothing to do with public health, and has everything to do with appeasing the Wall Street slave masters and Big Pharma.

Prior to this week, vaccine laws and mandates have always been a state issue.

It is important to note that this is an executive order, and not a law. It is highly unlikely that the administration could ever get such a law passed through Congress.

However, I think it would be foolish to expect that this will be overturned by the courts. Some courts may, but the Supreme Court is firmly under the control of the corporate billionaires and bankers who actually run this country.

Almost everything about the COVID-19 Plandemic has been illegal, from requiring people to wear masks, to lock downs, to approving novel new drugs and vaccines for a sickness that has multiple FDA approved drugs already on the market that are effective in treating the symptoms related to COVID-19.

If you are a business owner with over 100 employees, you now face a difficult decision. Either comply and be complicit with injuring and killing people with the experimental COVID-19 injections, or resist, and face the consequences. The consequences could be anything from hefty fines, to loss of insurance coverage, higher taxes, and other measures the administration might take.

I don’t have a business with that many employees, but if I did, the decision would be easy for me. I would resist and deal with the consequences rather than be complicit with crimes against humanity.

What we are witnessing and living through today is the greatest scam in the history of the human race, which is now also morphing into the biggest cover-up, as vaccine injured people who have taken the experimental gene therapy shots are filling our hospitals, while the government and media lie to the American public and blame it on the unvaccinated.

Vaccine Injuries from COVID-19 Shots Fill Hospitals as U.S. Government Lies and Claims a “Pandemic of Unvaccinated”

The most recent data dump into the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) happened yesterday (9/10/21):

From the limited data that the CDC is willing to release, there are now 14,506 deaths recorded following COVID-19 shots, which is more than twice as many deaths recorded following all FDA approved vaccines for the past 30 years before the COVID shots were issued emergency use authorization in December of 2020. (Source.)

There are also 18,439 permanent disabilities, over 100,000 doctor visits, and 58,440 hospitalizations, which represent only a fraction of all cases as most go unreported.

And yet we have a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” filling our hospitals?

Stop listening to the corporate media and politicians, and listen to what the frontline healthcare workers who are treating these patients are saying:

The Worst is Yet to Come

While some people are now starting to wake up and realize that the whole COVID narrative has been a scam, and that they are being lied to regarding the alleged safety and effectiveness of the COVID injections, most people are seemingly still in the dark regarding the agenda in play here, and how the politicians are puppets to carry out this agenda of the Globalists.

This is a eugenics campaign to setup their New World Order and significantly reduce the world’s population, and it is no conspiracy theory anymore, as they have openly published this agenda for anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

We are living in the presence of EVIL, and if you don’t wake up and recognize it soon, it will destroy you and your family.

The entire COVID Global Plandemic was simulated weeks before it ever started, and similar events that have yet to happen have also been recently simulated. See:

After “Event 201” Coronavirus Simulation in 2019, World Economic Forum Now Plans “Cyber Pandemic” Simulation for July 2021

But what is especially troubling today is what is happening and what is being planned for our children. 12 to 15-year-olds have already been approved to receive these dangerous gene therapy shots, which NO governor, Red state or Blue state has acted to stop, and the casualties are mounting fast. See:

COVID Shots Are Killing and Crippling Teens in Record Numbers – Young Children Are Next

CDC: Teens Injected with COVID Shots have 7.5 X More Deaths, 15 X More Disabilities, 44 X More Hospitalizations than All FDA Approved Vaccines in 2021

And just this week, the Los Angeles Board of Education made COVID-19 shots mandatory for all school children over the age of 12.

The students will need to be fully vaccinated to return to class after the winter break, but many will need to be vaccinated starting in October if they are participating in sports or other extracurricular activities. (Source.)

This covers over 600,000 children, many of them poor Hispanic children.

If you can’t see the handwriting on the wall for what is going to happen this Fall, let me spell it out for you.

In addition to these school children, and now that LA has done this you can expect many other school districts to follow suit, most healthcare workers have also been mandated to get fully vaccinated by this Fall.

The number of vaccine injured is going to skyrocket, as nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers will themselves suffer massive vaccine injuries, while many will just simply be fired or quit because they are too smart to risk their lives to keep their jobs over a killer injection. See:

Crisis in America: Millions of Veteran Nurses are Resigning or Being Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

Children below the age of 12, between the ages of 6 months and 11 years old, are the next target, and authorization to inject them with these experimental gene therapy shots is expected by the end of this month (September, 2021).

Oh my what a storm we are going to see this Fall, when the annual flu season kicks in. It will be unlike anything we have ever seen before, and if you can’t figure it out yet, let me spell it out for you.

All of these vaccine injuries and deaths, along with the annual “influenza-like” illnesses that will converge together, will be blamed on whatever flavor of COVID variant is popular at the time, and it will ALL BE BLAMED ON THE UNVACCINATED. Even the over-crowded hospitals will be blamed on the unvaccinated, instead of the shortages of healthcare workers due to COVID-19 mandates.

We know this is what will happen, because they are doing it right now!

And once the panic sets in when the sick and dying cannot even get into hospitals, the huge bubble of our current fake economy will burst and the entire financial system may very well collapse.

And remember that none of the experimental COVID-19 shots, including the one that has been “approved” by the FDA, has any long-term safety studies, and the control groups that were involved in the original trials, have intentionally been lost.

The corporate media actually reported this back in February of this year. Here is NPR reporting on it.

So those of us that are still unvaccinated, WE ARE THE CONTROL GROUP now by default! And you can be sure that they want to get rid of us as much as possible to keep their narrative alive.

I am sorry to bring such doom and gloom through this report today, but if you don’t know what is very likely going to happen in the next few weeks as we head into the Fall flu season, you are going to be caught unprepared, and NOW is the time to prepare and start expecting these things to happen.

Learn how to take care of yourself without the Healthcare system. The days are getting shorter now here in North America, and you should at the very least begin to start supplementing with Vitamin D, and increase your dosage as the days get shorter.

Whatever supplements or medications you depend upon today, stock up on.

And please, take care of your children! Public schools are the most dangerous place they can be right now, because they WILL vaccinate them with or without your approval.

Many locations are already doing it, and when this crisis hits full steam later this year, you can be sure that they will not look for permission to inject children, especially from unvaccinated parents who will be looked at as domestic terrorists.

They will just take your children away from you, as they have been doing through medical kidnapping for decades now, but it will be at a much higher rate with the unvaccinated.

I don’t see any signs of food shortages at the moment, mostly just inflationary prices, as this year’s harvest, while not great, is not the worst.

But as we saw last year in 2020, all of that can change in a moment due to public panic, and chokes in the supply chain. So stock up now on what you need before those panics start.

There is also a strong possibility that there will be some kind of “false flag” event soon, where the unvaccinated will be blamed. There were suggestions that this might happen on the anniversary of 911, but I am writing this on 9/11/21, and so far I have seen no reports of any major incidents involving mass casualties.

Stay vigilant, protect your children, and seek the wisdom of God in these very dark days.

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39 thoughts on “We are Living Through the Greatest Scam and Cover-up in Human History – Are You Prepared for What Comes Next?”

    1. Add this from Jim’s BitChute…..Max i\Igan speaking to a funeral director in Australia who has the guts to tell the truth about what is really happening. Go to 21 minutes to specifically understand what will happen to children very shortly in Australia. This is all mass genocide. Anyone who thinks differently is just not thinking at all and listening to the liars on TV. Turn that damn thing off, take a sledge hammer to it and listen to your common sense. Phuck that box of lies and NEVER give up your weapons.


      1. Jim, I would like to suggest we offer one day here on the blog for solutions. We can all contribute our ideas on a specific day and kick them around. You have Texas Tuesday…how about Solution Saturday here?

      2. Jim Stone’s take on that very interview. This could well be what stops this hoax cold. Man, I would love to see Jim get John O’Looney on one of his shows. One man putting his life on the line…what a guy!

        This half hour interview is a mailable MP3. It is well worth listening to and you can play it in the background.
        In this interview, a UK funeral director stated that over 50 funeral homes in the UK banded together to help each other handle “the massive onslaught of deaths” from Covid, only to have no increase in overall deaths. Instead they received normal deaths labeled as Covid, plus an enormous pile of people who were obviously murdered in “care homes” where they were given the drugs that are administered before being put on ventilators, WHILE NO VENTILATORS WERE IN THE CARE HOMES TO HOOK THEM UP TO. That means they were murdered in cold blood because the drugs stop your breathing so a ventilator can take over. He specifically stated that because his funeral home had to take the bodies away that he looked for the empty vials that contained this drug, and they were there and empty with no ventilators present, proving the people were murdered in cold blood.
        Subsequently, when the vax started being administered, they got an enormous pile of extra deaths that they never saw before the vax, all labeled as Covid but obvious vax deaths. The UK then backed off on the vax for a while, and the vax deaths slowed down and when the UK started giving the vax en masse a few weeks ago, the funeral homes are again swamped by a huge wave of deaths.
        This funeral director pulls no punches, says it like it is, calls the doctors murderers because they know damn well what they are doing and MORE IMPORTANTLY, THAT THEY ALL KNOW THE “DELTA VARIANT” IS NOTHING BUT VAX DEATHS and they talk about it openly, THEY KNOW IT. And they keep giving the shots anyway.
        That is an interview well worth listening to, served from here in MP3 format.

  1. Larry Elder wants his California voters to be gracious in defeat. But he wasn’t defeated. He’s been saying for a week that the recall numbers would be rigged. Why did he even run if he was going to let it be stolen? It looks like he’s complicit just like the GOPers who never questioned the 2020 election. What a waste.

    This is the future of voting. All protestations of stolen votes, no matter how blatant, will be brushed aside and called The Big Lie, and the threat will be leveled, “You had better be gracious in your defeat.”

    1. Toni, it could well be he was put there for that exact purpose. As I hinted, “We’re one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind”.

      So what can we do? How do we DEMAND a new election process with serialized paper ballots? Someone must have some ideas. We cannot walk away with our tails between our legs. Elder is a sickening disappointment. Did you get any hints of it in his campaign?

  2. Please do not miss this (start at 10 minutes). It’s from Jim’s BitChute and shows us exactly what is happening to our CHILDREN. What is going on MUST STOP. There is no alternative. It has to come to a HALT NOW. Following that link is a mayor who has the solution. Every mayor in every town can do this. Put the damn school board on notice; cease and desist or go up on charges and risk prison. Fighting fire with fire is the answer. These are your children and grand children they are DESTROYING as human beings.


    40 seconds:


  3. It’s become clear that the object of the Ashley Babbitt affair is to generate outrage for the next set-up of populists by the State, the so-called ‘Justice for J6’ event. It further explains the deplorable treatment of the January 6th rally participants, as anticipating that such flagrant injustice would anger people enough to join the next protest. The Capitol Police are already putting up fences and warning about armed insurrectionists.

    The ‘Justice for J6’ event on September 18th could be the next mass casualty event everyone is predicting.

    1. Well, that seems logical; almost too logical. But I would certainly not dismiss their taking advantage of the event. Would you care to hazard a guess as to what the mass casualty event might entail? I wouldn’t put anything past them. I think we can bet any dem will be in hiding; maybe something occurring with a group of innocent bystanders to really put icing on the commie cake?

    2. Of course, I should have said, ‘the next contrived mass casualty event’. I take the falsity as a given.

      The State has a hankering to stand up a white supremacist golem. They’ve said so for years. They’ve done it for years, e.g. Charlottesville. Maybe a shooter, better yet a militia. “Racist Trumpsters attack the Capitol!” You get the picture.

      It may sound too logical, but think about it: they need something explosive enough to demand gun control. ‘Justice for J6’ sounds like the kind of massacre opportunity that’s right up their alley, just like using rallies is their MO for the newly designated Domestic Terrorist, the white guy.

      It’s scary when you remember that though the event may be contrived, it doesn’t mean that no one gets hurt. People get hurt. The real J6 prisoners got hurt.

      1. So much of it comes down to media control. As long as they have that advantage, we really have very little idea of what is real, created or a combination of both. Where’s our “V” when we need him? Ever since the 2020 election, it seems they are always many steps ahead of us. For instance, did anyone in CA really want Newsom to remain?

    3. Now even Trump is calling the ‘Justice for J5’ rally a set-up. After California caved to the sham election recall, I’m beginning to think both it and whatever happens at the rally on Saturday are meant to be ‘small’ insults to underscore the objectives set by the stolen election and January 6th (or any other public protest for that matter) The intention of such events is to make the complete inefficacy of any objection seem inevitable, while it shuns and vilifies the objector as the new Domestic Terrorist.

      In contrast, and I tremble to think of what it will be, the coming false flag, the one that will be used to justify a gun grab, will have to be a lot bigger. It’s got to be a conflagration massive enough to call for martial law. It will be under martial law that the traitors within the government believe they can demand the confiscation of American guns.

  4. Stone just posted something I have been thinking for quite a quite and it has wheels. It makes sense on many levels and explains WHY many are getting adverse effects and some are not. Just as in the past, these shots targeted certain ethnic groups, why not target political groups.


    How about this for a thought:
    Bill Gates, Fauci, and more are total cowards. Gates won’t even face the public anymore because he’s so hated. Those two bastards did not design a disease nasty enough to do what they claimed all by itself, because they did not want something out there floating around threatening the “good people”. Here is what I think is a highly plausible scenario:
    The following is hypothesis I pulled out of thin air, no one tipped me off on this, but I bet it is right. WHAT IF they released a disease they knew was harmless until you accepted an injection that helped it? There were credible rumors that when CVS employees were entering people’s identification info into the system specific batch numbers were given to specific people. WHAT IF those batch numbers were assigned to people based on their social media posts, and what big tech and others involved in the Covid con job knew about everyone? We all know big tech is spying. The same people are behind this shot – BILL GATES, could it be anymore obvious? That bastard has the full slate of everything you ever typed into one of his operating systems, which is what those incessant constant updates were for . . . . . not “security”, – that was a con. They were really to analyze who you were. AND HIS SHOT DECIDES WHO LIVES OR DIES, depending on what batch number you get, all based on what all those “updates” sent him. Google gets it even quicker, without updates. Think they don’t talk???
    No one who reads this site is stupid enough to get that shot (at least not now, early on a lot of innocent people got whacked) but by now, saying more is preaching to the choir.
    But I can summarize the not so obvious: Bill gates owned your operating system. Bill gates was involved in designing the virus. Bill gates was involved in designing the shot for the virus. Bill Gates or other big tech built the system at CVS AND the systems everywhere else. Bill Gates wants population reduction. So why not use all of that to make sure when the population is reduced, the “right people” are what he has at the end? Hypothesis, but not far fetched at all.

    And this from Stone: (I have not verified it since I never go to Infowars or whatever he’s calling it now)

    Alex Jones FINALLY admitted Israel is assisting greatly in the sellout of the United States, and sold out America to China.

    He knew that sh**t all along and FINALLY SAID IT, which means we are approaching the final hour where there’s nothing left to lose.

  5. The health ranger has scared the shit out of me before with his dire predictions. To the point I just wanted to disconnect completely and return to living a carefree life. Some of those have come to pass. Not like he was the only doomer saying the vaccine was going to be mandatory. His point is that the communists are intentionally pissing us off with more and more insanity. This is designed to provoke a violent reaction eventually. And if all they are doing is not enough , the dollar collapse, food scarcity, power outages and internet going down will finally ignite the firestorm of collective rage. The next idea being floated is state borders having vaccine checkpoints and no more pretend elections. Anyone have any doubt Gavin Newsome wins the recall election… 70% of one republican precinct showed up to vote and were told they already voted!

  6. Infowars through the Health Ranger… leaked video conference among hospital officials. I wish I could say I am shocked but we already knew what they were doing… committing fraud is the true epidemic at hospitals. Here is the proof that might bitch slap a few normies. Many won’t be convinced by anything.
    I remember showing Wayne “the Carver”‘ press conference to a room mate that could not see what the hell I was talking about… how preposterous it was. It went right over his head.

  7. I have no doubt who is behind this world wide “bring down”….neither do most here…..this guy living in Costa Rica has it right on target. Until the US and the world RIDS itself of the Rothschild plague, we will never have peace, freedom or TRUE prosperity. All we are doing now is fighting a ghost. We need to pull out the root, not just the leaves and burn it to ashes.


  8. Check out Stone’s latest report…just up as of 4:55 eastern…..

    A local ABC news affiliate (channel 7) posted to facebook, asking people to tell about Covid deaths.

    Facebook allowed it to backfire and did not shut it down for some reason, and over 40,000 people posted about the vax maiming people and killing their families, no one posted about Covid deaths. 40,000 comments on ONE LOCAL ABC CHANNEL’S FACEBOOK.

  9. More “from the trenches” Kung Flu data… Healthy 44 year old man and mountain man fit takes the vaccine. He takes a long car trip to Arizona from Colorado. On the return trip, he doesn’t feel well and asks the wife to drive. They make it back to Vail. The next morning the wife wakes up next to a dead man. This is how the Governor perpetrates the impression that vaccine side effects (like death!) aren’t a problem… they result in zero people being hospitalized ! Because they never make it to a hospital.

    The other man I know dies after being vaxxed, he gets the Kung Flu after the shot and is hospitalized. And the vaccine is not listed as a “side effect hospitalization”. It’s all semantics to hide the deadly truth about the depopulation agenda. The guy is discharged and dies later.

  10. Check this out. Colorado Governor Poleuphisass says no one has been hospitalized for vaccine side effects. That may or may not be true, but I know of two men in Vail that died deader than a hammer after the vaccine. I guess they conveniently skipped the hospital and went straight to the undertaker. Look at the cute bus graphic Poleuphisass put in his last update to me. By the way I never gave him my email address. I don’t believe the 75% vaccinated number, I just don’t. Please read this official lie by the state government and comment…

    “Today, Colorado hit a milestone in the fight against COVID. As of today, 75% of all eligible Coloradans age and up have received at least one dose of the free, lifesaving vaccine,” said Governor Polis. “But we need to get more Coloradans vaccinated in order to effectively beat this virus so it’s clear we’re not out of the woods yet and what’s preventing us from getting back to the Colorado we love is a percentage of Coloradans still hesitant about getting the effective vaccine. We can’t be hesitant any longer, get the shot today and do your part to protect yourself and your family.”

    Governor Polis, Dr. Herhily, and Incident Commander Scott Bookman gave an overview of the current state of COVID in Colorado. As the graphic below shows, a majority of COVID cases across the state that has resulted in hospitalizations are among the unvaccinated, with the unvaccinated claiming 894 hospital beds compared to only 168 vaccinated with zero Coloradans hospitalized for vaccine side-effects.

    I guess Poleuphisass doesn’t count my friend getting chemo-therapy for three types of cancer… as a hospitalization. I think he is lying. What do you’ll think?


    1. He’s lying his arse off. But, thanks to Obama killing the Smith-Mundt Act, it’s OK to lie to the American public. Thank you, Mr. Gay Chicago bathhouse prez and your transvestite thing /wife…whatever it may be.

  11. Not only the vaccine deaths, but how many deaths due to 5G exposure, hushed up in the background of all this? I have been feeling very sick for months with serious brain fog every morning now since they installed a 5G tower in my backyard, and I can’t even get the city authorities to acknowledge it exists or find any workable solutions to all this. I am only hoping younger, more energetic patriots will save our country and planet; after years of activism I am feeling quite worn out. All I can do is post all day. And I have been banned from Twitter, Youtube, and intermittently from Facebook. These are surely the times that try men’s souls. (And there seem to be far more dedicated women a visits than men, glory be to all heroes and heroines who are carrying on the noble fight — better to stand on your feet than die on your knees!

    1. In 1980 I was in the Mid West covering some political events for KPFA Radio out of Berkeley, CA. While I was in Minnyapples for the 1st Women Take Back The Night March and the Hiroshima/Nagasaki anniversary I heard of some farmers and others up North who were part of a then, activist group called The Night Riders.

      They had been fighting legally for years against the big power companies whose electric towers running though properties were suspect of causing spontaneous abortion in farm animals and women and had taken to activism of another sort.

      I went up North and met with some of them in a local business and they told stories of the horrific things going on to them. Where my report ended up I don’t know as in those days KPFA and other counter culture resources were infiltrated by the alphabet agencies.

      Point is, people have to get off their butts and be activists not victims. Just saying…

  12. I believe if we get out there and keep beating the drum we might wake a few people up. We must learn the scientific language to explain what is wrong with the vaccine. It is not the nRNA it is the spiked protein.

    They injected a spike protein into the vaccine, the spike was expected to adhere to the cells. They were well aware that there was a risk of the spike being active in having adverse effects if it did not stay stuck to the cell so they engineered a trans membrane domain on it to ensure that it stayed anchored. Now here is a quote from Robert Malone MD the inventor of the mRNA research, who is trying to get the word out on the dangers of the vaccine but keeps getting shut down.

    “And revealing that spike gets cleaved off of express cells and becomes free is something that absolutely should have been known and understood well before this ever got put in humans.”


    1. >>We must learn the scientific language to explain what is wrong with the vaccine. >>

      I would offer that the bigger picture must be given in words children can understand.
      Here’s some FACTS to share in what ever level of language you choose:

      1. While our bodies have many Corona virus’ there is no such thing as “COVID-19.” The name and event was made up years before and to date the virus has not been isolated using important scientific testing. (Koch’s postulates)

      2. The “Swab” test does not test for “CV-19,” its Nobel Prize winning inventor repeatedly stressed it should not be used as a diagnostic tool because it’s incapable of diagnosing disease, it is only looking for tiny bits of NON-human DNA. The test is being over-tested (amplified) by the order of WHO, etc. to create more “positive” results.

      3. No vaccine can be made without “proof” of a virus, since there is no proof of a virus, the vaccine is a lie.

      4. The Salk Institute: #1 cause of death (40%,) in the short term, is blood clots with most happening within 3 days after the injection. In the heart it’s a “heart attack” in the brain it is a “stroke.”

      5. Hawaii Attorney Michael Green filed a lawsuit that “Covid-19 Vaccine has killed 45,000 people within 72 hours, matching the Salk Institute findings.

      6. If this is truly a “pandemic,” where are all the bodies? Why must you be tested to see if you have it if it is so dangerous? Why must the government feel it needs to mandate the vaccine when there has been no significant over-all death numbers in the US (about 2,500,000 per year)?

  13. I was just watching an ancient concert video from Peter Gabriel on youtube and a commercial came on called “the Vaccine Confidence Project” …. it was short and I was only listening to the audio at the time. My first thought is they are totally losing their race to get everyone death injected. Otherwise why would they need a campaign with such a desperate name? On such an old video that likely is only viewed by the senior audience. HMMMM…

    1. I’ve seen you frequently talk about music here. Do you ever listen to the links I put up? Since no one but Will Two and Don once, ever replies to my comments I am unsure if it is being appreciated.

      While most of my songs on BitChute are just me on guitar, one mic, one take, on a cassette recorder, the lyrical quality of the songs is not seen much except from the 60’s when alternative music was authentic, not pretend.

      Check it out: WHO WANTS US TO DIE https://www.bitchute.com/video/8CKubpwla5Lr/

  14. >>But as we saw last year in 2020, all of that can change in a moment due to public panic, and chokes in the supply chain. So stock up now on what you need before those panics start.>>

    Hmmm, so panic now rather then later?
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    >>Stay vigilant, protect your children, and seek the wisdom of God in these very dark days.>>

    This it the nonsense I addressed in the “Biggest Witch Hunt” article by Michael Snyder. It is 4th century thinking. If one believes they are politically “hip” or “awake” and still presents foolishness like this then they aren’t. The organized church state is THE biggest SCAM Brian, nothing has manipulated the natural evolutionary progress of humanity as that pretend game. And most likely by the same blood lines as today’s NWO, etc.

    Pure Demons and Redemption at work…Churches have “devils” Big Business has guilt and governments have commies or something much worse and THEY ALL offer redemption for a cost of one’s autonomy and wealth.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Yet another “hard hitting” article about all the things we know about :-/ Where are the SOLUTION articles, where is the resistance?? Intellectual word play masterubation only gets mental orgasms not a path to freedom. Does anyone really think the dozen or so of us who come here NEED anymore of that input?

    Do you see what is going on down under with the Aussies??? It is a one bad “mandate” away from here.

    DEMONS AND REDEMPTION https://www.bitchute.com/video/T7IfaUieh5WQ/

  15. Hey Jim… Material looks a “bit dated” ha ha on the cyber scamdemic for July 2021. Did the Good Guys stop it? Here’s an interesting tid bit… ever heard of a band called “death cab for cutie” ? I play one of their songs. The Band played Gerald Ford Amphitheater in Vail last night and they required a vaccine passport to enter! This is a very ominous sign in Colorado. They are doing this in Denver as well. Death Cab for Cutie was the song Paul’s replacement was singing in Magical Mystery Tour… the movie. Known as the Man of a Thousand Voices… and several names… Billy Shears, William Sheppard etc. Death Cab’s song ‘Good Help’… ( is so hard to find) is so fitting for today with every business in creation begging for workers. There animation video for the song should have won an award.
    Here is Billy Shears singing Death Cab for Cutie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKXsrWrmbAg
    Good Help by Death Cab for Cutie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6e0sAMRioo

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