U.S. invaded Afghanistan to loot its mineral wealth: philosopher

Tehran Times

TEHRAN – A retired professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota says the U.S. war on Afghanistan was intended to loot the country’s mineral wealth.

 “Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11,” James Fetzer notes.

“The U.S. invaded Afghanistan in order to loot its vast mineral wealth – including the largest lithium deposit outside of Bolivia, where lithium is used for components in computers, triggers for nuclear devices, and electric car batteries – and to resurrect the poppy fields,” Fetzer tells the Tehran Times.

After the U.S. exit from Afghanistan, many critics have raised questions about the reasons for the twenty-year war waged under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Unlike American officials who say that the war was launched to track down down terrorist groups, some political observers point to economic interests that attracted Americans to Afghanistan.

The other question is if America is serious in combating terrorism, why it refused to collaborate with other powers in this regard. Despite the role of despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia in supporting extremism, Washington prefers to turn a blind eye to their activities and instead considers regional powers like Iran as a sponsor of terrorism.

“AIPAC exercises massive influence over Congress and Israel over the media. Taking out Gen. Soleimani was a colossal blunder, where Bibi convinced him that Qassem Soleimani was orchestrating terrorists in the region when the opposite was true,” Fetzer argues.

For my latest summary/overview of 9/11, see DRS 20th 9/11 SPECIAL (11 September 2021), which you can watch here.

Following is the text of the interview:

Q: How do the American public view the U.S. exit from Afghanistan? Republicans are blaming Biden. But what about ordinary people?

A: Recent polling from Rasmussen showed 52% disapproving of Biden’s presidency, where the numbers critical of his clumsy and misconceived withdrawal from Afghanistan are easily in the 70%. College students are chanting, “F— Joe Biden!” at football games.  Only die-hard liberals continue to support him. Even progressives are critical.

Q: While Trump is slamming Biden’s policy toward Afghanistan, many commentators say that the Biden administration followed exactly what Trump had planned. What is your comment?

A: Trump wanted to get the U.S. out of these wars in the Middle East (West Asia), but he was boxed in by advisors who were not dedicated to him and the best interests of the United States but were putting Israel rather than America first! Trump made blunders under pressure from Israel but set a firm date and would have stood by it. Biden has no integrity.

Q: Why does Washington refuse to cooperate with its foes (including China, Russia and Iran) in critical issues like Afghanistan?

A: AIPAC exercises massive influence over Congress and Israel over the media. Taking out Gen. Soleimani was a colossal blunder, where Bibi convinced him that Qassem Soleimani was orchestrating terrorists in the region when the opposite was true. If you view U.S. foreign policy as under the control of Israel it all begins to make considerably more sense.

Q: How do you see the future of Afghanistan after U.S. withdrawal? Do you expect China or Russia to take the lead in Afghanistan under Taliban rule?

A: Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11. The U.S. invaded Afghanistan in order to loot its vast mineral wealth – including the largest lithium deposit outside of Bolivia, where lithium is used for components in computers, triggers for nuclear devices, and electric car batteries – and to resurrect the poppy fields. China will be the major beneficiary.

Q: Is there any possibility of the U.S. return to Afghanistan in case the situation in the country leads to catastrophic results?

A: After the mess, the U.S. has made in Afghanistan, including leaving Americans and our Afghan allies behind, there is no reasonable prospect of the public supporting any future involvement there. Our whole post-9/11 Middle East (West Asia) policy has come apart at the seams and Trump’s political revival appears to be surging in America. Stay tuned!

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29 thoughts on “U.S. invaded Afghanistan to loot its mineral wealth: philosopher”

  1. PS: In her interview of “Captain” Ms Cassidy mentioned to him a dispute between another of her interviewees Kimberly Ann Goguen, who claimed to “know” ex-SEAL Michael Jaco has a handler, which Jaco denies, and asked if he has a handler.
    It occured to me Cathy O’Brien’s handler would be Mark Phillips. Ms Cassidy and “Captain” seemed to agree that many have handlers. According to their premises, it would be so that Robert David Steele and presumably Gordon Duff have handlers. Perhaps you have one, Jim? According to what I understood, the person who has one may not know it.

  2. Kerry Cassidy intervied “Captain” who confirms much previously asserted, including Osama bin Laden, and adds his personal visit to Manhattan-size DUMB on East Coast and personal view of subterranean magnetic train used by elite which he was told reaches West Coast in 18 minutes. He fears impending EMD and military invation of US. Ms Cassidy: “Have you heard of James Fetzer, Marine?”

      1. Ms Cassidy repeated to “Captain” her audience is well-informed. I would say Ms Cassidy is VERY well informed!

      2. Scott Bennett took the trouble to correct my error in regard to understanding American whistleblower Barry Birkenfeld’s CV to include BOTH UBS and Credit Suisse. Since I haven’t read Mr Birkenfeld’s book (I believe its title refers to Lucifer, whereas Rudolf Steiner might have added “Ahriman”) I don’t know what he thinks of BIS.

      1. 1. Kerry Cassidy’s own website Project Camelot:
        Interview with “Captain” (presumably on odyssey)
        2. Bradley Birkenfeld, Wikipedia
        3. Bradley Birkenfeld’s own website
        4. Rudolf Steiner, Occult Science, An Outline (see American website Rudolf Steiner Archives, Books)
        5. Cathy O’Brien with Mark Philips, Tranceformation of America (pdf somewhere online)
        6. Brice Taylor (Sue Ford), Thanks for the Memories (pdf somewhere online) – this is Mrs Ford’s autobiography to which Robert David Steele referred as “that book about Bob Hope” during his interview by Shaun Attwood and accused the author without naming her of stealing and copying a film script from a screenwriter who has brought lawsuit against her – just after Mr Steele praised Cathy O’Brien. Irony is Mr Steele believed after reading and presumably reviewing another book that its author coined the phrase “Deep State”.

      2. PS: Mrs Ford replied to my inquiry that all what Mr Steele asserted about her alleged plagiary and being sued is untrue, furthermore she asked me why Mr Steele does this to a woman over seventy years old. Since Mr Steele told me to “fuck off” because I told the author of the book Mr Steele presumably read to review I doubt he will treat Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Commonwealth of Social Organism, not the sociopathic, but truly inherent human “Deep State” and have no interest in his book, which he recommended I read.
        Mr Steele had forwarded my message contradicting his claim who coined the phrase to the author of the book he presumably read to review on Amazon. This author defended himself by pointing to a traffic accident involving members of the “deep state” on page 200+. So I sent Mrs Ford question about Mr Steele to Jim Fetzer and Gordon Duff.

      3. Peter, I haven’t seen your question yet, but there is no doubt that Robert was arrogant and brusk and could be condescending and disrespectful of others. I do not honor him for all his faults but for his virtues.

      4. Since Mr Kraft here proudly reports he survived eight days in WYOMING backpacking without cell phone (my own cell phone is my only Internet access, its tiny screen no bigger than a matchbox side), Toronto-native but LA vicinity resident atavistic psychic Sloan Bella did a recent video on the murdered girl and her murderers, claims on her chat show also on You Tube Wyoming is special center of female abduction for sex and worse, the recent murder is falsely reported by mainstream media to distract from reality, perverted persons participating as consumers in human traffic purchase property nearby.

      5. Dear Jim,

        I always liked Mr Steele and anytime I viewed him online was quite impressed by his initiative and
        technological knowledge. I was saddened to hear of his murder.

        The issue is the authenticity of Mrs Ford’s book and Mr Steele’s motive.

        Mr Attwood conducted and published the interview. Mr Attwood is an Englishman who presumably never heard or concerned himself with certain American phenomena as Brice Taylor. Mr Attwood introduced Mr Steele as the first ex-CIA operative on his show, and did not ask Mr Steele about his accusation.

  3. While I agree with most of your points, I feel the “mineral wealth” argument is overdrawn. Lots of nations have mineral wealth, but mineral wealth must be easily extractable–as in Bolivia’s massive lithium fields.

    Afghanistan had more of strategic value for the Bilderbergers. They used it to pick off the soft underbelly of the Soviet Union–its central republics–and to put pressure on the Western flank of China, forcing it into coercive measures in Xinjiang. Now that Afghanistan is lost to the West, the triumph of the Sino-Russo Eurasian axis is complete over most the Asian land mass and and its control over major parts of Africa and Latin America is accelerating.

  4. This article triggered a memory from 50 years ago. I remember the triggering phrase for putting someone under mind control was “Afghanistan Banana Stand” … trying to remember the movie that was in. I think it was a Robert Redford flick. Oh I forgot you can find anything on the web including this… “The Hot Rock” George Segal was in that as well. The search for the phrase conjured up an incredible amount of links. The first link on the search was a recent expose on the PNAC connection to Afghanistan, the explosion of opium production and pictures of the Taliban eating ice cream and riding bumper cars. I doubt you will get this link on google. Wow, what a difference between the search engines.

    1. The first entry on Brave search was The Hot Rock….maybe I’ll watch that tonight, although I was never a fan of Segal. But your comment brings up some salient points; the most important being, “what the hell do we believe any longer?” And as you said, Wag the Dog is superb at pointing that out. The “Web” has been saturated with stories of the Taliban stopping the poppy production and the CIA going back in and re-establishing the fields. We don’t know if that’s true. As repetitious as it’s been for the last twenty years, it’s also likely a psyop. It’s been fairly well established the video of that C-17 surrounded by Afghans with one dropping from some ridiculous height was all staged. Or was it?
      We are living in a reality that is so foreign to those of us from the 40’s and 50’s that we may as well accept that we all have slipped into another dimension rather than try to reconcile any of it with what we “once knew”.
      If anyone here thinks that’s an accident, think twice. The complexity of what is going on now is almost beyond human understanding.
      If we do not find a way to bring this all to a halt very soon, there will be no turning back.

      1. I agree Will reality is so blurred and it’s intentional, like when Sleepy Creepy left behind all the arms. It was meant to look incompetent and to cause outrage. But I think it was intentional if in fact, weapons were left behind. Did we really leave them? I bet no one thought to ask that question. It sure seems like we did. All I have to go on was a movie and pictures. We know we can’t trust the news for the correct time of day. After Forest Gump visited the Presidents, all bets are off… just like the jet hitting the tower or not hitting the tower, or the small plane hitting the first tower or not or not being a plane but a drone. Maybe that was faked too. Like you were saying, who knows what to believe. Washing our hands of everything seems justified. I am trying to remember the A handful of times I did 8 days backpacking in Wyoming without a cell phone, internet or even hearing news from another backpacker. One of those ended on sept 10, 2001… what a rude wake up call that was.

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  6. Jim, I have to jump on this statement: “A: After the mess, the U.S. has made in Afghanistan, including leaving Americans and our Afghan allies behind, there is no reasonable prospect of the public supporting any future involvement there.”

    When’s the last time what the public wanted have anything to do with anything….certainly including the 2020 Presidential election?

    1. The last time was during the Vietnam War, when the anti-war movement picked up so much steam that Nixon abolished the draft. I have long contended that, to motivate Americans to care about issues of war and peace, we need to RESTORE THE DRAFT. At present, most families are unconcerned because they know that their son and daughters are not going to be at risk EVEN IF we engage in wars abroad. Not only for that reason–which would immediately make Washington more responsive to public opinion regarding foreign affairs, but we have generations of young people who have never served in the military, never acquired a sense of discipline and never mastered trade-skills, many of which military service provides. PLUS you are being a bit pedantic, because I was writing for an Iranian audience who doesn’t know these things. I strongly believe this should be done.

      1. Well, Jim…I would not deny being pedantic….you know me by now. Who we were and what we were during the 60’s, 70’s and the Vietnam War are long gone. If not, we would have been in the streets and marching on DC on November 4th, 2020.
        Having been drafted into the USMC in ’65 I can see your point. But there is no way in hell with this present administration mandating injections for our troops from a president who does not know up from down that a draft would be supported. Not that it would matter because as far as I can tell, the republic we knew is gone. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

      2. I wish you were wrong. I want to think you are wrong, but I fear you are right. We are in desperate straits.

      3. The US has a long history of making products of all kinds. We all know what they were and are.

        But today and for past few decades the #1 product has been LIES. The US is the world’s greatest maker of LIES…huge LIES. This product is made at all levels of society.

        Yes, we are in desperate straits. If the lies do not stop, the US will fall to even lower unimaginable depths.


      4. Jim, of all the things I would love to be wrong about, that would be at the top of the list. But what is going on now reduces any previous crisis to a skirmish. This is madness. The inmates have taken over and at this point are winning.

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