21 Sep, 2021

Opinion: Biden has no business setting foot at Ground Zero on the anniversary of 9/11

President Biden says he will visit Ground Zero, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pa., on the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Here is a better idea: stay away.

Biden has no business setting foot in those sacred places on that hallowed day. I take no joy in saying this. As a general rule, I believe that when a president attends a ceremony on behalf of the American people, he is not representing himself but the office of the presidency. We respect that office, even if we do not respect the man who occupies it.

But this is different. Joe Biden is the president who surrendered to the enemies who attacked us on 9/11. He not only surrendered but did so with dishonor — leaving stranded behind enemy lines American citizens, legal permanent residents, and the majority of our Afghan allies who risked their lives to help us. Not by accident, mind you. Intentionally. He ordered the last U.S. plane to take off from Kabul knowing that he was leaving them behind — even though he pledged not to leave until every American was out. He forced our NATO allies — who were in Afghanistan only because America was attacked on 9/11 — to do the same to their nationals and Afghan allies. This is a stain on the honor of our nation. At the very moment the bells ring at Ground Zero on 9/11, U.S. citizens and allies will be hiding from Taliban death squads because of Biden’s shameful decisions.

On David Zublick’s Dark Outpost, my latest 9/11 analysis: We know who was responsible and why. To watch, click here; starts at 2:02 in.

In carrying out America’s retreat, Biden knowingly put the safety of U.S. service members securing the airport in the hands of the Taliban and the Haqqani network — a U.S.-designated terrorist organization — by refusing a Taliban offer to let the U.S. military secure Kabul while we evacuated. The Taliban set up checkpoints where it prevented many Americans from reaching the airport, but it allowed a suicide bomber to get through — killing 13 Americans and injuring 18 more. On Saturday, those who died as a result of Biden’s blunder will rest in freshly dug graves, while those who survived will watch the ceremonies from hospital beds with injuries they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

As the evacuation took place, Biden repeatedly lied to the American people. He said no Americans were having trouble getting to the airport, which was blatantly untrue. He said the United States had no interest in Afghanistan because al-Qaeda was “gone” — when in fact al-Qaeda is deeply embedded with the Taliban. He claimed no allies were questioning the United States’ credibility, when many of our allies were aghast at his display of weakness and publicly pleading with him to extend his artificial deadline. He said that none of his military advisers had recommended leaving a residual force, when some had. He even asked the Afghan president to lie about how the fight against the Taliban was going, urging him to project a different picture “whether it is true or not.” And after it was all over, he still declared his Afghan debacle an “extraordinary success.”

Worst of all, Biden explicitly chose to time his withdrawal to the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. There was no military justification for this. If operational considerations had driven his decisions, he would never have withdrawn U.S. forces during the summer fighting season. He pulled U.S. forces out when he did because he wanted to use the 9/11 commemorations as a political prop — so he could bask in the glory of having ended America’s longest war by the anniversary of the attacks that necessitated it. Instead, his incompetence is turning this solemn day of remembrance into a victory celebration for the terrorists. Last week, the Taliban — our new Afghan “partners” — broadcast a video crowing that America brought 9/11 on itself by our “policy of aggression against the Muslim world.”

By his dereliction of duty, Biden has abdicated his right to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11. The president who surrendered Afghanistan to our terrorist enemies has no business setting foot in Shanksville, where the heroes of Flight 93 launched the first American counterattack. The president who lost 13 American service members by putting their security in the hands of terrorists has no business laying a wreath at the spot where Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. The president who left our citizens and allies behind in Afghanistan and lied to the American people has no business at Ground Zero. His presence would insult the memory of those who died in that sacred place — and those who gave life and limb to deliver justice to the enemies who struck us that day.

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18 thoughts on “Opinion: Biden has no business setting foot at Ground Zero on the anniversary of 9/11”

  1. Many of our ilk dismissed David Icke wholesale… after he started talking about shape shifting lizard people. I didn’t… even though it was a little too far out for me. His latest presentation is on people receiving subliminal messages out of the ether to get the death stab… theses people are adamantly opposed to getting death injected. Jeff Rense and Clif High both have reported suddenly thinking they should just get vaccinated. This was out of the blue. When Jeff mentioned it on his show, 20 people said they experienced the same thing.


    If this is true I think it explains the religious fervor one of my friends advocates getting “vaccinated” when he bloody well knows my total opposition to it. His latest attempt said “you should get vaccinated” followed by “my unvaccinated neighbor just tested positive”… I replied “changing nothing for me” … he replied “Thanks for keeping the Pandemic alive!”… to which I replied “you’re welcome, it why I’m here… let me know what else I can do for you”.

    1. Harry was the one who found the Rockefeller planned-demic blueprint in booklet from and went on public access TV to scream ‘bloody murder’… I think that was like 2014… no one did anything about it. It was memory holed really well. Harry’s latest rants include skinning Jew Bankers alive and that being too kind!

  2. Any ridiculous fake public official attending any ridiculous fake public ceremonies regarding the ridiculous fake “attack on America” orchestrated by the New World Order and their bribed-up blackmailed-out lackeys in our “government” to justify the murder of one million Iraqis for their oil and the destruction of our American civil liberties, all to aid their exploitation and enslavement of We The People and indeed all humanity, is basically a criminal returning to the scene of the crime. Let His Fraudulency Creepy China Joe muddle his demented senile way over the outrageous scam, and let the families of the victims, indeed all of America, soak it up. Eventually We The People will prevail, if we have the guts to deserve to; and within the bowers of eternity, all truth will be revealed. God is not mocked.

  3. Joe Taliban Biden is an illegitmate pretendent. He’s a demented fool incapable of making even the most minimal of decisions. The fraudulent election is a complete disaster for the country. His “vaccine” is his most recent blunder. I only learned realtively recently that in the Pfizer trials the “vaccine” which turns a human into a GMO was only 1% more effective than the placebo. Approximately 40,000 test subjects were divided into two sample groups of 20,000. One group was given the GMO jab, and of course the placebo group received nothing other than a saline injection. 95% of the vaccinated group didn’t get sick after the two month trial. However 92.5% of the placebo group didn’t get sick either. When you divide 92.5 by 95 you get 1%. At best the GMO jab is slightly less than 1% better than the placebo. Demented illegitimate Joe has probably never had that explained to him, and even if they did, he wouldn’t understand the science anyway.

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  5. ONLY politicians who are on record, stating that “ISRAEL [MOSSAD] DID 911!”, have any business attending the 20th 911 Anniversary! How many is that? Name JUST ONE!!! They must ALL HANG [since Bush-it] for HIGH TREASON!


    1. And what should America do with the EVIL Israeli Zionist Slimeballs who committed this heinous and UNTHINKABLE CRIME OF ALL TIME against America? MELT [NUKE] THEM! [Ezekiel 22:20]. God’s ” WILL BE DONE!”.

  6. “Joe Biden is the president who surrendered to the enemies who attacked us on 9/11. ”

    Yes, Biden should not show his traitorous self anywhere near any 9-11-01 memorials.

    No, Joe Biden is not surrendering to “the enemies who attacked us on 9/11. Joe Biden is submitting to the his owners, a pitiful puppet at the total control of the real enemies who attacked us on 9/11.


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