COUNTER-COUP: Deep state swamp moves against disastrous Biden regime as swamp creatures realize the whole country could burn down if they don’t stop the madness

Today’s article and podcast focuses on a theory that says the deep state swamp is now turning against the Biden regime (and its traitorous operators like Gen. Milley) after realizing if they don’t stop the destruction, they will lose all their power, salaries, benefits and kickbacks as the U.S. empire collapses.

All of a sudden, people deeply embedded in the Pentagon, the CIA, NSA and even the FBI are coming to the realization that the Biden regime really is working for communist China, and the CCP’s ultimate goal is the complete destruction of the United States of America (along with the CCP-ordered executions of all the former high-level officials in the US government).

That would destroy the entire power structure of the U.S. deep state and leave all its current players with no clout, no money, no power… nothing. They would, in fact, be among the very first to be targeted and executed by the communist Chinese once China seizes control over the United States via military occupation.

Suddenly, it seems, the swamp is fighting for its own survival, in much the same way that parasitic ticks sucking blood off a dog don’t want the dog to die. Even parasites, sooner or later, realize they need the host to keep living or they all perish together.

The recent exposing of Gen. Milley and the obvious public positioning of Biden as an incompetent dementia patient are all part of a process, we now believe, to expose and remove the most cancerous anti-American elements that have infested the Pentagon, White House and Congress. Nancy Pelosi’s name is probably on that same list, as she is clearly revealed as complicit in Milley’s treasonous plot to overthrow the Trump administration and follow the bidding of communist China.

If the US can’t project global power, the US dollar will lose its global reserve currency status

I’m not claiming the suddenly-red-pilled swamp creatures are “good” guys, but rather that their own survival now requires them to prevent the United States of America from being completely subsumed by a foreign enemy. The very existence of the swamp depends entirely on the continued functioning of the fiat currency dollar, and the money printing machine can’t function unless the United States government both exists and is able to project power around the globe.

Biden’s disastrous handling of the collapse of Afghanistan proved to anyone paying attention that with Biden at the helm, taking orders from Obama and China, America’s petro dollar dominance will soon come to an end.

When that happens, the magical money printing machine grinds to a halt, and the gravy train spontaneously ends. No more free money for the politically connected. No more kickbacks, bribes and money laundering to weapons manufacturers who have been feeding at the war trough for generations.

Thus, I believe a plot is under way right this very minute to remove Biden from power and root out the worst traitors in the Pentagon who are conspiring to see America gutted.

A tipping point has been reached.

This isn’t to say that these forces necessarily want Trump back in power, but Trump did keep the Pentagon extremely well funded, providing endless billions to the ranks of military contractors, weapons manufacturers and “consultants” who skim kickbacks off the entire process. Right now, practical people inside the Pentagon would vastly prefer Trump to Biden, since Trump made the military look strong and well-funded while Biden makes everybody look like impotent fools. All the left-wing wokism in the military isn’t helping, either.

In the coming months, do not be surprised if elements of the military move against the criminal Biden regime. Don’t be shocked if top Pentagon officials get court-martialed. Now that the incompetence and treasonous actions of the Biden actors have placed the very existence of the United States at risk, those money-grubbing deep staters who depend on the continued debt-based gravy train are going to crack whatever skulls they need to crack in order to keep the money flowing. This is gang warfare, after all, played out on the national stage.

You might also think of this as a civil war inside the Pentagon, where certain elements of the armed forced that had previously been opposed to Trump are now realizing Biden represents an existential threat to their very survival. Trump may have tweeted “mean” things, but Biden threatens to burn down the entire system from within. And that can’t be allowed, or everybody loses.

What they all fail to understand, of course, is how quickly the endless money printing is going to break the entire system anyway. With the total collapse of the dollar likely just around the corner, the Fed’s money printing scheme is rapidly coming to an end, and that means the gravy train will be slamming shut for the whole system. The vast bog of swamp gas will be ignited like a giant fuel-air explosive, and those who once thought the swamp would be their home will quickly realize it’s actually their grave.

The end of America as we know it is nearly here, and even the swamp won’t survive the end game. Then again, neither will America.

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36 thoughts on “COUNTER-COUP: Deep state swamp moves against disastrous Biden regime as swamp creatures realize the whole country could burn down if they don’t stop the madness”

  1. Let’s hope this author is right and the destruction campaign against our American society — indeed, against all world civilization– will be a self-correcting phenomenon; similar to a biological invasion inspiring an immune response. Nonetheless, the only real important question is, as always: “What Should We Do?” And, in answer to that, all we can do in any event is post and teach and inform everyone about the truth everywhere and whenever we can as much as we can; and also participate in the burgeoning mass protest movement currently proceeding all over the planet. Beyond that, the Will of the People, in alignment with the Will of God, will ultimately make the decision. As for violence, it never seems to work very well in the long run, particularly considering the advancement in so many weapon systems, physical and psychological that we face in the hands of the still bought-off and bribed-up enemy; Mohandas Gandhi’s nonviolent mass non-cooperation seems to be much more effective. Let’s face it, if a significant sizable minority, better yet, majority, faced down the small minority of thugs enforcing this comprehensive madness, particularly resisting the NWO at the top, we would take back our government certainly. It’s hundreds of millions to a few hundred or thousand bought-off shills at the top. Can we all continue to work towards this together? Can we continue to develop turnkey information generating operations in the style of PAC Committees for truth?

  2. Getting major interference trying to address your comment, so here I go again. Dave, I would sure as hell hope there are men of that character left who will get us out of this mess. BUT, even if they do, they MUST not follow the constitution and allow Kamala to be the replacement. That could well be their plan and that serves no one but the commies trying to take this place over.

    Are we looking at a counter-coup? Seems that is all that would work to get us clear of these predators.

    Inspiring stories btw!

  3. The Aussies in Melbourne have found a solution….VIOLENCE.
    Charging a police line is violence, as was shown in the video.
    File: Aussies charging through police while being pepper sprayed.
    This may work for them…..we’ll see.


      1. Australia is a police state and its people are desperate….they’re also disarmed.

        Each case of citizen violence is different.

      2. To me, Don, any reaction from the people to what they are attempting to do in Australia is self-defense.

      3. Thanks, Jim…I watched that yesterday. Igan did a great job. I think I suggested on this very blog that you try to get him on one of your shows. He seemed open to anything. One brave man. With folks like him exposing this fraud, how long can they keep it up?

      4. We had a falling out over the New Zealand shooting, which was fake but which he insisted was real.

      5. No, Will. That would be fantastic. I can reach out to see if he would be willing to come on my show.

      6. Ji……Ha! Ha!…Language can so fail us at times. When I said “Looney” in quotes with a question mark, I was referring to the funeral directors name, not that the idea was loony. His name is actually O’Looney (of course, he may not be using his real name…wise idea). At 34:44 he makes it clear that he will help anyone who reaches out. What an interview that will be if all goes well. Go for it, Jim…

    1. From Will Two:

      Welcome to Solutions Saturday! This one is elemental, but it has a certain level of effectiveness especially if enough of us participate. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE.
      Here’s a link to all the numbers

      I was inspired by the following article:

      According to Anthony Fauci himself, the administration is working on a domestic travel vaccine passport requirement. This would require that all Americans traveling across state lines first prove that they are vaccinated. Biden is literally trying to eliminate your freedom of movement.


      This is what they did in Soviet East Berlin. You needed a passport to go from neighborhood to neighborhood.

      Biden tyranny is the kind of tyranny you see under socialist/communist dictatorships. If Biden wins on this, that’s what the United States will become.

      Joe Biden has violated his oath in this and in so many other ways, including the open borders. He is destroying our Bill of Rights or the people behind the curtain are.

      If Joe Biden seizes this power for the government, there will be no going back.

      The Congressional Review Act
      Congress has the power to stop this under the Congressional Review Act. They can overturn radical executive orders. Call your representatives and your senators. Democrats have used it to overturn Donald Trump’s executive orders.

  4. The CRIMINAL and EVIL DemonicRATS and their RINO supporters must be EXTERMINATED – before they turn America into a “$HITHOLE” for the foreseeable future!

    1. Step #1: Mini-NUKE the Capitol, while CONgress is in session. Step #2: Do the same to the Pentagon, home of the “Perfumed Princes”. Step #3: Repeat for the ALIEN-INFESTED CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. Step #4: MELT all the Zionist Slimeballs occupying America – see for details. Step #5: BURN the MSM.

      1. GS…At this point, I think those are something we would all LIKE to do. BUT, let’s get back to reality. Tomorrow, Jim has deemed Saturday as Solution Saturday…maybe you can add some practical suggestions. Thanks.

      2. MELTING is also what Yahweh prescribed in Ezekiel 22:20 a few years ago! Perhaps the prophetic MELTING is the FINAL SOLUTION and “at the door” 🙂

      3. C’mon, GS….This is serious. Humanity is on the brink of a disaster. You know darn well no one is going to nuke DC. We’re not playing games. Join us tomorrow and offer a serious response, please.

      4. Well, Will, all it will take is deadly serious WILL to deliver the FINAL SOLUTION! Have you heard this?: “DESPERATE TIMES REQUIRE DESPERATE MEASURES”! The times were never more desperate for America than the present times!

  5. I dropped into the Rim Rock Happy Tavern last night and I was going to play for free just to stay sharp before the next real gig. Just a few folks were there and they wanted to watch the football game, which I have completely lost interest in. But it was a worthwhile drop in, I played a few songs on the porch and had a great conversation with Greg who rolled up on a Soft Tail Touring class Harley. I was playing the Highwayman and he said it was one of his favorites. Over a beer and between songs Greg mentioned he owned a motorcycle repair shop in Rapid City. He made a fortune during the Sturgis Rally. Said he never once wore a mask during the entire Kung Flu era. Greg was 5th generation south dakotan and his great uncle guided wagon trains on the Oregon Trail and kept a diary with fascinating tales of the journeys. We exchanged numbers and I hope to get to see the diary in a future visit. Then I went inside to meet Bill and the Bartender Maria. Both of them were pretty aware of what was happening with the pretend President and sham election. They were discussing the new surveillance state on bank accounts and what to do about it. Bill said he just put all his money into crypto currencies. I countered with JP Morgan once said only silver and gold are money, everything else is credit. And how long before the dollar completely collapses? Bill became the know-it-all on all things finance and said the dollar would never be dead. I scoffed at the idea. Then the kung flu came up in the conversation. Maria said she knew a couple people that died after getting vaxxed. I said the vaxx- is a depopulation agenda and showed them a picture of the Georgia Guidstones which neither had heard of. It was a fun way to kill a couple hours. Before I left I made a bold prediction that Biden would not last the balance of this year and his administration would collapse under the weight of their incompetence. Both of them scoffed at the idea.

    1. Biden gone in three months? Don’t bet on it….but I would love to be wrong. In case you missed it,
      tomorrow will be Solution Saturday. If you have any ideas as to how we can save this country, please join in. I really don’t know if it will go anywhere, but it’s worth a shot. Seems we have enough info…now we need some ideas to return this country to We the People.

      1. Will my friend…I gotta stay optimistic about the countdown to Biden’s departure. Cacklin’ Cameltoe replacing Sleepy Creepy…? Would that be better or worse? difficult to say. I know there are elements of the military leadership that are still loyal to this country and the rank and file is overwhelmingly loyal. I have a gut feeling they will move against the sock puppet regime. For us it should have been in January at the latest after they completed the crime at the inauguration.

        Most of the military is salt of the Earth decent people. I would like to relate three stories of different branches of the military coming to my rescue going back to 1980, in 1993 and again in 2010. If I am repeating this story so be it. 1980… I was in college and had not a dime to my name. It was pouring cats and dogs and I ran out of gas halfway home from school. Before I could even contemplate the predicament I was in, I was startled by a knock on my window. It was a National Guardsmen and he asked what was wrong? I said I was out of gas. He said come on I will take you to get fuel. I told him I was flat broke. The man said not to worry about it. He drove me to the gas station, bought me a gas can and a few gallons of leaded and drove me back to my Malibu. It was still raining buckets.I will never forget him as long as I live.

        The 1993 on the 4th of July. I was driving through a blizzard on Vail Pass, believe it or not. I had an ancient Toyota Pickup and it died at about 10,000 feet elevation on the steepest grade near the summit. It was just dumping snow at least 2 inches an hour. Before I could even contemplate how fucked I was, it was de je vu all over again. There was a knock on my window. It was an Air Force Guy in uniform. He asked what the problem was and offered to give me a jump start. I did not think that would solve it, the charging system was afro-engineered by the previous owner. Magically it fired up like it was brand new. I couldn’t believe it. The Air Force Guy was like an angel sent from heaven. I was able to make it home and restored it with a stock voltage regulator and alternator. It ran like a raped ape after that.

        The height of a wicked hot summer in Moab 2010. I was the hired gun at three different rafting outfitters. I measured 107 temperature in the shade at 8pm on the shady side of the canyon. There was a backcountry party in the desert I was attending. I wanted to spend the night so I drove my Diesel pusher Motor Coach down a dirt road that was pretty smooth, otherwise I would not have attempted it. I hit the push button air suspension to raise the back higher for extra clearance. I should have known not to trust it. It dropped back to normal driving position on it’s own and I had no clue this occurred. Until I saw an oil trail in my rear view mirror. I cracked the oil pan on a rock I was fucked beyond all reason.

        I went back in my Jeep and removed the oil pan and drove 30 miles to a welder friend in LaSal. For a seven pack of Scorpion Ale he welded it good as new. The beer actually came in an hexagon case with the extra beer in the center. And for the same price as the old six packs. I thought it was a brilliant idea, because a six pack is often not enough.

        I made it back to the RV an hour before sunset. I almost had it finished but the sun went down on me. I could hear the Elton John song playing in the back of my head. Don’t let the sun, go down on me… dah dah dah. I needed a headlamp to finish the last three bolts, my flashlight just wasn’t cutting it. I got out from under the engine and dusted myself off. Just then I see a light moving in the fading light of dusk. It was a man walking with a headlamp. He gladly offered his light to finish the job. The man turned out to be a Marine on leave camped a couple miles away.

        That’s why I have so much hope Will.The military is filled with people like these three men.

  6. Now, here’s a video off that same site that serves a real purpose which is to show the ignorance , worthlessness and total unquestionable control of CNN by big pharm and the genocidal maniacs pushing the poison. Have a barf bag by your side, as this will stimulate your gag reflex to the point of no return. Who the hell has their hand up Lemon’s arse? TWO of the biggest fools in fake news. With an exchange as short as this containing more lies than campaign promises, they must be in an extreme desperation mode.

  7. Hey, I’m hanging on with my fingernails with the last bit of optimism I can muster, but this article leaves me cold. Just seems like a bunch of Q bluster with zero facts.
    At least give me something of substance I can grasp. No cigar here.

      1. Until powerful politicians and news medias start telling the TRUTH about the hoaxes and frauds that we discuss on this blog, NOTHING will begin to change.

        We the little people such as Will Two, myself and others can scream forever and NOTHING will happen….imo.

        [There should be hundreds of blogs like this one but there aren’t….why?]


      2. I’m not screaming, Don…I’m looking for SOLUTIONS…Solution Saturday tomorrow…maybe we can all come up with some ideas we can actually initiate.

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