Who Benefits From Cancelling Achievement Standards?

Philip Carl Salzman

In 2021 there’s an outright holy war against scholastic achievement.


Oregon has passed a bill that suspends the requirement that students must be able to read, write, and do math to graduate from high school.

Mathematics should be replaced, we are told, by “social justice” mathematics, in which there are no correct answers, and students must not be asked to show the calculations that led to their conclusions.

Standard American English should no longer be the standard, and students should not be judged on the quality of their writing. And recruitment of future scientists and science teachers and researchers should no longer be based on achievement, merit, and potential, but on “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Even before the year and a half of schoolwork lost to the pandemic, the performance of American school students fell far behind many countries that are America’s competitors and threatening enemies. According to a 2017 Pew report on Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development figures, the United States is 24th in science, 38th in mathematics, and 24th in reading, outstripped by many East Asian and Western European countries, and even Canada. You might have thought that these facts would be motivating political and educational authorities to improve the education of American children.

But, no, American political and educational authorities are devoting themselves to undermining achievement in science, math, and reading. Advanced programs in science and math are being closed down. Specialized high schools in New York City may no longer admit applicants based on academic merit. Classic literature is outlawed. Standardized tests are rejected. And new “subjects,” such as critical race theory, are being imported into schools to replace science, math, and reading.

What problem is this fundamental transformation of education intended to solve?

It’s not directed at individuals, and not intended to ensure that individuals are treated with fairness, according to universalistic criteria of achievement, merit, and potential. Rather, this transformation is aimed at gender, racial, sexuality, ableness, and economic class collective categories. The justification of this attack on education is a claimed concern for “marginalized,” “racialized,” and “underserved” minority populations who are allegedly discriminated against and victimized.

The alleged evidence for discrimination and victimization is statistical disparities among the massive census categories. For example, there’s the well-documented achievement gap among racial groups. In academic and professional achievement, the average among racial groups varies, with Asian Americans achieving an A, white Americans getting a B, Hispanics receiving a C, and African Americans getting a D.

Ibram X Kendi, America’s new prophet of “antiracism,” says that there are racist and anti-racist explanations for these disparities. The racist explanation attributes responsibility for the results to the members of the category themselves, and thus would say that there’s an achievement problem among African Americans. The anti-racist explanation is that the disparate results arise from systemic racism and discrimination. The solution, therefore, according to Kendi, is discrimination, now and in the future, in favor of African Americans.

Kendi may not have noticed that, since President John F. Kennedy’s 1961 Executive Order 10925 mandating “affirmative action,” discrimination in favor of African Americans has been official American policy for 60 years. This program has been reinforced by the new trinity, “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” which requires the same outcomes for all categories. In this program, results are detached from performance, and in principle, all must receive the same trophies, although in practice members of preferred categories received more trophies. In university admission, in university and business hiring, and in every field, African Americans have been sought and given preference and special benefits, at the direct expense of whites and Asian Americans. Yet the disparities have not disappeared.

Alternative explanations to racism and discrimination would examine in all racial categories such things as family structure, community support and safety, and community culture. To suggest that the reasons for weak achievement among African Americans has something to do with the prevalence of around 75 percent single-parent families and the lack of strong male figures in African American communities, the lack of a strong educational orientation in community culture, and high level of crime, including street gangs, in African American communities, would be, according to Kendi, a racist explanation.

Ideas of “colorblind” achievement, merit, and potential have been labelled “white supremacism” and jettisoned in favor of “social justice,” defined as unending preferences to preferred minorities and the exclusion of members of unpreferred categories, plus the ginning up of race hate. Now, as we see in Washington state, scholastic achievement has been cancelled. The idea is, apparently, if African Americans are not achieving at the same level as other racial groups, there’s something unnecessary and wrong about achievement.

If African Americans cannot get the correct answer in math, there must no longer be right answers in math.

Brooklyn College math education professor Laurie Rubel asserted last year that “along with the ‘of course math is neutral because 2+2=4’ trope are the related (and creepy) ‘math is pure’ and ‘protect math.’ Reeks of white supremacist patriarchy. I’d rather think on nurturing people & protecting the planet (with math in service of them goals).” We might find, if we’re planning to take reality into account, that “service of them goals” might require correct mathematics with correct answers. Let’s hope that engineers, of whatever race, planning buildings, bridges, and aircraft still believe that math has correct answers.

If African Americans write poorly, then quality of writing must not be considered. As Walter E. Williams describes it:

“Just when we thought colleges could not spout loonier ideas, we have a new one from American University. They hired a professor to teach other professors to grade students based on their ‘labor’ rather than their writing ability. The professor that American University hired to teach that nonsense is Asao B. Inoue, who is a professor at the University of Washington in Tacoma in interdisciplinary arts and sciences. He is also the director of the university’s writing center. Inoue believes that a person’s writing ability should not be assessed, in order to promote ‘anti-racist’ objectives. Inoue taught American University’s faculty members that their previous practices of grading writing promoted white language supremacy. Inoue thinks that students should be graded on the effort they put into a project.”

Will this new plan suit businesses and professions?

Educational elites, including university professors and administrators, state and local departments of education and teachers’ unions, and local, regional, and national politicians are in a constant competition for prestige, status, and power that leads to innovation of ideas and policies ever more extreme and detached from reality. Their continued and intensified assaults on scholastic and academic achievement, and Western culture generally, are laying waste to education and to American society.

A good example is the adoption of the discredited Black Lives Matter Marxist and racist propaganda. The College Fix reports that

“The University of San Diego is offering faculty $600 to take a five-week Black Lives Matter course.

‘Heeding the call of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and global network, this course joins the nationwide effort to deconstruct anti-Blackness, dismantle white supremacy, center Black resistance, and build solidarity movements that support the wellness and self-determination of Black communities,’ its description states.

‘… It is our intention to reorient canon to recognize Black contribution; to learn about Black networks across the world and throughout history; and to imagine futures that support Black excellence.’”

USD law professor Gail Heriot responded: “Could a course description be any clearer that it is about inculcating and supporting a fringe ideology? The course description literally states that the course is part of a ‘nationwide effort to deconstruct anti-Blackness [and] dismantle white supremacy.’ The problem is that you couldn’t find a white supremacist in these parts if your life depended on it. These folks are barking mad.”

What do Americans generally think about these policies? Opinion polling shows that a supermajority of Americans, including every racial minority group, oppose using racial and gender preferences in university admissions, and were opposed to the Supreme Court decision that conditionally allowed such preferences. Recent referendum initiatives in Washington state and in California, supported by educational and political elites, to institute racial preferences in university admissions were voted down by citizens in those states.

The Oregon elimination of requirements for achievement in reading, writing, and math has received an F from Americans:

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 81% of American Adults would oppose a law in their state that says high school students do not need to be proficient in reading, writing and mathematics to graduate. Only 12% favor such a law in their state.”

Thinking about and organizing people in terms of their race, rather than as complex and highly variable individuals, is going down an extremely dangerous road.

This is the very definition of racism. We have tried to leave this behind, as a violation of human rights, but it has re-emerged as “critical race theory” and “anti-racism.” Where these have taken us is clear from the angry denunciations of “whiteness,” the revivification of widespread antisemitism, and the violent attacks on Asian Americans and Jews. As usual, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Our education and political elites have allowed themselves to be carried away by extreme racist ideology. The damage that they’re doing in incalculable, and not least to those on whose behalf they claim to be acting. They should be replaced by people who have not lost their minds and who would represent the views of the citizens they’re supposed to represent.

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69 thoughts on “Who Benefits From Cancelling Achievement Standards?”

  1. Former senior Trump administration Health and Human Services COVID-19 advisor Dr. Paul E. Alexander on The Stew Peters Show stated the Coronavirus Task Force had deliberately deceived the American people, detailing the infighting that occurred between the Task Force and President Donald Trump while he was still in office.

    “Remember, by the CDC’s own data,
    if you were 0-19 years old – and this was very early on, we had this data – your risk of survival was 99.98 percent.
    If you were 20-49, the data showed us your risk of survival – had you been infected – was 99.97 percent.
    If you were 50-70, your risk of survival was 99.5 percent.
    You were almost at 100 percent guaranteed risk of survival if you were infected.”

    During the interview, Dr. Alexander claimed that the current COVID-19 vaccines are not what they are currently being advertised as:

    “This is an mRNA delivery platform. This is not even a vaccine,” said Dr. Alexander. “This is a genetic set of material that’s being introduced to you.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Tom’s now cliche’ but truthful words:

    “The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people.”
    Tom Clancy

  2. The controller’s in their agenda of world control over a depopulated humanity have forced people to seek approval to regain their normal lives. They threaten body autonomy and consent at every turn, coercing the population to line up for inoculation experiments that replicate bio-weapons in their blood, (Graphene/Spike Protiens) while turning a blind eye to the blood clots, neurological damage, severe illness and heart inflammation and high death rate that is plaguing the vaccinated. [Hawaii Attorney Michael Green filed a C class action lawsuit “Covid-19 Vaccine has killed 45,000 people within 72 hours, matching the Salk Institute findings.]

    Unless the public rises up there will be NO END to mask mandates, censorship, travel restriction, contact tracing, and the on going deprivation of human rights, forced fraudulent testing, vaccines mandates, isolation and internment.

    The false flag “variants” will keep coming, all based on a virus with “flu-like” symptoms” that showed up mid flu season in 2020 and has never been isolated using Koch’s or River’s Postulates https://tinyurl.com/3xt2yc98

    Unarmed Aussies are getting the “WWII German/Jewish treatment” and should be a warning to the rest of the world about the decimation of humanity in progress.

      1. Yeah, saw that dude earlier today. Copied the vid to my HD. Articulate anger, doesn’t get much better.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        As you know, for me, from my seat around the camp fire looking at it with others and after so many years of real social and political activism, who to trust, what to trust, etc. has gone beyond the lines of credulity.

        My point here is far too many things occurred to drain the energy and focus from the masses in the past few years. Trump and the “Q” stuff was nothing compared to all the prestidigitation moves of the controllers. Just before they pulled off the “Covid-19” false flag, mid to late 2019, people were, in great numbers, starting to question reality.

        The work on Cern’s Large Hadron Collider; the Mandela Effect; serious spiritual digging around, the discovery of Gobekli Tepi coming out, putting to rest all the Bible/Jesus nonsense and the discovery of 300+ MILLION year old skeletal evidence of sentience life forms.

        On and on, a new dawn of exploration was budding. And just like the similar one in the 60’s with “inner” exploration with various teacher plants like mescaline, ergot (LSD,) peyote, etc. and the true realization of the nonsense of capitalistic pursuits, the controllers railroaded it.

        For 18+ months now the lie of “deadly” virus with flue like symptoms has dominated the reality of humanity. Something is VERY wrong and something VERY bad is in the works, beyond all the speculation of various nations/players as the bad guys.

        Just finishing a new song, A PSYCHIC EPIDEMIC
        A PSYCHIC EPIDEMIC, a real menticide
        A killing of the mind, a culling of the tribe

        Prolly have it up this weekend on BitChute. I am dealing with a very painful Rotator Cuff injurty for 8 weeks now, getting an MRI to see how bad, but I can’t play the guitar for more then a few mins without a burning sensation from my R. shoulder down my arm. If I can get just one good take I’ll put it up.

        Been wanting to put a song together about the madness and I watched an After Skool vid on that and away I went 🙂

      2. EJ…I don’t know about this CERN crap. BUT, that Mandela Effect is no scam..no joke…it is absolutely provable. Jaws” is my favorite one. THAT darn woman had braces. Case closed. Has reality been altered? Who knows.
        BUT, I do know one thing for damn sure. …this is not the world in which you and I grew up.
        It’s almost beyond recognition. Although, it does seem nature remains the same. Our creatures, trees, mountains , ocean, rivers and lakes remain the same….. or at lest the resemblance of such. Of course the skies have been hijacked and we all know about THOSE patents (thinking WE are next as I type those words).The fight must continue in spite of the odds. THIS guy knows what to do on a local level. 20 strong men. Less than two minutes:

      3. >>EJ…I don’t know about this CERN crap.>>

        Not sure how you are using “crap” Will. As in my comment is or what is going on is???

        The collider in Cern is or has been used to find the “god particle” and break through to another level of reality with no f-ing idea of what is on the other side. Sort of like in the 80’s Buckaroo Bonazi movie. I am unable to articulate the overall picture of what is alleged to be going on but it does not seem like a cure for cancer or something significant like that.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        >>BUT, that Mandela Effect is no scam..no joke…it is absolutely provable.>>

        Indeed. I have been in contact with a scientist in Berkeley for a few years now and she has been studying this for longer then the issue was named “Mandela Effect.”
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        >>”Jaws” is my favorite one. THAT darn woman had braces.>>

        In that movie, Moonraker, the whole idea of course was she and Jaws were both metal mouths.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        My point is two years ago the collective consciousness of many were focusing in an independent way on things beyond Star Search or other “shiny” stuff to distract.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        >>Has reality been altered? Who knows.>>

        Millions of us “know” “something” has changed. There is lots of what is called “residue” from the old times. Newspaper ads, music posters, old maps, etc. When you see South America hundreds of miles West of where it is now one’s mind goes “Oh yeah, I remember that.”

        Ads for “Jiffy” burgers where the burger is made with “Jiffy” peanut butter, not Jif. Lots of entertainment references to Sally Field(s) not Field saying “You like me, you really like me” and not “This time you like me.”

        Or Ed McMahon delivering those cartoon sized checks is denied by PCH but Johnny Carson brought one for Letterman one night or Ed did a rap video with some guy about it.

        Nasty Biblical quotes about urination and bowel movements – From (searchable) King James Bible Online:
        (Pisseth -1 Kings 14:10; 16:11 * 2 Kings 9:8; 1 Samuel 25:22; 25:34)
        (…eat their own dung, and drink their own piss… – 2 Kings 18:27; Isaiah 36:12)
        (…spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts…Malachi 2:3)
        (I shall dig about it, and dung it… – Luke 13:8)
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        So objectively one can observe that “something” has change as it is not some psychological “mis remembering” or some such. And just like in politics, etc. when so much heat is put out to contradict something it makes one do an Arsenio Hall chin rub, Hmmm.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        >>BUT, I do know one thing for damn sure. …this is not the world in which you and I grew up.>>

        Indeed, all logical changes aside…highways, technological toys, clothing styles, etc., it is not old guy stuff longing for “the good ol’ days” but rather the SANE old days.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        >>It’s almost beyond recognition. Although, it does seem nature remains the same. Our creatures, trees, mountains , ocean, rivers and lakes remain the same….. or at lest the resemblance of such.>>

        The very first book I read, barely in double digits, was Earth Abides, a survival novel based in the Bay Area. Title is form Ecclesiastes: Med come and go but Earth Abides.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        >>Of course the skies have been hijacked and we all know about THOSE patents (thinking WE are next as I type those words).The fight must continue in spite of the odds.>>

        The big fight these days is to maintain cognitive balance, to not let ourselves be molded into the AI hybrid clones they are seeking. You know, like the faggy voiced “robots” from movies.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        >>THIS guy knows what to do on a local level. 20 strong men. Less than two minutes:>>

        “Where’s all the unmuzzled, unvaccinated, fearless American men at?” So true.

  3. And now this, another coincidence…

    “A new Justice Department court filing says John Pierce, the anti-vaxx lawyer representing 17 of the Jan. 6 defendants, “is reportedly ill with COVID-19, on a ventilator, and unresponsive….” bringing his cases to a halt.”

  4. Jim, so sorry to hear about the death of Robert David Steele. I know he was a friend of yours and offered you backup in your legal disputes.

    It can’t be a coincidence that you both got sick at the same time. Did you hear about the Sacha Stone tour date where everyone on stage and in the first few rows got sick? Now Steele’s death, like yours would have been, is being used to substantiate the hoax pandemic with headlines like, “Former CIA officer turned Q-Anon conspiracy theorist dies of COVID-19 while on anti-vax speaking tour of Florida.”

    I’m so relieved to see that you appear to be recovering robustly. We’re so lucky that we didn’t lose you, Jim.

  5. A recent example of WHY we will never find justice in the present court system. No way. Now how!

    Judge Sanctions 9 Trump Campaign Attorneys Over Election Lawsuit

    A federal judge in Michigan on Aug. 25 sanctioned Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and seven other attorneys who represented the Trump campaign in a lawsuit challenging the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

    U.S. District Judge Linda Parker, an OBAMA appointee, referred the nine attorneys for investigation and possible disbarment or suspension by relevant state authorities. Parker also ordered the sanctioned individuals to pay the court fees tied to the election lawsuit and to take legal education classes.

    “This lawsuit represents a historic and profound abuse of the judicial process,” Parker wrote in a 110-page opinion (pdf). “It is one thing to take on the charge of vindicating rights associated with an allegedly fraudulent election. It is another to take on the charge of deceiving a federal court and the American people into believing that rights were infringed, without regard to whether any laws or rights were in fact violated.”

    The attorney representing seven of the sanctioned lawyers, including Powell and Wood, didn’t immediately respond to a request by The Epoch Times for comment.

    The judge said the attorneys involved failed to conduct the necessary due diligence to present allegations as truth, advanced untenable claims, and didn’t proceed with the lawsuit in good faith or with a proper purpose.

    “This lawsuit should never have been filed,” Parker wrote. “The State Defendants and the Intervenor-Defendants should never have had to defend it.”

    Rudy Giuliani, the lead Trump campaign election attorney, wasn’t among the sanctioned attorneys as his name didn’t appear on any of the filings. Giuliani’s licenses to practice law in New York and Washington, D.C., were suspended earlier this summer over his involvement in post-election legal efforts and public statements.

    “And this case was never about fraud—it was about undermining the People’s faith in our democracy and debasing the judicial process to do so,” Parker wrote. “While there are many arenas—including print, television, and social media—where protestations, conjecture, and speculation may be advanced, such expressions are neither permitted nor welcomed in a court of law.”

    A battery of election lawsuits filed by attorneys, who were affiliated and not affiliated with the Trump campaign, didn’t change the outcome of the election in six contested states. The U.S. Congress certified Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election on Jan. 6.

    Trump continues to hold that the election was stolen. According to a poll conducted in June, one in three Americans held the same opinion.

    Ivan Pentchoukov

    Ivan has reported for The Epoch Times on a variety of topics since 2011.

    1. >>Rudy Giuliani, the lead Trump campaign election attorney, wasn’t among the sanctioned attorneys as his name didn’t appear on any of the filings.>>

      Remember, Giulani was azz deep in on 9/11…the quick removal of steel, the countless dump trucks removing the radio active dirt from Ground Zero, etc.

      That was my red flag for Trump when he embraced him as his chief counsel.

      1. I have to agree. I enjoyed Giuliani’s performance, but always had my doubts….and those cigar commercials….give me a break. Trump made it very certain he wanted Giuliani on the team and NOT Powell…am I correct? And now Powell is being sanctioned? Does that make sense? Did Trump sell her out or what?

      2. @Will Two

        >>….and those cigar commercials….give me a break.>>

        Didn’t see any??

        >>Trump made it very certain he wanted Giuliani on the team and NOT Powell…am I correct?>>

        Didn’t follow it that close. There were so many “heroes” about to save things that it glazed my eyes over. Her “Kraken” stuff picked up by the “Q” nation, etc.

        >> And now Powell is being sanctioned? Does that make sense? Did Trump sell her out or what?>>

        It is so difficult as they say: “To know the players without a score card.” See below some Trump stuff… Too many of the “heroes” were doing that “Thank God” or “Pray for…” stuff for my tastes.

        Perhaps my own issue or perspective on life but anyone evoking “God” bless or this or that is less trustworthy. I am not a great scholar or anything but 40+ years ago I was singing and talking about the absolute mind control and redirectioning of the natural human evolutionary process by organized religion.

        BLUES IN THE PULPIT https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qpos9H6924qt/

        These days far too many who claim to be “awake” are still trapped in that web of nonsense based on a cult of fear, fear of death, fear of “God,” fear of everlasting damnation, etc. As you well know there is great power in words and using religious myth metaphors like satan, hell, angels, etc. is childish on the intellectual maturation yardstick of actually being “awake.”
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        In 1980 I helped organize The Long Walk for Survival with AIM, Buddhist Monks and Nuns, and others. After they took off across the country I attended a gathering in South Dakota representing KPFA Radio in Berkeley where 15,000 folks from around the country met for two weeks to discuss issues and find solutions and tactics.

        I met Mishu Kaku again and lots of great minds. Another person was Holly Sklar who had recently written a book on the Tri Lateral Commission. We had some breakfasts together discussing things. It was at that time I really started putting the “pieces” together on the planned take over of our Republic.

        Someone there, might have been Holly or Bill Tabb or someone turned me on to Brzezinski’s book. In it he revealed from 50 years ago now, The Plan of the technetronic state:

        Zbigniew Brzezinski
        Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (written 50 years ago)

        “We have a large public that is very ignorant about public affairs and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by candidates who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogans”
        [I believe this is Trump]
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        “People, governments and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations.”

        [ “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” (Banker Paul Warburg, 2/17/50 as he testified before the U.S. Senate)]
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.

        [“Our goal is to gradually absorb the wealth of the world.” – Cecil Rhodes, a Freemason.]
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        Our discussions here and sharing of ideas is very important to refresh our “hard drives” of reccolection of just why we are going up against “them.”

      3. @EJD:
        The Government of NYC had to know beforehand that NYC was about to be nuked. Here is a photo of those yellow trucks delivering radiation soaking special earth to Ground Zero on 911 day.

        Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia had NOTHING to do with 911…..plus that, there were no planes involved.
        W. Bush and Cheney are professional liars on the 911 event.
        Remember Bush sitting in that FL schoolroom….well knowing what had just happened?

        The bottom line is that the USA nuked its own city on 911, not just once but twice in one day. Let that sink in.


      4. @Don

        Thanks Don. Lot of bad stuff happened that day for sure…missing gold, melted cars, etc.

      5. EJD and friends.

        Here is a photo taken two blocks from the WTC. These cars have missing cast iron engine blocks. Certain nuclear reactions can turn iron into its elemental atoms…gasses. It can also cause steel car bodies to instantly rust and appear to age about ten years.
        Yes, many strange things happened that day…911.


      6. EJ….”What happened to the god of love is what I would like explained”. Me too, EJ….me too. Darn good words in that song.
        Giuiliani had a channel set up (maybe he still does, don’t know) on which he kept everyone up to date on his meanderings around the country re the election farce. It had commercials for some cigar company he was promoting. Rudy and many other supposed truthers who have a multitude of items they are selling on their site always leaves me questioning their motives. I have never seen Jim sell anything other than his own books…at least one of which he now gives away…along with other programs he’s done.
        I am not brown nosing Jim (we have quite a few places where we diverge)…it’s just a fact. Most of those 80/20 alternative sites are always selling something. Stone does not, but he rakes in quite a bit through donations AND, there is no way to contact him UNLESS you send a message with a donation. Even Fulford has subscription set up. And, ,let’s face it, AJ is making a small fortune selling his snake oil.

        That is one hell of a resume. Thanks you for all you have done in the name of truth.

    2. EJ…It’s like sifting through a pile of garbage and all we find is more garbage and nothing we can take to the bank. I am sorry, if Trump was the second coming, I could not get behind him again.
      What I am seeing now is that HE was part of the orchestration that led to his loss.

      1. I agree. I got caught up at first with his incredible appearance of a true warrior but alas, we all know, or should by now, real warriors get killed before being able to “drain the swamp.”…JFK, Bobby, MLK, and dozens of others.

        If he freed the right people at the end of his term, if he didn’t get the vaxx going to kill off people, etc., those were the things that really led me to not be a “Trumpster”

      2. I disagree, Will. Trump did a lot of damage to the globalist elites with his immigration policies, tariffs, withdrawal of forces from overseas, and constant disputing of the cabal’s narrative on so many subjects, from COVID treatments, origins, and lockdowns to election fraud and defense of American values. The vicious, continuous attacks on him, his family, and his supporters were not for show. Rather than claim that Trump was “one of them”, it is more likely that 1) he could not totally control things (he needed Senate approval on cabinet picks, and officials in many positions simply ignored his orders until some eventually got fired, often too late), 2) he did things as a preventative (to not push vaccine development would have sunk his presidential hopes immediately and led to even more horrendous lockdowns; his support of Israel was crucial politically), or 3) he was actually blackmailed at turns. I don’t agree with his support of vaccines, but he has been upfront and consistent about it and has always argued vaccines should not be mandatory. The thing that bothered me most was his failure to pardon Julian Assange, but I’ve read where he may have been blackmailed by Senate RINOS during the impeachment proceedings. I actually think he realized that a pardon of Assange would have done nothing. The British would have continued to refuse to turn him over, given that they ignored in unprecedented fashion the extradition request and continue to hold him without due process. Had Assange been in America, Trump could have pardoned him but it would have done little good otherwise. I believe the media is trying to break apart Trump’s formidable wall of support by, among other things, hyping the boos he received in Alabama. Don’t take the bait!

      3. Until Trump can magically change the damage caused by warp speed, I’ll stick to my guns. He answers to WE the People, not his family. If that is not the case, he should not have been the president. Now, If you can tell me the vaccinations have not caused damage and were necessary, I will happily reverse my stance.

    3. It’s hard to see how the lawyers could have deceived the courts if they never got a chance to present their case in the first place!

  6. how many of you have listened to Dave’s X22 Report? I like it because you don’t need to watch even though it’s in video format. His latest one is worth a listen. I look at the world as pre-internet, early internet, the intermediate years and contemporary. The intermediate years were the best when it was a free for all without much overt censorship. The full spectrum of view points was available from boiler plate establishment to the wildest lizard people are in control content. You got to decide what was right.

    I remember the first time I became aware of the Fetz… on TV when the news tried to destroy his credibility over 911 and he took it like a man. I thought to myself, I need to go see more from this guy so their hatchet job backfired with me.

    Here’s the latest X22 report… you decide if it’s good information… like the old days


    1. “Dave” at X22 is cointel. He was the “Q” mouth for a few years. I heard his voice on a video for a one world economy a few years ago. I commented on his youtube site about why would he be doing that. My youtube channel comment ability was taken down for a few months a day after my comment to him. :-/ Yeah, a coincidence.

      He is one of those who did the “Q” chants of “Their going to feel the pain” “Trust the plan” etc., which is all a well used psyop. Just like that woman, Santa Surfing and others, unable to differentiate the operators from the devotees.

      The shills like Jim Stone, ex alpha bet agency or Alex Jones and others, they do the 80/20 dance of truth/lies. I’d rather listen to Max Igan thousands of miles away in Australia then anyone of the “gurus” on the web up here.

      It is, IMO, time to not be harvesting more information but rather harvesting more activists and getting busy. As I have said:
      Everyone can’t do everything, but everyone can do SOMETHING.

      1. I’m with you, EJ. I never trusted X-22. Just too slick. And forget about Q….we all now know that was likely a CIA op. I would also include Mike Adams on that list after that Tennessee article….along with Ben Fulford.

      2. @Will Two
        Indeed Will. So many worship at the altar of Jones, Adams and that dick Fulford with his secret Ninjas near the president and will take him out on command sh*t!!

        It is, IMO, a cabal of 80/20 truth/lie “gurus” much like sheep dogs herding the flock. :-/

        The same for organized religions…just like no Ninjas coming, no “Angels” no “Jesus” none of that mind control using the same 80/20 manipulation….love thy neighbor but kill no believers.

      3. EJ…My neighbor….and I swear this is true…is actually waiting for God to intervene and come out of the clouds and there is no way I can convince her otherwise.

      4. @Will Two

        >>EJ…My neighbor….and I swear this is true…is actually waiting for God to intervene and come out of the clouds and there is no way I can convince her otherwise.>>

        God: A fiction created to fight or rationalize the inevitability of death.

        As I recall the military in Iraq pulled a fast one on the Iraqi Army using a CGI created Mohamed in the sky telling them to surrender or something like that. Also plans to use CGI for UFO stuff.

    2. So, according to X-22, again, it’s all part of the plan. All the deadly side effects and deaths from the vax are just collateral damage…Can you picture him on 60 minutes in a few years giving the same answer as Albright? I cannot. Will he return the fines? Will he repair the damage? Will he raise the dead? How about the taxpayer billions…possibly trillions that have gone into paying for the vax? Will that be refunded? Will all the businesses that have gone under reopen? Will the damage done by Antifa and BLM be repaired? No, none of that will happen.

      AND, above all, will the damage done physically and psychologically to our children be magically reversed?

      X-22 is full of shite.

      Albright on 60 Minutes:


      1. Prolly the best non activist work but indeed survival stuff is to use as much of our meager incomes and stock up on all the prepper suggested stuff for sure, cuz we be living in a world of mis and dis and non information.

        Trade able stuff is good too…tampons, dish soap, various paper products, tape (scotch, masking, duct, etc.) all stuff that when some balance is found people will need and be willing to trade for.

  7. Dumbing down education standards is part of the global reset playbook to advance a Communist agenda. No surprise they use race as the excuse since it works so well. Blacks are being used as pawns in this game and most don’t have sense enough to know it. The bigotry of low expectations towards blacks has been a liberal/Democrat staple for decades. It creates a permanent underclass who is easily manipulated and controlled. In addition, lowered standards, removal of confederate statues, name changes, – all under the guise of racial healing, equality, etc. – can be pinned on one group (blacks) which causes resentment from the white majority. Resentment keeps the races divided and distracted from the lost of freedoms (including the ability to control your own money) that are happening. Racial division, dumbed down public, stimulus checks instead of jobs, defunding police – all lead to increased violence and mayhem which causes the public to be more amendable to accepting military policing of the streets and strict controls on society.

    1. EJ…I had just watched that. Were you able to identify it? Hey, it’s expressing itself. All is fine.
      Hope it can get a job. Biden would likely hire it as an advisor.

      1. It is that generation of 18 to about 25 or so who are so messed up because they have nothing of consequence to identify with besides crazy sh*t…bad music, bad art, horrible “costuming,” barely intelligible language between text talk and this made up sexual identity nonsense.

        But it has indeed been bad for a long time. We may have had cool, far out, groovy, etc. in our talk, but holy crap, we knew who we were when it came to dating, etc. Between this group and the latest “feminazis” white folks won’t be moms and dads very much.

      2. …And Hollywood is doing their best to promote it. No surprise there. I watch far TOO many movies and i can tell you as a fact, it’s very difficult to find a movie that does not extol gaydom, transgenderism and at the least, mixed marriages. And before someone jumps on my case re mixed marriages. I have no problem with it. But, when it shows up in 7 out of 10 movies, it does NOT represent reality or true statistics.

  8. The whole shit show sounds like another cog in Communist plot gears turning against us. Like all the other cogs… feminism, LGBT-XYZ, UBI, Financial RESET, Vaccine Passports. I just got another update from Colorado Gubner Poleuphisass. He wants to keep the Kung Flu going for life in Colorado. Be very afraid be very very afraid. Inject everyone and we will still never beat this is basically what he keeps telegraphing. Jared says 73% of the population has been death jabbed. I don’t buy that number. Maybe half is my guess. or less. I drove by a mass inoculation center in a gigantic mall near Golden. Guess how many people were in the drive through death jab line? Zero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So they keep raising the figure, why? to make us feel like a minority.

    The more time I spend in the Black Hills the more apparent it becomes, South Dakota is the heart and soul of traditional American values. I came across this great photo of Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok and Texas Jack. Wild Bill held the infamous dead man’s hand of aces and eights when he was murdered in Deadwood. They re-enact the trial of his killer Jack McCall daily. Pretty interesting case. McCall was aquitted in Deadwood and then retried elsewhere since the first was in Indian Territory. It was not considered double jeopardy because it was not held on American land


  9. As I have said many times, I take Stone with a large quantity of salt…but this is intriguing.
    SO, I went to the Walmart site and put in Dirty Laundry Sneakers. After Stone’s words, check what came up as one of the items.

    Wal Mart busted trafficking kids as “shoes”? This story will probably explode so I have to post it.
    I don’t know who discovered this, it was just suddenly on all the forums. Is it really child trafficking by Wal Mart? I gotta say, I’m stumped for another explanation. If you type $5000 shoes into Walmart.com, other single shoes come up also. This is NOT for a PAIR of shoes, it is for ONE SHOE.
    Really look over the ad. It specifies “young and junior aged girls”, is for ONE SHOE, the sku is listed as “parent”, it is not available in store, the brand is “CHINESE dirty laundry” (probably a Chinese girl), the size is 6 (probably for the age) there are no reviews of this product and they have ONE in stock. Why no reviews? Because no one else bought it yet, yet Wal Mart has only ONE in stock????
    This story is going to EXPLODE if Facebook does not shut it down, right or wrong this really does look like child trafficking.


    Why would they keep something of that nature on their site knowing it’s all over the Web?

    1. Wow! Just like the Wayfair “Cabinets” hey??

      Might send a link to an AlphaBetAgency, but then again they were in on this sort of thing for decades :-/

      Cathy O’Brian proved that with her book Trance Formation of America that accused Hillary and many others back in the 90’s but ironically, in our litigious society, never was sued? Hmmm.

      1. …Talked with an officer, not a detective. He got on line and saw the same thing we are seeing. Said because he is local I should contact the FBI in Phoenix.

        His search while we were talking regarding the Wayfair Cabinets resulted in it was a “conspiracy” and not true.

        Didn’t ask if he was using “Snopes” or some other “they” organization.

        At least he agreed that selling one shoe for 5K was indeed suspicious. He felt that Walmart uses outside people for products and that perhaps they weren’t aware of the charge.

        I don’t know, this is a Stephen King world now. Not going to contact the FBI as I might get put on the “No Breathing” list :-/

      2. At least you tried. It’s also possible it’s a sting operation. Who the hell knows what’s going on any longer. It’ more obvious day after day that we are living in the wild west and just about anything goes. We had rioters burning down cities. Shoplifting in CA is OK as long as it’s under 900 bucks. We had an obviously fraudulent election. And now have a demented un -president. The CONgress is kneeling to a terrorist group….as are many athletes. Apparently, DC is still cordoned off…although I have no proof of that. Genocide by pharmaceutical companies is now legal. Police are being de-funded. Pelosi crafted a fake insurrection resulting in gawd knows how many fake deaths. As a result of endless false flags, there are a multitude of empty graves. And they are on the verge of mandating a killer vax for our servicemen. No one is talking face to face. Folks are making a fortune on designer masks. Sales of disinfectants and germicides are through the roof. Bleach has become a condiment. Family members are at each others throats. And a little weasel provably a fraud, a Nazi collaborator, a supposed “genius” who stoled an OS and became one of the richest men on earth, and a heavily accented slob (Schwab) are running the planet and our individual lives. It just gets better every day, eh?

      3. @Will Two

        >>At least you tried. It’s also possible it’s a sting operation.>>

        If you in FLA and me and the PD in AZ can get to the site but the female manager at Walmart couldn’t, hmm, might be right about a sting.

        >>Who the hell knows what’s going on any longer.>>

        When I was 30 or so living with some folks in Pleasant Hill, CA I told the woman of the house that I knew what was going on in the world. She, a bit older then me, just smiled. I DID know quite a bit for sure, but I think she had that bigger perspective, like from the movie Shooter:

        “But that is the trouble with the world ain’t it? Just when you got it all figured out, you’re wrong gunny”

        >>It’s more obvious day after day …. just about anything goes.>>


        Total agreement with all you listed.

        >>It just gets better every day, eh?>>

        Max has another great video up today. Mentions the oddness of no one knows where all the stuff being strip minded around the world is going and some other excellent Igan points.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        BTW, did you check out the replies I gave to Don and Toni, really out of love and care and funny IMO? Being nice to Don after your email info on conditions and Toni to not participate in other’s anger.

      4. Yep, I noticed that, EJ. My friend Toni will just not put it to rest. It seems to be an obsession. Being called a liar consistently would seem to be a personal attack on a fellow poster, but I have no need to defend myself and am not interested in putting an extra burden on Jim. He’s already doing an amazing job considering his condition.

    2. I just called Walmart and talked with a female in “management” and she was “unable” to pull up the page I had in front of me?? Hmmm.

      Just called the police dept and a detective will be calling me back.

      To be continued….

  10. It all starts with free elections. No free elections–AKA mail-in balloting–means loony school boards, wicked governors, demented presidents, etc.

    I am putting my local school board on notice that they had better not adopt such insanity or I will personally run for the board.

  11. I don’t know where to begin. I’ll answer the title: “Who Benefits From Cancelling Achievement Standards?” Answer: Whomever is behind the present attempt to bring down the US. China? Gates? Fauci? Schwab? The Rothschilds? Soros? All of the aforementioned? An educated guess would be the entity that benefits most and it sure as hell is NOT We the People. Crap roles downhill and we are at the bottom of the pile.

    The ‘educational system’ (especially through High School) always left much to be desired. Once one learned the process, all that was necessary was rote memorization. I mastered it through high school, graduating as a valedictorian. But when I got to Cornell, I realized I had not learned to reason…to think. I was asked to take a break….the USMC found me. I married a woman near Cherry Point, NC with two children, had two of my own and the rest is history.

    TMI, eh?……yep…I tend to get carried away. Back to bizness…

    Anyway…a few responses to some statements from the article:

    ((Specialized high schools in New York City may no longer admit applicants based on academic merit))
    “May” is a funny word. It may mean something or it may not.

    On what will they base admission? Eye color? Ehnicity? Religion? Parentage? Money in the bank? Credit score? Social credit score? Facecrap status. Clothes? Style? Long hair? Short hair? Bling?
    Ability to comprehend Ebonics? Small hats? Large hats? Circumcision? Clittage?
    Oh yeah…this is going to be fun. I would love to see those schools in a year or so. You’ll no longer need the Bronx Zoo or even the Central Park Zoo.

    ((The alleged evidence for discrimination and victimization is statistical disparities among the massive census categories. For example, there’s the well-documented achievement gap among racial groups. In academic and professional achievement, the average among racial groups varies, with Asian Americans achieving an A, white Americans getting a B, Hispanics receiving a C, and African Americans getting a D.))

    Geez….it couldn’t be that Asians and white Americans are a bit more ambitious and disciplined, could it? Nah..it’s obviously their whiteness causing the disparity. Maybe the light reflects off their faces and allows better vision for reading. Damn whites….!

    ((The solution, therefore, according to Kendi, is discrimination, now and in the future, in favor of African Americans.))

    Now?? Was it not JFK that started that reverse discrimination policy…over 50 years and counting……and yet the victimhood continues….hmmm…victimhood….where have I heard that before….maybe about 6 million times…no? Hey, it’s a business. Private enterprise….victimhood pays! It may not MEAN anything, but it sure has a price tag.

    ((Inoue thinks that students should be graded on the effort they put into a project.”))

    One of the most inane statements in the entire article. How the hell do you measure effort
    ….by the amount of time you are not in front of the TEE VEE, texting or posting on FB? Maybe they can wear an “effort meter”……hey, Gates from hell…jump on that.

    ((The University of San Diego is offering faculty $600 to take a five-week Black Lives Matter course.))

    Must be the same funding source paying docs and hospitals to diagnosis everything as the ‘vid, paying off governors to push lock-downs and pushing Dominion voting machines. Do ya think it includes an hour or so on how to properly bow to BLM? Sure hope so, because our CONgress people and Biden need to get that down to an art.

    ((The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 81% of American Adults would oppose a law in their state that says high school students do not need to be proficient in reading, writing and mathematics to graduate. Only 12% favor such a law in their state.))

    I guess the school board in Oregon missed that survey. Then again, it involves numbers and those are verboten, no?

    ((The revivification of widespread antisemitism, and the violent attacks on Asian Americans and Jews. As usual, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.))

    I must have missed that aspect….guess I was too busy concentrating on those peaceful riots all over the nation. Damn, I gotta get focused.

    (((They should be replaced by people who have not lost their minds and who would represent the views of the citizens they’re supposed to represent.)))

    FINALLY…a sensible path. make it so….PLEASE!!

  12. A few years ago the Los Angeles Unified School District [600,000 students] filled their top post with an African American. This hurried policy of racial inclusion turned into a disaster after about a year. The on the job performance of the African American was dismal at best….he had no idea what he was doing.

    The LAUSD Board finally stepped in and fired him. The Director had a four year contract. Since he had several years left of his Contract, the Board had to pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get rid of him.

    Its best if people are actually qualified for a certain position regardless of their race.


      1. One would think that the LAUSD would do a better job of vetting a Superintendent, especially one that oversees 1000 schools with a budget of $24 billion.

      2. Don…I might add that the only black superintendent of that LA district is a woman, so all I am trying to do is clarify the issue.

        Michelle King (March 9, 1961 – February 2, 2019) was an American educator. She was the first black woman ever to serve as superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). She was appointed in January 2016 by the Los Angeles Board of Education. LAUSD is the second largest US school district.[1][2]

        …..and took a medical leave on September 15, 2017. She and the school district had intended for her to return by January 22, 2018, but she ultimately chose to stay on medical leave and retire at the end of the school year. She died on February 2, 2019.[9]

      3. Thanks, Don….It would have been so much easier to have posted that in the beginning.

        Brewer served as superintendent until December 2008 when his contract was bought out by the district prior to the end of his four-year term. According to figures reported on August 4, 2009, the dropout rate in the Los Angeles Unified School District declined almost 17% under Brewer’s leadership. Specifically the dropout rate for the 2007–08 school year came in at 26.4%, down from 31.7% for the previous year and among the largest improvements in the state of California. The Los Angeles Unified School District still trails all other large urban school systems in California except the Oakland Unified School District.

        These results highlight the achievements of Brewer, who was forced out in December 2008 despite rising test scores. Brewer, reached by the Los Angeles Times, credited Debra Duardo, a onetime dropout who began the district’s dropout-prevention unit, as well as district principals and teachers who accepted responsibility for taking on the dropout problem.[6]

      4. Will two. You are always welcome to google-search my Comments if you require more information. I post my comments and they stand as they are posted. I saw no reason to reveal the name of the superintendent.


      5. Don…For the sake of fellow posters and their consideration, you might consider backing up your own posts with facts, names, dates and proper references. But that is up to you and who you are.

      6. Not all comments need references. When I determine they need references I provide them. I have no idea why Will two needed a name. I suppose he’s happy he did some research and found a name…..now what?

      7. Actually, Don….YOU provided the name. In your original post, you stated “a few years ago”….not a decade ago, so it made it more difficult to research. As a result, I only went back about 5 years and came up with the wrong superintendent. Case closed.

      8. And let me add, Don, what do we do with ANY information we garner here. We add it to what we already know to further the cause of TRUTH. The statement “…now, what are you going to do with it” is quite a response. Think about it a bit.

      9. Will two writes ”Time to grow up Don” brings your contributions here to a new low. Think about it.
        This back and forth between you and me is useless. Posters here don’t need your lecturing.

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