Spanish Flu: The 1918 Influenza Epidemic was a Vaccine-Caused Disease

C. Johnson

Here is a motion cartoon from the earliest days of motion-pictures that likely was made at the time of the 1918 Spanish-Flu epidemic. So far, we have been unable to verify its origin, but there is no reason to think it is a counterfeit. Its value will be immediately recognized, not in its rarity or as a collector’s item, but its editorial commentary stunningly contemporary to our present day. Popular sentiment a hundred years ago clearly was far more aware of an agenda behind the propaganda and, as you will see in the final message of the cartoon, folks knew who was behind it and what the end game was. An amazing time capsule of truth.


In an email I sent out on March 29, 2020, I quoted this book:

Vaccination The Silent Killer: A Clear And Present Danger:  The 1918 Influenza Epidemic Was a Vaccine – Caused Disease by Ida Honorof and E. McBean (Paperback – 1977) Out of Print–Limited Availability:

While the book is out of print, I found a brief excerpt at two websites: here and here.

I am sending a short excerpt from this book again, which will show that exactly like today, it was clear to many people back in the early 1900’s who lived through the “1918 Spanish Flu” epidemic, and saw 20 million people die, that the vaccination program is what caused the epidemic.  Although the controlled media only printed propaganda about the epidemic, and would not print the facts, nor preserve witness testimony, it is true that many people were painfully aware that the government and the Rockefeller run vaccine companies wanted to maime, kill and depopulate humanity, which was clearly expressed in the vintage cartoon shown above.

Thus we can now see how history repeats itself and the majority of people (who do not do their research) refuse to learn from the past.  And here we are, back where we were 100 years ago in another government and WHO, Rockefeller, Big Pharma, Bill Gates run mass vaccination program, created, organized and deployed in closed door meetings.

And what a great way to force these injections on the public than to declare a pandemic and require that people get the vaccine in order to keep their job or travel and to enlist tyrannical governors and world leaders who are already in the Big-pharma Davos “Great Reset” cartel network, to force the agenda on the public.  And like the 1918 Flu epidemic, we see a similar, though more modern propaganda campaign unleashed upon the public for Covid that literally took over the mainstream news media and mainstream publications.

If you don’t know how this works, it all comes from big money at the top.  All these media outlets have been bought up by the trillionaire pharmaceutical giants and eugenics promoting oligarchs.  They control the content of what is reported in the news, and either you read what you are told or lose your job.

Quote from a chapter in the above referenced book:


Vaccination The Silent Killer: A Clear And Present Danger by Ida Honorof and E. McBean (Paperback – 1977) Out of Print–Limited Availability

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19 thoughts on “Spanish Flu: The 1918 Influenza Epidemic was a Vaccine-Caused Disease”

  1. Remember that the covid 19 virus had the good manners to take off and be quiet on Valentines Day in 2020 so that people could go out and buy candy and flowers for their loved ones.

    I hope the variants will do the same.


    1. “I’ve had it, I’ve had it, I am going to go f**king nuclear.”

      Dude is serious hey.

      People have been well conditioned to not seek out bigger views of what the hell is going on IMO. Part of the story is the transformation of humans to Artifical Intelligence. Many clues out there.

      Found this at has a lot of authors there.

      A video by Max Igan starts off with a great, short clip from the movie “My Dinner With Andre” where Andre addresses this transformation potential from 40 years ago.

      Here’s the BitChute link:


      Celeste Solum– Human Life Will Be Unrecognizable
      By Henry Makow

      1. Oh yes! My Dinner with Andre. Made when meaningful conversation was still a pastime. Be careful. You’ll really blow minds with that clip. C’mon, man. No one talks any longer. Are you trying to throw in wrench into the present pair-a-dime(s)? What are you, some kind of revolutionary?

    2. No reply button on your “Dinner with Andre” comment :-))

      Yeah, seems the lack of authentic converstaion has a direct correlation to the advent of digital dialog. Text talk..OMG, WTF, etc. seems to satisfy far too many these days rather then a nice long converstaion. Part of it too is the narsisstic fever that has come over our nation. No one wants to be “wrong” so they avoid areas of possible conflict. That old BS about not talking about politics or religion, ironically the two worst influences in human behavior :-/

      Excuses are given but it is all nonsense. Lack of critical thinking skills, comic book and super hero mentality are the common references rather then interesting authors or ideas. Tried checking out The Donald and it is FULL of that sort of stuff, arrested adolescent arguing.

      Someone said: “Movies used to be based on novels, now they are based on cartoons and comic books.”

    3. For some reason your “reply” button doesn’t always show up. This is INRE: Watching the whole movie.

      Back in the day a good buddy of mine, a Jewish guy from Michigan, freinds with the Cohen bros, etc., a video “news stringer” then, and was supposed to be on the plane that Ron Brown died from gun fire. But that’s another story.

      Anyway, he was always taking me (an off the grid guy even back then) to someplace cool to eat, or whatever. He took me to see “My Dinner…” and it was a very cathartic experience for both of us. The fact that Wallace and Andre wrote it was pretty amazing. I downloaded it from youtube yesterday.

      Loved Wallace (over 200 IMBD credits) as Vizzini in The Princess Bride.

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  3. The early warning cartoon is a hoax. Red Pill U. didn’t check sources –

    However the 1918 Flu was not a contagious disease. Doctors tried to infect healthy people with extreme measures in California and Boston but not one person got sick. Doctors smeared snot from a diseased person to the nasal and eye mucosa tissues of a healthy person to no avail… Also, the conflation of virus as a “Flu” was cleverly made by re-writing timelines. It was not until 1931 that a virus was purported to exist with the development of the electron microscope yet everyone has been mind-washed to believe the 1918 pandemic was cause by a virus. Listen to Dr. Sam Bailey explain it. You will not be disappointed –

  4. I’d also like to offer that:

    There are no scientific studies that prove “contagious” diseases exist.

    Dawn Lester & David Parker
    What Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors

    In 10 years of research they found no scientific studies proving contagion is provable. Yes, in a family some kids or one of the parents may get sick together, but not ALL.

  5. From the work of the late Dave McGowen and others it is well known that there was in the 60’s an alphabet agency film studio in the Valley in LA and they were making lots of propaganda, etc. films there.

    Now, while this film has the “look” of an old work, and I am not an an analyst of any sort, it feels to be quite modern in many ways??? Especially that Simpson’s cop at the end? With DARPA and others decades ahead of others it is quite possible that this is from their dirty hands.

    Remember “Wag the Dog?”

    Also it has been discussed for years that for some reason the dark side has to warn people in advance of their bad behavior and this would surly fall in that catagory. Just thinking about things that’s all.

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