Protests Rage Across Europe as Lockdown, Vaccination Mandates Start


Anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine passport protests erupted across Europe on Saturday, according to media photos and videos.

Thousands upon thousands of demonstrators were seen in London, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Athens, and other cities across Europe, according to footage and news reports.

The demonstrations in France appeared to be the tensest, with riot police firing tear gas as clashes erupted in central Paris.


Police sought to push back demonstrators near the capital’s Gare Saint-Lazare railway station after protesters had knocked over a police motorbike ridden by two officers, news footage showed. Scuffles between police and demonstrators also broke out the Champs-Elysees thoroughfare, where teargas was fired and traffic was halted, it showed.

France’s Interior Ministry said that about 160,000 people partook in the protests on Saturday—sharply up from 114,000 a week before that, reported Reuters.



The reason for the protest, in part, was due to pending legislation in France’s Parliament that would set up a vaccine passport system as well as a vaccination mandate for all healthcare workers. The passport bill would force people to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test result to enter restaurants and other public areas—which critics have described as needlessly draconian.

Protesters railed against the proposed bill, saying, “no to shameful pass” while denigrating French President Emmanuel Macron as a “tyrant.”



“We need to wait a little bit before the French people can decide … I think a part of France is always going to be unwilling and that blackmail and threats won’t work,” protester Ayoub Bouglia, an engineer, told The Associated Press for why he’s demonstrating.

Thousands of Italian demonstrators gathered in Rome, Naples, Verona, and Milan on Saturday, according to videos and photos published online.

In Verona, thousands chanted, “No Green Pass,” referring to Italy’s government decision to implement a vaccine-passport-like system for people to enter local fairs, stadiums, theaters, and other gathering areas.


Protesters hold placards and banners during a demonstration against France’s COVID-19 restrictions in Paris, on July 24, 2021. (Benoit Tessier /Reuters)

Also on Saturday, demonstrators in Dublin, Ireland, emphatically called on the government to rescind lockdown and mask measures.

London, England, also drew significant anti-vaccine demonstrations, with protesters waving flags and singing songs.

Some 4,000 people, meanwhile, appeared outside of the Greek parliament in central Athens to protest against mandatory vaccinations, DW and other news agencies reported. Greek authorities used tear gas on some protesters.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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16 thoughts on “Protests Rage Across Europe as Lockdown, Vaccination Mandates Start”

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  3. I have to put this up from Stew Peters because it is so far beyond the pale that it is mind blowing to the extreme. IF you are a normal human, you will find this simply a sign of rampant perversion. I will say once again, a society that cannot protect its children is already lost…totally effing lost. Believe it or not, this took place in the great state of TEXAS!

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  6. Vaccines… a product so good, they have to give away! Bribe you to take it ! Shame you into taking it ! Scare you into taking it! Promise you a return to normal for taking it !

    The fear was ratcheted on the radio the last week… Delta Variant!… Be very afraid ! New Covid cases exploding ! The sky is falling !

    Only seeing a few mask wearing fools in South Dakota, I put it at less than 1 %. I have not watched any TV in quite a while, One thing I miss is the car restoration shows on Motor Trend TV. It was about the only thing I watched on a regular basis. I have been restoring an antique RV bolt by bolt and now volt by volt. Trying to trace loss of 120 volt power, the 12 volt is unaffected. I am so into the project I don’t have much time for the sky is falling. I did notice a small box of screws is now nine bucks.

    1. The price of screws and nails has become outrageous. We still have a local hardware store that sells them in bulk…by the pound. In any case, it all comes from China. Am I to believe we cannot even make a screw or nail in this country? Politics has ruined our existence.

      I could not believe the price of 7/16th’s OSB. 45 bucks a sheet….up from $7-9 last year. How the hell can anyone build a house or even do renovations.

      About ten years ago, a friend and myself put a metal roof on my house…material cost about $1500. The material for that same roof today would easily be about $6K and there would be no way I could afford it.

  7. Macron is going to create a no shot no vote mandate in France to guarantee re-election.

    Strange how the same hammer is coming down across Europe nations at the same time. One might think it was conspiracy.

    As Will Two and I mentioned the other day regarding a Max Igan (Aussie) comment about how Americans, being the most well-armed citizens on the planet, could stop the madness world wide with a home grown resistance, BUT, will we? No sign of it yet.

    1. They realize a mandate in the US will be met with massive protest and armed resistance. They fear that more than anything. They will simply continue with the fear psyop to get more Americans vaxxed. IF that does not give them the figures they need, get ready for anything….weather warfare….power outages….food and water shortages…and numerous false flags They won’t stop now….too much invested. If it fails in the US, it fails everywhere.

      1. Once the far Left realized they could get away with the Sandy Hook hoax, they could get away with anything…[as they did with the daylight murder of JFK.] All of these are related.


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