Dave Hodges, The Delta Variant Is Being Used to Hide the Real Casualty Numbers of the Covid Vaccine

Dave Hodges 

You are about to read a report which exposes the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people. There are no unnamed sources afraid to come out behind the shadows for fear of experiencing the loss of job or even the loss of life. The words of the CDC convict this massive CV-19 fraud perpetrated upon our once great nation.

I recently interviewed a very courageous, honest, and CHRISTIAN attorney from Ohio. His name is Tom Renz. Like myself, Mr. Renz is a one-man-show. Yet, this almost self-deprecating and humble God’s servant is spearheading what may one day be considered the most important lawsuit in American history!

Tom Renz is risking life, limb and career to represent what has become known as the Frontline Doctors. TO LISTEN TO THIS GROUND-BREAKING INTERVIEW WITH TOM RENZ, CLICK HERE

From Renz-Law.com:

The vaccines for COVID are a dangerous experiment that may end up causing more damage than they prevent. The vaccines have not had ANY long-term safety studies and there is NO evidence that they are effective against variants. There have been unprecedented numbers of short-term side effects and yet they continue to be pushed by Dr. Fauci and his crew who happen to co-own the intellectual property rights on them….

False data used to inflate death toll

The chart, listed above from none other than the CDC makes the Frontline Doctors claim that no child should be vaccinated, ever!

During the course of our interview, Mr. Renz and myself explored why the CDC would recommend treatment for a virtual non-event, medically speaking. On the journey of understanding the CDC’s rationale, from Mr. Renz, we both put forward the following:

  1. Mr. Renz and myself concur that the coronavirus is not natural. It is possible to trace the evolution of the virus and it will show the artificial manipulation of the virus into a bioweapon. I contend that the bioweapon was developed by the CHICOMS, in the Wuhan lab with the help of Democratic Party and Deep State operative, Anthony Fauci, in the manner described and revealed by Dr. Rand Paul in recent Congressional hearings. When we reduce these events to a lowest common denominator, the release of this bioweapon was, at least in part, designed to cause a change in how Americans vote. The major change was in the absentee ballots. Without these fraudulent ballots, Biden could never have generated enough fake votes to steal the election. Fauci, the CHICOMS, the Democratic Party and other unknown co-conspirators have the blood of millions of human beings on their hands. To say that Fauci is a modern-day Dr. Mengele, would be a gross understatement!
  2. From his investigation leading up to legal discovery, Mr. Renz has concluded that in order to greatly inflate the covid numbers, thus acting as a force-multiplier, the government paid health officials needed to use a test which would greatly exaggerate the number of positive covid diagnosis. Later in this article, the fraud behind covid testing will be reviewed from publications made by myself on the CSS in April/May of 2020. In short, the FDA did not require third party validation of the efficacy of the PCR test in 2020. The FDA used as the excuse to pardon the lack of scientific rigor in diagnosing covid-19, that there was not time to do validation given the emergency nature of the pandemic. The reason does not matter. If there is no test for validity, there is no test for covid.  I have previously taught research and statistics at college, university and post-graduate level, and in none of my courses would a student have survived my midterm exam with this kind of shoddy, unscientific approach. Third party validation is the cornerstone of all medical testing. Why would these well-trained FDA professionals apply the scientific rigor of a third-grader? Read on, the answer will be obvious.
  3. Isn’t it interesting that the FDA just recently decertified the PCR test, a test that they never certified from a scientific point of view? What does this mean? This means that there has never been a test that could accurately identify and isolate covid-19. But wait, it gets worse. Nationally, the flu all but disappeared in 2020. Why? It has now been discovered that the PCR is so broad in the spectrum of its analysis, that any virus in the body would test positive for covid including the flu. And the federal government paid for this deceptive brand of voodoo science in order to instill fear in the public, in order gain widespread acceptance of the citizens to accept the abrogation of Constitutional rights in the name of fighting this imaginary pandemic. In order to perpetrate this fraud upon the public, the federal government paid for a questionable diagnosis of covid-19. To add insult to injury in the bastardization of the scientific process, the federal government furthered incentivized fraud by paying more for a covid-19 cause of death in final autopsy reports. Literally, people who have died from head trauma in a car accident, were determined to have died from covid-19 if the broad spectrum flawed testing revealed that covid-19 was in the deceased person’s system at the time of death.
  4. Why was this done? Both Mr. Renz and myself believe that this was done to pave the way for an untested and very dangerous vaccine that is killing people in great numbers.
  5. As we continue down the rabbit hole, Mr. Renz has discovered that most of the people dying today from the effects of the virus are fully vaccinated. Estimate range as high as 85%. Even in Israel, 85% of the viral deaths are people who were fully vaccinated.
  6. Enter the so-called Delta variant. First, please allow me to say that there is very likely a mutation that has arisen out of covid-19. However, almost all variants are more contagious, yet far less harmful in terms of lethality. THERE IS AN IMPORTANT QUESTION THAT BEGS TO BE ASKED: IF THERE IS PRESENTLY NO TEST TO DIAGNOSE COVID-19 AND ANY VARIANTS, GIVEN THE FDA’S DECERTIFICATION OF THE PCR TEST, HOW DOES THE CDC KNOW THAT THE SO-CALLED DELTA VARIANT IS SWEEPING THROUGH THE POPULATION AND IT POSES A GRAVE THREAT TO AMERICA? The answer that both Mr. Renz and myself would agree with is there is no readily available test to make such a diagnosis. Again, America is being put into a state of fear and panic so the public will accept lockdown 2.0. Mr. Renz and I both conclude that what we are seeing in hospital emergency rooms and hospitals, in general, is not primarily any Delta variant, it a severe reaction to the vaccine in the fully vaccinated.
  7. From my personal perspective, the reason for a second lockdown is necessary because the public is slowly awakening to the Marxist-Communist-based treachery of the Biden administration whose clear goal is to destroy the country in its present form. They need to maintain the post-pandemic means to steal an election because no citizen in their right mind would ever vote for their own self-destruction. Without free and valid elections, there is no America. A lockdowned nation will not force election reform and decertify criminal election practices. By the way, with pressure being applied by myself and others, the Maricopa County Election Audit has reversed course from State Senator Fann’s ineffective leadership and has issued new subpoenas to Dominion and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. In response, because we are now getting to closed to the truth, the twitter account of the audit team was just suspended in order to keep the public in the dark. This is exactly what Tom Renz and the Frontline Doctors are fighting against. The strategy of the Left is always the same. Vilify and censor the truth of those that would expose wrongdoing both in the lack of efficacy and safety in vaccines and the lack of integrity in the treatment for the greatly exaggerated covid19 where maximizing vaccine profits is the goal.

America, be not deceived by this imaginary Delta variant. We are primarily looking at vaccine side-effects and this is how it is being covered up.

Before closing, I want to expose the fraud of covid-19 testing that I exposed last year.

A Fraud for the Ages

Whether one is validating a treatment efficacy or providing a more “reliable” claim for diagnosis, one needs to establish the false positive rate in order to determine whether or not effective treatment or accurate diagnostics falls within acceptable limits. And of course, consistency is needed in the testing process and that is established through multiple studies in which consistent results are obtained. In health testing, a margin of error of less than 5% is acceptable. Anything greater than this calls into question the validity of the diagnostics.

At question in this report is the efficacy of the diagnostic procedures being utlized by federal and state health officials in determining the true infection rate in the United States which can be used as a guide to impose restrictions upon the people of this nation. Sometimes in investigative reporting, we can use the words of the investigated to convict them of wrongdoing. This is certainly the case here.

From the FDA in an April Statement from the Commissioner of Food and Drugs -Food and Drug Administration Stephen M. Hahn MD., in which the FDA admits that they have no intention of validating the testing numbers for COVID-19. Instead, the FDA admits that they will let the test developers validate their own testing reliability and validity.

…Recognizing that more flexibility was needed during a pandemic of this scale and speed, and incorporating feedback from the medical community, states and test developers, we have also provided regulatory flexibility for serological tests in an effort to provide laboratories and health care providers with early access to these tests with the understanding that the FDA had not reviewed or authorized (or “approved”) them, at least not initially, and these tests should not be used for diagnosing or excluding active SARS-CoV-2 infection.

What the above paragraph is telling the reader is that the FDA has a history of not fully validating the accuracy of test kits before using them in the field and gathering data from these unvalidated tests in which policy decisions will be based! In laymen’s terms, the FDA has been guilty of violating the standard tenets of science when it comes to validating tests for a long time. Practice makes perfect and this is why the FDA and its partner in crime, the CDC are so adept at fooling the public.

Here is more damning self-statements from the same FDA report on test kits:

Specifically, last month (April 2020), as part of our broader strategy, the FDA issued a policy explaining that FDA does not intend to object when developers of serological tests market or use their tests without prior FDA review where: 1) the tests are validated by the developer to determine that they are accurate and reliable, 2) notification of the developer’s validation is provided to FDA, and 3) the tests are labeled appropriately, including that they are not to be used as a sole basis for diagnosis. Our policy does not apply to at-home specimen collection or at-home testing because of the added challenges in assuring test accuracy that these pose. The policy does apply to tests that can be performed in patient care settings. Laboratories could validate tests they receive from commercial manufacturers and determine if they should be used in their facilities. Some laboratories have already done so or have developed their own serological tests…

Test results are not going to be determined by the FDA, but instead are going to be validated by the developer of the tests? The open invitation to fraud is obvious to anyone who has eyes to see. Then the FDA tries to beg themselves out of responsibility by saying the Labs can validate the test. Why should labs engage in a validating practice because testing for validation would happen AFTER the purchase of the test kits by the labs? In other words America, there is no oversight on determining whether these tests are measuring what they claim to measuring.  This is like looking under the hood of the car AFTER you purchase it!  And yet, these test numbers are reportedly daily in the mainstream media and provide governors and mayors with the ability to lockdown their jurisdictions  as these despots violate the Constitutional rights of their citizens and the whole process of based on fake numbers!

In the face of this obvious cesspool of fraud, it is easy to conclude the following:

There is financial motive to increase the CV-19 rates as it will lead to the need for more testing and more profits for the manufacturer of the tests.

  1. Both the FDA and the CDC are well-known as being “Never-Trumpers” and commonly operate outside the oversight of the President. These are largely Democratic Party affiliated institutions with major conflicts of interest which has been validated on multiple sites resulting from multiple documents.
  2. By allowing a test that could very well be a hotbed for false positives, the fake numbers could be used as a phony excuse to continue to lockdown and ruin the nation’s economy, thus weakening the nation for economic collapse and even military invasion since the country’s ability to defend itself in the long-term would be greatly impacted.
  3. This policy in which numbers can be exaggerated for political gain is already in evidence in the practice of the CDC. The CDC announced that before a local community could progress to Phase One of the return to normalcy, the flu-like symptoms and the COVID-19 numbers must decrease from the information obtained from testing. The confabulation efforts on the part of the CDC is painfully apparent. The purpose for the fraud and using a testing kit that has not been validated for accuracy is also painfully obvious. California Governor Newsom has said the lockdown will stay in effect until the mandatory vaccines are ready. It is a well-established fact that the COVID-19 team has multiple conflicts of financial interest involving the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the principal spokespeople for the COVID-19 group (eg Fauci and Birx).
  4. Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey is doing everything in his power to prolong his state’s unconstitutional lockdown. Ducey sits on the Board of Directors for T-GEN which is partnering with the Gates people in the development a vaccine. A bad test, with multiple false positive will prove to be the impetus for not letting America out of its Big Pharma prison until the public accepts the mandatory vaccine. Further the testing kit fraud is consistent with CDC guidelines which allows doctors to engage in a totally unprofessional practice known as “presumptive diagnosis” in which the doctor simply presumes that the deceased expired because of  COVID -19. This practice also inflates the numbers and provides local dictators the ability to win an election that they would be able to win without this greatly exaggerated crisis by making the public’s lives miserable so they blame the existing President.

The next question that skeptics to my analysis will ask is whether of not there is any validation of widespread inaccuracy of the testing? I believe that the fraud in the United States could effectively be covered up by the CDC. However, the CDC does not control nation of Tanzania and its President and he tells a clear story of a totally imported test kit from abroad.

From Breitbart:

Tanzanian President John Magufuli denounced imported coronavirus test kits as faulty after he said they returned positive results for samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw, a fruit similar to papaya, Reuters reported on Sunday. 

Meanwhile, back to the CDC document:

The bottom line is that FDA still expects tests to be validated even under our revised policy for tests. However, the EUA process or an evaluation by NIH supports greater confidence in test performance.


Here is my take on the situation and this is without a doubt the biggest fraud every perpetrated upon the United States

This final conclusion is obvious: Americans have sacrificed their country based on total fraud perpetrated by Fauci, Birx, the FDA and the CDC as well as the Democratic Party and its mainstream media allies. Not even the use of the original Trojan Horse can stand up to the great fraud in, not just American History, but in world history!!!

Roll up your sleeves here comes the Mark of the Beast mandatory vaccines which will be required to buy, sell or trade!

I stated all of this in May of 2020 and now it is coming into fruition unless enough of us stand in opposition to this tyranny and the medical martial law that will follow.

Meanwhile, covid positive illegal immigrants are crossing into our border, without mitigation, while the officials responsible for this travesty, our communist dictators, are growing close to imposing mandatory and dangerous vaccines!

About the Author

dave hodges

Dave Hodges has been publishing the Common Sense Show since 2012. The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty. 

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  1. Jim Stone this AM…..makes a lot of sense….

    There is a rumor going around that I am worried is true:
    The rumor is that both Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer, during clinical trials, were worried about having the vaxxed group show far more long term problems than the placebo group that out of schedule, they called in the placebo groups and gave them the real shot. I think this rumor is true. However, I will call it rumor. But there is a problem:
    Now, with the current jab levels in the general public there are again two groups. A real shot group with perhaps up to half the population getting one shot and about 35 percent getting both. The the group refusing the shot is the equivalent of the placebo group. With a vast majority of people in hospitals now being from the group that got the actual shot, it is not looking good for the people running the covid con job because there is far too large of a placebo group for (their) comfort remaining to prove the group that got the shot got maimed and everyone who avoided it is OK. And this is why they are pushing so hard to get everyone jabbed – because if they do not, the damage the shot did will become too obvious
    They need everyone destroyed the same way to destroy the evidence that they destroyed everyone, – they need EVERYONE destroyed to “prove” the jab saved everyone who survived it from “the horrible outcome” the jab caused all along. If there is a placebo group equivalent out running around, representing about half of society, the people who jabbed so many are going to be totally busted when the ugly truth becomes unavoidable.
    I have little doubt they are panicked. They are panicked and they want mass deaths and they do not want to get busted for causing it. That shot is the equivalent of bullets fired in a hot war, an equivalent which requires a cooperative target. And the target is not cooperating. Not anymore at least, and desperate people, especially desperate criminals, and ESPECIALLY desperate groups desperate for genocide will do desperate, and this time no doubt horrible things.
    What will that be?

    Me…I have no idea, but whatever it may be, WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE THE TARGET….This shit has to stop now. The Alberta case must be sent viral …it’s somewhere on this blog in the comments. Just search for Patrick King. The government in Canada had to admit they never isolated any damn ‘vid . How much more proof do we need to show it’s a scam of EPIC PROPORTIONS. Theses bastardz must hang high BEFORE IT”S TOO LATE.

  2. This article pretty well sums it up.

    My personal belief is that the forced vaccination rollout is a preparatory conditioning psy-op (with a QR code) for the real jab which will come later (microchip).

    The magnetization of the body via graphene oxide somehow is a preparation for this, as the chip will need a prepared body and brain for linkage to 5G, which will allow total 24/7 surveillance and linkage to the CBDC (central bank digital currency) banking system and social credit score system. This will be the real mark of the beast, with linkage to a huge AQC (Adiabatic Quantum Computer) which already exists: see


    Marcus MD

    1. This is the real deal, Marcus. From my personal experience, very few people will take the 3rd jab after now realizing the dangers of the 1st & 2nd ones.

    1. Jim…I don’t know if you have control over comments on your BitChute channel….but, I defend you there against obvious shills and my comments are consistently removed for no reason I can see.
      This was a comment that was just deleted:

      I am sorry to say, you know little to nothing about Dr. Fetzer. He has admitted innumerable times he’s against the vaccine and against Trump’s promoting it. He has NEVER called anyone “stupid goyim”. If you care to comment about Dr. Fetzer, why not go to his blog and air your grievances like a MAN (or whatever you may be). Jamesfetzer.org. You have done nothing but to degrade the Dr. in video after video with zero evidence and real support for your allegations. So, we all KNOW what that makes you, eh?

      1. This was the comment to which I replied with the above:

        WILL SAVE THE WORLD!”: “Fetzer thinks we’re Stupid Goyim”;
        Fetzer shows how deadly “The Frankenshots Are, ‘Then Supports Puppet, Trump,
        Who Led This Genocide Program On Us,’ For Israel”; “Trump Is As Senile As
        Biden”: https://www.bitchute.com/video/geibUcCKTR0f/?list=notifications&randomize=false [show less]

      2. Will Two, I checked and the site moderator has taken out some of the troll posts, where your rebuttals, it appears, went with them. Sorry about that. They are very active on my videos.

      3. On a different note there’s crisis right now in Tehran, Iran. The US Embassy is in immanent danger of being attacked. The Marines should be sent in today to secure our Embassy from danger.

      4. Jim…I am sorry to report that on the Stew Peters post, the troll comment is still up and my rebuttal is gone. I also made a comment to clear up the idea that lead in a pencil is not graphite. That is also gone, yet the comment is still up.
        I have not checked the other vids.

        This is the lead comment:

        Pencil lead is graphite but it is not lead, it’s something entirely different. I don’t know how similar pencil lead graphite is to graphene, but it’s certainly not lead. Not that I would recommend injecting either into the bloodstream. Good interview but he doesn’t help his credibility by blurting out a false assumption like that right at the end.

        This was my response which is now gone:

        An allotrope of carbon, consisting of planes of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal arrays with the planes stacked loosely, that is used as a dry lubricant and in “lead” pencils.

        The troll comment still up: (I comment as thesilentone16…not 15, as the troll)

        WILL SAVE THE WORLD!”: “Fetzer thinks we’re Stupid Goyim”;
        Fetzer shows how deadly “The Frankenshots Are, ‘Then Supports Puppet, Trump,
        Who Led This Genocide Program On Us,’ For Israel”; “Trump Is As Senile As
        Biden”: [show more]

        4 hours ago
        its better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt

        4 hours ago
        [comment removed]

        Edited 4 hours ago

        Something is amiss, Jim…I am sorry to say. But thank you for your effort.
        To tell the truth, I normally do not comment, but I do so in your defense.

      5. Don…I appreciate your comment re Iran, but I do not understand why it is under mine. It has nothing to do with my issue and serves to dilute what I am trying to say.

      6. OK, Jim…I just put up a separate comment on your recent Lindauer video. So, let’s see if it stays up since it’s not connected to a troll (who HAS commented, btw).
        That is the last I will say on this issue. IF that comment also disappears, I will refrain from further comment on your channel.

        Thank you for your trouble.

      7. So, there you go. The troll comments on the Lindauer vid are still up and my SEPARATE comment is gone.

        As I said, something is amiss.

      8. I have had several communications with the moderator and we’re trying to figure out what’s going on. Thanks for letting me know.

      9. Thank you for your effort, Jim….I won’t waste the blogs time any longer. I just figure if it’s happening to me, to who else is it happening. Those vids get no where near the number of comments they should…IMO.

      10. Will-2…I wrote that my comment ”was on a different note”…..sorry if that offended you, that was not my intention.

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  4. As I have stated several times here, the U.S. is the most corrupt nation on the planet. But now its a new low that’s very reminiscent of the 1940s. Its not just bad advice, the government is in a rage to stick syringe needles in millions of people’s arms to ”save and protect” us.
    The syringes are loaded with mystery voodoo juice that has already killed thousands of people.
    If you’re in CA, the raving governor compares the needle-shy to drunk drivers who endanger and kill.
    Could the rhetoric get any more shrill and ridiculous?
    I feel like I’m going backwards at warp speed.


  5. COVID-19 and its VARIANTS were bio-engineered in ALIEN Labs , located in U.S. D.U.M.B.s and transported to Wuhan by the [Alien-INFESTED] U.S. Military to pin the blame on a likely scapegoat. The ALIENS designed the Coronavirus to 1) CULL and CONTROL the Human Herd and 2) DISRUPT Human Civilization. THEY [ALIENS] are CONTROL FREAKS! It’s all part of the ALIEN AGENDA.


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