3 thoughts on “CDC: We Can Do This VACCINATION INDUCEMENTS”

  1. Just another thought- How many physicians recommend Covid shots? About what percentage of the total number is this?

    Moreover, how many hospital patients truly read and understand documents that are presented to them before they undergo a procedure? Or, do most just pretend to read the words and then scribble assent? Does this sloppily read/understood document have much legal weight? Does it get the hospitals off the hook should mistakes be made thanks to the scribbled signatures?

  2. I’d love to find out who is really behind these inducements. I suspect that some serious money is changing hands from unnamed oligarchs with unlimited money to high ranking representatives that work for these companies. You know, a nice set of golf clubs would prime the pump.
    It would seem that the oligarchs are somewhat desperately seeking suckers to get the shots. Or, “you can either die from the shots or you can die in a FEMA torture camp should you not get the shot”.

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