Jack Mullen, Reality’s Harsh Taste: Civilization Commits Suicide

Tikkun Olam is the Jewish way of saying “the world needs fixing, and it’s our job to fix it.”


Psychiatry A primitive–ego defense–mechanism by which a person unconsciously negates the existence of a disease or other stress-producing reality in his environment, by disavowing thoughts, feelings, wishes, needs, or external reality factors that are consciously intolerable. 

The current state of Western Civilization can be characterized in terms of long term mental illness; a mass psychosis with institutionalized support.  America, for example, has become a nation of traumatized children, having repeatedly been subjected to “beatings”, “tortures” and terrorism – they are now collectively embracing a shared “Stockholm Syndrome“. Important characteristics of Stockholm Syndrome:

  • Victim shows symptoms of ongoing trauma or PTSD.
  • Victim is bonded to abuser.
  • Victim is grateful for small kindnesses of abuser.
  • Victim denies violence or rationalizes violence and denies anger about abuse.
  • Victim is hyper-vigilant to meets abuser’s needs and keep abuser happy.
  • Victim views world from abuser’s perspective.
  • Victim sees rescuers as the bad guys and abuser as the good guy/protector.
  • It is difficult for victim to leave abuser or separate psychologically from abuser.
  • Victim fears retaliation from abuser.

An example of mass psychosis is the nearly universal acceptance of the Covid-19 “Pandemic” as a real physical event and not the TV/Media created illusion substituted for reality.  Supporting the on-going terrorist presentation of a fabricated pandemic is the institutions that are the primary abusers: mainstream media, science, medicine and beneficiary corporate gatekeepers and monopoly empowered pirates.

The real killer in the “pandemic” psychological torture operation will be the vaccine which is killing 30 people per day on record and an untold number off record. The secondary killing will begin when the experimental technology begins to modify the recipients genetics over the coming 18 months. These deaths will also be attributed to the pandemic and to mainstream medical pseudo-science’s admission that ‘virus’ mutation was because of rushing to ‘vaccinate’ (the injection is not a vaccine).

The primary abusers have participated, wittingly, in decades of repeated violence and trauma, mostly psychological, aimed at the population for purposes of radically reducing its size and the installment of a new societal controlling paradigm that will conclude with extreme physical violence resulting in the total restructuring of civilization and massive population reduction. All of it completed in a shockingly short period of time.

The goals and intentions of the abusers cum-mass-murders have been clearly stated and the plan followed openly for hundreds of years. Until recently, only fringe researchers and silenced cryers have fully understood the plan and attempted to expose its machinations to the public.

For most the pain of realty is costly, too embarrassing, and morally repugnant. Imputed pseudo-morality being part of the illusion; the inversion of morality providing intellectual rationalization for the humanity destroying cultural debauchery suffocating our way of life.

Myself, and many others, have fully explored the nature of the current artificial reality which has been pulled over the heads of the general population.  We have pointed out the poisonous slogans and thinly veiled violence, hatred and raw evil costumed as new enlightened cultural norms – indoctrinated by weaponized media and corrupted educational systems.

I offer the videos below as separately confirming and proving that Americans, and especially formerly white European nations and colonies, are now under unrelenting, massively funded, technologically orchestrated bombardment – WAR with a coming complete defeat to be followed by the call for total surrender not far away.

I, like many of my colleagues, are no longer able to repeat the warnings of a coming destruction initiated and completed by the very people the population expects to protect them. A complete inversion of reality has occurred wherein good has been exchanged with evil and the protectors with brutalizers.

We are here now – the war which has raged savagely since approximately 1913, is finally causing a complete route of the population – who heretofore have yet to even realize they were being attacked and exterminated.  The people’s belief system so modified that suicide is morally substituted for life; “give me liberty or give me death now becoming “give me death” – just don’t force me to see it coming.

The first video jumps past hundreds of years of research revealing  the plan and its reasons to a summary of what comes next and why.

The second videos explains one of the methods the abusers are using now to quickly decimate the population.

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12 thoughts on “Jack Mullen, Reality’s Harsh Taste: Civilization Commits Suicide”

  1. There is a lot to commend this provocative article, but I don’t think one should tie what’s happening in America to the Jewish religion, as the figure does. Historically, the leaders on the secret, ruling Bilderberger cabal on this side of the Atlantic were mostly non-Jewish: JP Morgan and his henchmen the Dulles brothers and McCloy and others, the Rockefellers and their arch-henchman Brzezinski, .the Bushes, Lords, etc. And, some of the most prominent leaders behind the false official COVID narrative–Gates, Fauci, Birx, Bezos, etc.–are hardly Jewish. But, in the end it is indeed shocking to see how the elites have led large masses of the American people to commit cultural, political, and economic suicide in the name of COVID. I believe it is about power–everywhere in the world, the once-dominant Western financiers have been losing out, and they want to tighten their grip over the Western masses before performing a last-ditch effort to execute their global agenda. As I mention in my recent vaccine wars article on this same site, they have even botched that, falling way behind in the Chinese and Russians in their effort to vaccinate/depopulate the rest of the world. They are so insulated and isolated that they don’t realize they are in t he end plotting their own self-destruction.

  2. Latest Data on KUNG FLU. This report from… in the trenches and taking fire and grenades trying to conduct commerce. Tonight I guided a group of mostly 30s up to Black Hawk to gamble away their car and mortgage payments. It was almost like they never heard of Kung Flu. Some uber hot babes for sure. They were all Huggy huggy kissy kissy. The trip went pretty good going up there. It was coming back that it all goes south. Like always.

    I was trying to explain the miracle of getting any phone or radio reception deep in a canyon for 12 miles straight to someone that has just no clue how radio signals travel. She just would not be convinced. So Emma turned on the flash light function of her phone instantly killing my night vision. There is a swift moving river to my right down a steep embankment and harsh headlights from around the corner to my left. She climbs almost on top of me with 35 peoples’ lives in my hands to adjust the radio, which is just over my head. The road winds like an endless sidewinder snake from start to finish. It was pitch black night. I wanted to just stop in the middle of the canyon and tell her to get out and call an Uber. And wish her good luck because she knew better than me after driving this dangerous canyon road for three decades plus. It was her 30th birthday party trip. I was driving the road before her birth and I get second guessed. The arrogance of that is off the charts. But so typical.

    As Kung Flu season winds down, DEW fire season should be ramping up soon. It’s a mind blowing story found the world over. Jim should cover it with some of the retired Californian Fire Chiefs. The two that will speak on camera will talk about the new nature of wildfires. Things like houses turned to dust surrounded by untouched trees with cars melting while parked no wear near a ready flame source. Meanwhile trees between the “turned to dust” house and melted car are untouched. So few people have noticed this bizarre new reality of “wild fires”. I call them SMART fires because these are the most selective fires you could imagine. The cover for these SMART fires is nearby actual wildfires burning woods.

    Fire is fire is fire to the average slack jawed schlep. But I once took a class called mechanics of materials. It was a bit over my head but one of the things you’ll find there is tables of materials’ melting and burning points that have been known for a long long time. Porcelain is the most telling of all disappearing parts of these house fires. With a 3300 degree melting point, house fires that burn consistently around 1400 should would have exactly what effect on this material?

    My My, where did all the toilets go? When an old friend Hutch said his family’s home in Malibu was lost in the last wild fire. Instead of even mentioning SMART fires’ trademark signature obvious in this “wildfire”… I just mentioned how curious it was that you couldn’t find any porcelain left in tact or even broken up in chunks by falling debris. You can search thousands of photos and not find any toilets in the complete combustion to light gray ash. I could see the rusty wheels turning in the Surfer’s head as he tried to suss this information. Like I just asked him to divide pi by infinity in his head. I just planted a little seed. Did he go look at the SMART Fire aftermath pictures? I doubt it but I will ask next time I go to his bar.

    What else is different between SMART fires and the history of house fires? House fires have been known to extinguish themselves from oxygen depletion leaving large parts of the home intact and standing; usually blackened. The damage is always a-symmetric with large parts of the house undamaged. In high contrast, these smart fires combust every material to dust; down to ground level. They combust metal and terra cotta roofs and make porcelain vanish into thin air.

    The News “Ken” in the chopper was describing what he was filming to the News “Barbie” in the studio live on TV in California… but he ignored the craziest thing,,, a large horse property surrounded by trees and none were on fire. But all the barns were burning. And he had the gaul to describe the damage as a wildfire. Nothing was burning anywhere else near the property. The darn-dest thing was the steel roof burning like a paper plate thrown in a camp fire. The News Ken saw nothing untoward about a wildfire skipping the bone dry forest and burning only barns. Structure fires never burn hot enough to melt steel roofs, let alone light them on fire. That’s a major part of why you build steel roofs. Chances of them catching fire are nil.

    I saw a similar report from a chopper hovering over a mansion in ruins and still burning surrounded by untouched trees. The News Guy didn’t puzzle over the “wild fire” skipping that bone dry forest or the terra cotta roof burning like balsa wood. Go try to light one of those California roof tiles on fire. If you put it in a bonfire, the terra-cotta tile would say “nice heat but do you have any more?… nothing is happening to me because I’m made this way… to not just resist fire but to be a barrier to it. Me burning? That’s simply not possible.” But there it was. The flames on the tiles looked like a magnesium strip burning in slow motion.

    As the cars are melted and houses are turned to dust by directed energy weapons, the cover story for them is nearby woods on fire. But they have new properties of combustion too. Like trees burning on the inside and the bark is untouched and so are the leaves, needles and branches. What could make a tree burn from inside the trunk? Not much oxygen supply there so what makes it burn? Can you say “Directed Energy Weapons” class? Free form aluminum taken up through the roots with water is my top suspect as in not naturally occurring as a compound, aluminum.

    I had a friend as a Teenager that built impressive homemade fireworks. He mixed aluminum powder with potassium perchlorate. Tim called it flash powder and put it atop rockets propelled by 100 Newton thrust engines. Want to talk about a ball of fire?… 300 feet up.

    Most folks here know Earth has been sprayed with chemicals for many decades. Not one had our welfare and health in mind. Agent Orange… sprayed from planes. I worked with a guy named Roger that suffered from Agent Orange Syndrome … it resembled road rash scabs that never heal and looked like he fell again before it could heal from the last time. Freshly ripped off scabs. It looked contagious and made it frightening to go near him. When my family encouraged me to join the military, it was a hearty no thank you. The thought bubble was NO ! , HELL NO ! AND NOT ON YOUR LIFE ! Just like I feel about vaccines. Remember that time when the Amish were wiped out because they never took vaccines?…… Yeah me neither.

    Radioactive isotope gas was sprayed from moving vehicles and the tops of buildings in St Louis’s densely populated Black Community. But the government loves you. That’s why they experiment on you like lab rats.

    The US Military sprayed a far more powerful version of LSD… such that the acid trip lasted 3 days. Troops were experiencing the euphoric high in peaks and valleys filled with horror, savagery and madness. Some men were murdering their own troops while their comrades sat placidly in a field speaking to flowers and insects completely oblivious to the carnage happening nearby. This experiment was conducted in Viet Nam without the test subjects’ knowledge. Troops in combat having no clue what was happening to their world as it was turned on it’s ear… but since they were tripping, it was likely morphed into a mobius strip. Tim Robbins exposed it in Jacob’s Ladder. I thought it was fiction but it turned out to be based on another experiment.

    The movie was a voyage into madness and horror. In the film they called the drug “the Ladder”, in real life it was called Agent Buzz. They love their acronyms don’t they? It was called project D.O.R.K. The project name was thought to be the origin of the disparaging nick-name for someone inept. I don’t know if that’s true but never let the truth get in the way of a good campfire story.

    When they released films of the LSD experiments just a few years ago, there was a subsequent documentary on what happened to the test subjects after the experiments decades later. Many of their lives were in ruins unable to maintain relationships or careers. They weren’t giving these folks recreational doses like Grateful Dead fans do before a concert. It was like here’s a 100 doses, let’s film their crazy antics. Sounds like something straight out of NAZI Germany. You can bet the Rat Line of former NAZIs were involved.

    Let’s now turn to geo-engineering. When I first noticed it, I watched dominant cloud cover built by aircraft on a cloudless blue sky day. But on the radar picture there was not a cloud in the region. As it drifted slowly east it became clear again. I looked several more times on the radar for this monsterous fake cloud and there was no sign of it. I had to get to the bottom of it. After digging for years, I can tell you with certainty it’s multi-level and multi-purpose. There are a half dozen or so different concoctions and you can see that in the colors.

    Ground zero for this onslaught is Mount Shasta, California. A solar power executive’s state of the art power generation was dropping year after year because of more and more cloud cover. The snow and rain samples’ mass spectrum showed high and growing levels of the big three… aluminum, barium, strontium. When I hear people say things like “they” would never do that because it hurts everyone including them and there’s… have no clue the mentality of the “people” running this assault on Earth and every living thing. Devoid of empathy, soul-less and anti-human is the best way to describe these beings. Bill Gates is your dictionary picture of them.

    1. Dr. Rima Laibow appears to know a lot about vaccines and the current mass vax era we are currently drowning in.
      Scary prophetic video from 2009

      File: Dr. Laibow


    2. Hey Will… loved Jessie’s show. Pretty high production values. That was the network’s top rated show of all time and they canceled it. Crazy huh? Such a shame.

    3. Thanks, Will. For those Alex-Jones haters, one needs to see this video clip and a whole bunch of others to see how much valuable insight he has into the globalist cabal and their machinations. For all his bluster and over-reach, Jones has prophetic in so many important ways.

      My first novel in 2013–Serpent and Savior–dealt in part with the Bilderbergers, and I relied greatly on Daniel Estulin’s excellent research on them. I agree with most of what was in Ventura’s expose. One thing in my creative imagination I did not conceive of was how easily the American people would fall for the official COVID narrative. In reality, it is almost impossible to have a truly catastrophic viral pandemic because of improved sanitation, antiviral treatments, and modern medical procedures. A very dangerous virus like Ebola kills too quickly to be easily transmitted and can be easily quarantined, while viruses with low lethality like the influenza and coronaviruses kill so few so that herd immunity is quickly established. It was known early on based on data from the Diamond Princess cruise ship (13 dead out of over 3000 crew and mostly older passengers) and the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier (one death among 5000 sailors) that the current coronavirus was of low lethality, since these were very controlled and confined environments with limited medical treatments available-. I remember so stating this is a local social media site in mid-March to counter some of the COVID fear-mongering on it and received lots of hate comments and had my post removed quickly. That’s when I realized that America was in trouble, that the elites had infiltrated so much of our society even down to the local level and that irrational fear had quickly replaced logical analysis among much of the country.

      BTW, my third novel–Divided We Stand–involves the attempted imposition of martial law by the Deep State/Bilderberger cabal. With all the purging and propaganda in the military these days (e.g., the demonization of the Oath Keepers and the veterans who protested the electoral theft on January 6th), this is the clear danger facing America today. It is important to not give the cabal any opportunity to impose martial law, which they are itching to do. Despite the damage the elites have done to our democracy and economy, the people are winning. THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE IS STRONGER THAN THAT OF THE PEOPLE IN POWER!

  3. Regarding current situation between Israel and Gaza / HAMAS – consider related to the theme of this article by Mr. Mullin —

    I have several articles from 2014 stating that Israeli/ Mossad created HAMAS and/or that Israel is closely allied with HAMAS. Israel may creating a “false flag” against themself for deeper Israeli objectives.

    Here is just one of the articles I saved from 2014 – links are probably erased on web by now.

    “How Israel helped create Hamas – The Washington Post
    Jul 30, 2014 · Eventually, the tables turned. After the 1993 Oslo accords, Israel’s formal recognition of the PLO and the start of what we now know as the peace process, Hamas was the Israelis’ bete noire.SNIP”

    Greg Hunter replied to my like comment at USAwatchdog.com thusly…

    Not that simple. It’s more like an experiment that went horribly wrong.

  4. Sandy Hook Hoax is a perfect example of this mass hypnosis. 98% of all Americans believe SH was a real event.

    One red flag is the inane idea that adults in that school lunged at the shooter to ”protect” the children. Adults in real life do not do that except in old movies. The writer of the SH script had seen way too many old movies.

    One of the crisis actor kids said he heard pots and pans being banged in the halls. Not surprisingly this is exactly what he heard.
    Amazon.com execs are so tariffed of the truth of SH they banned the book from their inventory. Book banning was the type of thing that nazis and commies did.
    Sadly many other of Jim Fetzer’s books are now banned.


  5. Wow….Jack…..Thank you so much for bringing Bjerknes to our attention. That 2 hour video is a must watch (and as I intend to do, watch it at least twice…then get the books). The information is beyond description in this comment section and of the utmost importance to understand why we are where we are at this moment. Succinctly, it’s phenomenal. I am actually left speechless after a small taste of Bjerknes’ knowledge.

    Also, thanks to Adam Green who has been relentless in bringing us the truth about the tribe and its plans.

    Here’s the link to his books……Amazons prices are about the same and the e versions are about 1/3 the price.



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