David E. Kenney, Biden is going to open the border and create The North American Union

David E. Kenney

The heist is complete.  The game is over.  The jig is up.  The puzzle is complete.  Started by Obama and Biden, fueled by their menage a trois with Enrique Pena Nieto, and capped off by inviting the vaccinated Justin Trudeau to join the party, the North American Union is about to create itself and start forming publicly and transparently supported by the brains at Harvard and the minds at John Hopkins, the great United States of America is about to go down in history, brought down by the Democrats plain and simple.  Dismantled state by state through chicanery, witchcraft, and degeneracy.  O, for the days of old.  Days of justice, of noble aspirations, of humility and public service.
Wikipedia Entry, “North American Union”
On the verge of being gone, forever, stolen by a bunch of God awful human beings more interested in their own building of a state where infrastructure and profit is more important than social utility, where transgender servants do not replenish the earth, where thieve break through and steal and walk away unpunished better yet honored.
Who will flip the switch, primed by the Pope with his teachings on the border, a thousand years of history gone in minutes with pens held in the hands of Antony Blinken and Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas. both of whom have leveled their own playing field and invited soccer and a zillion screaming fans across the border.
O, the days of old.  Kiss them good bye.  Who is to blame?  None other than President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Anthony Villaraigosa, his gay cousin, John Perez, and a new and liberated America.  Even the Catholics abhor him:  Joe Biden.  None other than Judas…born again.  Expect Armageddon.  It’s about to happen.  They kill prophets at the gates of Jerusalem.


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16 thoughts on “David E. Kenney, Biden is going to open the border and create The North American Union”

  1. Great news! Justin “Fidelito” Trudeau is vaccinated. Professor Montaigner says people that are mRNA vaccinated will kick the bucket within a couple years….. some experts say he’s got even less than that before he expires.

  2. Another little tidbit from the Kung Flu trenches. I was at Red Rocks Amphitheater again last night guiding a trip and chatting with other drivers about what their companies were doing as far as combining different groups in the same vehicle. We call that a shuttle verses a charter where everyone knows one another. I thought shuttles were D.O.A. for this gig. One driver chimed in with “oh… we are doing shuttles to the concerts, but we require everyone to have their vaccine papers and the ones that don’t have to wear a mask. I brought 28 people and only three weren’t vaccinated… and they were fine and onboard with wearing masks”… I’m like “oh really… if you gave me 10 million to take the shot, I’d tell you to go fuck yourself” … then he rattled off some crazy number of people that had complied with that insanity. I suddenly had a flashback to world war 2 and the Star of Davids required to be worn to participate in society. He said “all those people can’t be wrong” and I said “yes they can and we will find out soon enough just how wrong they were”

  3. I’m in the same boat with Will. Prof. Fetzer I don’t see the correlation in his article to what’s currently happening and his assertion that former President Obama and VP Binden is to blame for the present downfall of America. And using Wikipedia as a reliable research source is a stretch.
    There is mountains of evidence that point to this plan to destabilize the USA hundreds of years ago.


    1. Well, I know David well. It was a realization that dawned upon him, which reflects his thoughts and processing about what’s taking place. I think he’s right–but you and Will are spot-on that he doesn’t present the proof. But getting hypotheses out on the table is the most critical stage of scientific reasoning, because then we can evaluate them on the basis of the available evidence, where otherwise we might neglect or overlook them (to our disadvantage). That’s the case here.

      1. Thanks Prof. Fetzer. Sadly scientific reasoning is almost nonexistent in our society.

  4. ”……supported by the brains at Harvard and the minds at John Hopkins…..” I noticed this quote from the Post above.

    Anything associated with John Hopkins will likely be chock full of fraud. Their prestigious name can be bought.

    The current fake number of 591,000 US deaths from the pandemic comes from John Hopkins University Reports.


    1. Good one Don. Their prestigious names was created by The Order based on Anthony Sutton book How the Order Controls Education. Skulls & Bones and the rest of the Greek letter groups in all colleges and universities nationwide. Degenerated groups of devil worshippers.

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      1. Once I saw Kenney’s face, I remember the interviews.
        The problem I have with the article is that it presents nothing current that substantiates this is on the verge of happening…other than Biden’s treasonous open border policy.

      2. Will, yes. What it does it lay the conjecture on the table for confirmation or refutation. All of the evidence I have seen confirms it. I agree that this is the Biden agenda and we should all guard against it.

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