William De Berg, The Pandemic That Wasn’t

William De Berg

[Author’s note:  This article has been updated due to revision of some data and inclusion of newer data. Plus an updated graph has been substituted 2 May 2021.]

Many have argued since its inception that COVID-19 was not the pandemic that governments and medical establishments and the media have led us to believe.    The COVID-19 outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in early March—still the best controlled COVID-19 data—was the first telling sign:  over 3000 passengers tested, 712 found COVID virus positive, 13 died.   The case-fatality rate of 1.8% was higher than for influenza but lower than for SARS or MERS.   But, limited medical treatments  were available during the ship outbreak and the median age of passengers was in the mid-60’s, so that the age-adjusted risk of COVID for the general population would be less than 0.05%–in the normal flu range.  Then, in October Genevieve Briand of Johns Hopkins published research (since retracted without cause by the university) that showed there were no excess deaths in the United States in 2020, with most COVID death attributions the result of classifying other sources (principally heart disease) as COVID.

It is easy to argue this or that with projections and assumptions and statistical manipulations, but as the saying goes, “one cannot cheat death”—or death tolls.   One either dies or does not.   Although all death rates from 2020 are still provisional, some nations have reported officially an increase in “excess deaths”—presumed to be from COVID-19 or the social and psychological damage caused by the lockdowns—while others have reported no change.   Many large nastions around the world reported no or few excess deaths in 2020—China had no increase in its 2020 death rate[1],  while some large provinces in India such as Kerala actually reported lower 2020 death totals.[2]  The United States initially reported a provisional death count of 2.9 million at the end of 2020 and no excess deaths, but then strangely raised the toll to 3.34 million by March[3] even though the CDC has a disclaimer that provisional death numbers are not expected to change by more than 2% (<60,000).[4]

As has been pointed out by Briand and many others, the “pandemic” was  in large part a reclassification of cause of death, promoted by world and national health agencies and hospitals, which were paid extra for COVID-19 diagnoses.  In the United States, for example, everything from heart disease to pneumonia to the normal flu and even gunshot fatalities were attributed to COVID in 2020.  Did some individuals die exclusively because of exposure to the coronavirus?    Undoubtedly, but less than 10% of presumed COVID-19 deaths in the United States.    Were lots of indirect, non-COVID-19 deaths (e.g., suicides) elevated because of the lockdowns?  Absolutely, especially in nursing homes where up to half of all COVID-19 deaths occurred and where elderly were deprived of family visits and support and proper medical treatments.[5]    But did these cause a spike in deaths or life-insurance premiums for the average person?   The evidence to date is that it did not (see Swann video link).


So, if the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t what it was cracked up to be, one can presume that there was, at a minimum, a conspiracy of government officials, the media, and the medical establishment (tied to Big Pharma) to push the COVID pandemic charade  on the public.  Indeed, a leaked document provides proof of such a conspiracy in one large Western nation—Germany.[6]  But why?   For one, there has been an enormous transfer of wealth worldwide from poor nations and individuals to mega-rich elites in the West since the “pandemic”  notion was promulgated.   There has also been a dramatic loss of personal and public freedoms in much of the world as well—AKA the “Great Reset”–thereby tightening the grip of the elites.    One of the end-goals of all this COVID fearmongering clearly was to vaccinate most of the world’s population, whether because of the hidden content and purpose of the  vaccines (genetic engineering?) or because of vaccination controls (i.e., passports)  that further enslave the general public.

A funny thing happened on the way to the  “Great Reset”, however.   The number of people in the United States willing to get injected with a COVID vaccine leveled off in mid-March  and fell precipitously in late April.      The vaccine supply is more than adequate, so the decreasing interest in vaccinations is a sign that the unvaccinated remainder of the American population (overwhelmingly below the age of 50) has finally begun to fear the vaccines more than COVID itself.   This is not surprising since there been over 10,000 reported deaths and serious injuries due to the vaccines in the US alone,[7] and even the WHO questions both the concept of vaccination passports and the long-term effectiveness of the vaccines.[8]


Based on the recent trend, far less than half of the American people will be vaccinated in the end— essentially voting with their jabs, or lack thereof.    If a majority of the American people—after a year of intimidation and propaganda, including fake stories about mass graves in Central Park in New York City and large waiting lines at hospitals, and COVID-roulette parties—reject the elites’ offer of vaccinated salvation in favor of  non-vaccinated damnation, this throws a big monkey-wrench into the elites’ machinations going forward.    One cannot restrict the access of the majority of the population to employment, air  travel, and dining and other services without serious economic and social consequences.

Ultimately, the outcome of the battle for tyranny versus liberty boils down to the balance of fear.  As so aptly put by John Basil Barnhill in 1914, “When the people fear the government you have tyranny.   Where the government fears the people you have liberty.” That a majority of the American people reject getting vaccinated against an  over-hyped viral pandemic, promulgated for nefarious reasons by American government and world elites, offers hope that liberty may yet prevail in the COVID war.

William de Berg is the pen name of an American scientist and author of four conspiracy/truther fiction novels: Serpent and Savior, White Spiritual Boy, Divided We Stand, and Shield Down.   

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[7] https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/04/no_author/number-of-covid-vaccine-injuries-reported-to-vaers-surpasses-50000-cdc-data-show/

[8] https://globalnews.ca/news/7685488/covid-vaccine-passport-who-inequity



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48 thoughts on “William De Berg, The Pandemic That Wasn’t”

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  2. Excellent revision, William. Most of us expect that, since the ‘covid’ operation is a false flag control effort, that real deaths in total or recorded due to ‘covid’ are dubious. A couple of excellent deep dives:
    https://losthorizons.com/N/143.htm#1, which analyzes the differences between ‘covid’ and the Spanish Flu.

    And I still haven’t reached the conclusion that the SARS CoV-2 virus has in any way been demonstrated to exist:
    https://bit.ly/2R2SNU2_Nonexistent_Virus_Implications_Rapporport, except perhaps in a secret laboratory. And if it is the sole cause of so-called COVID-19, then it’s a total puzzle how the PCR test provides a meaningful result.

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  4. I feel obligated to post this because It’s one of many times I think Jim stone is way the hell off course. Trump has promoted the vax from Day One, JIM STONE ASSERTS:

    Additionally, Trump is not Trump. I’ll make a brazen statement here:

    I believe Ivanka is so corrupted by Jared and the Jewish community in general that she could KNOW her dad got drugged or replaced and she’d never say it. I would not pay an ounce of attention to Trump “announcing another run for the presidency” because odds are that guy’s a goner, and what we are getting now from Trump is as fake as green screen Biden. The rest of Trump’s family could have been eliminated and replaced by now also, FACE IT: There was a coup and when those happen no one knows what really happened.

    I’ll make a prediction here: If Trump gets “placed in power” due to audits and people totally rejecting the coup, it will either not be Trump or it will be a drugged hypnotized and erased Trump that’s going to do their bidding and continue on either with a brain as a body double scammer, or without a brain, following commands so the agenda simply goes forward, even with “trump” in power.

    I don’t believe for a minute Trump would support the vax after all that has happened, nor do I believe he actually got the vax unless it was used to make a body double take his place while he’s rendered irrelevant and drooling in a cube somewhere.

    ME…I have never heard Trump even hint at not supporting the vax….but I will agree it’s likely he got a saline shot…along with the rest of his family.

  5. You would think with Trump away from office and bad advisors, he would no longer push the poison. But, no…all he can say is that the jab should not be mandatory. I am sorry, to get my vote in ’24, he’ll need more than this carrot. And that goes for DeSantis if he decides to give it a shot (pun intended) in ’24. Actually, where is one politician with the balls to call the vax for what it is? None of which I am aware.. Maybe McKinney? That means one thing for me as to who’s running this show. Who else has that kind of power over politicians and this country? The small hats, that’s who.


    1. What the hell? I suppose Trump wants to claim the vax as his legacy. And when it all comes to fruition as a population control measure that will be his legacy, too.

      It’s as stupid as inviting his supporters to DC and leaving them to be vilified by a caterwauling press.

      This headline says it all:
      “Donald Trump Blasts ‘Deranged Pseudo-Science’ of ‘Anti-vax Movement’ in Statement Shilling for Big Pharma COVID Shots”

      Deranged pseudo-science. It turns out he’s really not that smart.

      1. …….But smart enough to be the Pied Piper that has lead us into the seemingly irreversible hell we now find ourselves. We were fooled again and possibly for the final time. I would like to ask a few here if it became a contest between a DeSantis/McKinney or Ventura ticket in VS Trump and who knows who in 2024…WHO would you choose? All that IF this country exists come 2024.

  6. Every damn parent in this country and around the world could and should be standing up like this woman. Forcing children to wear a mask at any age is CHILD ABUSE. I don’t give a shit what anyone says. If your child cannot go to school without a mask, TAKE THAT CHILD OUT OF SCHOOL. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THAT MOVE. This crap has to stop.
    Children here in Suwannee County do not have to wear masks. That you once again, Ron DeSantis! The hell with Trump and his vaccine promotion. If DeSantis runs in 2024, he’s the man who will get my vote. Here’s a ticket…DeSantis/McKinney!!


  7. Show this to anyone who is insane enough to take the vax, MAYBE it will shock them into awareness and SAVE THEIR LIVES!!

    Me…IF you have to make a decision between your life and your job, consider very carefully which is more important.
    On the surface that seems to be a no-brainer, but since common sense and primal instincts are being bred out of the human psyche, it’s easy to see there could be some confusion.

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – 8 WAYS mRNA COVID Vaccine Can Kill You

    (It takes 48 WEEKS to see the deadly effects)


      1. Dr…It would seem fear must play a huge role in those who agree to be vaccinated. fear of losing a job. Fear of not going along. Fear of a disease that exists only in the MSM. Fear of being locked-down as if the vax will bring an end to that. For businesses being sued. As with your family, I am sure all of my family….including my 5 (last count) great grandchildren have all taken the vax since they are all in the medical field in one capacity or another along with my grandson who is a fireman. I fear for their lives and I am sad to say I will likely be hearing some sad news within a year. The distress, anxiety, depression and damage to the mass psyche is immeasurable. This earth has never faced a crisis of this type. It’s beyond devastating. It’s catastrophic. To think otherwise is absolutely foolhardy.

    1. I know I tried to persuade my family not to get the shots after my father had a bad reaction to a pre-covid flu shot, and they all agreed not to. Now all of them have gone ahead and gotten it. I tried to explain my alarm about this and for my trouble was not invited to the family Easter gathering because I could not keep ‘civil.’

      1. That is so sad. My family has totally given up on any communication in my direction. Last I heard from my daughter was when she told me she was going into the mask making biz…..at which point I told her she was opening herself up to very possible liability if anyone got sick wearing her homemade masks. Silence since then. They are tearing us all apart. I have no idea of how to deal with this madness.

    2. When the catastrophe happens, people will refuse to make the connection. They will start parroting the obfuscating propaganda, whatever it will be. Half of us could die and most of the other half will say, “See? Covid really was deadly. You should have worn your mask and gotten your vax.”

      1. Toni…That is exactly the diabolic genius behind this entire op.
        It’s almost like they fed all the necessary info into some quantum computer and what we have now and what is to come was IT’S creation. Unless we all rise up (and I just do not see that happening), it seems infallible.

  8. As diabolic as we know these ‘vid pushers to be (no different than drug pushers), this post from Jim Stone has validity. And couple this with those black living worms found in masks demonstrated in this video (https://www.bitchute.com/video/bzDyZheblM9l/), this could be taken very seriously.

    The worms/nanofibers in the masks are real . . . . and ivermectin may be the answer.

    This one is real important for people who wore those masks (including me).

    A couple days ago I posted a video of “nano fibers” in the blue and white Chinese masks (scroll down for this because I don’t want to clutter the page) and upon seeing this, I used a camera with decent macro settings on the masks I have and low and behold, the fibers are in them too so they were immediately banned (all 175 or so that are left) –

    Anyway – the fibers wake up when exposed to moisture and they really do move like worms. What if they are worms?

    WHAT IF:
    What if ivermectin “works against covid” because in some cases, “covid” is ACTUALLY A WORM INFECTION given to people by these damn masks, and Ivermectin kills the worms? I actually wore a few of those. And I am definitely going to get ivermectin now, and I won’t get it from a drug store, I’m heading on over to an agricultural supply store and getting the stuff for horses. I want a REAL dose.

    If you wore those blue masks, STOP DOING IT and if you can, get fabric masks that are made in Mexico, NOT CHINA because this was a clear act of war to have that in the masks and the fabric ones from China probably have this in them also. At the very minimum, boil the blue and white ones, or any other mask from China if you have no other choice.

    If Covid really is carrying the mad cow prion, you’re going to have to do everything to protect yourself including hydroxychloroquine and quina and dioxine chloride (one of those would suffice) and masks are part of this, even if they don’t really block the virus they’ll certainly cut back the exposure so it can be knocked out before a whole lot of those prions get made . . . . .

    1. from google:

      Ivermectin is currently being studied in humans for treating COVID-19, but the results are not yet known (as of October 9, 2020). Many of these studies are looking at ivermectin as a complementary drug used with other treatments. Researchers recently showed that ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasitic infections such as scabies, reduced the growth of SARS-CoV-2 in the laboratory setting. It is not known whether it is safe or helpful for this disease. Sometimes new treatment ideas turn out to help, and sometimes they are actually proven to be harmful. The best way to learn how to treat COVID-19 is to conduct randomized controlled clinical trials.

  9. Using those we respect as performers to push the vax….shame on you, Anthony Hopkins….


    Nurse fakes giving Actor Anthony Hopkins his vax,and then shoots the vax out the window
    This one is difficult to download so if you want to save it click here
    God I just hate these people. We now have cold hard proof the “good people” are NOT getting their shots. They needed an empty vial to “prove” the shot was given, and it got emptied allright!!!


  10. Did you get your vaccine? My answer is if you gave me 10 million, I’d say no, hell no and not on your life. Street Heroine would be safer to inject.

  11. I am very sorry to report TRUMP IS STILL SUPPORTING THE VACCINE. This is beyond disparaging.Very disappointing. …and many here will still vote for him if he runs in 2024? How many vaccine injuries will it take to change some minds?? Why? Is he the only one out there? Can he be that clueless?
    Were we fooled again? I think so….unfortunately.


    1. No, the 3rd vaccine dose will only be followed by others. As for Trump, I am not defending his views on vaccines except to say: 1) he got a lot of flak for not dismissing entirely a possible link between vaccines and autism during the 2016 presidential debates; and 2) he has always maintained vaccination should be completely voluntary.

  12. Nobel Prize winner in medicine supports
    suspension of covid vaccination.

    In a letter dated March 21, 2021 published on the Nakim.org website, Professor Montagnier,
    Nobel Prize winner in medicine, supports the request of Dr Seligmann and engineer Haim
    Yativ for the suspension of vaccination against Covid-19.
    It is addressed to the President, MM. judges of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel.
    This letter is in support of the petition for the suspension of vaccination against covid-19 which was presented to you by
    MM. Yativ and Seligmann.
    I am Luc Montagnier, doctor of medicine, professor emeritus at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, director of research emeritus
    at CNRS, Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for the discovery of the AIDS virus.
    I am an expert in virology, having devoted a large part of my research to RNA viruses, in particular mouse
    encephalomyocarditis, the Rous sarcoma virus, HIV 1 and the HIV 2 virus.
    Considerable effort has been devoted to vaccination against the coronavirus covid-19 responsible for a global pandemic.
    In particular the State of Israel has organized a mass vaccination of its population so far, 49% of its total population has
    received two doses of Pfizer vaccine.
    First of all, I would like to stress the novelty of this type of vaccine.
    l In
    conventional vaccines, the genetic information carried by viral DNA or RNA is inactivated and virus proteins are used
    to induce vaccine antibodies. In some cases, the virus remains alive, but is attenuated by successive passages in vitro.
    l In
    the case of so-called RNA messenger vaccines, these vaccines are made from an active fraction of the virus’s RNA
    which will be injected into the vaccinated person. It therefore penetrates the cells of the latter which will manufacture
    the vaccine proteins from the code of the injected RNA.
    We immediately see that this last step depends a lot on its success on the physiological state of the recipient.
    I would like to summarize the potential dangers of these vaccines in a mass vaccination policy.
    1. Short-term side effects : these are not the normal local reactions found for any vaccination, but serious reactions
    involve the life of the recipient such as anaphylactic shock linked to a component of the vaccine mixture. , or severe
    allergies or an autoimmune reaction up to cell aplasia.
    2. Lack of vaccine protection :
    2.1 induction of facilitating antibodies – the induced antibodies do not neutralize a viral infection, but on the contrary
    facilitate it depending on the recipient. The latter may have already been exposed to the virus asymptomatically. A low
    level of naturally induced antibodies may compete with the antibodies induced by the vaccine.
    2.2 The production of antibodies induced by vaccination in a population highly exposed to the virus will lead to the
    selection of variants resistant to these antibodies. These variants can be more virulent or more transmissible. This is
    what we are seeing now. An endless virus-vaccine race that will always turn to the advantage for the virus.
    3. Long-term effects : Contrary to the claims of the manufacturers of messenger RNA vaccines, there is a risk of
    integration of viral RNA into the human genome. Indeed, each of our cells has endogenous retroviruses with the ability to
    reverse transcriptase from RNA into DNA. Although this is a rare event, its passage through the DNA of germ cells and its
    transmission to future generations cannot be excluded.
    “Faced with an unpredictable future, it is better to abstain.”
    Professor Luc Montagnier

  13. It is a psyop. All the media articles on one topic like 911. And the police (and military) brutality against the citizens in Australia. I think Daniel Andrews (Victoria n head poncho) was pushed down those stairs, since then nothing much in Melbourne Australia with lockdowns.

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  15. So here is my old Marine Doc /ER-RN/ Computer Science background on this scamdemic.
    The two links provided gives everyone a synopsis on what happen from a DOD viewpoint involving the suppose outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the deployment of both hospital ship ,USHS Comfort and Mercy.
    1. I personally know someone assigned to the Roosevelt and the Corpsman & Lt. Nurse onboard treated the supposed outbreak like it was the cold. Not once was CBRN (chemical,biological,radioactive and nuclear) DOD or NATO protocols declared or wearing of MOOP suits required. Keep in mind that air craft carriers living quarters are very tight living and working spaces and linear for r fan ventilation is how this airborne pathogen supposedly spread.
    I’m not going to get into the politics of the CO of the ship and that he wasn’t a fan of President Trump. And that the Secretary of the Navy resigned.
    2. The Comfort and the Mercy were both deployed to the two epicenter city and both ships spent less than a month there treating individuals. The USHS Comfort stay was so short that good ole Governor Cumo had to give a support statement that said even if they only treated one person they helped. Lol..
    3. Army field hospital close after setting up in Seattle with 900 ventilators.
    4.Operation Warp Speed and its DOD,DARPA and big tech love affair.

    This scamdemic had nothing to do with a virus, but the promotion of mandatory vaccines and data mining of all citizens of the world. The outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt was a psy-Ops to get vaccines hesitant active-duty personnel’s of all branches to take the gene therapy experiment and to gas-light civilians into getting it too.
    Prepare yourself my friends for more false flags and destruction of our limited civil liberties.

  16. Great Article. The only thing missing is commenting about the testing. So many articles, like this, start off with the assumption that the case numbers are accurate, e.g. “…over 3000 passengers tested, 712 found COVID virus positive,”
    It is implied that the PCR test will test for the spike protein that is readily found on the Sars-Cov2 virus.
    “COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless
    Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose”


    1. No argument, Bowster, about the problems with the PCR test. Part of the controversy surrounding the PCR is the amplification used. I do not know how the laboratory test was conducted for passengers on the ship. Nevertheless, the mortality risk found in its passengers would have been ~.05% for the age-adjusted general population. Ioannidis has shown similar mortality risk using seroprevalence data: https://www.who.int/bulletin/online_first/BLT.20.265892.pdf

      The point is the COVID is a very nonlethal, treatable disease if caught early. Vaccinations not needed!

      1. But, the CDC has admitted the supposed virus has never been isolated. Does that not play a major determination in whether or not a real dis-ease exists?

        As far as the PCR test goes, did not the inventor himself (Kary Mullis) say it could not be used for the detection of any disease? Or am I mistaken?

      2. Good point.
        The validity of the PCR tests should always be mentioned when talking about positive tests or, as they like to call them “cases”. Also, the fact the the virus has never been isolated and this should also be re-enforced, always! [as Will said]
        IMO – Any article discussing the the Sars-Cov2 virus should start with:
        As we know,
        1. The virus has not been isolated. There is no valid vaccine until it is.
        2. The PCR tests are completely fraudulent

      3. The common cold, seasonal flu, bronchitis and other corona virus’ can show a positive PCR test.
        Yes, this test is almost useless. People who test positive are treated like modern day lepers.

        Also, Trump promotes the vaccines because he worships doctors and the medical profession. He’s basically a smooth talking businessman who’s totally clueless on many subjects. But he did do good things when in office.

        As long as the Dominion Voting machines are used in elections and mass mail-ins, he has NO chance of winning anything ever. Even the SCOTUS would not touch on the subject in mortal fear of causing mass riots nationwide.


  17. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.

    Bertrand Russell
    Bertrand Russell’s Best (ed. Routledge, 2009) – ISBN: 9781134027200



    also see:

  18. It’s hard to know. Steve Bannon’s group is convinced it’s a modified virus using “gain of function” to make it more infectious in a Communist Chinese microbiology lab and was deliberately designed as a bio-weapon. This lab was created from funds provided by the infamous Dr. Faustus Fauci, a man who changes positions as often as a common house fly. If it is a bio-weapon the world wide death rate shows it’s not very effective.
    I notice the Medical Industrial Establishment is all in on the virus, wherever it came from. They take your temperature, and force you to use hand sanitizer when you come into the clinic, and have you sit well spaced out within the room. At my most recent visit my doctor who is very much an establishmentarian, was wearing two masks of the type that are known not to particularly effective against anything, not even saw dust, as they leak around the edges, and never form a good seal.
    What I find alarming is that HCQ and later on, Ivermectin, were trashed by Fauci and the esablishment media who claimed they were not only ineffective, but dangerous.
    This was contrary to the testimony of people who had been very sick and found immediate relief when given the medications early on. It’s not hard to believe that they would be ineffective when a person was very close to death.
    The bottom line is that from the outset the Medical Industrial Complex really had no effective treatment and actually pulled off from the market, treatments which were at least somewhat effective when given early. Something is better than nothing, except in the case of ventilators which were killing people, as was discovered early on.
    Now we have the rushed “vaccines” which are killing some, and making others very sick. There are several reports that people who have been fully vaccinated are still coming down with the virus.
    Given that the death rate is about the same as its always been, it seems that it’s more a case of much to do about nothing and the vaccines are not improving the situation.
    Claims of the efficacy of the various vaccines are probably as spurious as Bill Gates claims that “Windows” is an innovative operating system. Windows is only used because it was forced on people much like the vaccine. Given a true choice on a level playing field people would rather choose something else other than the monopoly product.

    1. I’ve used Linux for years. It’s simple, open source and any problems have an answer on the Internet. AND, it keeps one from supporting that pig Gates who’s trying to remake the world in his image….minus YOU!

    1. Trying to identify the biggest phony in government is like trying to identify the most beautiful grain of sand on Kailua beach. I think it’s more accurate to say he’s unquestionabley the highest paid phony of them all. His advice is impossible to follow. Was he ever involved with the maned moon landing?

      1. Biden has to be a runner up for phony. He told the world that Navy ships were headed to Ukraine. Putin then said “No they aren’t” and he closed sea lanes to that area to ALL foreign Navies.

        File photo ship was headed to confront Putin…now its headed nowhere.

        I don’t think I would confront Putin but little boy big mouth Biden did.


      2. I think President Putin and most of the Russian people are tired of the crack heads in the US administration blaming them for stuff they didn’t do. Demented Creepy Joe, who in all likelihood molested Tara Reade, is the waste product of a fraudulent election. Nobody respects a Pretendent who wasn’t legitimately elected. I notice Mark Levin, who is generally well spoken, is referring to him on national radio as the “imbecile in the Whitehouse.”

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