Feds Confiscate Guns in Flathead Valley with 30 Vehicles, Three Tanks, and Helicopter


In 1992, a federal siege occurred in Boundary County, Idaho, at a location known as Ruby Ridge.  The eleven-day siege lasted from August 21-31 and resulted in the deaths of one U.S. Marshall, and the wife and son of Randy Weaver, the target of the siege.  This event captured the attention of the nation. To secure the land around this seven-person home composed of three adults and four children, the federal government saw fit to send in hundreds of federal agents, as well as associated vehicles and air support.

The reasons for the siege are not pertinent here, but the fact is many lessons were learned as a result.  Those lessons revolved around Rules of Engagement, the use of force, and other legal concerns.  One would have hoped the lessons would be applied in future encounters, but in 1993 the same FBI Hostage Rescue Team commander took part in the siege and raid of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. After fifty-one days, the compound was breached and seventy-five people were killed, including twenty-five children.  Nearly thirty years after Ruby Ridge, it seems that the only real lesson federal agencies applied from Ruby Ridge and Waco is that they needed to do a better job of keeping their activities out of the eyes of the public.  Why?  Because a similar event occurred in Western Montana on February 2, 2021, and it’s likely you’ve not heard anything about it.

Ruby Ridge Documentary: American Stand-Off (28 October 2014)

In the early Tuesday morning hours, motion sensors alerted the occupant, hereafter referred to as John Doe (names have been changed to protect the innocent) that there was movement along the driveway to his home.  Given the time of day, the location of the home, and some recent history that will be discussed later, Doe knew he needed to react, but in a non-threatening manner.  His decision was to put on a pair of pants, remain barefoot and shirtless, and move to the front porch with his hands raised in the air.  What appeared in the driveway was the lead vehicle of three BearCat armored personnel carriers – commonly referred to as personnel tanks (pictured left) – in a convoy of over thirty total vehicles.

The BearCats are armed with a rotating turret for housing customer-specific weapon systems. Five gun ports are located on each side of the vehicle, and an additional two on the rear. The vehicle are often equipped with .50 BMG or 7.62mm rifles. It is a military-grade vehicle often used by U.S. Special Forces and the Australian military.

But on this day, they were cruising the Flathead Valley with thirty other police vehicles in tow.

Also surrounding the house were one-hundred-plus federal agents with a helicopter in support.  Federal agents immediately took Doe into custody and placed him in loose-fitting flex cuffs into the back of one of the BearCat vehicles. Inside the vehicle, John was placed on the outer wall, and at his feet were loaded weapons.  Doe later concluded that this had to be a setup, for if he were to try to free himself, he would likely be killed.  Seemingly unbeknownst to the Feds, Doe’s 88-year-old mother (who suffers from dementia) was asleep in the house. The actual homeowner, Jane Doe, was also in the home. This is why Doe wanted to avoid confrontation and the stress of such an event by presenting himself peacefully. What looked to be a quick and peaceful resolution then took a strange turn to the worse.

Why did agents breach the house when Doe was already in custody? Counter to standard practice, the team chose to enter a window next to Doe’s basement door.  That window is over three feet off the ground and thus difficult to breach and enter by a team that needs to move fast.  There are many windows in the house that would have made a breach entry a lot easier.  This window was different, not only in its height above ground and the resulting impact on the tactics used, but it is also right next to Doe’s bed.  If Doe had not exited the house and moved to the front porch to peacefully present himself, the concussion grenade employed by the breaching team would have landed on him while he was sleeping.  There’s no telling what would have happened in that instance, but John’s death is a possibility.

The 2nd Amendment and the Politics of Gun Control (14 June 2020)

Federal agents obviously knew the home’s layout and they immediately entered Doe’s storage and security room and disconnected all security cameras while conducting a search. Though not included on the warrant, the federal agents searched John’s gun safes, a detached garage, and vehicles parked around the residence.

What provoked this Montana this raid?  Doe’s former girlfriend from North Carolina filed a restraining order (a civil matter, not criminal) against Doe in that state claiming he was homicidal, suicidal, a threat to her, and had bomb-making materials with the intention to cause harm.  She also claimed he had booby traps all over the home and the surrounding property.  But none of this was true.

Doe does in fact hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and is licensed for all weapons, ammunition, and powders on his property.  Given this fact, federal agents can request to see all his material at any time, no siege required. Circumstances brought Doe back to Montana and, despite the foregoing, a restraining order secured under false information in North Carolina caused a massive raid in Montana involving federal agents from around the country.

According to the Constitution, federal operators may not engage in law enforcement activities without the permission of the local county sheriff, something that is often overlooked and ignored, which is the case here.

The Waco Seige: Days that Shaped America (20 May 2020) 

Doe was not read his rights until two hours into the event. He was eventually transported to the Flathead County jail by a Deputy Sheriff who was not aware of the preceding events until well after the fact. Doe was released three days later on his own recognizance.  Jane was never read her rights despite being questioned by federal agents.  John, Jane, and John’s mother were not the only victims of this raid.  John’s neighbor, who shares a long driveway with him, was detained in handcuffs for two hours as he left for work. A close friend of John’s heard what had happened and was detained when he went to the house to check on his well-being.

On March 5, Doe and his neighbor both received mail that contained a list of confiscated weapons, but no ammunition was listed despite it all having been confiscated.  The list further contained only about twenty percent of the total number of items taken.  The address listed on the paperwork was John’s neighbor’s house and it remains unclear why both homes received the notice.

As of the date of the publication of this article, there continues to be a news blackout of this event. John has not been charged with any federal crimes, gun-related or otherwise. Jane has had to pay over $4,000 in out-of-pocket repairs for property damage to her home caused by the breaching team and the subsequent search. (She has received forms to request reimbursement from the Feds). Doe has had to pay thousands of dollars for legal representation.

The Feds spent thousands of tax dollars to execute this raid with agents from around the country, even as far away as Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia. Now that Joe Biden is so focused on removing the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution, these actions could become the norm. Americans will be made criminals as unconstitutional measures such as H.R.8 and H.R.127 pass through the U.S. House, on to the U.S. Senate, and ultimately to Joe Biden’s desk.  Let us all hold accountable the government that works for We the People, because what happened to John is not what America is supposed to be.

[Editor’s Note: The Montana Daily Gazette stands by the veracity of this report from a field reporter and we believe the Legacy Press has been intimidated into silence by the federal government. Names have been changed to protect the innocent]

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48 thoughts on “Feds Confiscate Guns in Flathead Valley with 30 Vehicles, Three Tanks, and Helicopter”

  1. This is a lot more important that whatever JFK ever said. Wake up! Get real! Act on this or we’re all history! They are rolling out a mandatory vaccination program with prison camps for those who resist! Wake everyone up or we’re all doomed!

  2. Wake up, people! You are quibbling over trifles while they are planning a mandatory vaccine rollout which will kill millions of Americans. We must unite together and stand up now on the truly important issues and leave the egos and trivia behind! If we don’t take to the streets and talk to patriots in power, we are all doomed!

  3. “Biden” has called for a Supreme Court Packing Commission, and weighted it heavily to the ideological left. Turley says this is a deliberate tactic, and makes this incisive observation relevant to so many commissions:

    “Rather, it could be an effort to defuse the left while sentencing the court packing scheme to death by commission, a favorite lethal practice in Washington. Commissions are Washington’s great vast wasteland where controversies are often sent to perish with time and exposure.”



    1. True…like the 9/11 Commission Report…or the Warren Report. And so far, all we see from Biden is a lot of bluster other than the immigration fiasco and all his Executive ‘Actions’ VS Orders.

  4. And here is one of the parents sitting in a field several months ago. They do this when it rains, I don’t know why, but I do know their feathers are not water repellent like ducks, so it could be they cannot fly well in the rain. I saw him do the same thing yesterday in a field further up the road just as the rain was starting.


  5. Here’s a bit of an aside from all the madness we are facing. This is the undisputed truth of nature. I live in an area that is fortunate to have the American Bald Eagle as one of it’s residents. A neighbor recently spotted their nest and here we have a juvenile sitting in the nest. The parents were very skittish so I could not get too many shots. The nest sits in a long needle pine abut 60- 75 feet up. Taken with a Nikon P-900…truly amazing camera with an 84X’s zoom lens.


      1. Yeah, Toni…these are juveniles…the babies are total white fluff balls…Sorry to say, I found a couple of dead babies here after a huge wind storm several years ago. I imagine they were blown out of the nest.

      2. Nature never lies…we lie about nature, but it never lies to us. Here’s a Cardinal poppa getting a nest ready in the exact place they had it last year…outside my bathroom window.


  6. You know how some people will say, “Well, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but…” Well, I’m not a feminist but… an Evil Woman was not responsible for the overkill response by the Feds in their pursuit of a domestic terror story.

    So if you still want to gender this operation, you need look no further than the masculine impulses deployed to take down a gun owner using the Evil Woman trope as a pretense.

    Who’s to say that the Evil Woman was not herself coerced into the restraining order? The Feds seemed pretty intent on this guy given the massive operation; what wouldn’t they do to get the pretextual restraining order from an ex-girlfriend?

  7. >> Doe’s former girlfriend … dot dot dot GEEZ – how’d I know THAT ONE was coming. Time and space does
    not permit the stories I’ve known of, that have been relayed to me over time. Gentlemen – treat your girlfriend
    or wife like a mushroom and keep the truth about your affairs and even your views like radioactive material
    which never leaves a locked vault. You can never & SHOULD NEVER completely trust a woman if for no other
    reason that she MAY become your EX woman. And we all know how that usually goes. And for you suckers
    reading this who are tempted to say, “Oh, but not MY sweetie …” Puhleez spare me – Geez-S-. Put a lock on
    your garage or workshop door, and if she asks too many questions, get a new woman 🙂 No, not kidding.
    I would like to know IF they didn’t charge him with anything, why he has legal bills when there should be
    or would be lawyers lining up to file suit – and with good reason.

    1. That is by far the most demeaning generalization about women I have ever seen on this blog. Do you really believe men are not capable of the same behavior..especially under possible duress?? And no, I am not a feminist. I’m a humanist.

  8. Several people have posted the phony number of 560,000 dead from covid 19 in the US. The CDC has stated that the real number of dead is 6% of that 560,000+.

    1. Johns Hopkins: US Deaths – 561,000+; World Deaths – 2,890,000+. The CDC is under political pressure, unlike JH. This is a Pandemic, not some minor health threat!

      1. New Zealand: 26 Deaths – but, like Trump said, “1 is too many!” I’ll take my chances in “The land of the long, white cloud”. 🙂

      2. Ms Genevieve Briand of John Hopkins Covid 19 Research also claimed in her analysis that deaths due to heart diseases, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia may be incorrectly categorized as COVID-19-related deaths. John Hopkins is not a reliable source for statistics concerning Covid 19 deaths.

        This is the same unethical policy practiced at my local Kaiser Hospital.

        Notice that in the past 10 days DRUDGE has removed its daily US deaths stat that it had posted daily for the past year.

      3. Bombshell information concerning Life Insurance and Covid. There has been NO change in the Life Insurance business since covid. The idea that there have been huge amount of deaths due to covid is a massive lie. Its also a scare tactic to push the vax.

        40% of US Marines are NOT taking the vax.

        Thank you Jim for posting this video. Watch it also on YT…..https://youtu.be/SHuugffrATQ

        One thing is for sure…Life Insurance business is all about money. If covid was really causing massive death in the US, their rates would soar to the stratosphere and they haven’t.

        File: no nonsense Ben Swann.


      4. At 8 minutes or so…..”I don’t think I am or anyone is seriously denying the existence of the disease”…REALLY? Then again, he’s correct…No one I know denies the common cold exists. Truth Media….maybe you should consider changing you name to Half-Truth Media.
        I mean, according to the MSM. folks are dying by the hundreds of thousands and those are NOT all deaths in those over 70. There is no excessive death. The insurance companies know it and the statistics prove it. So, what is this dis-ease doing because it sure as hell is NOT KILLING anyone. And, remember the common FLU has disappeared.

        What the hell does it take to understand that 2 + 2 = 4? Not a question for those of you in common core (de) education since 2 + 2 = “whatever the hell you want it to”.

        So, as important as this vid is re insurance numbers, it still gets its dibs in saying the dis-ease exists.

  9. I’ve tried for the past ten mins to make a comment about this, about the protected class of entitled, easily offended women (not all) who will lie about most anything. Ask any man who has lost his children in court, been arrested for false rape or abuse, etc. Is it a wonder why so many men under 30 are not dating anymore and so many “bachelor” and “MGTOW” (Men Going Their Own Way) shows are on youtube.

    And then there are the various “ENFORCEMENT” agencies with THEIR entitlement breaking laws and punishing anyone they see fit. This hasn’t appeared fast here in the US. So many of us have been attempting to expose this when the government started giving small town police departments SWAT and military equipment; when police went from peace officers in tan, green, etc. uniforms to LAW ENFORCEMENT in all black.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “We have created a Star Wars civilization with stone age emotions, medieval institutions, and god like technology.
    Edward O. Wilson Harvard

      1. As you well know, in a prize fight a good boxer can take the little blows but hits with and inention of wearing down the other plus inflicting pain. The breakdown of our society is on the ropes.

        They have inflicted heavy damage to critical thinking; healthy food and water; Chemtrails poisoning our bodies and land; families who have lost their ability to focus on the unit and are self absorbed; SMART phone addiction that adds to their track, trace, and data basing of the citizens; the acceptance of the queer agendas as “normal;” the addiction to junk food, sugar, cliche’ entertainment; the acceptance of murder, torture, and mayhem done “artistically” as ok but nudity and love making as something bad.

        Not sure about the Stone reference?? Getting caught up in the AJ, Stone and other’s with the 80/20 truth/lies agenda is VERY dangerous my friend. You never knowl “for sure” which is which after a while.

        As to song writing in another comment. DK has not replied to my ? about what he writes and where to hear it.
        But, last night, since moving to my new digs in 2016 I completed my 80th song at 8:08 on April 8th – Gotta play the lottery :-)))

  10. The “FEDS” are actually ALIEN GOONS. THEY FRAMED attorney Edgar J. Steele a few years back and had him declared “Guilty” by a hand-picked “Jury” and ultimately condemned to ROT AND DIE in a Victorville, CA, Federal Penitentiary [radioactive] HELL-HOLE. Now you know what to expect!

  11. America is CONTROLLED by ALIENS who are using DemonicRATS and Zionist Slimeballs [mostly US/Israeli dual citizens] as their AGENTS and deployed to carry out the ALIEN AGENDA, now focused on GUN CONFISCATION and DIS[ARMING Americans! Get ready for REPLAYS of Ruby Ridge – all across America! Want to FIGHT BACK and SAVE AMERICA? Here’s how:



      1. Well that explains the past 30 years … They must have a Hell of a Sense of Humor throwing Faux Biden at us. I haven’t had this much fun since I figured out Big Mike was packing a 3rd Arm …

    1. RE: the JFK attachment to the above comment

      Compare the two quotes. The upper one doesn’t even sound like JFK. As if JFK ever called for all the (((fill in the blanks))) “to be kicked out of our wonderful country, and to keep it that way.” It’s ungrammatical, for one thing, and ‘wonderful country’ could be a Trump phrase. The entire quote is anachronistic. It’s a wish list of awkward phrases, strung together as they came to the mind of the writer. In thought, it’s jejune; in writing, it’s worse.

      Now read the second quote. This is JFK’s language. I can’t read it without hearing his voice. The careful cadence of the writing, the steady build-up of phrases, pausing to weigh opposites and allude to the armies of Dover Beach, fusing the poem’s dystopian theme with the specter of the ‘highly efficient machine’ in the descriptive last phrase of the quote.

      JFK uses elevated language that doesn’t pander or speak down to the audience. He doesn’t rely on the rhetoric of false history to win his audience. Instead he invokes the poem, Dover Beach, that great exhortation to faithfulness amid the exigencies of history. It’s a poignant reference, and a prescient one. All Americans down to this day are reflected in it.

      This is our President.



      1. JFK said it all – like it or not [especially the part about kicking Zionists out of America – and “it’s never too late”. 🙂 ]. Then the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs arranged to have him ASSASSINATED – and conveniently made it look like [in typical MOSSAD MO], like 11 or so other parties were part of the murder! Michael Collins Piper revealed all!


      2. Poetically prove that he didn’t say it! Do some research, instead of waxing poetic BS.

      3. You were first to assert that these are the words of JFK in your graphic. Rather than ask me to further disprove its veracity, please provide a citation for the quote.

        I ask, though I know you cannot cite one, and will fail to ratify your confidence.

      4. It’s a beautiful and appropriate arrangement of words – no matter who said them! 🙂 I could and would have said them!

    2. Another [3rd] quotation from JFK about the ALIEN AGENDA! The HHA DemonicRATS and Zionists are now turning America into a SLAVE-STATE and HELL-HOLE, in slavish obedience to their ALIEN Creators and Masters, holed up in D.U.M.B.s!


      1. No more insults, GS, or you are out. I have no patience for ad hominems here. Found one just now and trashed it.

      2. OK, JIM – but those names with which I addressed Will are an old USMC tradition [among grunts] and are usually not meant or taken seriously. They have been directed at me many times, but I never took offense. Nevertheless, I will comply with your request.

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