Assessing The Legality of Mandates for Vaccines Authorized via an Emergency Use Authorization

Efthimios Parasidis & Aaron S. Kesselheim

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued two Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for Covid-19 vaccines, and may soon issue a third. Public health officials have begun vaccine administration via state-based priority access plans. Discussion of vaccine mandates is plentiful, including the potential for state-issued orders and private directives from employers and other non-governmental entities. What remains unclear is the legality of mandates for EUA vaccines.

The issue of whether EUA vaccine mandates are permissible is particularly urgent given the woefully inadequate Covid-19 immunization roll-out. By December 31, 2020 fewer than 3 million doses were administered, far short of the goal to inoculate 20 million Americans by year’s end. The number of inoculated Americans has increased—as of February 12, over 34.7 million Americans had received at least one shot—and hopes for accelerating vaccine rollout under the new government remain high, though there has been wide disparity in immunization rates across states. Among the early groups of people receiving vaccines, reports have emerged of far too many physicians, nurses, nursing home staff, and firefighters declining vaccination.

In part the shortcomings are due to early lack of federal leadership, as well as funding and complex administrative hurdles faced by state and local public health agencies. Another factor is widespread vaccine hesitancy, driven in part by concerns about undue political influence over vaccine development and regulatory review under the prior presidential administration. These concerns are particularly prevalent among the poor and people of color, groups that have suffered disproportionally from the pandemic and who already experience a wide array of health inequities.

To address vaccine hesitancy and encourage vaccine uptake, public health officials have considered a variety of strategies. These include creation of working groups focused on minority health, messaging campaigns, enlisting the support of faith leaders and other trusted sources to help encourage immunization, and train-the-trainer programs for local officials involved in vaccine administration. Another option that has been widely discussed, but not yet implemented, is vaccine mandates. One recent study found that 72 percent of major company CEOs would consider vaccine mandates. Other groups have floated the idea of “vaccine passports,” in which a person can gain access to travel, education, work, etc. only if they have proof of immunization. As a practical matter, vaccine passports are functionally equivalent to mandates.

Should vaccine uptake continue to lag, mandating Covid-19 vaccines might be viewed as a necessary component of the public health response to the pandemic. But are mandates legally permitted for vaccines only granted emergency authorization by the FDA?

Interpreting The EUA Statute

The EUA provision was added to the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) in 2004 to give the government increased flexibility to respond to a chemical, biologic, nuclear, or radiation threat. When the pathway was created, special language was included for informational disclosures for individuals offered a medical product under an EUA. Specifically, under 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III), each individual must be informed “of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks.”

Although no court has interpreted this provision, the first segment of the subclause suggests that mandates are categorically prohibited, since each person must have “the option to accept or refuse.” But another plausible interpretation is to view segment two as a qualifier to segment one. According to this interpretation, the provision as a whole could be interpreted to dictate that, although a person has the option to refuse an EUA product, refusal can come with “consequences.” Under this interpretation, the legality of a mandate is likely to hinge on how the term “consequences” is defined. Since the term is not defined in the statute, statutory interpretation principles dictate that the word should be defined in ordinary terms within the context of the statute.

First Potential Meaning Of ‘Consequences’: Health Consequences Only

The entire subsection of 21 U.S.C. §360bbb-3(e) details conditions of authorization for EUA medical products, including the need to assess and disclose known risks and benefits and the need to monitor and report adverse events. There is no reference to mandates or consent waivers. Rather, the subsection focuses on health-related measures that are conditions of administration. As such, in the context of a Covid-19 vaccine EUA, disclosure of “consequences” from opting to refuse a vaccine could be interpreted solely to include potential health consequences of refusal, such as an increased risk of acquiring or transmitting SARS-CoV-2 or an increased risk of disease burden from Covid-19.

Second Potential Meaning Of ‘Consequences’: Any Adverse Action

As an alternative to a health-centered interpretation, one could argue that the word “consequences” should be defined broadly to encompass any adverse action that may be taken should a person decline vaccination. Under this interpretation, “consequences” could include health risks and adverse consequences related to work, access to education, use of public transportation, ability to shop in a store, board an airplane, and more. As a practical matter, such a broad interpretation would open the possibility that public and private entities could institute mandates.

If this interpretation is adopted, the FDCA would require that individuals be informed, prior to their decision on whether to accept an EUA medical product, of all possible health and non-health related consequences. It seems unlikely that Congress would set this broad disclosure requirement on health care providers who are administering products available under an EUA.

Furthermore, if segment two of Section 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) opens the door to mandates, it would render meaningless the option stated in segment one. Under canons of statutory interpretation, one segment of statute should not be interpreted to obstruct another. Rather, provisions should be interpreted in a way that makes them compatible, not contradictory.

In sum, it is most plausible that the mandatory disclosures of Section 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) are limited to health risks of refusing an EUA product during a public health emergency. This interpretation is supported by the legislative history of the bill that created the EUA pathway. A review of the Congressional Record reveals no mention of allowing the government or private entities the ability to mandate administration of EUA products. Rather, EUAs consistently are characterized as a vehicle for providing access to promising, but unproven, medical products. As one example, Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-Louisiana) stated that the statute was intended to assure that “if there is some vaccine, some treatment under study that has a lot of promise but has not yet been approved, that we are not forbidden to use it.”

Anthrax Vaccine EUA As A Guide

The context in which the EUA pathway was created and first used also supports an interpretation that mandates are not part of the law. The EUA protocol was enacted amid a challenge to the Department of Defense (DoD) anthrax vaccine immunization program (AVIP). The vaccine was FDA-approved as prophylaxis for cutaneous anthrax, but DoD sought to mandate the vaccine among service members to protect against inhalation anthrax. This qualified as off-label use, and service members filed a lawsuit seeking to halt AVIP.

Since AVIP involved off-label use of a vaccine for military personnel, the law required informed consent from each individual or a Presidential waiver of informed consent. From AVIP’s commencement in 1997 to the time of the lawsuit in 2003, neither President Clinton nor President Bush had issued a waiver. On December 22, 2003, a federal court halted AVIP due to DoD’s failure to abide by informed consent requirements. Eight days later, FDA expanded the label to encompass inhalation anthrax. Service members challenged FDA’s decision on procedural grounds, arguing that the agency failed to follow its own regulations regarding label amendments.

As it seemed that the court would likely rule against FDA, the Project BioShield Act was created. In October 2004, a district court actually did side with the service members and vacated FDA’s decision, but the bill had already passed and President Bush signed it three months earlier. In December 2004, DoD filed an EUA for the anthrax vaccine, and within weeks FDA issued the EUA, which encompassed inhalation anthrax.

Subsequently, DoD restarted anthrax vaccinations but only on a voluntary basis. Immunizations remained voluntary until December 19, 2005, when FDA approved a label expansion for the anthrax vaccine, and thereafter DoD resumed mandatory inoculations for certain military personnel. This series of events lends credence to the position that mandates were not intended for EUA products.

Additional Policy Reasons To Preclude Mandates

Ethical and public policy rationales also support the notion that government or private mandates should not be permitted for EUA vaccines. The EUA standard of review is lower than the standard for vaccine approval; for example, rather than provide substantial evidence of effectiveness a sponsor need only offer evidence that the product may be effective. Along these lines, one recent article stated that mandates for Covid-19 vaccines are “legally and ethically problematic” under EUAs, and should only be considered if a vaccine earns full Biologics License Application (BLA) approval.

More specific to Covid-19 vaccines is the issue that the hyper-politicization of public health and persistent undue influence from the Trump White House has resulted in record numbers of vaccine-hesitant Americans, particularly among the poor and people of color. In such an environment, a vaccine mandate is likely to exacerbate public concerns, particularly as questions remain about any Covid-19 vaccine-injury compensation programs for unexpected adverse effects.

Although EUAs for Covid-19 vaccines may help society overcome the wrath of the pandemic, mandates for such vaccines are unlikely to pass legal muster.

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53 thoughts on “Assessing The Legality of Mandates for Vaccines Authorized via an Emergency Use Authorization”

  1. The government will likely partly ‘outsource’ indirect vaccine mandates to the private sector, e.g. you cannot get on a plane etc etc — it’s not clear how to best challenge those — in any case I would not expect too much of any legal challenges (which should go ahead), because as I said if they can wring the ‘right’ to abortion out of the Constitution (or discrimination via affirmative action), then they can and will likely accomplish this agenda via the courts, which have largely abandoned their role as a check on Establishment power — e.g. SCOTUS would not hear 2020 election cases, and a federal judge used Title IX as an excuse to allow boys to compete against girls in sports:

    The moral case against vaccine mandates must also be made: one criterion to judge the moral rectitude of a person or institution is willingness to use coercion on others — by that standard, COVID tyranny has revealed how many profoundly immoral people and institutions there are, including government.


    Previously I said Trump was also to blame for the current migrant ‘asylum’ crisis at the southern border because he failed to conclude a ‘safe third country’ agreement with Mexico — here is an example of the leverage the US has which could have been used to force Mexico to sign such an important agreement:

    “For years, remittances have been a key source of revenue for the Mexican government. The more money Mexicans living here send home, the more of that money circulates through the Mexican economy. … As The Wall Street Journal reported in January, they jumped 11.2 percent to $36.9 billion in the first 11 months of 2020, a figure that exceeded 2019’s record $36.4 billion, itself a record. As well, the average remittance, $340, was 4.3 percent higher than in 2019. … And as I observed in March, the total for January this year, $3.3 billion, jumped 26 percent from January 2020.”

    A 50% tax on remittances would have put tremendous pressure on Mexico, yet unfathomably Trump never did this or anything else to force them to sign a ‘safe third country’ agreement (as exists with Canada).

    1. Thanks for the links. The more things change the more they remain the same. Coming to the next Olympic Games guys in drag sporting events.

  2. Jim Stone is on fire this AM…Here’s some stories about folks driving erratically in different areas. Is it due to the vax? I’m not on the road enough to notice any of this…maybe someone on the blog has:

    “I have a startup company and as such I work every day of the week. Every day I’m on the road heading back and forth from home to my office in the Raleigh-Durham area via I-40.

    Recently, I have noticed a massive uptick in seemly bizarre accidents. Vehicles of all kinds, usually singular, running off the road and crashing. Not in bad weather. Not in the middle of the night. Just all of the a sudden.

    I have also noticed folks driving kind of “dazed” looking, weaving about, stopping erratically and in particular not driving at speed — usually like 10 mph below the speed limit on secondary roads, but very fast on primaries.

    I’ve driven in the local market for a very long time and I have not seen this kind of behavior before. Wondering if its the beginning of Vaxxed brain damage of some kind???”


    Now that you mention it…its been happening here in aus too.

    Just a spate of pointless accidents.

    No cause…just running off the road into ditches and rivers…into poles…into other cars..

    For no reason.

    Not even speeding.

    Its like everyone is having sudden heart attacks or blackouts behind the wheel.


    I’ve been noticing this over the past 2 to 3 weeks but it has become really much more pronounced in the last week.

    I also seen something similar with parking. I see people driving around parking lots looking for a spot to park in, driving past open spots repeatedly and then finally choosing some random spot to park in. Like they couldn’t “choose” one. Really strange.


    Maine here. Delivery driver.

    Definitely good observation that i have made myself. The part about people driving ridiculously slow now, barely even keeping with the speed limit. I don’t even wait for them anymore, I usually blow past them in the opposite lane, get a quick look at them, and there is definitely a light being dimmed in the upstairs department.

    Really getting bad in the last few weeks, luckily I am in vacation so I have avoided the roads, so can’t say if things have gotten worse, but its to the point that i had many thoughts recently to quitting my delivery job.

    I honestly don’t fear dying from a covid, my big fear is being taken out while driving by someone having a bad reaction to the vaccine.


    My father in law is aggressively pro-vax. In the the last couple of days he is having dizzy spells and is very light headed. He is vaxxed by the way. He has stopped driving due to these symptoms. Can see this causing many accidents among the vaxxed.


    I have observed a note worthy amount of head on collisions, and high impact with trees across the USA, Also a noteworthy amount of unrestrained operators


    I’ve ridden in my sisters SUV in recent days with her to visit a hospitalized relative. She is a nurse and was vaxxed about 3 months ago. She was driving very erratically and sort of drifting though lanes. I’ve never known her to be in an accident in decades of driving… but she had some close calls the last couple of days. She doesn’t push the vaxx as hard as she did back in January either.. possibly because she has had some symptoms might suspect the “kill shot”? But she doesn’t mention anything


    Went out Friday- southern tier NY, very rural – shopping in Hornell.

    When I returned home I immediately told my spouse how crazy 19 was (towards the Interstate), many trucks driving right near the double lines, cars weaving as though the driver was in another world.

    Have you guys noticed anything like that in your areas?

    1. My vaccinated sister [pfizer) who used to be a math teacher….yesterday could not divide 6 into 77 in her head….she said it was ONE point TWELVE. Mental confusion??

      1. Don, that is strange….more evidence of what this crap is doing, eh? Anyway, I attempted to register on AOL to check your experience with BIN.., but they wanted a cell #, so that killed that attempt. Why don’t you use Proton Mail…all free and encrypted…out of Switzerland.

      2. Thanks, I might try Proton….I already have two other email accounts. I can read BIN no problem but I cannot comment. Its more bother than its worth.

      3. Proton is good. I have yet to have a problem in the years I have been using it. I never comment anywhere but here…just not worth the trouble especially if I have to register with Giggle.

    2. Hello Will , I’m currently in your neck of the wood until the end of June and I have notice a lot of driver from the New England states driving either very slow or erratic on I75 and SR 64 . When you’re pulling a travel trailer you pay attention to that sort of thing. And I’ve lived in Vermont, New Hampshire,New York and the Maritimes and never saw one of them driving slow at home or in Florida.
      The Florida drivers are driving the same. The ones in South East Florida are the worst. But thank God they’re not falling for the Gene therapy scam. And in the Bahamas where I’m now visiting my 85 year old Mum who has Parkinson’s, most Bahamians wants nothing to do with it either. But there is still a curfew??? Because the South African variant is spreading like crabs on a Navy ship on shore leave. (Ole Corpsman joke)

      1. Watch those casinos in the Bahamas…they’ll suck ya in!

        I avoid the interstates as much as feasible. Even on my last trip up to Charlottesville to visit an old friend, cat sit her fat 18 pound feline. and check out that staged event, I took the back roads….much more laid back and enjoyable.

  3. What I consider a superb post from Stone….and once again, Florida is ahead of the curve!

    Upper class private school in Florida: If you are vaxxed, you can’t teach here
    Centner Academy in Miami Florida has told teachers if they get the vax they are suspended until the vax is proven safe and all long term studies are complete. And after those studies they can get their jobs back IF they have not already been replaced. The stipulations were very well defined and ruled out all possibility of vaccined individuals from shedding into the students or staff.

    Here is a quote the school sent out:

    “Until further notice, we ask any employee who has not yet taken the experimental COVID-19 injection, to wait until the end of the school year. We also recommended that all faculty and staff hold off on taking the injection until there is further research available on whether this experimental drug is impacting unvaccinated individuals. It is our policy, to the extent possible, not to employ anyone who has taken the experimental COVID-19 injection until further information is known.

    Tens of thousands of women all over the world have recently been reporting adverse reproductive issues from being in close proximity with those who have received any one of the COVID-19 injections.

    No one knows exactly what may be causing these irregularities, but it appears that those who have received the injections may be transmitting something from their bodies to those with whom they come in contact.”

    The MSM is all over this, spewing slander and quoting only the most appalling slander artists. Here’s an example of the slander being spewed:
    “As shamefully seen by the actions of the illegally run and uncertified Centner Academy, these schools not only teach misinformation and peddle propaganda, they punish teachers who try to protect themselves and their families. We are horrified by the unsafe conditions and labor violations that colleagues at schools such as this one have to endure due to lack of union representation and contract rights.”

    My response: Illegally run?? This school costs between 25,000 and $30,000 to enroll a kindergartener, let alone more advanced classes. Do people who would pay that much send their kids to illegally run “uncertified” schools? Are the conditions there really “horrifying”? DOUBT IT. That’s just communist slander that has tipped us off to who is running the covid con job. Now we know the lies the Jews are going to spew when they drag this school into the courts THEY OWN for the purpose of enforcing their tyranny, and it’s a damn safe bet they’ll do it to anyone else. This is precisely how the Bolsheviks slander opposition to their tyranny, and they expect to get away with this, because they have infiltrated and corrupted the legal systems in a way sufficient to allow them to screw over anyone.

    They stated their goals: To get the courts to declare the school illegal and pull it’s certification because it had the audacity to state the truth about a vaccine that is the centerpiece of the Jewish run covid con job, which is central to their plan for a world wide bolshevik revolution.

    And get a load of this: The response has well known communist trigger words – whenever you hear words like “Heartbreaking” and “outraged” and “saddened” and “devastated” and “Egregious” you are guaranteed to be listening to a Bolshevik:

    Dr. Marty told CBS4 that this is heartbreaking, and she is devastated because she says there is no basis in science for any of the misinformation that the school is putting out. She also noted that it’s particularly “egregious” that you have a school designed to educate kids promoting this sort of false and misleading information about the vaccine.


    “Doctor” Marty is without question evil to the core and proves that by spewing slander like a demon. Absolutely nothing said against that school has any basis in reality. DOCTOR MARTY IS “DEVASTATED” and on top of that “HEARTBROKEN”, AND THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN.

    GOT IT?

    1. Florida is looking pretty attractive to me Will. I am huge fan of DeSantis. The way he handled that CNN reporter grandstanding was pure genius. The way he is standing up to the cancel mob is inspiring. Don’t think I could handle the summers, but the spring might work for a while. I have a couple pals to look up down there. Don’t have a huge amount of confidence in the Bounder. I’m missing about 800 lbs of towing capacity for my Explorer and can’t tow it all four wheels down. Hoping to trade it for a Wrangler…

      1. The friend who took the pics of all those at the dem derby without masks (99%) said they did not turn out well, so….maybe I can find some pics on line. Here’s a site to get you acquainted.

        Have you considered a used Prius (I have a 2004, very light….ridiculous mileage).

        The summers here are not a bad as south Florida. Btw, You would love Myakka State park…but that is around Sarasota. There is also Stephen Foster State Park which is not bad, next to a great old town called White Springs. But the park does apparently have a mask requirement….but understand, no one around here enforces that crap. Of course, we also have the Suwannee River Music Festival…but that was masked last I checked and since that was a private concern running that event, masks were enforced (insurance concerns).

        I have plenty of land you could camp on, but for someone of your nature, other than the Suwannee River itself and world class cave diving, there is not much activity.

      2. Will writes….”but that was masked last I checked and since that was a private concern running that event, masks were enforced (insurance concerns).”

        Insurance??? How could they ever prove that any damage was caused by the unmasked person?

      3. I cannot say for sure, Don…but having talked to a few business owners re the mask situation, there is this fear their insurance would be canceled if they allowed customers to not wear masks. One such was a local home improvement in Live Oak called Howlands. I had thanked the owner for his lax mask policy and that’s when he told me that policy may not last for long if those with whom he was insured had anything to do with it. BUT, so far he’s standing his ground.

        The truth is they would not have to prove anything. The insurance companies would likely rather not deal with those suits, knowing the best path would be to settle than some long drawn out case that would cost more than a settlement.

      4. With an insurance claim you have to prove your complaint to get one cent. Insurance companies are not charities, eager to hand over cash. That has been my experience.

        Yes some may just pay but that would result in a flood of claims.

    1. I have to smile because ”” kicked me and many others off their site because bin hates AOL and I have an old AOL affiliated email. It seemed very arbitrary at the time.

      Good information Hsaive.

      1. This was about 2 years ago and that was the ONLY reason they gave me. BIN said that AOL staff would not speak to the staff of BIN.

        I also tried to signup yesterday but the site said that my AOL was banned from BIN and to use another email address. All very weird.

  4. There seem to be a few slip ups of late. Real or contrived? You be the judge. But there is little doubt that as far as countries under the most stringent lock-downs, Australia is in a close contest with Canada and the UK and possibly the Philippines where I understand they are actually shooting the non-compliants.


  5. How about the beaucoup stories of unvaccinated women being seriously affected by being around the vaxxed? You won’t hear their stories on the news. That’s for sure. It sounds too far out to say the super spreaders of disease are the vaccinated. Something right out of a sci-fy. Is this the genocide of the yet to be conceived? This plan to eliminate billions of people is literally carved in stone.

  6. One INJECTION was not enough, so it went to two and now it’s THREE with yearly boosters?
    My response? Stuff it where the moon don’t shine!

    From Stone:


  7. WOW! check out the vaccine bodycount story …. Boxer Marvin Hagler and Slugger Hank Aaron both dead after vaccine. Check out the every day people that have died. The pictures of the formerly alive and well are heart breaking. It’s been a while since I looked at Jeff Rense’s site. Frankly it was too much truth to handle in one sitting. I think I quit looking after Fukishima nuclear disaster. Check out the staggering numbers of murder by injection… a term coined by Eustace Mullins on the AMA and Big Pharma

    1. I had no idea about the staggering number of deaths.

      This information is being hidden from the public. I read everything in the news about the vaxx but never this.
      Scary to say the least.

      Thank you Dave.

      1. Knowing the supposed “murder” was staged was mind-blowing enough. The evidence that Mathis presents takes mind-blowing to a cosmic level. Can anyone say it’s just part of the continuing coup against this country and its people? I sure can.
        I am usually not a fan of Mathis. Some, not all, of his theories have been off the wall. BUT, in this instance, most of what he presents cannot be denied. Having read through it once, I found two points I would question. The first being Barr’s ‘interference’. US AGs have more power than most realize; especially in a case that may involve civil rights. At least, this would be their justification. In the real world, there would be an objection, but in this play, all is fair since THEY (the CIA) control the narrative. The second would be Mathis’ assertion that Chauvin would not have a million bucks for the bond. Let’s face it, this is what Bondsmen are for.
        I would have to look more carefully at the remaining 49 points, but in a superficial perusal they ALL seem valid. And i would add, the number of ‘coincidences’ would make a mathematician embarrassed.
        There is absolutely no doubt now this trial was as staged as the event itself.
        As I have stated multiple times on this blog….justice is dead in these United States. The scales of justice are now scales over the average Americans eyes.
        I might add, how many witnesses for the state?…..something close to 500 plus 400 reports. Seven witnesses for the defense? Give me a break!

      2. Jim… that is an amazing list of eye brow raisers. Once you get past no. 13, it’s overkill. I remember how outraged I was when I first saw the George Floyd “killing”. It took me 24 hours to become outraged for an entirely different reason. When it dawned on me how this was engineered for maximum outrage. That the reverse angle film showed nobody with a camera from the other side… just like the movies ! Every time a movie reverses the angle of a shot, they do not leave the other camera visible. That was my first clue we were being scammed again. There was one particular shot where George has no legs! They substituted a black torso dummy.

        When I started watching the George Floyd Memorial Fund on Go Fund Me hit 7, 8, 9, 10 million I knew this was a scam of epic proportions. It stopped at 14.7 million dollars. When I started looking up the highest donors of $50,000… one was a demonic logo “thug wear” company called Blackcraft Cult that specialized in Inverted pentagrams and Baphomet depictions on hoodies where their stock and trade.

        The Fund set a single day record of 500,000 individual donations. I’m calling bullshit on the whole show.

      3. ”28) Among those not called to testify were Chauvin’s neighbors, who had “no idea” he was a police
        officer. If your next door neighbor was a career police officer, don’t you think you might see
        him in uniform occasionally, on the way to or from work? ”

        That one comment in his Report raised red flags to me. Neighbors know what kind of work you do. Just by casual conversations I know what every person’s work is on my entire block, let alone next door.

      4. Don, You make a good point, although I don’t see that as one of Mathis’ stronger arguments.
        I would suspect many cops would rather not be known as law enforcement and leave that work at the “offfice’. He could easily change into uniform at his precinct. So, as much as I know this was staged from beginning to end, this item is thin and easily refuted in my estimation.

      5. Thanks for the link Dr. Fetzer. Anyone with half a brain would see that this was a psychological operation to distract from the Scamdemic. Chauvin father supposedly lives not too far from where I lived in Virginia. It’s spookville, USA. But it doesn’t matter any more the mind-rape continues.

      6. That quote was #28 in his Report. That is not my personal #28…it’s Mathis’s if you read the entire Report.

        I also thought he might always travel from home in civilian clothes.

  8. Related to cyber security for operation Warp Speed, 175 million IP addresses became active that belonged to DOD in December of 2020. Suddenly one new company controlled more IP addresses that all the others. How does that happen overnight? I think this is a big story from Restricted Republic. It involves DARPA and that should raise some eye brows. This outfit incorporates a couple weeks before the elections. Please have a look and tell me your thoughts.

    1. dK, I had just watched that same vid. I really don’t know what to think of it. I already figured they know everything about us anyway. Was Trump somehow stopping them? As for me, I stay away from Wi-Fi and cells and live isolated in the damn woods…but still cannot figure out those 200 or so towers that are stored in Live Oak about 15 miles north are all about. If they are bringing them out here, I’ll find myself one of those Bounders and hit the road.

      On a different note, there was a demolition derby at the fairgrounds in Live Oak last night and from what a friend tells me, no one was wearing a mask and they were packed in like sardines in the stands. I may have a pic later.

      1. Cool I was thinking about FLA as a temporary destination. I can’t take the Covidians anymore

  9. From the Covid Trenches: I met young man who was snowboarding over at Breckenridge on Friday. Peak of health, maybe 27 years old. Incredibly fit. He said he had to quit early to get his second Covid shot. I didn’t see the point in revealing what a mistake he made and was going to make again. I gave him a ring yesterday to see if he was snowboarding. He didn’t answer, but he texted me the following: ‘The Covid shot kicked my ass and I am sick as a dog. The injection site is incredibly sore’. Big surprise right? I have previously reported that the Vail Ski Patrol was vaccinated en masse and 80% of them called in sick the next day. It’s shocking to me with all the information from first hand sources at the push of a button, people don’t check to see how horrible this is.

    I think Icke got it right: No need for an actual superbug, an imaginary one is better for many reasons: 1. You aren’t retrained by such annoyances as the natural decline 2. Through full proof positive tests the general population can be manipulated to voluntarily give up their rights. 3. Moving the goal posts back and fourth at will, you can tell people vaccination is the only path back to normal and the next day saying wear a mask vaccinated or not. And if you are Boris Johnson, you can bold face lie and say the lockdowns are what made the superbug decline. 4. The second and third wave of lockdowns are the key to the scam and the goal is to impoverish people that few have independent means of making a living. 5. The real plague lies in the vaccinations and will go a long ways of achieving the goal on the Georgia Guidstones

  10. I’m concerned about the claim that, “the issue that the hyper-politicization of public health and persistent undue influence from the Trump White House has resulted in record numbers of vaccine-hesitant Americans.” This seems to cast a shadow over President Trump, when it is Dr. Fauci and the legacy media that caused my skepticism. President Trump was acting very effectively with the procurement of HCQ, but he was sabotaged by Dr. Fauci and the legacy media. I guess you can say Dr. Fauci was part of the Trump administration, but that seems a bit of a stretch given the fact that he has had a very long government career under many administrations. There was been widespread censorship of information on valid therapeutic treatments for the the virus. Additionally there are now reports of many fully vaccinated persons coming down the the CCP virus, and moreover some of them have died. How can you mandate something that hasn’t been proven to work? I have no idea how the alleged vaccine could have been tested for efficacy. I think they could test somewhat for safety in a sort period of time, but as for determining the long term effectiveness, logic tells us that it is a compete impossibility. This is all combined with a very obviously fraudulent election and a puppet dictator being installed in the White House. I’m already the victim of election fraud and systemic Black privilege. I’m not interested in succumbing to a potentially faulty experimental vaccine.

  11. Although EUAs for Covid-19 vaccines may help society overcome the (WRATH OF THE PANDEMIC), mandates for such vaccines are unlikely to pass legal muster.

    That’s a cute little tell at the end of the article. What “wrath” would that be? WHERE are those numbers that indicate such a wrath? What happened to the normal flu since this all started? Where is the increase in the total number of overall deaths worldwide? This is NOT the wrath of a pandemic. It’s a wrath of statistical manipulation to create the illusion of a disease that does not exist and even more for a virus that has never been isolated which the CDC itself admits. So, we are looking at the POSSIBILITY of a mandate for a vaccine to combat a disease that does not exist but in the diabolic minds and thoughts of a cabal whose only goal is depopulation. Could that question of the legality of a mandate be more ridiculous, macabre and full of deception? My brain is on overdrive to find an answer to a question that should not only not be asked, but for an inquiry that has NO BASIS IN REALITY as we know it. One may as well ask if we should create a legal mandate to ban snipe hunting. That makes as much sense.

    Ever seen a snipe? Neither have I.

  12. I see here in CA that the outdoor dinning tents are vanishing and restaurants are welcoming customers to dine inside with no limitations on numbers.

    CA is now on the bottom of the covid death list.

    Gov. Newsom is scared to death he’s going to be recalled which will probably happen anyway. It’ll be on the next Ballot.


      1. I have not been to any CA restaurant for over a year. At this time my sister tells me the mask issue is relaxed. This is because the dippy CA governor is terrified he will be kicked out of office in the next election. Restaurant owners here are very, very angry with him. He mandated that restaurants have to close and the next day he goes to a French restaurant with his pals and has a $200+ meal.

      2. And that election would be in November 2022? I notice Caitlyn Jenner may run. What do you think of that?

      3. Jenner??? Most politicians have done something in their life to qualify to run for an office. What has Jenner done? NOTHING is the answer….she’s never even run a lemonade stand. CA is the most screwed up state of the nation….anything could happen.
        Oh, I forgot, she had her penis surgically modified into a vagina. Does that qualify her to be a Governor?

      4. Don….in CA, electing a transgender as a governor would not surprise me whatsoever. This is an agenda and has nothing to do with experience or qualifications.

      5. Don (and other Californians here)…get a gander at this Jenner assessment:

        Jim Stone:

        Schwarzenegger says Bruce Jenner has a chance as governor
        Biological male Bruce who can’t cope with who he is wants to be governor of California. AND HE WILL BE GOVERNOR, TRANS AND ALL, BECAUSE DOMINION WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

        There’s not a place in hell chance larger than a spot of fly dung that BRUCE would EVER be governor after a LEGIT vote, but we don’t have the opportunity for that anymore with Dominion not sued out of existence.

        Latinos DO NOT LIKE gays, Bruce won’t have 10 percent of the white male vote, 20 percent of the white female vote, and even below 0 percent of both male and female latino votes because they’ll double vote against him. But he’ll be gov, just watch, because after all he has the Jewish vote. And that’s all that matters when the vax is safe and the election was not stolen.

      6. Schwarzenegger was a horrible Governor. He spent most of his time smoking a cigar in a tent in front of the Capitol building.

        My Pillow CEO is suing Dominion for $1.5 BILLION… you know they sued him first. What a laugh….

    1. Its all about the Lefties showing that they have the power to elect ANYONE to high office…maybe. As I have said many times on this blog….the US is so far down the rabbit hole, you cannot see the end of it.



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