Patrick J. McShay, “Globalists, Communists, And Satanists—Oh My!”

by Patrick J. McShay

“We are ruled by a Uni-party of globalist elite using their
immense wealth to manipulate and control the masses.”

— Jim Quinn,

“The men the American people admire most extravagantly
are the 
biggest liars; The men they detest most violently
are those who try 
to tell them the truth.”

— H.L. Mencken. American Journalist and Satirist

America is barreling toward idiocracy while the economy is coming apart at the seams and the American empire is crumbling under the weight

of our controller’s corruption and greed. The horrible decisions by our controllers over the COVID-19 hoax have accelerated their inevitable planned collapse of our economy.

The father of the COVID-19 virus, billionaire Bill Gates is bankrolling an educational organization that says math is racist. The organization named “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction” maintains that asking students to come up with the correct answer is “inherently racist” and is “the result  of White Supremacy”. 

Gates, now the largest farmland owner in America is telling us that we should eat less meat and more bugs and start drinking processed urine.  He is also the owner of “Beyond Meat”, Ginko Bioworks, and Pivot Bio, a sustainable agricultural operation that makes fake food in a lab. A new company BiteLab is  growing meat from celebrity tissue samples and say their Jennifer Lawrence salami is coming soon. Scary stuff! 

*Those who concede to evil will always give in to evil.

The Gates Foundation is well positioned for the coming food shortages our controllers have planned for us according to FEMA whistleblower Celeste Solum. Find her videos before they are taken down.  I saw today that the Boston Public School District has suspended “Advanced” classes for grades 4 through 6 citing “racial inequities”.  The racial makeup in the Advanced classes is 70% White and Asian and 30% Black and Hispanic. Acceptance in the program was based on a standard placement exam. This is part of the dumbing down of the American school system and the new bigotry and racism against White Americans we are seeing in colleges and businesses across the country? I see a wave of reverse discrimination lawsuits clogging the courts for years to come.

The University of California recently voted to phase out the SAT and ACT as requirements to apply to it’s 10 schools amid charges that they are unfair to poor, Black and Hispanic students. Standards have been lowered for minorities for decades, why are they pulling White and Asian students along on this race to mediocrity?  Why are Blacks Ok with this? Do they see this capitulation as a victory? Are these more hidden reparations? Why is the media telling Blacks that all Whites are racist? This accusation of systemic racism is not true and BLM is funded by Jewish billionaires that hate America. It is all part of our controller’s plans to divide and conquer? Their plans for us are sinister and the truth of what they intend for us is quite scary. We need to stop helping them destroy us.

Meanwhile our President, Dopey Joe Biden, looking like a Mr. Magoo clone stares blankly, stumbling and mumbling through short speeches, using notes, a teleprompter, and wife Jill, coaxing and cajoling him from the sideline. It is painfully obvious to everyone including the Democrats that old Joe’s cognitive issues are getting worse every day. 

The Democrats of course knew how bad his dementia was before the election, but because Obama’s choice, the unpopular Kamala Harris couldn’t muster more than 1% of the votes in the primary, she was forced on dopey Joe to be placed in the Oval Office at a later date.

Just this week Politico reported that nearly 3 dozen Democrat members of Congress have signed a letter urging the president to relinquish his control of the launch codes for the country’s nuclear arsenal. It sounds like there is already trouble in paradise, or is it worse than that?  Is a coup to dump the unelected Biden already in motion? I think it is!

Barely a month in office and a mountain of executive orders signed to kill American jobs, illegally open the border, and raise taxes through policies that don’t help American citizens one bit. the Neo-Cons that surround him have already conned him into bombing targets in Syria this week.

Liz Cheney’s father, war criminal and former Vice President Dick Cheney, has an interest in Genie Oil that has been stealing Syrian oil in the Golan Heights for years. Remember that when traitor Lizzy praises this bombing in Syria.

The RINO’s who whined about Trump while he was president and were giddy as they supported the ridiculous impeachment, have been vilified by the states they represent. Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, Hererra Beutler, Richard Burr, and Bill Cassidy have all been chastised and censured by their states, and most states have vowed to primary these traitors at the earliest opportunity. Trump coattails helped every one of those backstabbers to win their last election and this is how they repaid him.

Since the January 6th incident, the media has labeled everyone in Washington DC that day a White Supremacist and lied about it being an armed insurrection, which is ridiculous. We’ve also had another ruling by the Supreme Court to throw out other vote fraud cases without reviewing a single bit of the mountain of evidence that continues to grow.  Throwing out these contentious cases without reviewing the evidence was a cowardly act especially on the part of Coney-Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Roberts who refused to hear appeals from several states.  What good are these judges who decided not to get involved in this decision; that’s their job? 

This signals to the Democrats that they can do whatever they want because we have cowards on the court? They did rule that former President Trump has to turn over his tax returns for 8 years. Where is the law that supports that ruling? Nothing in the Constitution requires the President to turn over their  taxes; this ruling is ludicrous!

Recently in Colorado, a state that vote fraud wasn’t in question, it’s been revealed that nearly 500,000 more votes were cast in 2020 than in 2016, which had record numbers. This record number of voters for dopey Joe should have been a huge red flag to state officials. Why wasn’t it? The evidence of fraud is overwhelming!

*This is from the Gateway Pundit:

“The increase in eligible voters between 2016 and 2020 in Colorado was 485,000 per the state’s reports. Biden won nearly every one of those votes, “which isn’t reasonable.” Biden beat Hillary Clinton’s vote total by 460,000votes which account for nearly every new vote since 2016.”

Biden’s win can’t stand up to scrutiny and the Democrats know it!

Only 200,000 people have moved to Colorado since 2016. Do these numbers seem reasonable to you?

In another state, Virginia, Trump had a decent-sized lead election night but eventually lost and nothing much was said about the early lead. It turns out there was a 308,000-count ballot drop in Fairfax County late that night as happened in a number of states that night. And like the other states, 73% of that drop went for Biden. Where did that dump come from and who counted that mountain of fraud?

In a court ruling this week in Arizona a judge ruled that Maricopa County must provide 2.1 million ballots from the November 3rd election to the Arizona Senate and allow access to their voting equipment to conduct an audit. Arizona is just one of the states that didn’t want to certify the election on January 6th. Arizona held a hearing that lasted 10 hours, and I sat through the entire hearing. You cannot sit through this hearing and believe Biden won. It’s a sham!

Others states that didn’t want their vote certified on January 6th were Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. They didn’t want their states certified on January 6th because the evidence of vote fraud was snowballing despite being covered up by the mainstream media. All Trump asked Mike Pence to do was send it back to the states that requested a revote after the evidence of fraud became overwhelming. Pence refused, Why? This is why Trump is pissed!

This is why Pence wasn’t invited to CPAC, and this is why his political career is over! 

Renowned mathematician Edward Solomon found much the same when he looked into the 2020 election. He determined that the 2020 results at the precinct level was impossible and could not have happened naturally. He concluded that computer algorithms must have been used to change the results. His analysis shows that thousands of votes in states Trump won were switched to Biden.

Sadly, we are now stuck with a president who is choosing his cabinet based on diversity and multiculturalism and not because they are the best person for the job. 

Thursday, Biden’s nominee for the Deputy Director of Health and Human Services, Rachel Levin, a Transsexual formerly known as Richard, was questioned by Senator Doctor Rand Paul. He asked her if she supported the government intervening to override the parent’s consent to give a child puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and or amputation surgery of breasts and genitals? (She does). The bizarre thing about it was Levine was asked the question twice and gave the same exact rehearsed non-answer to the question by refusing to answer the question. 

This woman is scary looking and not long ago would have been in a psychiatric ward in a Pennsylvania hospital. Who in their right mind would want her counseling their children or making policy? Americans should ask themselves why Transgenderism is being forced on them and their children by this administration.  

China Joe’s so called $2 trillion COVID-19 relief bill has little to do with COVID relief as only around 10% of the funds are targeted for that relief. The rest will go to illegal aliens, pet projects, Democrat slush funds and bailing out the poorly run and bankrupt Democrat run cities and states.

Biden’s COVID relief bill is filled with anti-White reverse racism and hidden reparations for Blacks. Betsy McGaughey a former Lt. Governor of New York recently wrote in the New York Post, that “the Bill treats Whites like second class citizens.” Georgia’s new racist and Marxist Senator Rafael Warnock had a hand in crafting the Bill so that should surprise no one. Dopey Joe hasn’t given his State of the Union address yet, which is tradition to do by the end, of February. What is he waiting for? Is he not allowing schools to open because his controllers are planning to ratchet up the fear and impose a nationwide lockdown?

The people behind these vaccines are eugenicists! The Queen of England recently admonished her flock for not getting their vaccines, yet her own shusband, the dullard Prince Philip, is on record as having said, “If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned as a killer virus to lower the human population”.

Joe Biden is surrounded by Communist, Globalists and Satanists who are pushing an anti-American and anti-White agenda. Brainwashing and dumbing down our children in the indoctrination centers they call schools that will continue until these people are driven from office. 

Election integrity, Border security, and the Bill of Rights were voted the most important issues at the CPAC Conference on Sunday, where Trump announced that he will likely be a candidate in 2024 to a standing ovation in a room with a standing room only crowd in Florida. None of these issues are of any concern to the traitors on the Left. Election integrity is imperative before the midterm elections because as we know, it matters not how many votes you get, the only thing that matters is how many are counted.

Trump knows that better than anyone.

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14 thoughts on “Patrick J. McShay, “Globalists, Communists, And Satanists—Oh My!””

  1. If Trump had remotely tried to “drain the swamp” (he had 4 fcking years) we wouldn’t be dealing with this shit now, would we? And people are ready to be swindled again by the con artist in 2024, just incredible. Don’t forget that Left has made more gains under Trump than in other time in US history. Total loss of civil liberties, repeated assaults on our history, on our institutions, statues torn down, constitutional rights vanished, rioting, police defunded, elections stolen, minorities dictating to the majority. Next: forced vaccinations, nano-chips and digital currency. All with Trump’s blessing. We got enslaved under Trump. He brags & lies about his greatest accomplishment: Operation Warp Speed, the premeditated genocide of Americans.

    His last 45 days in office were specially appalling. He made $250 million from supporters with his #StopTheSteal money scheme while setting them up to be killed, humiliated and face-recognized on January 6.

    Remember, 4 years of Trump and no end to DACA, no end to birthright citizenship, no FISA prosecutions, no “lock her up”, no “drain the swamp”, no deportations, no voter id, NO WALL. But don’t forget, Israel got EVERYTHING: embassy in Jerusalem, Golan Heights, illegal settlements, billion$ in aid. Trump: Trojan Horse, the cheese in the trap.

  2. It was tough getting through this one Jim. But I did read it all. It’s a bullet train to Bummerville. Are things really looking this dark? The more I look at the grand scheme of things I wonder what is truth and what is fiction. The waters are so muddied now… strange things keep happening. Like the alleged Biden inauguration being shown overseas many hours before it was supposed to occur. Was it real or was it memorex? Is it true thousands of kids rescued from the underground? That explosions were felt in the DC area… smoke and fire filmed coming out of sewers and drain covers? Are the Killery snuff films real or just made from whole cloth? Have all these celebrities on these lists really been tribunal-ed and executed? How would anyone go about verifying who is still walking around, who’s CGI’d, body doubled cloned what ever the fuck it is? Maybe Steve Jobs did sell his first computer for S666.00 and that was a warning not to get involved in technology that could long distance depress the living shit out of us

  3. Pat, that article tells it like it is. What irks me out of my skin is there will be no justice and no change. The election was stolen and we have no choice but to accept it for reasons someone with a Ph.D. in psychology and political science would have a hard time delineating. With total control, you can bet the farm election reform is dead at the start, which also means the 2022 elections will be rigged, much less 2024. So, where do we go from here? An island in the Pacific?
    Are we screwed, blued and tattooed?


      1. GodSend…Please tell us more about NZ…Do you live there….born there?…What’s it really like other than the idea they use it for movies?

      2. NZ is also known as GodZone, and that’s no misnomer – having lived there for 10 years and having made the brilliant move to get citizenship [dual with USA] 🙂 It’s THE place to go when TSHTF [soon] under ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL, CORRUPT and TYRANNICAL rule by DemonicRATS! Trump BETRAYED millions of Americans when he CAVED on the obviously STOLEN ELECTION! America will be DEAD, long before the 2022 Elections! Is there ANY hope for America? Yes – “Seven Days in May” – or REVOLUTION. Then there is the other ENEMY WITHIN THE GATES! How do we deal with THEM?

      3. GodSend…HIS does not encourage me Comments?
        New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern just locked down Auckland because ONE new COVID-19 case was detected based on patently false coronavirus tests. See: NZ Prime Minister Imposes Second Lockdown on Auckland AFTER ONE NEW COVID CASE!

      4. “THIS” does not….Buying tip….never get a Nuklz wireless keyboard…they are really bad!

      5. NZ has EFFECTIVE Covid-19 policies! America will become HELL, with the DemonicRATS in PERMANENT POWER – and LOCKING-DOWN America FOREVER [in more ways than 1]!

  4. “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”. [Revelation 2:9]. Zionists and DemonicRATS are Satanists!


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