Mike Stone – Refuse the Mask

by Mike Stone

“It’s not a millennial thing. It’s not a boomer thing. It’s not a generation-X thing. The mass hysteria we’re experiencing falls across all ages on the spectrum, young and old alike. They’re all equally stupid.”


I understand if your boss is a brain-dead baboon and makes you wear a mask to keep your job. And I understand if you need to wear a mask in order to enter a bank, the post office, a grocery store, or to ride a city bus or subway. Those are all acceptable excuses. But beyond those, there is no reason – and I mean NO REASON – why you should be wearing a mask. Take the damn thing off.


Don’t you know by now that this whole thing is a hoax? That you’re being played like a fiddle and made to look foolish by wearing a useless and utterly stupid mask? Take the damn thing off.


I pass women on the street. Normally, my “guy” radar would immediately go off. Not anymore. The instant I see the stupid mask they’re wearing, all desire, all attraction, all respect goes out the window. How can you respect someone so stupid? Don’t they know how pathetic they look? If I could see one girl – one girl anywhere in the world with the courage and common sense not to wear a mask – I think I would fall instantly and hopelessly in love. Take the damn thing off.


Even more pathetic are the men. Don’t they know that masks are a sign of submission, a sign of fear, a sign of cowardice and stupidity? Is that how they want to present themselves to the world? Think about it: the only reason we’re being pressured to wear masks is to frighten and cower us into submission.


That’s the ONLY reason. That’s why the fake president pretends to be upset at states like Texas and Florida that refuse to be frightened. If every man in this country grew a pair and refused to wear a mask, the entire house of cards would come crumbling down. It would cease instantly. Take the damn thing off.


Cars pass me on the street. Dozens, hundreds of them. The majority have their windows rolled up, but the drivers are wearing masks and gloves. Since when did we become a nation of cowardly sheep? Maybe it’s always been that way and I just didn’t notice. Can you imagine going to war with China or Russia with all the feminized men we have hiding behind masks and walking the streets of our cities? We’d get our asses kicked real fast.


It’s not a millennial thing. It’s not a boomer thing. It’s not a generation-X thing. The mass hysteria we’re experiencing falls across all ages on the spectrum, young and old alike. They’re all equally stupid.


The fake conservatives have fallen for it. They’re all towing the party line, talking now about Trump in 2024, and wearing their stupid masks. Don’t tell me you’re still listening to them.


If you’re a student, it’s okay to question your teachers about your school’s idiotic mask policy. Don’t be rude and don’t say anything that might prompt them to flunk you or worse. But at the same time, make them explain to you in clear language why they’re so afraid of a simple cold virus. Ask them which Dr. Fauci was lying, the one who said masks were useless and not necessary, or the one who now says they are essential in stopping the phony virus? One of those fake Faucis was lying. Which one?


Most likely, your teacher won’t be able to answer you. And when a teacher is faced with a question they can’t answer by a student who is smarter than they are, they tend to respond with threats and name-calling. So be prepared. If you’re in the school band, or any other group activity, and they want to herd you inside separate plastic bubbles, tell them to shove it.


So how about you? If you’re wearing a mask anywhere other than the bank, the post office, the grocery store, or city transportation, then you’re part of the problem. Don’t give me your crybaby excuses. Don’t be like my family members who begin frothing at the mouth, telling me they must – absolutely must – travel to Florida and visit Disneyland.


Don’t be like my friends who say the same thing about going to Las Vegas. If you’re traveling like that, you’re not only giving power to the lie by acquiescing to their mask demands, you’re putting your money into the very pockets of the corporations that are pushing the hoax and that backed the phony election. You’re actually a traitor if you do that. You’re trading with the enemy.


The same with any other place else that wants you to wear a stupid mask. If your dentist demands it, walk out. If you see a sign on the door of a business telling you to wear a mask, don’t go in. Let every one of those cowardly companies go under.


Of course, if you disagree with everything I’ve just said, if you’re wearing a mask while you read this, then there’s really nothing I can do for you. Bow down before your masters. Grovel at the feet of those who warp your mind and frighten you into surrendering. Just know that’s it’s entirely your choice. No one is forcing you to submit, to be fearful, to wail and cry like a baby. It’s all on you. Take the damn thing off.


Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles – – Available on Amazon.







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17 thoughts on “Mike Stone – Refuse the Mask”

  1. Finally a article with some kick in the Nutsack language. I haven’t wore one since this scamdemic started and have gotten into heated argument with friends and family over this rubbish. And I’m a former combat nurse and RN.
    I ask folks when they say I’m a veteran , Have you ever wore a MOPP suit ? And what are the DOD/NATO protocols for a CBRN national event ? Most folks look at you sideways and say yes I’ve wore one in active duty and on deployments. Most don’t get the correlation of that question and why this is not a pandemic.

  2. Great article, Mike Stone!. America has been dumbed down for years. Also de-moraled down. And turned into wimps. And our government has been turned into a combination cesspool and freak show straight out of THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU. “Are we not men?” No, Biden et. al, you’re not! You’re wimps, punks, fools, knaves, idiots, and scallywags. The vast majority of our government, civil service, and a large part of the Democratic cities, particularly here in L.A., where you would think showbiz people would know better, most people are not worth the leashes they are tethered to. Here in L.A. masks are like a sign that one is about something, an obedient card-carrying liberal, or a Latino who does not want to get deported, whereas all they prove is that one is a complete shallow, idiotic, cowardly sheep. Off with the masks and up with freedom! Down with the New World Order and Power to the People! Take to the streets with your protests! It’s the only thing that will save us!

    1. Exactly Joseph. The average American has been lacking a spine since JFK assination and the 911 event reinforced that state of mind.
      I haven’t wore one since this scamdemic started and have no intentions of doing so.

  3. The mask wearing gives them a warm fuzzy feeling that they’re ”doing” something to stop the evil ”virus”. They feel like they are soldiers in the battle. The mask is their uniform and they are proud to wear it for all to see.

  4. Absolutely love this article. Down and dirty…tells it like it is. But I have to say….at least in Suwannee County, Florida….I have no problems with masks anywhere but at Paneras in Lake City. No one stops me and no one says a word. Maybe it’s this rural farm community in which the common folk have not bought into this crap. That’s not to say they do not wear mask. The thing is no one says anything to anyone…mask or no mask. Although, at times I will thank someone for not wearing a mask. At times they get it and other times they apologize for not wearing a mask. I try to explain, but they remain on the defensive.
    I have absolutely no doubt the majority of the world population is under some trance as a result of the MSM, cell phones…who knows. I have no other explanation.
    For the most part, many individuals ability to think and reason themselves has disappeared along with their faces.

    1. Hey Will, I have been thinking of coming to Florida for a couple months after ski season for the exact things you describe. Love Desantis, he has guts. One of the few Governors with any. Thinking small gulf side town where I could play music. What do you think of Englewood ? any others you would recommend?

      1. Never been to Englewood, but Myakka State Park is near -by and I have been there. Best state park in Fl for my money. You can rent a cabin that was built in the days of the CCC….very reasonable. From there, you could check out Dunnedin and Tampa and Clearwater…they have a nice music scene. I would recommend my area (Suwannee County), but it only went wet a few years ago and the bar scene is zero. BUT, they do have the Suwannee Music festival that attracts musicians and fans from all over the country. It may be too late to get on the billet, but worth a try. You would be welcome to stay in my humble abode if you like the woods and isolation.


      2. (No offense to you, Will; perhaps it is just lip service from the organizers anyway.)

        Florida sounds lovely, but reading the FAQ of the Suwanee Rising Music Festival, I had to ask, even Florida? This does not sound like any music festival I’ve ever been to.


        Q: Are there social distancing regulations that need to be followed?
        Yes! Everyone will have their own assigned space and will be required to wear a mask anytime outside of their assigned location. You are not allowed to leave your assigned space unless using the restroom or visiting the vendors. No mingling outside of your assigned space or within spaces assigned to others.

        Q. Do I have to wear a MASK?
        Masks are strongly suggested in your P.O.D.S. and required when you venture outside your P.O.D.S.

        Q: Do I need to have proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to attend?
        Proof of vaccination is not required. We strongly recommend that attendees get a Covid 19 PCR test in advance of Suwannee Rising. As tests continue to be more accessible and free of charge (in most situations), a negative test within 72 hours is the best way to ensure you keep yourself, your POD and the community safe. Less spread equals a faster return to the live music we all love and miss.

        Q. What are P.O.D.S.?
        Personal Outdoor Dance Space. This is a safely spaced area for your family and friends. Pods are 11’X11′ Square with a 7′ space between and 10′ aisles in between rows. P.O.D.S. include 4 weekend tickets. You can add up to 2 extra tickets for a maximum of 6 people per P.O.D.S.

        Will they have bouncers to enforce these rules? Temporary holding cells?

        At least you don’t have to wear a mask in your Personal Outdoor Dancing Space, though you must wear one if you step outside your assigned 11×11 box, and you better have an appropriate excuse if you do. Wandering is not an excuse. You must have an approved destination.

        And no mingling! Do not enter any space assigned to others!

        Sounds fun.

      3. No offense taken whatsoever. I had not read that bullcrap. It’s very disappointing because the festival is normally a great experience. As I had said, no one hassles anyone here in Suwannee County….so I suspect those organizing the event are requiring all this madness….too bad, because many here do not go for it. But, folks come from all over the country, so I imagine they are trying to please all the zombies and covidiots.
        dK…stay away….
        It could be challenged since Florida has no mask mandate, but likely will not because it brings money into the county.
        Sickening and sad.
        Thanks for finding that.
        The asylum continues.

      4. The organizers of the event probably had to come up with all these restrictions in order to get insurance to put on the show in the first place. It’s the insurance companies that insist on masks, tests, etc. It’s their “abundance of caution” argument.

        Who can blame the organizers who want to avoid becoming the target of ‘super-spreader’ smears? If they are targeted hard enough, they will be ostracized to never put on a music festival again.

      5. https://youtu.be/K45rNKfBmUY

        No more lockdown
        No more government overreach
        No more fascist police
        Disturbing our peace
        No more taking of our freedom
        And our God-given rights
        Pretending it’s for our safety
        When it’s really to enslave
        Who’s running our country?
        Who’s running our world?
        Examine it closely
        And watch it unfurl
        No more lockdown
        No more threats
        No more Imperial College
        Scientists making up crooked facts
        No more lockdown
        No more pulling the wool over our eyes
        No more celebrities telling us
        Telling us what we’re supposed to feel
        No more status quo
        Put your shoulder to the wheel

      6. Just love Van the Man…..saw him when he opened for Dylan at Madison Square Garden…cannot even remember the year…mid-late nineties. Hey, where the hell is Dylan’s song about this shite. C’mon, RZ….git it done!

      7. I haven’t been there for a few years. It’s only about 20 miles from where I live, so I plan to go there and scope it out to see if there will be a place I can park my car with all my anti-mask signs on it …maybe I’ll get some response.. Meanwhile, I’ll write a letter to the local rag (called the Suwannee Democrat…which is a misnomer because this is a heavy Republican area) and see what kind of feedback I get.

      8. Well, here’s bad news….this is what this ridiculous plandemic has done to that newspaper and others. Imagine how this is repeated across the country. Fauci and Gates must be taken out and hung….and that’s mild punishment for those bastardz.

        Just another phase of KILLING FREE SPEECH AND THE FREE PRESS.

        Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 5:16 PM EDT

        SUWANNEE COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB) – Local journalism is another victim to the COVID-19 pandemic.

        Three North Florida weekly papers, The Suwannee Democrat, Mayo Free Press, and The Jasper News have announced that this will be their final week of publishing content.

        The three newspapers have been around since the 1800s. The Suwannee Democrat was established in 1884, the Mayo Free Press was established in 1888, and The Jasper Times was established in 1870. Each newspaper was published once a week and covered different rural areas.

        The Suwannee Democrat covered Suwannee County, the Mayo Free press covered Lafayette County, and the Jasper News served Hamilton County.

        The three weeklies will merge with their sister South Georgia newspaper, the Valdosta Daily Times. News, sports, and advertisements will appear in the Valdosta Daily Times’s paper, website, and phone app.

        The Valdosta paper publishes on print on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

        The Suwannee Democrat published its final edition of the paper and its website on July 1. While July 2, was the final day that The Jasper News and The Mayo Free Press will publish.

        Regional publisher of the newspapers, Jeff Masters told the Suwannee Democrat that “The Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News, and Mayo Free Press are small businesses that, like other small businesses, have been hit very hard by COVID-19. Their business model relies heavily on revenues generated from local advertising, and that revenue has fallen off precipitously.

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