International Criminal Court, The Hague, accepted covid-19 complaint of violation of Nuremberg Code by Israeli government


Last weekend, a complaint from the organization “People of Truth” was filed with the Hague Tribunal by lawyers Ruth Machnes and Aryeh Suchowolski, of the law firm A. Suchovolsky and Co., concerning violations of the Nuremberg Code by the Israeli government and other parties. However, the complaint filed last week before the International Criminal Court was accepted. It is now awaiting a decision.

Lawyer Ruth Machnes told Israel News on 5 March that “at the same time, the complaint will also be filed in the Nuremberg court, along with German lawyer Reiner Fullmich. On Monday, the complaint will be filed in the High Court by Aryeh Suchowolski in Israel, concerning the violation of the Nuremberg Code. The lawyer added six days later: “Pfizer’s experience in the State of Israel was conducted in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which is part of international criminal law and is under the jurisdiction of the Hague court. We are now awaiting a decision. »

The complaint filed with the court reads

We are speaking to you on behalf of the Anshei Emet Association, an association in the making, whose members are lawyers, doctors, public activists and in general, who have chosen to exercise their democratic right not to receive experimental medical treatment (Corona Immunization), and who believe that great pressure, harsh and illegal, is exerted on them on behalf of the Government of Israel, members of the Knesset, ministers, elected officials of the public, city leaders and more.

Cour pénale internationale (lettre d'acceptation)

The letter of acceptance of the International Criminal Court, signed by Mark Dillon.

We want to start with basic knowledge on the subject: Corona vaccine is an innovative medical treatment, which has only recently obtained FDA approval in the United States (as part of an emergency procedure only), an approval that is not final and with details on 22 side effects of the vaccine. In addition, it is clear to all medical factors that the subject of the long-term influence of the treatment has not been scientifically tested (tests and research), and the long-term effect and safety of the treatment on its recipients are unknown. It is important to note that never before have immunisations been administered worldwide by this medical technology introducing a synthetic M-RNA into the body, and all previous immunizations have worked in a totally different way, by introducing a weakened or weakened virus and natural arousal of the immune system against it. As detailed by a senior virologist, the risks anticipated by this innovative medical treatment are attached in Appendix 1 to my letter.

« Nuremberg Code — A code of medical ethics published on the basis of the laws under which Nazi criminals were tried for conducting horrific medical experiments during World War II in the trial of doctors known as the Nuremberg Trial. The Nuremberg Code then formed the basis of the legislation of the Helsinki Declaration and the basis of the Law on the Rights of Patients in Israel. We intend to introduce you and detail how, in the State of Israel this year, the Government of Israel with its ministers and members of the Knesset, the heads of cities and other senior officials are blatantly violating the Nuremberg Code. and extreme, and to our regret, not only in one aspect but much, too!

(a) Informed consent to participate in a medical experiment — a first principle of the Nuremberg Code is the willingness and informed consent of the person to receive treatment and participate in an experiment. The person is supposed to activate freedom of choice without the intervention of a factor using force, deception, fraud, threat, solicitation or any other type of liaison or coercion. When the heads of the Ministry of Health and the Prime Minister presented the vaccine in Israel and began vaccinating Israeli residents, the vaccinated have not been informed, that in practice they are participating in a medical experiment and that their consent is required for this purpose under the Nuremberg Code, and only when it became clear that the Prime Minister had actually signed an agreement with Pfizer (the manufacturer), it was first published and also stated by the Prime Minister, that it was indeed a medical experiment, and that this was the essence of the agreement. It is in fact a genetic medical experiment on human beings, carried out without informed consent and under a serious and flagrant violation of the Nuremberg Code.

b) The Bibi-Pfizer Agreement. After factum, it became clear that the Prime Minister of Israel signed an agreement with the Pfizer Company (the manufacturing company), under which he will receive a huge amount of millions of servings of vaccines, and with a preference over other countries, and in return, the vaccinated (residents of Israel) will serve as “experimenters” for the pharmaceutical company. It was agreed that the pharmaceutical company would receive all of Israel’s secret medical and personal information without its knowledge or prior consent. In addition, we must declare that until this time, the content of the agreement concerning most residents of the State of Israel, has not been published, which is mandatory transparency under the law, and it was published with “blackout” / concealment of a large amount of information included in this agreement. It should be said and remembered that we do not live in a country of dictatorship, so that obviously such an agreement must be subject to full transparency to the general public.

c) Alternative treatments. With regard to informed consent for medical treatment, and on the basis of the principles of the Nuremberg Code, there is an obligation to detail and suggest to a patient several alternative treatments, also detailing the medical process (and all that is included). such as the pros and cons/benefits and risks, existing in each treatment, to enable him to make an intelligent personal decision regarding the treatment he prefers. As stated, this must be done without exerting pressure and freely, as a free person. Despite all the above, the State of Israel and the Ministry of Health do not present to Israeli citizens the existing alternatives to treat Corona disease, which have proven to be effective and with few side effects, and not dangerous ones. They solicit and pressure citizens (while blatantly violating the informed consent process), conceal information about vaccinations and create a severe atmosphere of fear and coercion.

(d) A fourth principle is that the experiment will be conducted to avoid physical suffering or injury. Treatment is known to have caused many people’s death, serious injuries and damage (including disability and paralysis) after the vaccine was administered. Despite this fact, the government did not order an investigation into the matter. It is interesting to note that the Ministry of Health has openly admitted that 41% of police, military, educational and medical personnel, who had been vaccinated, suffered serious side effects and were putting their lives at risk. It is also surprising that there are no complete reports on the number of deaths or injuries, as can be expected in such a medical process for the benefit of the public participating in the experiment.

(e) A fifth principle states that the experiment should not be conducted where there is reason to assume that actual death or injury will occur. Regarding the violation of this principle, see above. As noted, when it comes to data on deaths, we only hear by word of mouth on social networks (by friends, neighbours or relatives) and not on the central media.

(f) An additional principle is that the factor responsible for the experiment will be prepared to stop it at any stage if there is a reasonable reason to assume that it will cause injury, disability or death of the experience participant. It has already been proven that many people died from treatment, were injured, became disabled and paralyzed; however, the Israeli government continues to impose this dangerous experience on Israeli citizens.

(g) Recent publications demonstrating gross and criminal violations of the Nuremberg Code on behalf of the government, ministers and knesset members, city leaders and senior civil servants, as well as employers:

Below are some examples (among many others) of violations of the Nuremberg Code (which will be attached to Appendix 2 of my letter).

Exercise economic pressure:

  1. The Manufacturers’ Association, supported by a legal opinion, threatens to send any employee who is not vaccinated on leave without pay.
  2. Health Minister Yuli Edelstein wants to enact legislation that will prevent the arrival of the unvaccinated in the workplace.
  3. Do not refuse unemployment charges.

The exercise of social pressure:

  1. 1. A threat to prevent access to entertainment, recreation and reception of community services.
  2. Artists, opinion leaders and representatives of the public, who in every corner choose to make propaganda, and in an aggressive and insulting way, even propose punishments and sanctions. (Member of the Knesset Ayelet Shaked, member of the Knesset Smotrich, Health Minister Edelstein, member of the Knesset Benet, host of the morning show Avri Gilad, singer Yoram Gaon, Judy Nir Moses and others)
  3. Vehicles with public address systems wandering the streets urging people to arrive for vaccinations, conversations and aggressive reviews from health insurance companies, and even setting appointments for vaccinations without the wishes of insurers, and more.

Prohibited incentives for vaccinated:

  1. Receive a free night in a hotel, vacation days, etc., offered by the owners of various businesses to their employees.
  2. Discounts in various commercial, private and public institutions, as well as a benefit card promoted by the government.

The Israeli Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that Israeli citizens are participating in this innovative medical experiment for the benefit of all the citizens of the world, who, for whatever reason, are not rushing to get the aforementioned medical treatment, and they are eagerly awaiting to see the Israeli experimenters. The same is true of the government’s agreement with Pfizer, which has been overshadowed in many places, raising questions about the government’s agreements with Pfizer.

It is now pointed out that the means currently activated against citizens, including the proposed legislation against anyone who has not been vaccinated, contradict not only the Nuremberg Code and the autonomy of the individual over his body, but also the legislation in force in Israel, including the Basic Law on the Dignity and Freedom of Persons. , the Freedom of Occupancy Act, the Patient Rights Act, the Equal Works of Opportunity Act, the Prohibition of Discrimination in Goods, Services and the Access to Entertainment and Public Places Act, and other laws.

Therefore, and in light of the above, we make two main requests to your honour:

  1. Immediately interrupt the medical experience and the administration of vaccines to the public of Israeli citizens.
  2. Instruct the Government to initiate all legislative proceedings that violate the principle of informed consent of a person to receive the medical treatment described above, and which denies the legal status in Israel and in Israeli democracy, including avoiding legislating on the Green Passport, handing over the names of those who are not vaccinated to local authorities or any other harmful legislature.
  3. Act with the most appropriate severity against any public/commercial/professional entity, which violates state laws on employment or other subjects necessary to prevent coercion, coercion or solicitation of vaccination, as well as the object of discrimination, against those who have made the choice not to receive the above innovative medical treatment.
  4. We ask you to bring to your attention that a copy of this document will also be transmitted to media channels around the world because the violation of the Nuremberg Code is relevant in all countries of the free world.
  5. Finally, it is stated that it was only recently that a decision was taken in the European Parliament on27/1/21,urging all authorities not to pressure or solicit people to take the Corona vaccine in any way. Therefore, all that is good for the advanced European states is certainly good for Israel — and the balance is obvious.

Legal representation and home
election Candidates will be represented for the purposes of this procedure by

With respect

Cour pénale internationale (signatures)

Therefore, any subsequent correspondence should only be sent to the postal and/or electronic addresses listed above. Any notification within the meaning of the Statute of the Court addressed in this way will be considered valid.


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the ‘World’s Lab’

If Israelis are confused by the fact that their government treats them like laboratory pets, if they wonder why their freedom to travel, to socialise or even earn a living have evaporated, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla produced a genuine answer yesterday. In an interview on NBC Bourla said:

“I believe Israel has become the world’s lab right now because they are using only our vaccine at this state and they have vaccinated a very big part of their population, so we can study both economy and health indices.”

I have no issue with medical experiments involving humans if the participants are fully aware of all possible circumstances and considerations involved in their consent. This didn’t happen in Israel. By means of ‘green passports,’ the government practically threatens to penalise anyone reluctant to participate in a ‘lab’ experiment for a giant pharmaceutical company with a very problematic record.

The results of this Pfizer-Israeli experiment aren’t necessarily encouraging. Though it may be possible, as some studies suggest, that most vaccinated people have at least short-term protection from Covid-19, no one can deny the astonishing fact that in just 8 weeks of mass vaccination the total number of Covid-19 deaths in the Jewish State almost doubled from the number accumulated in the prior ten months. Read more at

Israeli company prohibits employees from returning to work without COVID-19 vaccination

Mobileye, an Israeli self-driving car developer and subsidiary of Intel, will ban employees who reject a coronavirus vaccination from working on-site, CEO Amnon Shashua said.

In an internal letter leaked to the Israeli press, Shashua revealed that Mobileye expects about 10 percent of workers to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday. Read more at

In Israel, refusing coronavirus injection means life is over

“When you don’t take the vaccine, your life is basically over,” warns Ilana Rachel in a video about what is taking place in the Holy Land.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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  4. This is an incredible video that is on Jim’s BitChute, but would not play, so here is the same vid on another site. I had watched this a while back and was blown away. Dr. Loraine Day tells it like it is. I guarantee there is material in this video you have not heard. Dr. Day was way ahead of the curve. If it does not scare the hell out of you, check your pulse. Please do not pass it by:'s-Perspective:3

    1. Dr. Day says that Hospitals/clinics want to eliminate Dr.s and replace them with trained Medical clerks. I can believe that.


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  6. I don’t think it will go anywhere or worse I think it will set up them ruling that for the benefit of man governments can force vaccinate and use other measures to protect the health and safely of its people and the world.

    It writes itself people.

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    1. He also got the vaccine. Has anyone considered maybe this vaccine targets some part of the brain and for lack of a better term puts everyone on the same page? Clearly it is not about health. You don’t vaccinate for a .002% death rate. That’s not done so clearly they want everyone vaccinated for some other reason. I also don’t trust trump. There was too much he could have done as President and didn’t do. He probably was a manufactured crisis himself. It’s too simple to say he was one man fighting alone or any other bs like that. He says the right things, he tweets the right things, etc but in the end how much doing the right thing did he do? Watch the walk. Screw the talk.

      1. DonaldD..We might consider that those in the spotlight are being given saline solutions along with a random amount among the peasants taking it….so enough show up with no side effects. That scenario would go along with the diabolic nature of this entire evil plan.
        I hesitate to say it’s truly a work of genius….many, many years in the planning.
        We have to fight it every step of the way.

  8. I have two friends about 70 who both got their Covid shots and did so without questioning anything… ‘I’m old and vulnerable, if I don’t get this shot, Covid will kill me in all likelyhood’ … is their collective thought process. I will be updating you on any side effects. I ran into a healthy lady who got the shot and immediately had a side effect. She said she immediately got Covid symtoms ! She inexplicably took the vaccine after already recovering from Covid some time ago!… Is that insane or what?

    Before it’s News can be pretty far out there and dark outpost’s David Zublick is no exception. I know Jim appeared on it recently. Mostly Zublick just talks and he says his sources say this and that and it’s just what this crowd wants to hear… Trump is still the President and everything Biden and Harris is just a movie. A massive amount of Hollywood, Pop Music and Political icons have been arrested and/or executed and you just can’t believe the names. Don Henley of the Eagles? Say it ain’t so, Joe! Tom Hanks? Dubya executed already? Darth Cheney too? It’s too good to be true, right?

    How could all these people be replaced with actors in masks, doubles, CGI and dare I say clones? After they replaced Paul McCartney, anyone can be replaced but the scale of this has us soul searching.

    Check out the reports from DC that nothing is happening at the white house while Biden is supposedly making a CNN live appearance. I think there is something to this story of Biden the pretend President.

    1. Actually, while I have not been watching his shows, I do a regular “Inner Circle” with David Zublick every WED. I think he’s a straight shooter–and if you find some of his claims difficult to believe, I would suggest he is completely sincere in reporting everything he has to day. I also believe we have no seen the last of Trump.

      1. Jim…How do we reconcile his continuing to promote the vaccine since he’s “out of office”?

      2. God knows, I was disappointed to hear him say that with Maria yesterday. Not what I was hoping for. Profoundly troubling.

      3. Well, looking at all of Trump’s misgivings, the vaccination promotion troubles me the most.
        Am I to believe Trump is actually part of this genocide? THAT is more than hard to swallow…even more than his comradery with Israel….which could obviously go hand in hand.

      4. I haven’t given up on Trump, but my (all of our) patience is being severely tried. I know the explanations and I hope they are well-founded.

      5. It’s interesting because as you listen to him in that interview, he seems absolutely sincere in his support. Can he be that naive or can he be that good a deceiver?

      6. Yes Will, Trump is that naïve. I’ve been saying that for years. He believes doctors are gods. Look at the way he acted around criminal Dr. Fauci. He worshipped the fraud until he got bored with him.

      7. The US presidential comes down to a choice between just two people. Unfortunately 3rd parties have no traction with the brain washed masses. Trump is the elected President. Biden is a fraudulently installed puppet dictator. Perhaps Trump believes in the “vaccine” which I’m led to believe is actually gene therapy. The number of deaths and adverse side effects are extremely alarming. I have my doubts that the “jabs,” as they are being called now, will be actually effective against the virus. The article points out that, “c) Alternative treatments. With regard to informed consent for medical treatment, and on the basis of the principles of the Nuremberg Code, there is an obligation to detail and suggest to a patient several alternative treatments, also detailing the medical process (and all that is included). such as the pros and cons/benefits and risks, existing in each treatment, to enable him to make an intelligent personal decision regarding the treatment he prefers. As stated, this must be done without exerting pressure and freely, as a free person.”
        Just like every other issue, we don’t see proper discussion of the alternatives. I was very surprised how many people were eager to get the “vaccine.” That said, I know with absolute certainty that these people are almost 100% Biden voters, and in general show a great lack of any deeper understanding of many issues. It’s quite possible Trump has learned the importance of playing to the ignorant masses. Nevertheless, I certainly would have preferred him in the driver’s seat when compared to Creepy Joe, who promotes complete nonsense 100% of the time.

      8. REALLY being pushed. AND, if it’s all rumor and Trump is done and/or in on it, why all this fakery with Biden? Are they keeping us unwashed in the dark before the final blow? There seems to be a hidden agenda that might be nation shaking. The peasants will be the last to know their country no longer exists as we have known it. I would almost bet the farm the Rothschilds and their minions are behind it all…..

    2. I have an aunt who it made really sick. She won’t take shot two. I know others who got the vaccine and it did nothing. I and they also know nobody who has died of covid. So why you would take a risky vaccine when you don’t know anyone who has died is beyond me.


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