Children’s Defense Team, The Anthony Fauci Interview that the Mainstream Media Won’t Show You

By Children’s Health Defense Team

Mexican Interviewer Did What True Journalists Should do (But Don’t):  He Exposes Fauci’s Ignorance About a Number of Important Vaccine Issues and Gets the NIAID Head to Totally Discredit Himself

Dr. Anthony Fauci is no stranger to media interviews. Since the pandemic made him a household name, he’s even been called a “media darling”.

So, when Fauci agreed to an interview with Eugenio Derbez, he may have assumed the famed Mexican actor, director and producer would treat him the way the U.S. mainstream media usually does — with kid gloves.

That didn’t happen. Instead, Derbez lobbed one pointed question after another — and didn’t settle for non-answers.

From lack of long-term safety testing, to vaccine makers’ lack of liability, to the eventual mandating of COVID vaccines for kids (even though their risk of getting the virus is about 0.00% – 0.19% ) to the use of fetal cell lines in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine — no subject was off limits.

How did Fauci do?

Watch this video clip of the interview to find out:

Below is the transcript (edited for length and clarity):

Eugenio Derbez: (00:00)

I was telling people that I was a little concerned. And so, I had a lot of doubts about, uh, the vaccine, and then I got this invitation to talk to you. So, it will be really helpful for all of us to learn and to understand about the vaccine. I’m going to play here, the devil’s advocate, what is the difference between an Emergency Use Authorization and an official approval by the FDA?

Anthony Fauci: (00:24) So an emergency use authorization is based on the criteria. If the benefit clearly outweighs the risk and that you get a good degree of efficacy and safety, the full licensure is when you follow it for a longer period of time and you get more information and data. I have no doubt given how very, very efficacious, all three of these are that they will ultimately get the full authorization in the sense of what’s called a biological license approval. But an emergency use authorization is really, uh, quite of an important step in the direction of getting it the official approval.

Derbez: (01:11) That seems sort of safe and effective. Why hasn’t the FDA given any of them, the full, official approval and license?

Fauci: (01:19) Actually, that is a very good question. There isn’t like they have any problem with it. It just takes logistically a long time to get the approval. So when this is such a good product that you want to get it to people as quickly as possible because it’s life-saving, you give it what’s called an emergency use authorization.

Derbez: (01:45) What about the long term? I mean, what is the medical and legal responsibility of the companies that are making the vaccines? What happens if secondary effects are seen, let’s say in five or 10 years, can I sue the manufacturer of the product that hurts me, or if there’s long-term effects years down the road?

Fauci: (02:06) You know, there is a fund that allows the, um, compensation for injury, but I have to tell you [inaudible] that it’s very, very, very unlikely that you’re going to have an effect five or 10 years down the pike. The reason we say that is that we have decades of experience in the field of vaccinology and virtually all of the effects if they even occur, and they’re very rare, occur within 15 to 45 days following the dose,

Derbez: (02:42) I’m more concerned about the long-term effects, honestly. So, uh, that’s what I asked about the, if I can sue a manufacturer, but because, um, governments around the world are taking the liability governments, but I’m thinking about the manufacturer. If there’s a problem, can I sue the people that made the vaccine no (not the government, the people that made the vaccine), because I’ve heard they are protected from liability. If they’re not willing to stand for their product, or if I can’t sue them, does that mean they’re worried it’s going to hurt people.

Fauci: (03:17) You know, they are very sensitive about hurting people, but you can sue anybody you want to sue. There’s no guarantee it goes, it will be in a court that would decide whether or not you get compensation, but we have not had, we have not had any issues with that in any of the other vaccines. So, I would be really a surprised if that’s the case.

Derbez: (03:40) Let me tell you why, but there’s one thing that I suppose would make people or skeptical, like me more confident about vaccines. I’m thinking if they remove the protection, some vaccine manufacturers, I think that the ability to be sued and when I’m talking about suing is not about money at all. The ability to be sued is what makes companies make a better product. If you take that away, what incentive do they have to fix a problem with their product? You, you know what I mean? Either manufacturers could be sued for every death and injury that is caused by the vaccination. Probably they wouldn’t put it in the market right now, or they, I think they should be responsible for the product they made.

Fauci: (04:25) You know, they really actually are. I think one of the things you got to separate is when you get injury in a trial or injury in a product after it has been fully approved, you have the opportunity. I mean, I understand where you’re coming from and why you bring it up, but you have the opportunity to sue anybody anytime for anything you want, that is the truth. The question is you have to show that it’s related to the vaccine itself. And we have so few, in fact, I can’t even think of a situation where five or 10 years later, something related to a vaccine, causes someone an injury. That’s the reason why I say almost everything that occurs is within a very short period of time.

Bottom of Form

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Derbez: (05:17) But if I sue the manufacturer who pays for that, that is the government not the company, right?

Fauci: (05:27) Right. Okay.

Derbez: (05:30) Okay. Got it. Got it. I’ve heard that the reason people should take vaccines is to create herd immunity. What is herd immunity?

Fauci: (05:39) Well, the first reason to take the vaccine is to protect yourself, your family and your community herd immunity refers to a situation where you have a high percentage of people who are vaccinated so that when the virus enters the community, there are so few people to attack that the virus has a difficulty in propagating itself. Herd immunity means you get an umbrella of protection because so many people are protected that when the virus comes in, it spreads only when there are a lot of vulnerable people. But if a certain percentage of the people are protected, like with measles, if you get 90% of the people vaccinated with measles, 91, 92%, when you get measles introduced into the community, it will not spread. But if you get down to level two in the eighties, there’s enough vulnerable people that the virus can spread.

Fauci: (06:43) They use the word herd, you know what it refers to you ever see when you look at the movie pictures of Africa, where you see the herds of wildebeest and the lions trying to get to them, and you have all of the adult wildebeest around and the weak ones, the older ones or the babies they’re in there. But there were a few of them. The herd protects the vulnerable because in this case, the lion or whatever the animal is, that is the prey animal that’s trying to prey on them can’t get to the vulnerable ones because there’s too many people

Fauci: (07:37) Yeah. That’s a very important question. And the department of Homeland security has made it very clear that there will be nothing punitive associated with getting vaccinated.

Derbez: (07:50) And now I have a question about that. The news has reported that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are 95% effective. Does this mean that if I get the vaccine, I won’t get infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus?

Fauci: (08:05) That means that there’s a 95% chance that you will not get symptomatic infection, namely, that you won’t get infected to the point that you get symptoms. But we are unsure right now what the protection is against infection, because it’s conceivable that you could get vaccinated, get exposed, get infected, not know it because the vaccine is protecting you against symptoms, but that you could have virus in your nasal pharynx, which is the reason why we say until we prove that the vaccine prevents transmission, that people who were vaccinated should wear a mask when they’re near people who might be vulnerable to infection.

Derbez: (08:51) Yeah. But I think it’s a different thing. Um, the, the stop, the clinical disease or the symptoms is different from getting the virus infection, right? So basically the vaccine lowers my symptoms, but it may not prevent me from being infected with SARS-CoV-2, which means there’s the possibility that I can still spread the virus even after I received the shot.

Fauci: (09:21) Right. That’s the reason why we ask you to wear a mask after you’ve been vaccinated. But the evidence is accumulating that the level of virus in the nasal pharynx is very low and it is unlikely that you would transmit it. But just to be sure, we’re saying, wear a mask in the next couple of months, we will get enough data to be able to prove whether or not, if you get infected, despite the fact that you’re vaccinated, proving that, in fact, it is a very, very low risk that you would transmit it to someone else.

Derbez: (09:59) Yeah. But because I’ve been reading and I saw that you stopped getting the symptoms, but you still can get infected and you can still spread it … what is the main aim of the vaccines? If they neither stop you from getting the virus or transmitting it, right?

Fauci: (10:23) The main purpose of the vaccine is to prevent you from getting sick, going to the hospital and maybe dying.

Derbez: (10:33) Moderna and Pfizer are both mRNA vaccines, correct? Has this kind of mRNA vaccine technology ever been injected into humans before?

Fauci: (10:46) Well, this is the first time. And the good news is that the results have been really, really good.

Derbez: (10:51) Okay. But in essence, this is an experimental technology.

Fauci: (10:58) The new technology and it is proven in a very large group of clinical trials to be safe and highly effective.

Derbez: (11:07) Are you completely positive that this new technology is safe? I mean, how can we be sure there won’t be long-term effects when these vaccines were seemingly developed so quickly and have only been tested for months and not years?

Fauci: (11:24) Speed with which it’s been done is a reflection of the extraordinary advances in science. And there was no compromise of safety. But as I said before, in the history of vaccinology, you don’t see effects that occur years later, almost all of the bad effects, as rare as they are — and they are very rare — occur between 15 and 45 days from the time you get vaccinated.

Derbez: (11:58) I have some questions from the audience. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine, correct? What kind of vaccine is it?

Fauci: (12:09) It’s a vaccine that uses a “harmless” common cold virus in which you insert the gene of the protein that you want the body to make an immune response against you, you inject it. The body sees the protein, makes an immune response and then protects you against infection.

Derbez: (12:28) And this is the first time it has been injected into humans, too?

Fauci: (12:32) No, no, no. They have a lot of experience with Ebola in Africa with this.

Derbez: (12:38) Okay. Many Latinos in the community that are practicing Catholics last week, Catholic bishops, weren’t the Catholic, the Catholic community that they should not use the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Can you explain why?

Fauci: (12:54) Well, some not all, because there are Catholic bishops who are saying the opposite of that. And the reason is in the preparation of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, they use the cell line that was taken from fetal tissue from years and years ago, to be able to produce the vaccine. So, some of the bishops felt that because that was used that we should not use the vaccine.

Derbez: (13:24) Yeah. Sorry. Is that true? That there, there is a residual DNA from an aborted baby in the Johnson, right?

Dr. Fauci: (13:29) No, there’s no residual DNA that gets injected into you at all. It’s there in the preparation of the vaccine, there is no residual human, fetal DNA at all.

Derbez: (13:42) Kids. I’m concerned about my daughter. I have a 6-year-old daughter. I heard the death rate for kids is extremely low. Do they really need the vaccine? Are there going to be COVID vaccines for kids in the future? It’s going to be mandatory?

Fauci: (13:58) In order to be able to completely crush this outbreak, you want to get as many people, including children vaccinated as you possibly can. Because when you do, you will get such a broad protection that you could eliminate this virus. And that’s what we’re trying to do. Also, even though children unusually can’t get a serious outcome, some children do get very seriously ill when they get infected. And that’s the reason why you want to vaccinate them, not only to protect them, but they can be the vehicles for spreading the virus to other people.

Derbez: (14:42) Is it going to be mandatory at school because my daughter, when I enrolled her into school, it was mandatory to have all the vaccines covered. Didn’t exist back then, but is it going to be mandatory at schools to have the COVID vaccine.

Fauci: (14:59) I can’t say that it would. It is certainly conceivable that it might ultimately turn out to be mandatory. But right now, nothing we’re talking about is mandatory in the future. It could be similar to the measles, mumps, rubella and the hepatitis and meningitis, all of which are required. If you go into a public school right now, there is no mandatory anything about it, but someday it might.

Derbez: (15:29) So last question, with over so many variants and counting, how effective are each of the approved vaccines if I get the vaccine, but it doesn’t protect me against the new variants?

Fauci: (15:42) The most prevalent variant in the United States is the one from the UK, and the vaccines that are available right now, are highly effective against that particular variant. It’s less effective against the South African variant, but that is not a prevalent variant in this country right now. The most prevalent one is the one from the UK.

Derbez: (16:09) What if I get the vaccine, but it doesn’t protect me against the new variant. Exactly. The pharmaceuticals are working on a third booster shot. Is that true? Yes.

Fauci: (16:21) But let me explain what happened in a trial in South Africa, with the J and J vaccine, it didn’t completely protect against getting infected or getting symptoms, but it totally protected you against getting into the hospital and dying. So, when you get exposed to a variant, you may not be completely protected, but it has a very, very good at protecting you from getting seriously ill.

Derbez: (16:49) And this third booster shot that they’re working on, that says to me that probably they’re not confident that the two shots are going to be good enough …

Fauci: (17:03) That they want to be doubly sure. In case they have to give a booster, they want to determine what the effect of that booster is. So, in order to be doubly sure, we’re proceeding with studies to see what happens when you give a third shot that has nothing to do with being confident or not confident. It means you want to be doubly sure that you’re covering all the bases.

Derbez: (17:30) Good. Okay. Good. Well, I think we covered most of the questions.

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46 thoughts on “Children’s Defense Team, The Anthony Fauci Interview that the Mainstream Media Won’t Show You”

      1. EJ, I have a friend who has said she will never take the vax, but believes there is ‘still something out there”. When I mention the supposed bug has never been isolated, her eyes kind of glaze over. Beats the hell out of me. I am dumbfounded.

      2. That cognitive dissonance just doesn’t let them embrace the truth.

        Been a Chemtrail activist for 14 years. In San Diego in Mission Bay Park back in the day. Yuppie women with little kids in $500 strollers refusing to just look up, nothing more, just look up ma’m and see those lines in the sky that turn into artificial clouds…CRICKETS.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        “Are you a God?” they asked Buddha. “No he replied.”
        “Are you an Angel
        “A saint?” “No.”
        “Then what are you?”
        Replied the Buddah, “I am Awake.”

        Photo: San Diego VA Hospital parking lot, 6/25/07, black laser guidance line for drone chem sprayer


      3. My daughter denied chemtrails until she came here and I took her by the hand and led her past my woods into the open and had her look up. She never questioned them again. As you, I have pointed them out to folks in parking lots where it was open and easy to see. They would look up, shake their heads and walk away. They were pretty light for several years in my area of north Florida, but a few months ago…who remembers, maybe it’s been a year, I saw some that were worse than ever. I’ll find the card and put them up tomorrow.
        I like the “contrailers” who deny them, but I did get a few shots of both in the same pic. Those may take longer to find (if ever) since I have one or two cards that will not open because of some damage. For some reason, Wally World devices will open them, but since I no longer frequent that particular hell hole, it may be a futile endeavor.

    1. Did you read the replies to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s tweet? Every one of them is an attempt to denigrate her by tying her to Trump, Q, and Christianity. There’s only one guy who comments that he will quit his job if they make him take the untested vax. Everyone else is throwing insults and congratulating each other with ‘tip-o-the-hat’ gifs.

      I guess I didn’t realize the extent to which Twitter has really cleaned out all dissent. It is begging all the questions now, and its users are pleased to be talking only to one another.

      Begging the question is a concept dumbed down, even by intellectuals, to mean when one is led to ‘ask the question…’ It doesn’t mean that. ‘Begging the question’ is setting the frame for the questions that can be asked, where all the questions assume the truth of the conclusion. In twitter’s case, the frame is entirely soft-coup propaganda.

      1. YES! Begging the question is the elementary informal fallacy of taking for granted the conclusion that requires support and argument. Toni has it exactly right. One day, I had 6,500 tweets and nearly 5,000 followers. The next day, NOTHING. GONE at the push of a button.

      2. You are definitely out of frame by Twitter’s lights. And what a shame. Twitter is noticeably lacking in intellectual heft.

        Twitter must be very sure of its place in the coming Order to ban successful users like yourself which in any free market would be a counter-intuitive practice.

      3. These comments hold true for all the electronic “press” these days as well…

        “There is no such thing… in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with…

        The business of the Journalist is to destroy truth; To lie outright; To pervert; To vilify; To fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.

        You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance.

        Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

        – John Swinton, former chief of staff of the New York Times, called by his peers,
        “The Dean of his profession,” in a speech at the New York Press Club.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
        – Richard Salant, former President of CBS News

      4. Toni, I would not touch Twitter with welders gloves….or any other social media. It’a an invitation to trouble. Facegarbage destroyed my daughter and her relationship to her three children (my grand children and great grand children). I wonder if Greene does Gab. I know little of Gab, but anything is better than those others run by psychopaths…especially that wild eyed looking Dorsey.

        Good for that guy who’s willing to quit his job for his beliefs. Now that is a real man.

        I’ll have to go back and check those comments. I would bet they are paid.

        My neighbor called me today, knowing my car is in the shop, and asked if I wanted a ride to Wally World because there was some outfit giving away cell phones. I adamantly said no, but thanked her for the kindness. The computer is bad enough. WHY would I want another connection to a system that wants to know my every move?

      5. …and I just love that begging the question explanation from you and the doc…just brilliant!

  1. I did a job for a guy. His 93 yo mother just had two injections so I guess it was Psiezer. He told me after I told him it was thought to be bad. What could I say bit that I hope she is ok, he says she is???. Had a relative in England got it, he has cancer beforehand??? We aren’t having it.

  2. Here’s some interesting figures. Biden just handed out 86,000,000 bucks of YOUR money to some foundation to house illegal immigrants in 1186 rooms for 6 months. That’s $371 per night. When’s the last time anyone here paid $371/night for a motel room? Let’s say they allow two to a room. That would mean 593 illegal immigrants just received $145,000 EACH to be housed for 6 months. How many houses could have been built that would have served many purposes for many years. Hey, how about supplying them with a hammer, nails, a compound miter saw, a circular saw, a square, a tri-square, a measuring tape and a good set of plans and materials to build their own houses. In the interim, they could sleep in tents and understand that it takes WORK to live in this country…not being the victim hood of a minority. But, of course, Motel 6 has to get their cut and the rest likely went to a foundation similar to Clinton’s….a huge black hole. Gawd help us all.

    1. Matt says there’s no evidence that the elites want to wipe out a large part of the population. Yeah, just their own words, is all.

      Remember how Prince Philip hoped to be reincarnated as some virulence that would deal death on the world? I don’t think reincarnation nor the death-dealing are particularly Orthodox, as Philip claims to be. I think the ‘viral reincarnation’ story is closer to his religious vision than what the Church offers.

      Matt believes the elite need us too much for population reduction. Would a farmer want to kill his cows? he asks. Maybe he would if mechanical cows and artificial milk will make him more money. I think Matt overlooks the fact that a surplus population whose labor is not needed would still have to be supported, and this situation makes the labor issue a possible motive for vast population reduction.

      Here’s a better critique (also posted at the Children’s Health Defense site) focusing on Geert Vanden Bossche that mentions Coleman. It’s a rebuttal of Vanden Bossche’s letter and calls him and Coleman ‘part of the Covid deception.’
      It’s posted there as part of the debate:

      1. That’s a great analysis. I must admit Dr. Coleman had me going for a while. But that last report was so far
        over the edge that I was having second thoughts. I am glad Matt brought it up. He usually does not do critiques of this sort. He may have used some bad examples and did not really back up his assertions with proof, I still think he was on target.
        It’s quite unfortunate. Dr. Coleman was becoming one of my heroes. I should have known better.

        ………………………just an opinion from this old man in the woods………………………

      2. Didn’t mean to infer that I necessarily stand by the criticism I linked to. My point was that the criticism is better argued at the link than by Matt. I’m just trying to follow, and maybe enlarge, the debate.

  3. Here’s a book written about Dr. Fauci. If you work for him and disagree with his lies and fraud he’ll have you arrested which he has done. He’d probably THE most dangerous doctor since the days of the Nazi medical experiments in the 1940s.
    He has a game…the name of his game is death.


  4. So, Mr. Fauci, if…

    CDC’s July 13, 2020 document On page 42, in a section titled- “Performance Characteristics,” we find this:
    “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

    Means they’ve NEVER isolated a “CV-19” sample. The CDC, WHO, and their UK equal’s March statement was the event was being lowered to a SEASONAL FLU.

    Before his death, the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, repeatedly stressed it should not be used as a diagnostic tool because it’s incapable of diagnosing disease.

    No “vaccine” can work/be made without proof OF a virus.

    Vaccines do not get FDA approved blind studies. No demonstration of effectiveness is required.

    Then when you say:

    “”Well, the first reason to take the vaccine is to protect yourself, your family and your community..”

    Just “what” are we to be concerned about beyond the seasonal flu??

    Whatever the truth about the details, it is obvious covid is a psyop. We are bombarded with it by the media, that means a psyop by brainwashing. And Trump proves he is just a good cop in a good cop/bad cop scenario by saying to take the vaccine because he and his wife suposedy did. Trump is controlled opposition and a stoog. He organised the rally that enabled the Democrats to set the Trump supporters up for a “sting”.

    1. Trump did not instigate the Capitol 6 chaos. He was the victim. It was unquestionably the final blow in a disputed election, were a premeditated violent event is used to oust the popularly elected leader and subsequently a puppet dictator is installed.

      1. Back in the Soviet Union days of Russia, many of the Soviet leaders and wannabes carried a pistol at all times. If they wanted to eliminate a rival they merely maneuvered that person to some isolated room in the Kremlin and shot them. The custodians cleaned up the corpse.

      2. Dream on. It was he is the better candidate. But better than shit turned out to be piss.

    2. For me it was very disappointing for him to push the jab. As to “what” Mr. Trump is or was, most of us here understand we live in a Kabuki theater of the absurd and not much can be trusted anymore.

      With all of Jim’s impeccable research over the years we are well aware of how deep a false flag can go. So I find it difficult to be able to attest to any “truth” about Mr. Trump or much else in the District of Clowns.

      1. EJ…I agree. Even with all Trump accomplished, his worse decision was pushing the vax. Presently, I do not see how the damage that decision has and will cause can be dismissed. It was more than a great disappointment.

  6. I had another interesting exchange at the ski lift today regarding Kung Flu shots. Lee is a retired orthopedic surgeon and at age 75… he said he didn’t want to roll the dice. I saw no gain in pointing out the big risk is injecting that potion of God knows what…. into his arm. I’ll bet street heroine is safer! Remember you can’t teach a Doctor anything, they have been programed since med school to believe Big Pharma has only your well beings as it’s top priority. I wonder how many MDs have ever heard of the vaccine court.

    1. I know Alex Jones (and his other people) may be a shill, but at least there is at least 80% truth. Th)ere are some sons of fathers who are doctors who took the vaccine, many of these doctors are sick or dead or in denial and contemplating the second vaccine after getting sick from the first. If most people don’t know they have covid (if it even exists) why do the need a test (that the inventor said not to use it as a test, and was crtical of Fauci, and who was probably “eliminated” before the so called pandemic) to know you “have it”, why bother risking your health with a risky test??????????????????

  7. Ask him real questions like does he think vaccinating the entire world and everyone born into it yearly from now until the sun burns out is really the best thing for our species… because it’s not. You don’t vaccinate for a virus that’s .002% deadly. It’s not done! Call them on their BS! I see more kayaks and bicycles everyday than dead bodies. In a true deadly pandemic you should see bodies all over. Everyone should know people who have died. I know no one thank God who has died of covid but several who got pretty severe vaccine side effects.

    Then call them on their previous BS. Like why did he say don’t wear masks before? Why did the WHO say don’t? Why did they tell us 40-60 million in the USA already had covid and didn’t know it? What about all those millions who had covid and got over it? Shouldn’t they have antibodies? Why do they even need the vaccine? How can it still be spreading if so many are wearing masks and have been for a year? Why are the majority of new cases people who say they always wore a mask? Why aren’t the unmasked all dead? On and on.

    NOTHING they have said and are saying makes any sense.

  8. A truly successful liar is sly, cunning, and not glaringly obvious. Fauci is NOT a great liar, he’s a mediocre liar who thinks, thinks, he is putting something over on those that would interview him. His braggadoccio gets in the way and he becomes trite and hackneyed.
    The little rodent made a very obvious mistake when he essentially extrapolated and produced an overextended graph. You can only graph a function if you have graph points and Fauci thinks if you have a line of points on x and y axes, you can just summarily add other points. That’s ridiculous. Thusly, he thinks that if you haven’t tested for adequate time, you can just add more points to your graph and it will be perfectly OK. He does this all the time and the little fathead thinks he can get away with it all the time. There is no substitute for requiring adequate time expenditure in phase 3 trials.

    1. Bahmi….The Rat’s ability as a liar may be arguable….and really not that important n the discussion. The idea that almost a third of the US population has already taken the vax is what scares the hell out of me.

      1. It’s YOUR opinion that posits Fauci’s lying as being a non-essential inclusion in the article, it’s rich that you’ve become the arbiter of what’s germane and what’s not on this website.

      2. Bahmi…Did you not contradict yourself by saying it’s my opinion and then saying I’m an arbiter. We all express opinions here. YOUR opinion was that Fauci was a mediocre liar, not a masterful one. Did that make YOU an arbiter? Certainly not.
        All I do is present my opinion. I may do that MORE than anyone here, but that’s because I post more than anyone here. That in no way gives me any credence as an arbiter. I would leave that title to the Fetz who owns the site. If I step over the line, I’m sure Dr, Fetzer will let me know.
        It’s unfortunate you feel that way, but that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it.

    2. Yes, Dr. Fraudci has a history of arrogance and he made more than a few slips in the interview. For one, he admitted that the vaccinations are a source of data for the vaccine evaluation (i.e., research), which means that according to the Declaration of Helsinki everyone should be signing an informed consent document that was approved by an Institutional Review Board and the risks explained by an investigator … hardly the case around the world. He also admitted that the J&J vaccine uses a common cold virus (coronavirus) to stimulate the immune system against COVID-19 (caused by a coronavirus). This is why most people already have immunity to COVID-19 and experience few if any symptoms–it’s just a coronavirus, after all, to which most of us have some acquired immunity. And, he suggests there will be no long-term effects of the COVID-19 virus because mRNA vaccines have proven “safe and effective in clinical trials” even though he admits that mRNA technology is novel, has never been deployed in a vaccine before, and that the COVID-19 clinical trials were expedited and are still in the process of evaluation! But, his biggest whopper is his claim that there have been “not been any issues” with claims in the vaccine court–but the reality is far different: //

    3. The rodent Fauci, which you describe as a “fat head,” is listened to by “pea brains.” They accept his “fake math” as valid science.

  9. Reading and listening to this interview is like screeching chalk on a blackboard. Fauci is a masterful liar and totally lives up to his nickname, The Rat Fauci. Vaccines have never caused any harm. How he can say that and immediately not be struck by lightning is quite remarkable. I would love to see RFK Jr.’s reaction to this interview, but I think it’s wise he said nothing at this point and left it to the reader/watcher to seriously ponder/question what they just watched and read as pure fantasy….absolutely devoid of fact, historical statistics and irrefutable evidence that most vaccines are harmful and in many cases, deadly.
    This interview along should be enough proof to have Fauci and those behind him convicted of GENOCIDE in any court.
    I cannot imagine a parent allowing their child to be vaccinated and yet, I know I have five great grand children that have gone through this process and I could do nothing about it.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your great-grandchildren, WIll. Quite frankly, I am shocked that, despite a lot of evidence and even public awareness, not enough people around the world are questioning these vaccines. No child should ever receive a COVID-19 vaccine–period. And females of child-bearing age should be very, very hesitant to take the mRNA vaccines.

  10. I wonder if the “vaccine” protects anybody from anything. We were told HCQ didn’t work when we know that it does. Ivermectin is said to be even more effective. Fauci wants everyone, even those vaccinated, to continue wearing masks when originally he said masks were of no effect. Just like Bill Gates, Fauci is not a person I trust. Furthermore, the results of the 2020 US presidential election don’t add up either. So it could be said, I have a complete lack of trust in our governmental systems, which the US Supreme Court has done nothing to dispel. Refusing to look at the evidence is not proof the evidence is false. Deleting contrary opinions from the Internet is not proof of the truth.


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