Paul Craig Roberts, US Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Law Protecting Israel From Boycotting

Paul Craig Roberts

The Israel Lobby spent a lot of money to get corrupt legislatures in 32 states to protect Israel from being boycotted. The laws are in violation of the First Amendment and are being struck down. See: 

The Lobby’s other shield that protects Israel’s theft of Palestine and murder of Palestinians is the anti-semite smear.  Israel is the only country in the world that equates criticism of the Israeli government with hatred of Israel’s Jewish ethnicity.  It is possible to criticize US government policy without being labeled “anti-American,” but to criticize Israel means the critic is anti-Jew.

For example, if a person reacts to such reports as this one— —with criticism of Israel, that person will be defamed by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as an anti-semite.

Strange, isn’t it, that an organization created for the purpose of defaming people is called the “Anti-Defamation League.”


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One thought on “Paul Craig Roberts, US Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Law Protecting Israel From Boycotting”

  1. The author’s name is interesting … It’s 3 First Names … Let’s Decode It! … “Paul Craig Roberts” = 185 = “Donald John Trump” = 185 = “Boycott of Israel” = 185 = “Hoax Tomorrow” = 185 = “We Scare because We Care” = 185 <<< Isn't that from the movie Monster's Inc. ? … Notice we see below the Picture in Quotes … "Firing Zone" = 185 … Then notice how the last word is in 'Quotations' … "Judaization" = 130 = "Sacrifice and Death" = 130 … Creepy … The 'Judaization' story was Published February 10th … The day after the Story is February 11th, Like 211 <<< Police Code For Robbery in Progress. What Else connects with 211? We connect … "Judaization Signals" = 211 = "Judaization Beginning" = 211 = "Manufactured Fake News" = 211 = "A War on Palestinians" = 211 = "Tower of Babel in Israel" = 211 & 911 Satanic … I can see why nobody likes the Set Up of Power Structures in the Middle East … Can't You? …


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