Mike Lindell Reveals Proof that China and Other Countries Hacked the Election to Install Joe Biden as President of the United States

Watch Mike Lindell’s documentary evidence of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election presented in the embedded video below.  The video has been censored from YouTube and Vimeo. This evidence is being censored from all news networks and websites. They canceled Lindell’s Twitter account and even his company’s Twitter account. Lindell is the owner of My Pillow.

When Lindell appeared on Newsmax, an alleged conservative free-speech independent news program they censored him from discussing any evidence of voter fraud. Voter fraud simply will not be allowed to be broadcast to the American people. The communists are worried about what will happen if the evidence gets out. The Newsmax interviewer, Bob Sellers, even walked out of the interview because Lindell continued to bring out information about voter fraud.

Below are some of the slides that Lindell presented during his documentary illustrating the degree and nature of the fraud. Lindell’s video proves that China and other foreign countries interfered in the election to ensure that a communist stooge, Joe Biden, was elected President of the United States.

Below are charts revealing the extra efforts that were needed in addition to foreign computer hacking to ensure Joe Biden won the election.

Forensic Analysis of Dominion Voting Systems Discovers It Was Designed to Commit Election Fraud

The Suppressed Navarro Report Explains How Democrats Fraudulently Stole the 2020 Presidential Election

How Easily Voting Machines Can Be Used to Rig Elections

They Are Impeaching Trump in Order to Put an End to the Voter Fraud Investigation

Fraudulent Computer Vote Switching in Georgia Has Now Been Proven

Proof that Donald Trump Actually Won in Pennsylvania

Sidney Powell Publishes 270 Pages of Documents Proving Foreign Rigging of the 2020 Presidential Election

Texas Files Complaint With U.S. Supreme Court Accusing Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin of Voter Fraud

The Important Argument in the Texas Complaint About Who is Elected Vice President

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54 thoughts on “Mike Lindell Reveals Proof that China and Other Countries Hacked the Election to Install Joe Biden as President of the United States”

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      1. Hey, Jim and safeway, it says the jimtheconspiracyguy site cannot be reached for me either – on Firefox. But it comes up on Chrome and Edge.

    1. Death of a member of Congress. Three GOP representatives have died since the election, which I find disconcerting. Hillary had a plan to assassinate judge. Is Nancy following her parallel plan?

      1. Could well be, since Nancy was part of that plot to poison Trump.
        Who’s next? Biden?
        It would seem we are now officially a Banana Republic.

      1. “Seven Days in May” was a film about a [foiled] Military Coup in America. We now have a DemonicRATS ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL and LUNATIC Federal Gov’t whose aim is to DESTROY America. The Republicans are WIMPS and will do nothing. That only leaves Patriots in the Military [including Retired – like Jim] to OVERTHROW the FAKE Gov’t and Restore Trump to the Presidency. It’s either that or REVOLUTION!

      2. But did not the military in that movie want to overthrow a president that wanted peace? Or am I mistaking? I do admit that presently the military may be our only hope short of revolution. If they fail and the dates pass that have been set for this to happen, WE THE PEOPLE MUST be forced into saving this country. What other choice have we?

  2. Mike Lindell’s ‘Absolute Proof’ is absolute proof that Trump had all the evidence he needed & more than enough time to enact Executive Order 13848 but did nothing. He failed as commander in chief to protect America against all enemies, foreign & domestic. Then fled DC like a coward with his tail between his legs. Trump’s not only a national embarrassment but a TRAITOR.

    1. I don’t think so, Jack. I believe he actually signed The Insurrection Act on 9 January 2021 and the military has been in charge. It’s a matter of timing–but I agree with Will that the natives are growing restless for signs of life from the “white hats”!

      1. Best vid I have seen exposing yet another hoax. I appreciate the narrators effort. I do not like his flippant attitude. This is serious shite that continues to destroy this country. But, as far as the impeachment goes and this being showed as evidence…forget it…never happen. Any revelation that shows the truth of any false flag WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED. IT WOULD OPEN A CAN OF WORMS THE DEEP STATE WOULD NEVER ALLOW.
        Jim, here’s an idea…use your organizational skills to create a video of a people’s court in which the evidence of the many false flags would be presented to a people’s jury. …I guarantee something of that nature would go viral.

      2. Recently, General Flynn was interviewed on a conservative pod cast (audio only). When asked by the host if the US military was in control of the government, Flynn called the rumor “nonsense’. Flynn also claimed that Trump never signed the Insurrection Act.
        My research on the Insurrection Act revealed that it has to be invoked publicly, which never happened.
        The following day, Simon Parks appeared on the same show. He claimed that Flynn lied because for security reasons, he could not reveal THE PLAN.
        General Flynn served for 30+years as a military intelligence officer. Here is part of Simon Parks’ profile:
        Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo’s, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can’t be identified. Simon was an elected Politician and served a full term of office.
        Dr. Fetzer, who do you recommend I believe?

      3. At the end of the (video) interview, his host said, “I guess I should give that bottle of wine I bet on Trump, now that Biden is President?” Flynn replied, “I think you should hang onto that bottle of wine (for the time being)”. Scorpio made those points about Simon earlier today. What can I tell you? I think they are both right (in betting on Trump) and that the General could not be fully candid.

      4. An interesting video from Ward, Parkes and a guy called Tom Numbers. In th beginning, it goes heavily into gematria through the Numbers guy, Go to about 26 minutes to get past that. Ward continually mentions a fence around DC. I have yet to see any evidence that exists and IF it does, how is it that ANTIFA and BLM have pulled off these riots et al in the past few days? Have they been given special passes…similar to what they needed to storm the capitol building? Very strange…very! Originally, there was supposed to be a fence around the Capitol building. Has that now extended to include the whole of DC….I cannot seem to find any confirmation.


      5. Tedx……..As strange as it may sound, as an optimist, i would sooner be addicted to hope than desperation and misery. I see no evidence that hope has no connection to truth. It just takes patience in a world that more or less addicted to instant gratification.

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  4. If things continue to get more bizarre, I am going to start to side with those who believe this entire earthly existence is a simulation:

    What the hell!! Where Sniffin’ Gropin’s monument….did they write him off already??

    Why does this remind me eerily of when the Chinese had Mao Tse Dung’s picture all over the country?


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  6. In the midst of sending an email to my CONgressional rep here in Suwannee County, I came across this notice….quite strange to say the least:

    Limited Access to the Capitol Complex

    In consultation with the Office of Attending Physician and Leadership, effective at 5:00 p.m. on March 12, 2020, the House and Senate Sergeant at Arms have ordered limited access. This limited access is anticipated to remain in effect until 8:00 a.m. April 1, 2020, and is to protect the health and safety of Members, staff and visitors.

    The following outlines the limitations:

    Capitol Visitor Center

    The Capitol Visitor Center will be closed to all tours, including Member and staff led tours.


    The Capitol will only be open to Members, staff and official business visitors. Offices expecting official business visitors will be required to greet those visitors at the South Door Appointment Desk and escort them to and from the meeting.

    The Capitol will be closed to all tours, including Member and staff led tours.

    House Office Buildings

    The House Office Buildings will only be open to Members, staff and official business visitors. Offices expecting official business visitors will be required to greet those visitors at the various building entrances.

    It is requested that at the conclusion of the meeting that staff escort the visitors from the buildings.

    We apologize for the inconvenience of these temporary measures. However, these actions are being taken to protect the health and safety of everyone on campus, including visitors.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to Congressman Neal Dunn’s Washington D.C. Office at (202) 225-5235.
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    1. It might be a good idea for others on this blog to check their capitol access and post any results.
      They offer no explanation as to WHY this is necessary.

  7. That was one comprehensive article, Jim. If any male members of CONgress had one-tenth the balls Greene has, they would be able to celebrate their masculinity instead of pushing the transgenderism and genderless agenda.
    It does make me wonder if she’s also following in Cynthia Mckinney’s footstep and not cow-towing to the Zionists.

  8. Preaching to the Choir poses no danger. Are you willing to reach out to those opposite your viewpoint? Try caressing them with a mystifying fact that draws them in by pure curiosity. How about missing a thousand degrees for porcelain to melt from a wild fire, house fire or camp fire for the that matter. I did this recently with someone from Malibu who I’ve known for decades. His family home was burned to oblivion in the most recent DEW attack. Instead of pointing out the pinpoint discrimination of smart fires. I mentioned there was over a thousand degrees missing from making toilets vanish in a house fire. My only hope was him becoming curious enough to ask if there was any porcelain fixtures left after the fire dustified the house he grew up in.

    In the same vein, my latest take on presenting the election scam to Trump haters like my skiing pal Genghis Covidian, who is now wearing a double mask so he can kill himself twice as fast from lack of oxygen in place already lacking the life-giving element. Genghis is mid sixties and post cancer. He wants to project his sense of danger on those that don’t subscribe. So he won’t ride a Gondola with me because I don’t quiver at the thought of a monster no one can see or shoot a silver bullet into it.

    I almost wrote him off completely. He’s a super brilliant guy. He built microchip factories. But thinks tearing down Civil War monuments is okay because Blacks are offended by them. This is maddening to someone with my upbringing. I tried to mention some of the insane contradictions of the Kung Flu like I can wear a Bandana in place of a surgeons’ mask. Is any nurse ready to say fuck it, a snot rag is just as good?

    1. Brilliance can be a deceptive term. I have a friend who is a full blown professor of psychology who cannot read a tape measure and does not know there are 2000 pounds in a ton…take away his degree and see how well he survives on the street. he also thinks the government would never deceive it citizens. As far as mask madness goes, my own daughter no longer speaks with me (she takes blood as a profession) because I told her wearing a mask is killing her. She also started making masks and selling them. I told her she’s opening herself to liability in doing that….no response.
      I literally dread going out in public and seeing these fools covering their faces. It’s almost like being the last man standing in that classic movie called the Body Snatchers (original version). How can anyone relate to someone speaking behind a mask? I always tell them I cannot hear what they are saying. They ignore me.

  9. Zionist Judges [Mike Mukasey and Alvin Hellerstein] prevented 911 truth from reaching a courtroom. This time its [Zionist?] DemonicRATS who are preventing 2020 Election FRAUD truth from reaching a courtroom. Meanwhile, every President and CONgress CRITTER since Bush-it is GUILTY of the 911 COVER-UP to shield Israel and the CIA PERPETRAITORS! TRUTH SUPPRESSION will not end well for the DemonicRATS!

  10. Zionist Judges [Mike Mukasey and Alvin Hellerman] prevented 911 truth from reaching a courtroom. This time its [Zionist?] DemonicRATS.Meanwhile, every President and CONgress CRITTER since Bush-it is GUILTY of the 911 COVER-UP to shield Israel and the CIA PERPETRAITORS!

  11. The DemonicRATS committed TREASON while committing MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD in 2020. China and other countries were also involved. Mike and Rudy have PROOF! SCOTUS must act to OVERTURN the Election results and RESTORE Trump to the Presidency. If they refuse to act or fail to enact JUSTICE, a REVOLUTION becomes probable!

    1. You’re kidding, right? Do you not understand that on Jan 6th, our President and “fearless” leader turned tail and ran, leaving us to the wolves? There will be no overturning (bad choice of words) of the stolen election, no rescue by the Supreme Court, and certainly no quixotic revolution.

      1. You have NO IDEA what 75,000,000+ VERY PISSED OFF [armed] American Patriots are capable of doing to vent their ANGER and FRUSTRATION! “Frontier Justice” is an American Tradition.

      2. They [DemonicRATS] probably threatened to “Khashoggi” Trump if he didn’t just quietly walk away! :O

      3. HOW is this going to work out, Jim? Like 911? I remember Alan Sabrosky [USMC Officer and PhD] writing [to Israel], shortly after saying “It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel [Mossad] did 911”, – “We are coming for you!”. Almost 20 years later, I don’t see anybody coming to dole out justice to the Israeli Zionist CRIMINALS! At the rate Biden is going, America will be “DONE” within the first 100 days of “coming for” 75,000,000+ Trump Supporters!

      4. How about “Seven Days In May”? [or Feb., March and April!] Question is: Are there any Patriots with BRASS BALLS left among the Military Brass in the Pentagon – or is it stuffed with ALIENS and “Perfumed Princes”? [Hacky]

      5. Doc C…Quixotic revolution? Jefferson sure did not think the need for revolution at times was quixotic.

        When all other paths to correct a beyond corrupt government have given zero results, a form of revolution can certainly not be considered frivolous. It must be considered NECESSARY!

        “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

        Thomas Jefferson

      6. The situation in America is now GRAVE [nice word, eh Doc!] and intervention to SAVE AMERICA from the LUNATIC-LEFT DemonicRATS is definitely MANDATORY!

      7. How about “Seven Days In May”? [or Feb., March and April!] Question is: Are there any Patriots with BRASS BALLS left among the Military Brass in the Pentagon – or is it stuffed with ALIENS and “Perfumed Princes”? [Zacky]

  12. From Jim Stone…one of the many times I disagree, but posting it anyway:

    I am not even going to go over the headlines today because the news is not important, this is:
    There are a lot of people posting B.S. from “credible sources” about how Biden will be in power for 9 weeks, or how the military really is in DC to protect us, or (do I really have to make a 3 page line item list?) I’ll skip that.

    I understand that in some cases people can’t come to grips with the fact that everything really is lost. So they post crap about “what is going to happen” and general blah said blah or my lawyer said blah or Sidney released blah or whatever blah blah blah – none of it has merit. FACT: The communists seized the country. The coup is complete. And it was well planned, where Obama rigged the military to make sure they went along with it. It is OVER. Trump is not secretly being president behind the scenes, no one is waiting for anyone to prove how bad they are before they get arrested and the military is not running the country.

    People need to come to grips with this, because hopeful stories are paralyzing them like a frogs under a bright light, preventing them from jumping to action. Sitting still like it is business as usual right now is exactly what the communists want, while they pile more and more and MORE troops into DC to eliminate all danger for them while they shred the country. That is what the military is there for – to support the coup and at the bottom the coup has been enforced by kids that got brainwashed by communists primarily in school. Everyone just sat back and let the kids get their brains washed, and now we have the consequences. Communist soldiers that are America’s own kids, enforcing the death of the country. It really meant something. The schools really were important. And got ignored. No one believed this day would come.

    To see where America is headed, just look at what the trolls are saying online: Ha ha, Musk can’t play his space games and he was trash anyway, – The MyPillow guy is a seditious former crack addict (after he released truly damning stuff that is anything but sedition) – and now even Time magazine is stating there was a coup, but “it is all for your own good”. Translation: We are shutting the country down, if you even mention what we did you are a criminal, yes, we did do a coup and you will accept it.

    Now the communists who stole the country are doing “good things” to help us like them. There will probably be a (few) bones thrown to appease the masses and “prove” those who did the coup are not all bad. But it will only be a game. The bottom line is that Mars is canceled and though SpaceX is still flying, it is only to fill government contracts and it won’t be for long. The bottom line is that the Georgia Guidestones are real. The bottom line is 1984 is their operating manual, and it is worse than 1984, the bottom line is they intend to corrupt the genome to create an underclass – the bottom line is everything is going to China and America will be deleted. Do not delay your preparations over whatever shitposters who have not got a grip yet or downright subversives strategizing a way to get you to sit paralyzed under a spotlight say,

    It happens this way EVERY TIME. The communists launch hopeful stories EVERY TIME in EVERY TAKEOVER to cause people to sit on their butts waiting for miracles to happen. Miracles are NOT going to happen.
    My God the latest shooting hoax was so effing stupid cops and robbers BULLSHIT right when a gun grab bill is going through and NO ONE saw through it as far as I can tell – that was disturbing, how easily people were fooled –

    And for that and a LOT more I have a huge ball of stress and dread. My thoughts are paralyzed and stuck on ONE THING: My God, they really are doing it. They really are destroying the United States and they are not taking their time, even insulin went back to $1000 a month, they are comprehensively destroying EVERYTHING, – setting up total destruction and genocide – they REALLY ARE DOING IT and nothing is stopping them. Paralyzing stress and dread.

    And no one is doing ANYTHING because “today was like yesterday and I still have time”. Actually, you do not have time. If you cannot bug out or GET OUT, and I mean OUT OF THE COUNTRY, NOW, your only option is to purify your soul and prep for death. I kid you not, it is THAT BAD. My estimate is you have anywhere from 5 months to 18 months. It won’t be finished in 18 months, but it will definitely be started. It will be over by 2025.

    For the record: No election will work. The last one did not work, and they are solidifying and rooting in the fraud to heights beyond what it took to simply steal it like flipping a switch last time. We are not going to vote our way out of this.

    For the record: There will be no “charge of the light brigade” and Trump is in charge of NOTHING. It will be ALL darkness from here on out.

    For the record: The military is NOT going to save you.

    At least repent of anything in your life you need to repent of, so you can go to God in good condition. What more can I say? It is THAT BAD.

    The ONLY reason why the Ukraine genocide stopped with only 30-70 million dead is because there was not a population present to have a larger genocide be possible. Communists will have zero qualms about pushing America’s genocide to over 200 million “if that is what it takes” and they won’t do it shooting, they’ll instead, like Ukraine, cut off food and expel people from their homes. And they set this up with coronavirus, to prevent Americans from making payments.

    The writing is ON THE WALL.

    1. From my colleague Carl Herman:

      But Flynn also said to not broadcast your game plan 🙂
      We’re still left in a PsyOp:


      Juan O’Savin: military in charge, Biden at Castle Rock, real WH lights off 11PM every night


      Other key points in this hour round table:
      chess games devolve to fewer and fewer possible moves. both sides are almost out of moves. Juan has said Trump is back by April 1 since November.
      stock market will crash next from insider trading/tricks/fraud collapse (from Charlie Ward). Juan: US bankruptcy is the corrupt game ending to begin NESARA/GESARA for honest economics.
      military is in total control allowing DS/Dems to flounder in their own lies. purpose = maximize enemy destruction + protect Americans from violence. Cover story: determine election fraud facts to transfer back to civilian power.
      corporate media will fall because they allow Biden to play president in Culver City, CA studio + refusing to report on US military informing corporate media that most of the government is currently under arrest for election fraud and Covid hoax to crash our economy and attack our people.
      Biden/DS are just buying time to find an escape. They have no power.
      2020 election fraud will not stand. 4:1 vote for Trump.

      1. After looking at the results in Suwannee County, four to one was my conclusion also, since that’s precisely the figures in this area which I see as very exemplary of the entire country.

        16, 410 votes for Trump/Pence

        4,485 votes for Biden/ Harris

  13. Having watched all two hours of that report, I have concluded it’s the best and most accurate summary of the election fraud to date. Lindell did a remarkable job….and Idiot tube made sure they took it down almost instantly.
    …BUT, within a country in which the justice system is totally compromised, what to be done with this information is the big question.

    1. With the major news media totally corrupted…..the USA is a lost cause .

      Signer of the Constitution Benjamin Franklin…” I told you this could happen”.


    2. Mike does a valiant job, Will. Risking his empire to do the right thing. he has likely lost millions just from the big box corporate cancel cunts. His heart is in the right place. Mike could be a little more patient with his panelist answers. I found myself wanting to say “shut up Mike and let the guy finish”. And be just slightly more neutral, the information is powerful enough without cheer leading. And allow a slight pause before jumping in on the end of an answer. His tendency is he can’t wait to speak again. If he wanted to make this more hard hitting, he should get a pro to do some of the presentations. I recommend an attractive woman. It would temper the pushy aspect of his personality. All that said, love you Mike!

      1. dK….I like the fact that Mike is a home grown guy….I don’t see him as pushy…just enthusiastic.

        Now, AJ is someone I see as pushy…to be as popular as he is, as an interviewer, he interrupts constantly just to hear himself talk.

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