House Votes to Strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of Committee Posts

The House has adopted a resolution to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) from her two committee posts over her past comments and actions.

A Thursday vote on the Democratic-backed resolution was 230-199 largely on party lines. Three lawmakers did not vote. Eleven Republicans joined Democrats in voting “yes” to remove Greene from the committees.

Greene had been assigned to the House Budget Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee.

Republican leadership in the House had opposed the vote, saying it could set a dangerous precedent for punishing lawmakers over comments made before taking office. But Democrats said the action was necessary, alleging a failure in Republican leadership after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did not move to remove Greene from her committee posts, even though he had on Wednesday denounced her past comments.

Greene, a first-term lawmaker who supports former President Donald Trump, on Thursday took time to clarify some of her past comments and actions on the House floor, saying that her previous statements about school shootings and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks do not reflect her views today.

She had previously speculated that the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks were a false flag, including having questioned whether a plane struck the Pentagon, as well as having alleged that deadly U.S. school shootings were staged, among other popular conspiracy theories.

So how crazy are her views? Take a look at “How to Spot a False Flag”, Part 1, and you will begin to get the idea. Not so nutty after all. The more you study these events, the better Marjorie looks.


Media outlets and Democrats have also accused Greene of being a supporter of QAnon. Its proponents, who follow clues from cryptic messages posted to anonymous image boards, allege that some of the most powerful people in the world are part of a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles and cannibals who have engaged in child sex trafficking and ritual abuse.

Reports also claimed that Greene had “liked” a Facebook comment suggesting that “a bullet to the head” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) “would be quicker.”

Greene in her speech on the House floor said that the statements she made “were words of the past.”

“I was allowed to believe things that weren’t true, and I would ask questions about them and I would talk about them, and that is absolutely what I regret,” Greene said, adding that she stopped supporting QAnon in 2018. Greene added that she is a “very regular American” who entered politics after Trump ran for office in 2016.

At Parkland, they even used a training dummy with no head or arms on a pool of fake blood, which the Democrats are trying to suppress. See “How to Spot a False Flag”, Part 2.


On Wednesday, Greene said on Twitter that Democrats were engaged in a “mob cancel campaign” and that mainstream media outlets were refusing to air her rebuttals.

“They are only set out to destroy Republicans, your jobs, our economy, your children’s education and lives, steal our freedoms, and erase God’s creation,” she wrote.

Greene called for election integrity in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election. After the Jan. 20 inauguration of now-President Joe Biden, Greene filed articles of impeachment against him.

The last congressperson to be stripped of their committee assignment was Republican congressman Steve King in 2019 after he was questioned during a media interview why white supremacy is considered offensive. He is no longer in Congress.

Jack Phillips and Reuters contributed to this report.

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35 thoughts on “House Votes to Strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of Committee Posts”

  1. I would tend to have more faith in Greene if she did not speak through that mask (as shown on yesterdays NTK) and believe Hogg was a legitimate part of a school shooting. She also stated that 9/11 was real. I see that as a cop out. Few have said it’s not real. MANY have questioned WHO was responsible. She needs to clarify that stance.
    I pray I am wrong, but will not be surprised if she backs down under pressure.
    She IS a courageous woman and I hope to hell she stays that way, but the Dems will do their best to destroy her….bet on it.

    1. Did n’t kid yourself, both sides of politics are the left and right wing of the same bird, that bird is controlled by the rich and powerful.

  2. Unfortunately the continuing “reveals” about yet more traitorous behavior are getting pretty boring. We all know and have known for decades about the nefarious agendas of the various hidden and not so hidden societies and individuals.

    I know people enjoy being “liked” or showcased for their “insights” and political acumen but IMO it is too late now for any more of that. It is time to organize locally and stop the spread of the cancer where we are, as there is NO CHANCE in HELL we can change it through national elections or any activity in DC.

    As to solutions I would offer that people work on things they can have some real affect on realistically. Be local activists by attending any meetings making decisions on your lives, anything on land and water use, PTA, School Boards, City and County council meetings, and especially anything under the “sustainability” flag on Agenda 21 and 2030.. Make your presence felt through articulate, truthful dialog.

    I carry 1/4 page “flyers” when I go into town (50 miles away) and when I encounter agreeable normies I offer them the info (bookmarks and links, some basic facts, etc.) and instead of preaching to them I offer a little info and the ASK questions like “What do you think of this?”

    Most of blogs are just nonsense…lots of know-it-alls with rigid belief systems or just shills and agi-prop. Jim, you have revealed more then most would consider humanly possible on all the false flags and nonsense and kudos to you old man.

    Too many people have succumbed to digital dementia, lost in a fog of pop culture banality and Pavlovia response. It’s the Russians. It’s the China virus. And on and on. If we don’t change it incrementally and locally then we are gone.

    1. Doyle, you present some interesting ideas, but calling Dr. Fetzer an old man (as affectionate a term you may think it is) is unnecessary and irrelevant.
      It’s too late for local action. The opposition has been doing that forever and have mastered the art. Witness the election fraud. We are at a point of urgency and that can only be resolved through massive dis-obedience and non-compliance.

      1. Will, I most certainly took no offense. At 80 years of age, I AM “an old man”–hopefully one who still has his wits about him.

      2. You do a sensational job here with your incisive comments and comprehensive knowledge.

  3. The naive people that say violence is never justified don’t live in my world. If it comes down to a an actual fair fight, I am betting on the average conservative to kick the living shit out of the average leftist street thug. You have seen that happen many times already on the streets last summer. The only way they can win is ganging up on someone.

    Newsflash from the western frontier: Good guy with gun kills murderous rampager in Oak Creek, Colorado. You can guarantee the story will never make national news. The police didn’t stop the guy, John Q Citizen did ! Oak Creek is famous for the Flexible Flyer sled museum (pictured here) and is south of Steamboat Springs about 20 miles. Such a peaceful quaint little town. Read the story


  4. Now that the DemonicRATS have seized [ILEGALLY] TOTAL CONTROL of the Gov’t, NOBODY and NOTHING is safe from their vicious attacks – Marjorie was just the 1st of 75,000,000+ Trump supporters to be persecuted, the Constitution be damned! Can Biden WRECK America in the first 100 days?

  5. This is how the left reacts to truth.They cannot confront it and debate it, so they do their best to silence it.
    But to see the truth of these false flags being brought out of the dark and into the light is what’s important. Who has done that better than the Fetz?

    Here’s a new video from Parkes

    AND, here’s an interesting post from Stone in regard to the “snow shovel shooting”…link to video follows:

    WELL PRACTICED FAKE. HOWEVER despite how well they practiced this, – (here we go)
    Summary: Studio quality sound track with no clipping from the gunfire, while voices remain audible. That’s not possible. What security camera has audio anyway? I never saw that. No bullet impacts in snow, no reactions for the first six shots even though they “know he has a gun” – FAKE. Let’s line item this:

    1. No one reacts to the shooting AT ALL, she sees the gun, says “go ahead” and he starts shooting and they don’t react AT ALL. That alone slays this, they KNOW he had a gun, HEARD THE SHOTS, and did not react at all, no reaction from either of them.

    2. Finally, the guy gets hit on shot 7 and the wife on shot 8. Even after the husband gets shot, the wife does not react until she gets shot, which is JUST LIKE “Cops and robbers” as a kid.

    3. Guy howls like “cops and robbers”.

    4. Not a trace of bullet strike recoil on the husband and he crouches forward like he got hit in the stomach. In real life, it does not go that way, you can’t get a sense for where the bullet hit like that, point of entry won’t be where it hurts the most. Perhaps it would be toward the front, but why not lean back or to the side or spin? Supposedly he got shot in the arm and the arm stayed on. That should have spun him. Why did it not? Because “Cops and robbers”. His reaction was EXACTLY like a kid playing “cops and robbers”.

    5. Not a trace of bullet strike recoil on the wife from ANY of the many shots that “hit her” point blank.

    6. Not a trace of recoil from the gun on the shooter.

    7. Woman takes direct shots to the head and still gets up to bitch about it.

    8. Woman subsequently takes direct shots to the head from an AR and still has a head.

    9. No muzzle blast showing in the snow. If you watch from the beginning of the video, ALL the divots in the snow are the same ones, (camera compression makes them come and go, watch the whole video on each mark in the snow. No new ones show up from the gunshots. No bullet impacts showing on the people either, when (if) the bullets did not take the woman’s head off, they should have passed all the way through solid and shown in the snow behind her head. They did not, which means no bullets. We all saw what happened with Kennedy, why was this so different?

    10. The initial hand gun “ran out” after 12 rounds. You run out in 7 or 8, MAX unless you have a high capacity magazine or 10 round magazine, which will allow 11 shots, not 12, or (next step) 21 shots.

    11. Obvious “security camera footage” has audio. Security cameras don’t have audio. But in this case not only audio, but STUDIO PERFECT AUDIO, where the gunshots don’t clip the audio yet the voices can be heard. The gunshots should have been nothing but distortion. There are no ALC systems that can record voice and gunshots simultaneously. There are only so many bits to work with and if the audio is going to have both voice and gunshots clearly audible, that can only come from a studio sound track where the 150 DB gunshot is dropped to about 10 DB above voice levels so it can be heard along with the voice. It’s what a mixing board is for. The sound track alone totally blows it.

    Nice job studio guy! You knew what clipping is, and did not let it happen. GOOD STUDIO JOB. Unfortunately, there was not supposed to be a studio, was there? Real life is not like that. OOPS. Missed that. Maybe NOT so good with the studio! shouldathoughtofthat!

    AND 12: Wow, this happened right when they were pushing for another gun ban, AFTER Trump was out, the leftists are back to their SAME STUPID GAMES.
    There was no shooting. Only an audio track and acting. And the two guys that run out “Are you OK” stupid stupid B.S., and I mean TOTALLY.

    14. There are such glaring problems with this video that it is getting censored via browser based censorship
    Lots of web browsers started censoring this, even though it still worked on Twitter. That’s how I downloaded it. Obviously the truth of how fake this was recieved an order to be buried, but for some reason Twitter left it up.

    16: And of course, the shooter too conveniently shot himself, so there won’t be any perp walks or TV interviews! HOW PERFECT.

    1. It appears that Marjorie read some of Jim’s moonrock books to learn the truth about 911, Sandy Hook and Parkland – and then SOMEONE made her forget everything! WHO was that SOMEONE???

      1. Jim’s moonrock books are so terrifying and truthful that Amazon BANNED them from their shelves.

        If you’re a new immigrant to the USA…..welcome to hell.


    2. Spaide fatally shot his neighbors James, 50, and Lisa Goy, 48, after an argument regarding where they shovelled their snow.

      If this is all fake why does Lisa continue to lie dead in the street after Spaide shot her point blank?

      Where are the 3 dead people if they’re not really dead? This may be fake but it needs a lot more investigation.

      The photo is JAMES GOY….


      1. Don…Did you watch that video…AFTER she was shot IN THE HEAD, she kept moving and turned around on her back and still kept moving and talking. I’m sorry, this is fake as hell….where’s he blood spurting out after he shoots he point blank. Maybe you can watch it again. Did you read all of Stone’s points?…16 of them?….

      2. This gruesome scene looks all too real to me. Hot headed neighbors can be totally deranged, I’ve known a few. I’ve had conflict with neighbors for many decades…I avoid them in their bad moods. Also, there’s a lot of echo between the houses which is magnified by the low overhead of a cloudy day. Perfect for recording voices and the gunshots..
        Yes, I read all of Stone’s enumerations….several times.
        The CCTV video is appearing worldwide.


      3. But have you ever seen a neighbor shoot others over such a trivial matter? And where’s the blood? It should be all over the place and I don’t see a drop.Two shots to the head and she’s still moving and talking.
        The Vegas shooting was a clear night, too….and that as all obviously staged.
        I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

      4. ”But have you ever seen a neighbor shoot others over such a trivial matter?”

        When it comes to human beings, there are NO rules.

      5. I think I have more faith in my fellow human than yourself. Cynicism is a worthy trait, but can destroy anyone who lets it rule their existence. There are evil people….no doubt…but I do believe the vast majority of humans have good hearts and all they want is to be left alone and live their lives as best they can without inflicting any harm on their neighbor. IF that was not so, we would be living in a state of chaos beyond our imagination. For the most part, good rules and those few who are evil try their best to disrupt the good.
        Ultimately, they will always lose.

      6. Don…If you have food, water, shelter and air, you are not under chaos. Take a look at the countries we bombed the crap out of and issued sanctions against…the folks in those countries live under chaotic conditions. We are so spoiled in this country, if the power goes off for 30 minutes, we call that chaos. We have no idea how fortunate we are.

      7. If a Presidential Election is STOLEN, this is what happens. NOTHING….the people of the US are so weak and spoiled that they cannot properly respond, at least they haven’t so far.

        The hoaxes and frauds of the past 20 years have so numbed and demoralized the US population that most [99+%] sit in their house in a total stupor of inaction…..anxious for their vaccine, the latest circus of entertainment. People hunker down…peeking out their windows, searching, looking for any ”miracle” that might save them.

        Sandy Hook made this possible. After Sandy Hook, anything is possible.

      8. Don, I would say that after the JFK assassination anything was possible.
        Most American bought it hook, line and sinker.

      9. Yes, the JFK murder was a blood coup in front of his wife’s eyes. The USA has never recovered from that day….its only gotten worse, much worse. The USA is a failed nation.

        Once you allow America haters like LBJ into power, that nation is lost. Hence came hater Obama and its been a steep rush to the bottom since. Trump tried to stop it but he only had time and intelligence to take a few baby steps back up. A nation cannot slip and slide downhill for decades. The result is what we see now…chaos at full speed.


      10. Chaos at full speed?…I would respectfully disagree….It’ll take more than all those events to have me abandon my faith in America and its ideals. Time will tell. Remember, we are the most armed people in the world….and anything and anyone can only be pushed so far.
        Not a good idea to give up on your homeland so quickly.

  6. Of course its perfectly OK for Maxine to shout in the streets to harass people who support Trump. To fight them in every public place and get in their face constantly. Nothing was said to her or to threaten to remove her from even one Committee.



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