William de Berg, The Devil Went Down to Georgia

William de Berg

“The Devil went down to Georgia, he was lookin’ for a … steal.”

What transpired in Georgia before, during, and immediately after November 3rd can only be described as the work of a truly evil entity.   But, the Devil may soon be getting his comeuppance, not only in Georgia but also in the rest of the country.

Before the election, there were the alleged financial links between Dominion Systems and the people—most notably Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger–in charge of ensuring the Georgia election was secure and fair.  There was Kemp’s deal to ease signature and other voter requirements in April of 2020 and the different ballots printed with different security measures in “red” vs. “blue” counties (no barcode placed on Democratic-district ballots)—allegedly of the ballots linked to China.

During the election, there was the infamous video of an estimated 10,000 or more ballots being illegally scanned in Fulton County after the counting had supposedly been halted.   Then, there was the intimidation and/or termination of election officials who afterward complained that the Dominion voting machines were turning out invalid results—by the very people (Raffensperger and the Fulton County Chief of Elections, Dwight Brower) in charge of securing the election.  This coincided with Raffensperger’s refusal to perform a forensic audit of every ballot in Fulton County, GA—ground zero for the alleged electoral theft.

Jovas Pulitzer discovered major problems with voting in Georgia that invalidated the outcome of the 2020 vote.

Now it turns out that, contrary to the guarantee of both Dominion and Raffensperger that Dominion machines were not tied to the Internet, Jovan Pulitzer in the middle of a Georgia legislative hearing on electoral fraud in that state on New Year’s Eve performed a real-time hack of an active voting machine used in the current runoff election.  If the Fulton County video was a smoking gun, Pulitzer’s demonstration was a smoking bomb shell.  Pulitzer was given the subsequent green light by a unanimous vote of the legislative committee to perform a forensic audit of the Fulton ballots before finding that the ballots had already been surreptitiously removed.  Evidently, this was done in large vans from an Atlanta warehouse, but not before the act was caught on video and the fake ballots photographed.    It turns out that the head of the company that made the supposedly fake ballots (without barcodes) that were removed from the warehouse is a strong Democratic Party partisan from Arizona.

What happened in Georgia happened across much of America on November 3rd, not just in the five major disputed electoral college states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.   Like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, the Devil seemed to be everywhere at once on election night.   The results of the five big swing states serve as a powerful macrocosm of the millions of vote-switches across the nation by Dominion and other systems, since these were the only five states switched from the Trump “W” column in 2016 to the Biden “W” column in 2020.   But, there were allegedly millions of other anomalies in at least 17 states, from Virginia to New York and even California.   The fate of countless Senate and House races (and even state and local races and ballot measures) could have been conceivably affected  by the massive and organized electoral fraud—by what Biden called the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

So, what is to be done?   Thus far, a majority of Republican congressman and a trickle of GOP senators and a large number of key-state legislators have stated they will challenge the presidential electoral outcome.  But will they ever reach critical mass?  It is clear that the leadership of the Republican Party has no interest in challenging the results of the election.  Even Georgia Senator David Perdue—who only fell 7300 votes shy of the 50% mark to avoid a runoff—never bothered to challenge the obvious illegality of the Fulton Country ballots on election night during the supposed halt in counting.

Republican Precinct ballots had a bar code (upper right) that instructed Dominion voting machines to reject them.

There is really only one solution to this entire travesty:  The Supreme Court of the United States should declare the entire U.S. election null and void, require that all states hold new elections using legally verifiable paper ballots marked in person except for rare absentee ballots whose signatures would be verified in person by election officials.  All states would be required to provide copies of their registration lists to Federal officials in advance who would then eliminate noncitizens, dead persons,  individuals registered in more than one state, out-of-state residents, and all other ineligible voters.   And, all state voting tabulation centers would be required to have federal marshals and deputy marshals guarding the doors and overseeing the processes.  Any state unwilling to comply would then be subjected to judicial oversight of all future Federal elections indefinitely.

The heart of America is its constitution, and the underpinning of the U.S. Constitution is the assumption of one-person, one-vote.    For too long, counties and states have allowed varying degrees of slop and  fraud to contaminate our democracy.  The present moment is potentially an opportunity to clean it all up—once and for all—but the sword has to be wielded swiftly and powerfully.

In Charlie Daniel’s hit song, starting off with the lyric shown under the title, the Devil is out-fiddled by a young boy named “Johnny”.  Will the Devil in Georgia (and across the U.S.) be soon out-fiddled in real life by an older version named “Donny”?

William de Berg is an American scientist and prominent conspiracy/truther fiction author by virtue of his first three political thrillers–Serpent and Savior, White Spiritual Boy, and Divided We Stand.    His latest novel–Shield Down—is a science fiction novel centered around a mass extinction event that also highlights the Apollo moon landing conspiracy.   


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52 thoughts on “William de Berg, The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

  1. With all that is occurring today….Trump’s remarkable speech….Arizona’s objection….Pence’s betrayal….what befuddles me more than all of it is the wearing of masks by just about everyone except Trump and those close to him. It’s pathetic and disgusting they have all succumbed to being MUZZLED.
    This in itself is enough to make a grown man weep and tear his hair out.
    They’re all a bunch of sickening cowards.

  2. With the cops escorting ANTIFA AND BLM to the Trump rally, what else would we expect?


    VERY GOOD AWARENESS BUILDING: America’s city and state police received Israeli training to be THE enforcement arm of the Bolshevik communists and they are doing exactly that now
    Trump supporters are posting on various venues that the police are ******TOTALLY FAVORING ANTIFA***** in DC, while they bash law abiding Trump supporters. And this is causing America’s best patriots to turn against the police forces, which are clearly, without question, completely pro-communist. Remember the Israeli training an enormous pile of the American police got? That is the problem, and GEE, it all started with Israel! BOLSHEVIK CENTRAL. Who would guess?

    FACT: If a communist revolution is to be squelched, these worthless cops (and that means ALL OF THEM, including those that give tickets to raise revenue and follow orders they KNOW are wrong, (THEY KNOW IT IS WRONG) but they do it anyway, and that is ALL OF THEM in EVERY CITY AND TOWN NATIONWIDE, – these cops need to IMMEDIATELY lose all public support at this time and be considered enemy combatants by the American gun owner because that’s precisely what they are.

  3. Jonathan Pollard, Spy for Israel, Gets Hero’s Welcome From Netanyahu: ‘You’re Home’

    Pollard flies to Israel in Trump contributor Sheldon Adelson’s jet!

    Folks, wake up! This is a joke.

    1. Donald Trump is loyal to Israel:

      During his 2016 campaign Donald Trump swore that he would be the best friend that Israel has ever had in the White House, a pledge that some of us viewed skeptically as Trump was also committed to bringing the troops home from “useless wars” in Asia, most of whom were in the Middle East supporting Israeli interests. More recently Trump admitted that America was in the Middle East to “protect Israel” and he has indeed proven to be the great benefactor he promised to be in responding fully to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wish list. Trump has increased tension dramatically with Iran, moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, has recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights, and has basically given Israel the green light to do whatever it wants on the Palestinian West Bank, including getting rid of the Palestinians. And as all that has played out the Israelis have attacked and killed thousands of civilians in Gaza, Syria and the West Bank with impunity, protected by the U.S. veto in the U.N. Security Council against any consequences for their actions while a subservient Congress gives Netanyahu twenty-eight standing ovations and bleats that “Israel has a right to defend itself.” Trump has made the United States completely complicit in Israeli war crimes and has committed a few of its own to include the widely condemned assassination of the senior Iranian official Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad one year ago.


  4. NEED TO KNOW (4 JANUARY 2021)

    Carl Herman makes a good point:

    “The USA is the greatest criminal rogue government in history.”

    Folks, this monumental corruption is not going to be turned around. The tyrants are too powerful and they completely control the USA. This includes the military.

    The only way to prevent slavery to the Jew World Order is secession and decentralization.

  5. RE: Raw Deal (4 January 2021)

    Brew and Paul are dead right!
    It’s not about preventing a takeover; the USA is already taken over.
    If anything can be done about the takeover it will involve very few people and will not involve the vast majority of the clueless and idiotic population.

  6. Just in from Stone:

    CUTE. Leftists now shooting at those doing the Georgia audit
    They even found the receipt from China for the ballot printing, it was damn near like finding the 911 passports – stuck by static to the inside of a shredding bin along with two ballots that are proven forgeries. or maybe not like 911, maybe a patriotic employee made that happen


  7. Now that irrefutable evidence exists of election fraud, Trump has a duty to preserve election integrity and enforce the law.

    What is Trump waiting for?

    1. No offense here, Seymour, but have you paid any attention whatsoever to anything published on this blog?? OR, do you have an agenda that does not allow input and exists only for it’s own purpose?

      I don’t think you can claim being out of the loop as an ex-pat, but all the information in regard to your question is spread over this blog for pages and pages and pages…yet you have the unmitigated gall to ask what Trump is doing.

      NO normal person can seriously ask that question in light of what is available in front of ones eyes. YET, you have. That can only mean you are remarkably uninformed, cannot read or comprehend or are a shill. Which is it? PLEASE do not bother answering. I am just making a point of common sense which seems to be rapidly disappearing from the general consciousness.

      1. If you don’t know, then just say you don’t know.

        And put a lid on the snide responses.

  8. Youtube just censored the story of GA Senate candidate Warnock’s arrest for obstructing the Maryland State Police’s investigation of summer camp child abuse. This is a truly horrible story.Tucker’s show also contained Warnock running over his daughter foot with a car and his own wife saying the fucker is insane. Who hosts Fidel Castro at a church? Warnock did

  9. From The Epoch Times: (Me….I do not have much trust in Cruz….we’ll just have to see)

    Trump in ‘Good Position’ for Electoral Vote Showdown: Grennell
    By Jack Phillips
    January 3, 2021 Updated: January 3, 2021

    President Donald Trump is in a “really good position” for Wednesday’s challenge in Congress, according to former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell.

    “The Democrats have moved from there’s not any fraud, to there’s not widespread [fraud], and now their new mantra is there is ‘not enough fraud to overturn’ the election,” Grenell told Newsmax, adding that “everybody knows this election was full of fraud.”

    About a dozen senators, led by Sens. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas), are challenging states’ electoral votes. Well over 40 House lawmakers are also slated to partake in the challenge on Jan. 6 when the Joint Session of Congress meets.

    “Every single time we tried to bring this forward to the courts, you know, they’ve just been largely dismissive,” said Grennell, who helped lead Trump’s legal challenges in Nevada. “So I think that the rule of law and the process is that, on Wednesday, we get to showcase this to the politicians and see where the chips fall.”

    Grennell also praised Cruz, who called for an “emergency audit” of the election results.

    “He is trying every possible legal effort to highlight this fraud, so we just have to have people that are willing to listen,” Grenell said.

    On Sunday, Cruz elaborated on the potential challenge.

    “I think we in Congress have an obligation to do something about that; we have an obligation to protect the integrity of the democratic system,” he told Fox Business on Sunday. The Republican senator noted that numerous Americans do not believe the Nov. 3 presidential election results were valid as Trump and his team have called for courts and state legislatures to overturn key states’ electoral results.

    “We have an obligation to the voters,” he said Sunday, adding that senators “have an obligation to the Constitution to ensure that this election was lawful.”

    A senator and a representative are needed to challenge states’ electoral votes. Then, a two-hour debate will be held on each state before a simple majority vote is held on whether to keep or overturn the states’ electoral vote, although some legal experts have speculated that Vice President Mike Pence, who is the president of the Senate during the Joint Session, can reject slates of electors.

    In the House, the effort is being led by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), who told The Epoch Times in November that he will challenge states’ electoral votes.

    Several Republicans, including Sens. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), have said they will not join the challenge. (WHY EXPECT ANYTHING ELSE FROM RHINOS)


  10. On a lighter note.
    Why would we trust anything’s Cheney or Rumsfeld had to with???
    “The opinion article in the Post was signed by Dick Cheney (right) and, Donald Rumsfeld, (left) among others.”

  11. I hope Trump wins. But don’t hold your breathe.
    Tha ABCbulldust says
    ‘The former Pentagon chiefs warned against use of the military in any effort to change the outcome.

    “Efforts to involve the US armed forces in resolving election disputes would take us into dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory,” they wrote.”

    I hope Trump sends in the military and they count the votes properly. Why should Jim and Will die.

  12. I just watched a video from election observers in Georgia. What they endured was outrageous. Intimidation was common place. Prevented from meaningful observation was standard procedure. The entire process was designed to thwart scrutiny. The poll workers ignored standard procedure. It was obvious there was little or no proper training. This was planned for a long time. The things I just mentioned were observed in every battleground state.


  13. Every dam day there’s some new wrinkle to the fraud-lection. It’s now to the point of absurdity. I saw a new video of a poll worker tearing up Trump ballots and tossing them behind him. If this video was not a put-on, that man should be in handcuffs.

  14. Will, there are major differences among 1) what SCOTUS should do, 2) can readily do within the existing Constitutional framework; and 3) will do. What SCOTUS should do is to nullify the entire election, -but this is very unlikely, especially since no defeated GOP Senate or House candidate or other party (e.g., . Greens) has joined in Trump’s lawsuits. What SCOTUS can readily do, assuming Congress accepts the illegal Biden electors and Trump appeals, is to rule that only state legislatures have the constitutional prerogative of choosing electors–which none of them has done heretofore in this election. So, SCOTUS can request that all seven states in question must have their electors certified by their legislatures within one week. That would force the GOP state legislators to vote their electors in favor of Biden and be supportive of the massive fraud, which I don’t think a sufficient number will do. If not enough state legislatures vote their electors to Biden to provide him with a majority, then the House will immediately be required to take a vote on a one-vote-per-state basis as required by the 12th Amendment. In that case, Trump almost assuredly would triumph.

    Will SCOTUS rule in the above way? The reason I believe SCOTUS may very well do so is 1) it does fit within the framework of the constitution; and 2) the dressing-down by the corrupt pedophile Roberts last month pissed off Alito and Thomas and may have done the same with the three new Trump judges. Roberts tried to intimidate the three new justices, and on the surface he succeeded on a case that probably wasn’t going to be upheld in any case. But after the smears and humiliations and insults two of them (Barrett and Kavanaugh) faced during their confirmation hearings–in which Roberts remained deafening silent–the three younger conservative judges may very well turn the tables on Roberts in the final battle.

    But who knows?

    1. Jim….Tried to post this six times and it would not take…..it is in response to Berg’s 2:30 PM reply to my comment today.

      (from Will….notice new email address)

      William….”But who knows?” sums it up best. We should know or could know, but the Constitution is so vague in this respect, I see no positive results short of an amendment…and that ain’t happening anytime soon, although it s something that absolutely need to be reconciled. Maybe we both realize…or maybe not….that “Texas had no standing” was a weak excuse put forth by a compromised Chief Justice and supported by ‘newcomers’. As I remember, Trump was to or did file > a suit in his name, the result of which I never came across. Maybe it never happened. If that too was dismissed because Trump had ‘no standing’…well, that’s more ridiculous than Texas having no > standing. It’s a cheap way out for someone who has an ax to grind. I just don’t see SCOTUS ruling for Trump with Roberts as Chief. I seriously doubt they would ever rule for a new election. As far as I know there is no precedent. And what would change as far as the voting > procedure is concerned? A switch to paper ballots? Truth may be on Trump’s side, but time is not. The states SOS’s and governors are all compromised. SCOTUS is compromised. This may be the last chance for WE THE PEOPLE TO exercise our rights as free men and women. That is why I am doing my best to get to DC…

      https://tinyurl.com/y8h6t4qa (I dare you to read this)

      1. Again, Will, SCOTUS should nullify thee ntire election because it involved so many states and lots of House and Senate seats as well. But, they are unlikely to do so. However, it would be easy for them to throw the disputed presidential electors battle back to the state legislatures, as the US Constitution requires. Just because Roberts won the Texas battle doesn’t mean he’ll win the constitutional challenge with Trump and much of the GOP appealing. SCOTUS cannot deny legal standing without a major crisis ensuing, and when it comes time to vote, the three young conservative justices may do the right thing. After all, Roberts is just one vote–coming from a mean-spirited, heavy-handed, corrupt, and partisan pedophile to boot,

      2. “it would be easy for them to throw the disputed presidential electors battle back to the state legislatures, as the US Constitution requires.”

        William are there any pending cases that have not been dismissed that would open up that door?

        “SCOTUS cannot deny legal standing without a major crisis ensuing,”

        But they did that and nothing ensued….

        ” After all, Roberts is just one vote–coming from a mean-spirited, heavy-handed, corrupt, and partisan pedophile to boot,”

        …and likely Pelosi is the same, but she was re-elected as majority leader for the umpteen time. I hate to say it, but these creatures wield more power than we realize.

        William, believe me, I respect all you write and certainly your status, but I think we are both trying to make sense of something that follows no logic, no Constitution and has no precedent. I still contend that WE THE PEOPLE have the power but refuse to use it or even give it any recognition. We keep waiting for someone to clean up OUR GOVERNMENT and we are the only ones that have that power ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION.

        i am not trying to be contentious. As you, I am swimming in a sea of uncertainly and drowning in ambiguity.

      3. Will, the Texas case was then and the expected appeal of the Congressional certification is now. I think the Texas case was a bit of a stretch–even Alito said he probably wouldn’t have ruled in its favor had it been heard. Under our Constitution, each state determines its own electoral systems, within certain limits (e.g., no racial discrimination). So, the fact that no state legislature has heretofore certified any disputed electors allows for a strong legal argument that SCOTUS would ignore at great risk to the nation, what with millions braving winter weather to show their support for Trump on January 6th. More to the point, SCOTUS does not have to rule on the issue of fraud itself but merely on who is given the constitutional duty to certify the electors in any dispute. If SCOTUS sends the matter back to the state legislatures choose not to act, then SCOTUS can remove their electors from the electoral count. However, if a state legislature in the next few days chooses one slate or another, no one should be allowed to override that constitutionally. Supposedly, Wisconsin is set to certify Trump as the winner of its electoral votes on Thursday … but don’t celebrate until it happens. One thing in Trump’s favor — he is in touch with all the state legislators in key states whereas Biden remains a no-show. The fact that Democrats have under-emphasized state legislative races for many elections over the past decade could really come back to haunt them now.

  15. Today, Lindsay Graham made a series of tweets about Wednesday’s Congressional session. Here’s the Daily Caller’s headline and lede about it:

    Lindsey Graham: GOP Electoral College Challenge ‘Not Effectively Fighting For President Trump’

    Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham argued that GOP efforts to challenge the Electoral College certification in Congress on Wednesday are “not effectively fighting” for President Donald Trump.


    Daily Caller emphasizes that Graham is not on board, but read Graham’s tweets included in the article. He says, in essence, “They’re going to have to show some evidence. They’re going to have to prove that legislative and judicial failures to act were made in error and that remedial efforts against fraud were not taken, and that this changed the outcomes in these states and thus the whole country.”

    Well, now. Is there not evidence of all this? And hasn’t Lindsay just laid out the case to be made?

    Perhaps Lindsay Graham will play the role of the sober senior statesman who refrains from joining the objectors only to reluctantly agree that the election has been stolen and criminality exposed.

    (I freely admit that I am desperately seeking heroes at this hour.)

  16. Here’s an easy way to participate…took less than two minutes:

    ******(Also, I am contemplating renting a car to go to DC…leaving Tuesday and driving through from north Florida (returning right after the rally on the 6th)…anyone in my area, let me know and I’ll pick you up somewhere on 95)****


  17. Mr. Berg that is a concise, well written article. I would also have looked to SCOTUS to save us. But no longer, short of the impeachment or assassination of Roberts. He’s a traitor; as are (despite the new judges short time on the court) those who voted with him. The Texas suit was very clearly a case they should have accepted, but chose not to out of their own fear….with total disregard for the people and the Constitution. The ONLY solution is with We the People. Until we decide to recognize and use the power of our numbers and our TRUE status as the real government, little will change…and you can bet the farm it will get worse. Even if Trump prevails, we still MUST take a stand against the madness that has enveloped this country and the world. If we do not, Trump (Mr. Warp Speed) or no Trump, we are lost. I am convinced Trump is the real deal, but a victim of BAD ADVISORS and a good dose of naiveté. Putting all our eggs in the basket of Trump would be foolish. Remember JFK.
    It’s up to us.
    It’s always been up to us.
    Will we rise to the occasion on the 6th…or at the last chance of the 21st; or will we wait to see what our neighbor does?

    1. I agree that William de Berg’s article is a concise and well-written argument for election fraud and its remedy. It’s a good sign that it can be summarized so straightforwardly.

      Will, are you going to DC for the Trump Rally on the 6th? I hope you do, if you can.

      1. See my comment at 2:18 PM….doing my best….have to make arrangements for my creatures. I do have a rental car reserved. Anyone is welcome to come along. Let me know by Monday eve…If ll works out, I am leaving at 10 AM Tuesday from Lake City.

      2. AND, I have to find a winter coat sometime/sometime tomorrow….I’m a Floridian…who has cold weather clothes here?

      3. Trip does not look good right now….I cannot find a dog sitter and it’s too cold to leave them outside…going into the 30’s next few days.

      4. Will, You make more of a difference here helping us to understand what’s going on. Stay the course!

      5. Thank you, Jim….I’m disappointed, but my animals are important.
        I cannot leave them outside and if they dug out, I am surrounded farmers who do not like dogs running wild and would have no problem shooting them.

      6. It’s a good time to mention that Jim hosts the Raw Deal today at 12 PM Eastern…something tells me todays show will be a doozie….yeah, yeah, I’m a “young timer”, so I use words like ‘doozie’!

        Studio B


      7. What the incorrigible Paul said is absolutely correct….the takeover of the USA is complete. We see it every where, but refuse to accept it. Who can blame us?
        We’re Americans. That cannot happen here. Not possible…no way in hell. But, it has.The media is controlled. Politicians are bought and aid for by corporations and foreign nations. Our populace is obediently hiding behind masks, staying home, closing their businesses and allowing their own children to be corrupted, indoctrinated and subject to new gender rules. Closeness, intimacy and speaking face to face is almost gone. few have spoken up and those who do are rapidly out-numbered, bullied and intimidated.

      8. To continue because my comp is being attacked…..
        Our once sacred ritual of voting is for the most part, gone.
        The Supreme court of the United States has offered no help and is corrupt and compromised. State legislatures, governors and Secretaries of State have been bribed, blackmailed and purchased.

        Honor, patriotism and integrity are rarities.
        Truth has been portrayed as lies and conspiracy theories and lies have become the norm.
        2 + 2 now equals 5 because thinking otherwise is racist.
        History is being erased.
        Statues Have fallen.
        Lawlessness is accepted as peaceful protest.
        Self-defense is a crime.
        Showing ones face is illegal.
        Your body is no longer your own.
        Health care is almost non-existent.
        Real science has been abandoned.
        Neighbors and family are turning against each other.
        Our country, it’s inhabitants and it’s culture has been eaten alive by an invisible enemy.
        That enemy is FEAR…..fear of reprisal…..fear (peer) pressure….fear of death….fear of standing alone…fear of being different…..FEAR OF OUR OWN POWER.

      9. Just as a topper to my last post….I have been listening to interviews prior to the rally in Dalton, GA….one responder said that the prayer at the end of the session in CONgress now finishes with AMEN and AWOMEN.
        Absolute f’ing insanity has taken over.

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