By Vivian Lee

The “siege” on January 6, 2021, has been called a “coup” (Jamie Raskin, D‒Maryland), a “brutal assault on our Republic” (Dan Newhouse, R‒Washington), a “white nationalist insurrection” (Adam Schiff, D‒California) that caused “death and destruction in the most sacred space in our Republic” (Liz Cheney, R‒Wyoming), an “act of sedition” (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D‒New York), and “one of the darkest days in American history” (NPR):

“Wednesday will go down as one of the darkest days in American history. It was all egged on by a sitting president, who has been unable to accept losing his bid for reelection and who persuaded millions of his followers to buy into baseless, debunked and disproved conspiracy theories.”

Hundreds of “protesters” with flags and Trump paraphernalia “stormed” the Capitol building, pushing down barricades, charging up the stairs, climbing the walls, and barging into the building, where they roamed around, broke glass, carried off souvenirs like Nancy Pelosi’s lectern, terrorized the Senators and Congressmen, and reportedly killed several people.

Members of Congress “cower in fear” inside the House Chamber. Image: Daily Mail.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spelled it out in a lengthy video for her supporters, saying she had “a very close encounter where I thought I was going to die” and “many, many members of the House were nearly assassinated.”

This “traumatized” young woman is practicing her acting skills while having trouble keeping a straight face. Her message is that Trump must be removed from office immediately, due to his role in inciting the “insurrection.” Not only Trump, but all those in his cabinet have the blood of five people on their hands, according to AOC.

Daily Mail article of January 6, 2021.

Unfortunately, many in America were actually traumatized, just by watching the event as presented on TV. This official story has been repeated over and over, accompanied by video clips, stills, and interviews, driving home a scenario that is totally false, as will be seen.

Who stormed the Capitol?

The official narrative blames Trump supporters, who were supposedly “egged on” by the President’s rhetoric at his “Save America” rally on January 6 at the Ellipse near the White House. After Trump’s speech, the crowd walked to the Capitol to protest the certification of the Electoral College vote, in the hope that totals for Biden in the swing states might be successfully challenged. The President’s speech ended at 1:11 pm, and the walk took approximately 45 minutes, with the Trump crowd arriving around 2 pm. However, the first “protesters” arrived at the Capitol at 12:40 pm, and flash bangs were going off even before Trump had finished his speech.

Timeline of the “Capitol Breach” on January 6. Image: Newsmax.

The “mob” in the vanguard did not even hear Trump’s speech. So who were they, and why were they there? Evidence points to a bunch of leftists, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter operatives who dressed up as Trump supporters and led the charge, pulling in others behind them. A “manhunt” for the perpetrators has turned up some inconvenient rioters, who were identified by cell phone videos that were posted online. These include the flamboyant actor and “shaman” Jake Angeli, with a horned fur hat and a face painted like an American flag, along with various other miscreants who look nothing like Trump supporters.

Actor Jake Angeli, center, with his band of fake Trump supporters in the Capitol. Image: Daily Mail.

Aaron Mostofsky, wearing fur pelts and a bullet-proof vest, is a registered Democrat and the son of Brooklyn judge Shlomo Mostofsky. Posing as a Trump supporter, no matter how unlikely his appearance and pedigree, he told the New York Post, “We were cheated. I don’t think 75 million people voted for Trump – I think it was close to 85 million.” His brother claimed that Aaron was “pushed inside” the building and “he definitely was not part of the riot.”

Aaron Mostofsky, holding a shield he had stolen, was “definitely was not part of the riot.” Image: Daily Mail.

One of the most transparent imposters is John Sullivan, aka Jayden X, who posted many of the videos taken during the “riot.” A Black Lives Matter activist from Utah, Sullivan is the founder of Insurgence USA, which was “started in 2020 in response to the George Floyd tragedy.” The staged George Floyd tragedy, that is, which has been shown many times over to have been faked. Sullivan spoke at a rally in Washington DC in August 2020, where he yelled “it’s time for revolution” and “rip Trump outta that office right over there.”

The media, however, calls Sullivan “a civil rights activist” who was in the Capitol on January 6 only as a reporter. He has now been arrested after bragging about posing as a Trump supporter and breaking a window in the building. In a video exposé by The Gateway Pundit, Sullivan is shown with CNN/NPR reporter Jade Sacker, who took part in the staged raid on the Capitol. This important video has now been removed from YouTube and Rumble but can be seen at BitChute (after signing in) and

John Sullivan in the banned Gateway Pundit video, in Trump gear (left) and as Antifa (right).

Leftists, Democrats, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter are not front and center in media coverage, however. Instead, we learn that “suspected white supremacists,” military and ex-military, police personnel, firefighters, “Pro-Trump extremists,” and “people on a terrorist watch list” were among the “mob that stormed the Capitol.” Thus the rationale for the thousands of National Guard troops that have descended on Washington DC, to “bolster security” for the January 20 inauguration.

The staged death of Ashli Babbitt

Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran and alleged Trump supporter, was captured on video as she tried to climb through a glass panel in a door inside the Capitol building, when a shot rang out and she fell backwards to the floor. Extensive footage, posted by several bystanders including Jayden X, shows her lying on the ground, next to a stone pillar, with blood pouring out of her mouth. She was reportedly shot in the neck (or the chest) by a gunman on the other side of the door, said to be Capitol Police but not yet identified or charged with a crime.

Ashli Babbitt on the floor of the Capitol building, ministered to by police. Image: Daily Mail.

The circumstances look suspicious, with many unlikely “Trump supporters” gathered at the scene and riot police arriving via the stairs but doing nothing to apprehend the gunman. The crowd of onlookers seems curiously unaffected by the presence of an “active shooter” (as one calls out) despite the possibility that they themselves would have been in danger.

Thomas Baranyi on his phone after Ashli Babbitt was shot. Image: Daily Mail.

One young man, Thomas Baranyi, stands right next to the door, his back to the shooter, busy on his phone. That man, coincidentally, was found later by a reporter from a CBS affiliate and interviewed about Babbitt’s death. What are the chances? The interview has since circulated online and forms the basis for the official story of the shooting incident. Baranyi holds up his hand for the reporter, showing what he says is the blood of Ashli Babbitt, which he somehow chose to preserve in situ. He has since been arrested by the FBI, who tracked him down from the interview.

Man with the gun, aimed at Ashli Babbitt. Image: Jayden X.

Close analysis of the footage shows that Ashli Babbitt cannot have been shot by the man with the gun shown in the videos. Great care was taken to photograph the gunman on the other side of the door, who is aiming in the direction of Babbitt. Before shooting, however, he moves the gun to his left, away from his target, and shoots straight ahead, with his gun level.

Gunman fires straight ahead, away from Ashli Babbitt. Image: QAnonOfficial.

Moreover, Babbitt is high off the ground, having climbed into the window. Even if the man had shot before he moved the gun away, he would have hit her in the leg, not the neck. As she fell, she was protected from the stone pillar and cushioned by her backpack.

Ashli Babbitt up high in the window. Image: Daily Mail.

Curiously, and again coincidentally, not only is John Sullivan (Jayden X) the source of most of this footage, he himself appears in an interview at the scene conducted by InfoWars. He was interviewed later by Anderson Cooper on CNN along with Jade Sacker, retailing the official story. As with the testimony of Thomas Baranyi, John Sullivan’s story aligns closely with the official narrative – much like the eye witnesses on 9/11 who are in on the scam and report seeing planes flying into the buildings for a gullible TV audience.

John Sullivan at the scene of Ashli Babbitt’s shooting, interviewed by InfoWars: “She got shot right here in the neck…I have the video of the guy with the gun.”

The aftermath is equally anomalous. The riot police behave strangely, milling around the fallen Ashli Babbitt, telling everyone to get back, but making no effort to protect the crowd or apprehend the gunman. One of the “rioters” walks past the police, down the stairs, and changes his clothes, assuming a new identity – one of many details indicating a coordinated effort by the various players in this drama.

There was very little blood at the scene, considering that Babbitt was supposedly shot in the neck. In fact, she bit on a fake blood capsule, producing the bright red “blood” seen running from her mouth in the videos. A photo of the nearly spotless area shows “blood…seen on the floor after a woman was shot and killed inside the Capitol,” according to the Daily Mail.

Scene supposedly showing blood on the floor after the shooting of Babbitt. Image: Daily Mail.

Finally, Babbitt was brought out on a stretcher, as captured by the news media, with the same bright “blood” on her face but now augmented. Her body was not covered but exposed for the cameras, and the paramedics show no particular urgency in getting her to an ambulance. This pre-planned, scripted event involved many players, and Ashli Babbitt, the star of the show, was a highly skilled actor.

Ashli Babbitt wheeled out on a stretcher to be photographed by MSNBC.

Meanwhile, four other people are supposed to have died as a result of the Capitol “riots,” including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who allegedly was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. Few details are available on Sicknick, as opposed to the large amount of data on Babbitt. He supposedly “returned to his division office and collapsed,” according to the Capitol Police. “He was taken to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.” This lack of information notwithstanding, Sicknick has become a cause célèbre, with hundreds of police officers attending his funeral. And Sicknick has a GoFundMe page that has raised over $700,000 to date.

Of the three other victims, Kevin Greeson, alleged Trump supporter and longtime Democrat, died of a heart attack “in the midst of the excitement,” Rosanne Boyland collapsed while in the Capitol rotunda, and Benjamin Philips died of a stroke. Sicknick himself has been said to have died of “a medical condition.”

So did anyone actually die as a result of the “mob riots” and “violent insurrection”? It looks like Nobody Died, as in so many staged psyops of the past decade.

The security forces stand down

Much hand-wringing has occurred in the mainstream media over the alleged mistakes and oversights that left the Capitol building vulnerable to the “mob.” The Capitol Police were strangely unprepared for the Trump rally, although they knew well in advance about the march to the Capitol. In addition, John Sullivan and friends had scheduled a “Dump Trump for Good” rally at the Washington Monument on January 6 at 11 am.

Nothing but flimsy bike-rack barricades protected the Capitol building, and these were quickly dispensed with by the “rioters,” who seem to have been let into the site by the very police who were tasked with defending it. The officers stepped back or were pushed aside with no apparent means of stopping the incursions.

Protesters break through barricades at the Capitol. Image: Daily Mail.

One week before the rally, Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser asked for support from the DC National Guard in support of the Metropolitan Police, but the Capitol Police, responsible for Capitol Hill, did not follow suit. The US Department of Defense reached out to the Capitol Police to see if they wanted support, but they declined. According to the timeline released, the chief of the Capitol Police finally requested help from the DC National Guard only at 1:49 pm on January 6. The Guard then made an emergency deployment, which took hours to complete.

The city looked much different on January 6, 2021, than it did on June 2, 2020, when troops were called out to protect the Lincoln Memorial during a Black Lives Matter “peaceful protest” over the staged death of George Floyd. Obviously, the Capitol could have been better protected if the authorities had wished to step in.

National Guard troops at the Lincoln Memorial in June 2020. Image: New York Times.

Once inside the building, protesters were courteously admitted and ushered through the halls, allowed to pose with statues, enter private offices, and sit in Mike Pence’s Senate chair and at Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Guards were shown conferring with and even posing for selfies with the “rioters.” This was a planned event, an inside job, organized and funded by the same forces that have called for Trump’s removal from the White House.

Alleged Trump supporter taking a selfie with a member of the Capitol Police. Image: Daily Mail.

The media is casting the standdown in a different light, however, suggesting that police had been caught unawares or had colluded with Trump supporters. Democrat Representative Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey has called for an investigation into suspicious access to the Capitol building on January 5, as though Congressional staff had aided and abetted the “Trump mob” by giving “outside groups” pre-event tours so they could plan their “riot.”

Cui bono?

All this being the case, what purpose did the staged “siege of the Capitol” serve? Most obviously, it moved the Congress to expedite the certification of the election results, without any further investigation into the obvious fraud, although half the country has called for it. Trump laid out extensive evidence that the election was stolen in his speech at the Ellipse on January 6. The “riot” at the Capitol directed attention away from “Stop the Steal” and toward protecting “the most sacred space in our Republic” – even though it was left unprotected on purpose.

With the election certified, Joe Biden, who lost in a landslide, was officially canonized as President-Elect, with his inauguration set for January 20. Thereupon, 20,000 National Guard troops were mobilized, erecting roadblocks and fences in downtown DC and sleeping en masse on the floors of the Capitol. America has become a rank security state, and Washington DC is an armed camp with its own Green Zone. Warnings of more “Trump-fueled right-wing violence” have been circulated, with threats of civil war.

National Guard troops sleep on the floor of the Capitol Visitors’ Center. Image: Daily Mail.

The internet purge continues, ostensibly to protect us from “violent content,” with heads of social media platforms more powerful than the President of the United States. Trump supporters are losing their jobs, Democrats in Congress are calling for blacklists and re-education centers, and ordinary Americans are branded “domestic terrorists” that must be tracked and surveilled.

And COVID restrictions are still in place to protect us from the Plandemic, which is nothing more than the flu. We are primed to enter The Great Reset, which the “storming of the Capitol” has facilitated. It is those participating in the stolen election, the destruction of the Constitution, the move toward world government, and the “siege” in DC who will benefit if the plan succeeds.

Many are wondering how Trump, a master strategist, fell into this obvious trap. Why did he call his supporters to DC on January 6 for the “Save America” rally – and direct them to the Capitol, into the heart of the “insurrection”? For those who believe that he is authentic, his speech shows that he hoped the election would not be certified:

“All Vice President Pence has to do is send it back to the states to recertify, and we become President, and you are the happiest people…Mike Pence has to agree to send it back.”

For those more skeptical, perhaps Trump’s rally was part of the deal.

VIVIAN LEE is the nom-de-plume of a tenured professor at an east coast university.

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  2. The mother of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick said her son was not beaten with a fire extinguisher by a mob on Jan. 6, saying he likely suffered a stroke instead—refuting reports from the New York Times and other outlets claiming otherwise.

    And, Ashli Babbitt is NOT dead! She is a crisis actor. The Capitol shooting totally staged:

  3. Your analysis was superb, Vivian. I have sent your link to others, who were not aware of the staging. Subsequent research has shown that there are no hospital records, death records, legit obituaries, or funeral details for Ashli Babbitt, and no identification of the policeman involved. I hope that Trump’s lawyers mention all this in the impeachment trial—which most probably won’t even occur.

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  5. Good analysis Vivian . And spot on that it was a planned psy-Ops with Trump blessing . As I and Ralph has said before on this site Trump has and will always be a puppet for the globalists and Zionist that run Amerika. I worked and lived near DC for a decade and the Capitol is Hollywood on steroids. I don’t know why anyone would expect anything different since 911 or Sandy Hook ?

    20 January 2021 ???

      1. No you didn’t ,but it’s written as implied. I’m a man of faith and I truly believe that President Trump has his place in what’s happening in America.

  6. Great job on the article! Well laid out and clearly argued. Comprehensive research is the trademark of Vivian Lee.

    In the midst of an obviously completely falsified event, I still had trouble with one angle of the death scene of Ashli Babbit, in that it looked very real to me. I didn’t think any crisis actor could think to replicate physical symptoms like the rictus in her wrists combined with the deep heaving. I think she would have had to have witnessed something like this to pull it off. It’s quite the performance.

    Go to 2:20 in this video to watch her:

    1. That’s right. She is a good actor. Not your usual fare. Thomas Baranyi is pretty good too. They must have allocated enough money in the budget to hire a few experts. But AOC is really bad.

      1. Don’t forget Trump protestors need their selfie sticks when rioting. And who yells ‘Medic’ ? Unless you’re in a military drill. Lol !

      2. I’d started sending “JAYDEN X”‘s video, along with several others from inside & the one from WUSA (CBS) channel 9 that interviewed Thomas Baranyi right after the shooting bc of his behavior both inside & during the interview. I had thought Thomas was maybe John’s handler, as it sounded like he was the one who said, “active shooter”, and remained almost too calm. It hadn’t occurred to me that the whole thing was staged. Thomas has since been arrested. The funny thing is that suddenly the news org’s I’d sent it to (Tucker Carlson, John Solomon, Newsmax) started talking about John Sullivan, aka “JAYDEN X”, but not mentioning Thomas Baranyi”, making me think he IS in fact a fed. Rudy Giuliani’s own website (Ep. 102) has two more flyers that John had up on his Social Media 1-2 weeks prior to Jan.6th telling ppl to wear MAGA hats, etc. Something that I & others have been pointing out is that REAL Trump supporters are very proud of old, stained, torn MAGA hats. They remember when & where they got them & which events they wore them to. There was a SEA of BRAND NEW MAGA hats that day & flags with deep creases. Also, ppl had brought hammers, shields, gas masks, rope, & bear mace. That is 100% BLM/Antifa M.O. There are numerous videos out there of Trump supporters jumping if FRONT of Law Enforcement to protect them. And THEY were the ones who dragged an Officer to safety, but the news is framing that they’re the ones who are assaulting him. ANYONE looking closely can SEE what’s happening, but NO ONE looks anymore, they just rely on what they’re being told. Thank~You so much for the work you’re doing!

    2. Toni, I cannot imagine what you have said is an obvious false flag in which that womans death was real. Do you think it was a mistake? Maybe I am missing something. With a supposed caliber of that size (.45?) she would be lucky to have a head left.

      1. I don’t understand your question. You say you can’t imagine a false flag in which death has occurred? Two words: 9/11.

        Do I think it was a mistake? No, all of it was planned. Death or not, it was intentioned by someone, and of course all actors in the plan have a different and incomplete understanding of the events to unfold and their place in it.

        You say the gun in the video shot a .45 caliber bullet so it must be fake because it didn’t take her head off. It’s also fake because the angle of the shot would not have hit her in the neck anyway.

        Look at 2:20 in the video I posted and point to any bad acting in the woman’s death scene. It’s the only thing that’s seems real. General experience with crisis actors would not lead one to expect that kind of skill. As Vivian Lee says, they must have spent some money on actors this time.

        I’m doubting the reality of her death because it has not been exploited in any public way. When did they have funerals for anyone included in the Capitol dead?

      2. Toni…yep…it was a poorly worded statement.

        My intention was to say given the evidence and details that made you see this as a false flag, I find it difficult to understand why you think this woman actually died. And that maybe you believe it was not intended….a glitch in the script.

        Yes, there are certainly false flags were people actually died.

      3. It’s a matter of attributing responsibility to a targeted party (Lee Oswald in Dallas; 19 Islamic “terrorists” on 9/11) rather than whether anybody died, where nobody died at Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Orlando, Parkland and more. Fabricating patsies.

      4. If the only footage available from inside the Capitol was 2:20 to 2:50 in the video I mentioned, I don’t think anyone would conclude that she faked it. I think her death can only be said to be faked within the context of the other evidence surrounding her, which as I‘ve said, makes her an accomplished actor.

        If she was murdered, it was not a glitch. It would have been accomplished by some other means than the cartoonish gunplay deliberately caught on camera, which would have been used for cover. A real death could have been used to establish patsies, as Jim says. Not even the players in a false event always know who the real patsy will be.

        I hope you can live with this level of ambiguity, Will.
        (just kidding)

      5. Exactly Toni. I’ve been in the Capitol building many times in my 10 years or so of living near D.C. And Capitol police have never been so accommodating. And BTW that’s a 1/4 glass window that’s Ashlei was jumping thru. Did she bring a hammer in her backpack ?
        And what happen to the cuts on her hands from trying to pull herself thru?
        And the three officers in tach gear behind her was just hanging out on a smoke break ! Lol… Better script writers this time .

      6. Good observations, SaltySailor. And the script goes on with the dutiful press labeling the false event a ‘breach’ of the Capitol when, as you point out, the cops let them in!

        ‘Worst event in history!’ Lies and more lies.

    3. That’s exactly what they want you to see. If you watch the 45 min video put on social media it will give you a better idea of what was going on. I researched several different videos with different angles, you can clearly see it was a set up. If you get shot in the neck or chest at close range there will be blood splatter, if you watch the “police officer” that walks up the stairs you can see him slip something in her hand (that’s why she’s holding her hands like that), clearly interview guy gives signal to shooter to hold up before she gets lifted up (his interview does not reflect what took place and that was obvious once you’ve seen both) after her fall the police guy signals to someone thumbs up like she’s down, no one is in a panic, excessive chattering (gave me permanent headache), no one rendering aid to a gunshot wound which you would want to apply pressure to stop the bleeding, police officers standing with her before she falls if she was causing trouble why didn’t they stop her from climbing through window? You would think at the Capitol the secret service and police officers would be communicating so why would they shoot towards their own? When she goes down there you can see she has something attached to her face then all of a sudden she’s bleeding, when EMT is rolling her out why is there no blood on their gloves? if they have been administering chest compressions like they were they would be covered in blood. When they were hollering make a hole make a hole (in another video) they hollered this several times and that was around 4:30 pm but everyone was looking around confused and no one ever came out of the building. Soooo many things just don’t add up.
      I agree great article! Just what I needed to hear, I knew I wasn’t crazy.

    4. So sorry that I commented…I just now saw everyone’s post. First time to this site and did not realize other comments showed up once you sign in. My apologies! So nice to hear others see the same things that I do. God Bless you all and our Country!

  7. If the “current” Joe Biden is a fake, where is the real one, is he still alive??????????????
    Or is he just “Bid’n” his time (I’ve been wanting crack that joke).

  8. At least when I watch “fiction” on TV I know it is fiction. Now when I watch the mass media “news” I can see most of it is fiction.

    I’ve tracked you down Vivian Lee ie. “Vivien Leigh”, nice try.

    What a fake sounding name Sicknick” ie. “SIck” Nick??????


  9. By far, the most detailed report yet in regard to the newest false flag. Well done, Vivian Lee or whomever you are.

    One would think that by now, considering all their practice with false flags, they would have had the glitches ironed out. Not so…the usual mistakes were made. Were those ‘mistakes’ legit or just arrogance stating no matter how sloppily they pull these events off, ‘stupid’ Americans will never catch on. OR, as Matt Mckinney of Quantum of Conscience might say, are they just to keep us peasants chasing the rabbit down the endless hole. Hard to say.
    So, they were caught once again… masters or fools of their own diabolic game.
    It will not stand.
    Too many have caught on.
    Biden will NEVER be a legit elected president. He will always be the worthless, hollow politician he has always been. AND, he had better watch his back because NO ONE wants him there…not even his own party.
    IF he is the REAL Joe Biden….and that is very, very doubtful.
    A fake election…a fake Joe Biden….a fake inauguration in a place that’s not even a part of the USA….
    Hollywood is not dead…it just moved to DC.

    1. If “Biden” isn’t real, his fake signature will be found on the bill he signs. And, everything he signs will become null and void.

      1. I believe running a fake candidate imposter invalidates the Democratic campaign and gives the election to Trump by default. He ought to be arrested and tried for treason for attempting to gain access to US nuclear codes.

    1. In that video Parkes is now talking about the possibility of the inauguration, he says it will be CGI, happening. His back peddling has started.

      1. Simon also stated that Biden will be taken to the White House and be refused entry….and this will be shown on TV. He also states that Trump will fly to Texas and not FL. Simon has a long history of talking fiction.

        What is it Simon, are you the revealer of truths or the greatest spinmeister of the year?

        His constant line is …”…sources have told me…” .


    2. Will, Parkes and Peczenik and some of the others look and sound convincing, but I have lost confidence in them. They have until January 20th to be proven correct or they will have lost total credibility.

      1. William, Yes. 20 January 2021 is the deadline. I think that you are gong to be pleasantly surprised.

      2. I pray gawd I’m pleasantly surprised on Jan 20, so I don’t have to eat that piece of pie Will has promised me.


      3. Jim you say Trump debated a fake Hillary and a fake Biden. Trump should know that they were fake? Why didn’t he say they were fake????

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