Sidney Powell’s 21-page Executive Summary of the Foreign Interference in the 2020 U.S Presidential Election

Sidney Powell has prepared a 21-page executive summary of the foreign interference in the 2020 U.S Presidential Election. It is linked here.

Below are some highlights from Powell’s summary report:


These election systems appear to have been intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.


The [U.S. Senate Intelligence] Committee heard disturbing testimony of the ability of operators to “reprogram the machine to invisibly cause any candidate to win.” Id. At 42. It is undisputed that the FBI and the National Security Division of the DOJ knew of these national security issues and threats.


Notably, Dominion Voting Systems do not maintain a truly auditable trail for a number of reasons, among them being that its audit logs are editable by operators (and by those with unauthorized access).


Dominion Voting Systems is owned and controlled by foreign entities. As a National Security concern, having foreign entities managing US elections gives foreign actors strategic but hidden influence upon the future of foreign policy, National Security Strategy, and National Military Strategy. Since these companies move data around the world, malign foreign states, and actors – or even opportunistic foreign states and actors – have ability to influence (or even determine) election outcomes in ways that are most favorable to their government or causes. This impacts all the elements of US National Security; Diplomacy; Information; Military; Economic; Financial; Intelligence; and Law Enforcement (DIMEFIL).


Electronic data from US elections was transmitted to Germany, Barcelona, Serbia, and Canada.


The forensic report prepared for Antrim County, Michigan found that, “the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results”.


Dominion and Smartmatic share a physical address in Barbados despite their insistence that there is no relationship between the companies. They also have a mutual non- compete agreement detailing shared resources and code.


The fact that a Smartmatic board member, Peter Neffenberger, is named as a key member of the presidential transition team is a significant conflict of interest. Additionally, members of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations are also serving board members of Smartmatic.


Multiple expert witnesses and cyber experts identified acts of foreign interference in the election prior to November 3, 2020 and continued in the following weeks.


There is evidence of a massive cyber-attack by foreign interests on our crucial national infrastructure surrounding our election—not the least of which was the hacking of the voter registration system by Iran.


Staple Street Partners is an equity firm that owns Dominion Voting Systems.

Hootan Yaghoobzadeh is the CEO and Chairman of Staple Street Capital, which is the entity that owns Dominion. Yaghoobzadeh was a close confidant to Sadaam Hussein and worked for the Saudi Bin Laden group. He previously worked at the Carlyle Group and Cerberus Capital Management.


Since at least 2006, members of Both Parties have complained of defective voting system, especially Dominion Voting Systems.


During the time of election night and the following morning, hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes entered the U.S. Election system. They did so in amounts, times, and sequences that mathematical and statistical experts have attested are a mathematical impossibility.


Analysis has established that there was a 5.6 % increase in votes for one candidate for president across the entire Dominion system—with all other variables frozen.


For the 270-pages of documentation supporting her summary:

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  4. Did anyone here expect anything less? Dominion Voting Machines Down in 3 Republican Georgia Precincts…..

    Trump knew this would happen. He voiced as much at the rally in Dalton last night.

    Trump tweet today

    “Reports are coming out of the 12th Congressional District of Georgia that Dominion Machines are not working in certain Republican Strongholds for over an hour. Ballots are being left in lock boxes, hopefully they count them. Thank you Congressman @RickAllen!” he tweeted Tuesday.

    And now we have Jim Stone thinking Grassley will officiate tomorrow in Pence’s absence:

    WHY, YOU ASK? Because Pence has the power to reject proven fraudulent electors, and Grassley does not. So to save the steal and save face simultaneously, Pence has to not be there. And he does not want to be there. He IS THE SWAMP. He won’t show up to protect the country.

    I can just see it. Grassley “Oh there’s definite fraud. Wow, this is not a legitimate election. OMG, this is BAD, but sorry folks, I have to do the final certification BECAUSE PENCE IS NOT HERE TO STOP THIS.

    Me….IF so, a possible reason could well be intimidation from BLM and ANTIFA. For the most part, politicians are nothing but cowards….don’t forget Pelosi and Schumer kneeling to BLM in the halls of CONgress. What good did that do them, eh? Mobs like them will eat their own and find little problem threatening members of CONgress AND SCOTUS.

      1. Pence is less than human garbage. He will not be allowed to get away with this abdication of duty. He has not only betrayed the President but the people of the United States. Disgusting.

      2. Great idea! Let me check and see if we can do that via NeedToKnow. Thanks for the suggestion.

      3. My “Raw Deal” 11 AM-1 PM/CT. Then “Inner Circle” 1-2:15 PM/CT. Then NeedToKnow 2:30-3:30 PM/CT. We should have a pretty good idea of the score by the time we tape, but doesn’t look like we can do it lIVE. I do like the idea.

  5. Benjamin Fulford this AM….a bit more reserved than his usual report.

    January 4, 2021
    Showdown at the DC Corral as the Demonrats make their Last Stand
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 15 Comments

    The coming week is expected to be historic as opposing forces will have a showdown in Washington DC on January 6th. The outcome will determine the survival of the Constitutional Republic with Donald Trump finding his place in history as one of its great heroes. It may also signal the start of the endgame that will ultimately make him the last president of the United States Corporation.

    The additional powers afforded him in the current state of emergency will allow the playing of multiple “Trump cards” to round up 220,000 or so Satanists who surreptitiously seized control of the U.S. They will likely be put into FEMA camps and Nuremberg type war crimes tribunals will begin. Trump will be known as a liberator of humanity.

    The Ayatollah Khameini has publicly said Trump will be killed and now this website, linked to British intelligence, has put out the following photograph:

    It shows Trump surrounded by famous dead people with the caption 2021. Do these people have some inside knowledge?

    If – as the photograph implies – he is to be killed in an accident like JFK Jr. or Princess Diana, then such an execution would definitely usher in a bloodbath and mayhem.

    In any case, Pentagon sources say that if Trump is killed or if the Congress and Senate vote to support the fraudulent election of Joe Biden, then “the people will begin killing politicians and judges as well as corporate executives, vaccine pushers, lockdown promoters, etc.”

    The situation inside the military is such that the colonels and non-commissioned officers are ready to take action into their own hands if the generals comply with the obvious election theft.

    Some NSA sources think we are dealing with a bifurcation of reality. This could be a metaphor for different visions of the world or it could be real.

    Looking back on 2020 we can see how Trump was backed into a corner by the Deep State as a result of the global fake pandemic. They planned to shutdown economies in preparation for a financial reset of the central bank fiat money system.

    As a countermeasure – after initial proposals for the use of preventatives like hydroxychloroquine were blocked by Deep State actors – he has been pushing hard for the early release of vaccines to remove public fear and allow the economy to fully reopen. The US farm is home to many sheeple who have been programmed over a lifetime to have faith in vaccines without knowing the harmful contents. Even without adequate safety testing, they will line up for “mark of the beast” ID vaccine tattoos that will change their DNA in unpredictable ways.

    Given limited alternatives during an election year, Trump perhaps realized vaccines are a necessary evil for adequate public support to stay in power for another 4 years while removing the fear that is crippling people psychologically, and in turn the country economically. He may see it as a tradeoff to allow people to return to work and businesses to reopen versus debt and despair leading to suicide and social unrest, with ultimately a greater loss of life.

    The Deep State likely never expected Trump could get a vaccine out so quickly to counter their pandemic lockdown economic collapse strategy absent major war efforts he derailed and conclusion of Middle East peace agreements.

    Now he is exposing the incompetent state politicians who can’t get their act together to distribute vaccines even when they have been delivered. This was also evident with the production of ventilators that were demanded by psychopaths like Cuomo in NY and then never used.

    Trump may be playing 5d chess by distributing the vaccines in order to flush out and eliminate the entire network of Satanic vaccine pushers as evident in his own tweets.

    “The Federal Government has distributed the vaccines to the states. Now it is up to the states to administer. Get moving!.. Some States are very slow to inoculate recipients despite the successful and very large-scale distribution of vaccines by the Federal Government. They will get it done!”

    At the same time, Trump is exposing the fraud where any death, no matter how unrelated, is being used to inflate the Covid numbers and collect huge payments of $13k for admission, plus $39k for use of a ventilator.

    “When in doubt, call it Covid.” Fake News!”

    On the topic of disinfo the P3 Freemasons sent us a photograph “provided by the Russians,” which they claim is of the microchip inside the Pfizer vaccine.

    Russian FSB sources when contacted for confirmation said the microchip was…


  6. All of this is leading to a complete expose of the Deep State and ruling cabal and its tentacles along with a conversion of public opinion in America against the ruling elites. The question is whether this is a deathbed conversion or the rising of the American phoenix.


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