I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then

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I sure wish I had not learned so much over the last five years.  In retrospect, five short years ago seems almost like Mayberry.  Here are some important things that I didn’t know five years ago or now.

  • There actually is a deep state and they really do not honor the election results nor the will of the people.
  • There really appear to be lawless elements within the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, and NSA who are not accountable for their crimes and are thus above the law.
  • The fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, really is unaccountable to the “unwashed masses.”
  • Many of our top military command, along with many in the Military Industrial Complex, don’t always hate wars.  There’s a lot of money and many promotions to be made during a time of war. The last 4 years saw no new wars and even troops coming home.  For some, that is bad for business.
  • 1984 and Animal Farm are no longer works of fiction, but prophecies.
  • George Orwell was righter than Nostradamus.

  • The news media centers of New York City and Washington, DC are not neutral arbitrators of the truth, but uncomfortably resemble TASS and Pravda from the Soviet Union days.
  • The old robber barons like Rockefeller, Carnegie and JP Morgan are starting to look a whole lot better compared to the new Robber Barons like Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Bezos.
  • The United States Supreme Court would actually refuse to hear a legitimate case because they were scared and frightened of violence.
  • The left insist on conflating and equating evangelical Christians with White supremacists.  This should terrify the Christian community.
  • Words such as mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother and sister are now not words of love and respect; but are considered politically incorrect verbiage in Congress.
  • Censorship, the cancel culture, and becoming a nonperson comes from the left, not the right.
  • The left, not the right, actually is going to try and deny citizens rights afforded to all in the Bill of Rights.
  • Violence from The Left is regarded as free speech and noble, while violence from the right is classified as sedition and felonious by powerful institutions.

  • It really is not Republicans vs. Democrats, but globalists vs. nationalists.
  • The new McCarthyism, blacklists, history re-writers, and re-education camps are coming from the left, not the right.
  • Fences and barriers are a good thing for our nation’s capital but somehow a bad thing for our nation’s borders.
  • Our Founding Fathers of yesteryear would be called “domestic terrorists” by some today.
  • Presidential elections really can be stolen by corrupting just a handful of precincts in just a handful of states.
  • Calling into question the validity of the 2016 presidential election is patriotic, while calling into question the validity of the 2020 presidential election is treasonous.

The good old days of just five short years ago sure do make us nostalgic for Mayberry.  Trouble is, we now must decide, how are we to respond with what we now know. Sigh

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17 thoughts on “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then”

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  2. The Sandy Hook Hoax is directly related to the Vote Fraud of 2020. If you can hoax all the fake deaths of Sandy Hook, you can do anything to that nation. You can even fake a Presidential Election. I could go on for another paragraph but you may get the point.

  3. I know not if I could call the following encouragement……it’s more like a reality that will never see the light of day minus some miracle or divine intervention. Will it all be so much dust in the wind and a re-writing of actuality/history? Few, if any, know at this moment. Could be a month or so will bring some relief OR the inevitable obfuscation by time and the desire to move on. As for me, it will ALWAYS be a thorn that can never be removed.


    And remember, even with all the vote by mail fraud, PLUS all the false ballots, PLUS all the dead voting, PLUS all the illegals voting, PLUS all the Jews “voting early and voting often,” Trump still won by THIS MUCH and it took simply changing the numbers in the machines to fix it, his victory was so enormous they simply could not get that many ballots made.

    WHAT EUROPE SAW, EVEN AFTER ALL THE RIGGING: (we have all see that almost totally red map of the US)

    Highly probable: Trump took every precinct in the United States once ALL forms of fraud are removed. It took the European smack down to destroy Trump AFTER all the other fraud, with the map still showing as is above.

  4. ((Trouble is, we now must decide, how are we to respond with what we now know. Sigh))

    We KNOW what we must do and how to respond….massively and armed. But, we will not. We will wait obediently until March 4th (or whatever the next date may be). WE have passed critical mass (with likely at least 100 million votes for Trump) and nothing happened. Are we waiting for that ‘spontaneity that our friend Toni touted months ago?
    But waiting for spontaneity is a kind of oxymoron, is it not. There has to be a breaking point. A while back I thought that masking our children would do it. I was wrong. I also thought sacrificing our children to harvest adrenachrome would do it. I was wrong again. Now, if they were to cut off the TEE VEE, I would almost guarantee a massive uprising. BUT, they are not that ignorant. That particular move will never happen.
    The human condition befuddles me to no end. If 50,000 spectators were watching a football game in which the referees every call was blatantly wrong, the field would be stormed and blood would flow. And yet, HERE WE SIT, post the largest and most blatant election fraud in the history of the country and possibly the world.
    That tells us something, eh? And it ain’t pretty.

  5. I used to watch the Andy Griffith Show.

    “Andy Taylor, the sheriff of a quiet sleepy town, lives with his son at Aunt Bee’s house in Mayberry, North Carolina. He spends time managing his son and the antics of his aunt and cousin.”

    Life was simpler then.

    But, the crooks had been around starting the world wars, setting up the crooked fed, sinking the Olympic and saying it was the titanic, etc. Because I didn’t know it was all fake, and good old Andy was just there to sedate us.

  6. A better photo of the children:

    Just to add, when I said “to break the current debate, I actually meant to say to “diverge from the current topic”….just as a clarification.

    So, it appears some judge (related to the one that deprived Jim of his true defense?…I don’t know) is going to make it easier to sue those denying that Sandy Hook was real. Good luck Alex…it’ll be interesting to see if you again back down.

    1. There is a couple of problems with that photo. The orioginal source of that photo is not know. Halbig was not the first one to post it. The woman who runs this website was.


      I have asked her where she got the photos, only answer she would give is Facebook. She would not say more.

      We don’t know when the photo was taken, nor where or who took it.

      Many of those same kids were also supposed to have been at the 2013 Super Bowl. So when the photo was taken is very important.

    2. Will, there won’t be a true trial related to Sandy Hook–Wolfgang Halbig and others have smoking guns galore, including testimonies from several of the Sandy Hook children and at least one teacher (Vicky Soto). He also as food invoices and other documents that prove Sandy Hook was located at Chalk Hill Middle School beginning in August 2012.

      The risk for Alex Jones is that he could end up with a judge like Fetzer’s and also be the recipient of kangaroo justice. He has a lot more assets and an international audience that could be stripped clean. One might argue that such show trials cannot routinely exist in America? Witness the >60 straight electoral fraud lawsuits that were filed and dismissed without evidentiary hearing. We are no longer living in a democracy–our judicial system is either completely intimidated or corrupt, or both.

  7. To break the ongoing debate, here’s an interesting report from Stone…

    Sandy Hook will be used to take Alex out
    A federal judge opened up the pathway for all the con artists to sue him. AND NOW MY NEXT REPORT: THE WALKING DEAD WAS REAL
    YEARS AFTER THESE GIRLS WERE CERTIFIED TO HAVE DIED AT SANDY HOOK, THEY ARE STILL ALIVE. only not. YOU SEE: Zombies are real, there really is life after death and here is the proof:
    You can compare these much more clearly with this larger photo.



  8. Oil is not a ”fossil fuel”. That’s a myth promoted by oil companies to scare people. Oil is natural to many planets and is produced miles deep in the earth and has nothing to do with dead plants or dinosaurs. The wells of Saudi are constantly refilled from pools often 40 miles deep.


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