Edward Hendrie, Proof that Donald Trump Actually Won in Pennsylvania

Edward Hendrie

The presidential election results reported as of 28 December 2020, show that Joe Biden won the Pennsylvania vote by a margin of 80,555.

The Data Integrity Group, who were the same forensic computer scientists who revealed the fraudulent subtraction of Trump Votes in Georgia, presented their evidence that Trump votes were also fraudulently subtracted in Pennsylvania. These computer scientists found that a total of 423,116 votes were fraudulently deleted from Donald Trump’s vote total in Pennsylvania.  If those deleted Trump votes were restored, it would give the victory to Donald Trump in Pennsylvania by a margin of 342,561 votes (423,116 – 80,55 = 342,561).

The evidence of the massive removal of votes for Donald Trump is a clear indication of vote manipulation. An incremental voting tally should only be additive; it should never have any provision for removing votes. Below is a graph showing an incremental timeline of votes for Donald Trump in Lehigh County Pennsylvania. Notice the massive negative dump of 66,179 Donald Trump votes. That is clear evidence of vote-rigging against Donald Trump.

Removal of 66,179 votes for Donald Trump in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

We see the same phenomenon in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Notice how the incremental line goes down at certain points, thus indicating the removal of votes for Donald Trump. The dips in the lines should never be seen in a fair election.

Removal of Votes for Donald Trump in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

We see the same phenomenon in Chester County, Pennsylvania. In the chart below there is a distinction between the election day votes and the absentee votes. The red line shows the incremental vote tally for Donald Trump on the day of the election and the green line shows the incremental vote tally for Donald Trump via absentee ballots. Notice how both lines go down, thus indicating the removal of votes for Donald Trump. The dips in the lines should never be seen in a fair election.

Removal of Votes for Donald Trump in Chester County, Pennsylvania

The most egregious evidence of voter fraud was found in the Philadelphia voting precincts. In 278 of those voting precincts, Joe Biden received no less than 97% of the votes cast. The left Donald Trump with only 3% of the vote. Joe Biden received a total of 100,236 votes to Donal Trump’s 2,152 votes in those 278 Philadelphia voting precincts. That vote ratio of 97% for Joe Biden and 3% for Donald Trump is, quite simply, impossible without vote-rigging. Those are the kind of results found in communist countries, where vote rigging is just part of the system.

423,116 Votes Removed From Donald Trump in Pennsylvania


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62 thoughts on “Edward Hendrie, Proof that Donald Trump Actually Won in Pennsylvania”

  1. I find it perplexing that Biden asked Trump to tell everyone to go home. And that is exactly what he did.
    But i doubt many have listened to him. At least THEY are holding the line.

    1. Don’t risk your life for a Trump, do something useful with it. As Alex Jones (& possible shill 80% trutg is better than 1% like the Aust ABC) says “it is an info war”

    2. Trump was visited by Henry Kissinger sometime around the start of his reign, I saw the film clip,that was another bad sign. Also when he campaigned to jail “crooked Hillary” then said she was a good person when elected.
      I think we should do what Alex says (even if he is a double agent/shil/controlled opposition, he’s alive but Bill Cooper is dead), fight an info war. Educate people like Jim always has.

    1. If the people in countries like Australia, New Zealand,England,USA, Geermnay etc WAKE UP to the tyranny (tyranny
      =cruel and oppressive government or rule) and the psyops, we will see justice. The people must awake from their apathy.

  2. Trump’s a day late and a dollar short.

    He had four years to clean up the swamp. He chose to add to it.

    It’s too late for the insurrection act because Trump doesn’t have the military. The clown Trump appointed as Sec. of Defense is a traitor.

    Trump will leave with barely a whimper.

    Game, Set, Match: Jew World Order

    There is nothing left to save of the thoroughly corrupt USA. Everybody will be better off when it collapses — just like the Soviet Union.

  3. I just had a crazy thought. What’s to keep the CONgress from coming back tonight and continuing the vote/debate since the DC mayor has imposed a curfew?

      1. It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. This is how they get out of it – with a stupid false flag.

  4. Batwomen and batmen…riddle me this:

    How is it that ANTIFA AND BLM can run rampant for months on end…burning, pillaging, looting across the country and rarely if ever incur the wrath of the National Guard…well, maybe once….and yet, a few hours of legitimate protest to save this nation has our own president, the man who egged us on, calling out the national guard and telling all to go home, while the mayor from hell sets a curfew. In what kind of damn bizzarro world do we live??? Something is seriously askew.

    1. This will be blamed on Trump supporters, of course. It’s a foul smear, and every media source is repeating it.

      If there were dead, it would change the whole tenor of the event. Riot cops would not be taking their time clearing the Capitol grounds. Or standing still over a wounded civilian, shot by other police, while bystanders tend to her and weakly call out “active shooter – active shooter.”

      It’s a sham, and a despicable smear.

      1. So we expose it as a sham–just as we are exposing the 2020 election as a sham. We are no facilitating these frauds but doing out best to reveal and rectify them. What we are doing is right. They are wrong. Cheaters and liars lie and cheat. That’s who they are.

      2. https://populist.press/breaking-now-facial-recognition-proves-who-stormed-capitol/
        NOW: Facial Recognition Proves Who Stormed Capitol CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE   Wednesday January 6, 2021 7:15 PMTrump supporters say that antifa members disguised as one of them infiltrated the protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.A retired military officer told The Washington Times that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia antifa members to two men inside the Senate.
        The source provided the photo match to The Times.

      3. Now that is good news…so how will the MSM handle it?
        Tomorrow will be more than interesting.
        How many more states will object and how many more hours of debate?
        That is, if our honorable members of CONgress are not hiding in their tunnels.

    1. So, was it ALL ANTIFA (and BLM) or did patriots follow them in? And IF we did, I would see that as a breach of a peaceful protest. This is what I am trying to get across…..we need better training to not fall into these traps
      Hard to say without more facts..

      1. ANTIFA took advantage to run a modest false flag. You can’t prevent bad guys from doing bad things unless you have prior intel and resources to cope. We need to get the word out.

      2. Like Trump, we are at times a bit too naive. When your nature is to trust and be good, it’s difficult to play the game the way they do.

      3. We need to get the word out because this event is already being used in the congressional sessions taking place right now as we speak. Loeffler just said she must reconsider her objection to the electors in light of “today’s horror in the halls of Congress.”

      4. I guess I was mistaken, because I thought I would see the evidence of fraud presented in a persuasive, concerted way in the congressional sessions. I’m not seeing that.

        I wonder if these people actually believe they went through a violent event, a “breach of the Hollowed Halls of Congress!” Not Pelosi, of course.

        It’s incredibly hard for me to even stand the lies being entered into the congressional record at this time.

      5. I agree, Toni. I expected one proof after another. As of now, I don’t believe I have heard a single one.

      1. Jim voted for Obama. I gave Trump time, he has not come good. He has not done what he promised. He is at the best “as useless as tits on a bull’ at best. At worst Trump is a pspop “good” cop in a good cop/ bad cop scenario.

      2. Trump is not the answer. You need a real “truther” as a leader. Even a lot of truthers still think there were plane’s on 911, that bin Laden died ten years after he really died etc, I’ve heard them on revolution radio, they are at best ignorant of the facts, at worst shills.

  5. Don’t believe your ears. The violence is a tactical event put on to disparage the crowd on a false pretext. Biden gave a speech calling them a mob.
    We’re supposed to believe that on the front people were peaceful but on the hidden side of the Capitol violent crowds broke down the scaffolding and stormed in broke windows and occupied offices and rummaged through desks, etc. (per Biden.) THERE IS NO VIDEO OF ANY OF THIS.
    As we are so used to seeing one ‘survivor’ held up a woman grievously wounded in the neck and the only blood on him was a faint smear on his hand. I
    Check out this ‘occupier’:


      1. So, do you think the woman shot in the neck was staged…..which means that witness I posted was in on it? It would not surprise me at all….we knew there would be infiltration.

      2. Did you watch the videos of the shooting? Usually if there are shots people flee or get down. In this case neither automatic response was triggered. The tell-tale sign is the two riots cops who stand behind the woman who was supposedly shot by police but is getting help from unstartled co-protesters who break her fall.

        Here’s the link again:

      3. OK…It finally loaded….the first vid made no sense to me at all.
        The second was the witness I posted earlier…..whom I originally thought was legit…now I wonder. He did have blood on his hands.
        The third seemed staged. I heard no reverb for the shot. Seems a shot in those halls would echo everywhere.
        Now, there was some blood (or whatever) on the front of her neck but nothing on the floor…possible, but not probable.
        These guys are good…..it’s their nature to be devious. They work in the dark behind walls and curtains and black robes. We work in the light.

        We have a lot of catching up to do and we STILL have to get off the defensive. One would think a protest by hundreds of thousands against an obviously stolen, crooked election would have us in some kind of offensive stance demanding answers and accountability from our masters. And yet, here we are again f’ing defending our actions.
        We need a better strategy.

    1. Just heard a woman say they were pepper sprayed and rubber bulleted, but they will not stop and will ignore the curfew. BRAVO!! Also said the DC COPS WERE ON THE RUN!!!

      1. Now they are deploying the National Guard. Where the F were they when ANTIFA and BLM were tearing down and burning our cities.

      2. I wonder if Global News is disinfo. They keep playing tapes of what are played off as overheard conversations from persons off-camera. I just ‘overheard’ that a fifteen year old girl was shot to death “just today.” A fifteen year old girl was shot to death in the halls of Congress today. Right. Must have been a a pretty quick cover-up!

        Or the woman shot in the neck – ‘we’ don’t know if she’s dead. I just tried to find the on-camera video of the kid who so courageously caught the woman shot in the neck while he himself sustained only a faint bloodstain on his hand. Couldn’t find it (Always be downloading!)

      3. I found a link to tweets showing footage of the shooting of the woman in the neck, including the barely bloodied boy who testified on camera. Notice how there are tactical cop types are standing right behind the woman as she is shot, and letting the ‘protesters’ triage the injury. Would any cop stand by and let a civilian they wounded be tended to by the crowd? How would they know she or anybody else was not dangerous?


        So disappointed that Trump appears to falling for this.

      4. For context, I just noticed that Global News appears to be the off-broadcast camera feed of NBC. Every time the channel 4 news reporter prepares to go live, the feed goes to a slate saying live stream will resume shortly.

      5. You had the same feelings as myself, Toni….I noticed a tell in the remarks under the live feed….they are definitely anti-Trump…..but they did have good coverage….at least closer…

  6. FLASH!

    Scamming CBS news just fronted a story claiming Iran wants to crash a jet into the capitol building tomorrow to avenge Soleimani. That’s BULLSHIT. If they wanted to avenge soleimani, they’d crash it into the Pentagon or White House.

    I have a BRILLIANT observation (not really, because the average middle school playground group could figure this out) but I’ll call it BRILLIANT sarcastically: Observation: Considering what the U.S. did to Afghanistan over 911, it would be poor social planning for the well being of any nation’s people to crash a jet into the U.S. capitol, and it’s a no brainer to conclude Iran is not stupid enough to do it. Trump refused all out war with Iran and compromised by taking out Soleimani. Biden is not the same deal, and I’ll bet with 50,000:1 odds that this latest “threat” by Iran is PURE CRAP that will be staged to “justify” blowing Iran off the map under a Biden administration.

    WOW, Cool, I went online to hopefully find something good to post and Voila! there it was, compliments of the MSM. HOW CONVENIENT. Are they going to cancel that big important meeting tomorrow now? They say it was not credible. Let’s see if all the swamp creatures are no-shows.


  7. I don’t know when this was released, but here it is. In light of the previous news that Pence would be absent on the 6th, this is more than surprising!


  8. So it was rigged. The 2000 election was rigged too, by Little Shrub. Both sides are crooks Dem/Repub, why do they hate Trump? Is he third force, or just a cloaked missile????

      1. I agree, Will. If Pence request the state legislatures to clarify which electors are theirs, then we have a chance to save the Republic without violence. Absent that, all bets are off. There will be blood.

      2. My dear friends… have you caught Lin Wood’s latest information? It’s heavy duty and I am just riveted by his oratory. I again am nominating him official spokesman for “STOP THE STEAL”. That staffer on GA Senator Kelly that supposedly died in a car crash…? Lin says the picture of the car looks like a road side bombing and that the victim was also the GA Governor’s daughter’s boyfriend! WOW ! The cop investigating the “accident” just happened to commit suicide? What are the chances? This is a must listen… before youtube memory holes it


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