Bill Gates Used a Stand-In to Pretend to be Him Getting a COVID-19 Vaccination

On January 12, 2020, Bill Gates sent out the following Tweet:

One of the benefits of being 65 is that I’m eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. I got my first dose this week, and I feel great. Thank you to all of the scientists, trial participants, regulators, and frontline healthcare workers who got us to this point.

Notice in the tweet that Bill Gates appended a photograph purporting it to be him getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The problem is that the photo is not Bill Gates. Indeed when comparing the photograph with known photographs of Bill Gates it is apparent that the person that Bill Gates is alleging is him is actually an imposter.

It is difficult to find a modern photograph of Bill Gates where he is not wearing his ubiquitous glasses. But I found one. The hair on the imposter is gray. Bill Gates has gray hair but it is a salt and pepper gray. Notice also the right ear is different. The imposter’s ear sticks out much more than Gates’ ear.

One could argue that the ear sticking out is due to the face mask pulling on the imposter’s ear. But notice it is the top of the ear that is protruding. That is not what happens when an earloop is pulling hard from behind the ear. Assuming there is extreme pressure from the earloop, the pull would be uniform and not cause the top of the ear to stick out while the bottom of the ear remains against the head, as we see happening in the imposter’s photograph.

There is another point of comparison, however, that cannot be explained away so easily. That physical feature nails the fact that it is not Bill Gates in the picture allegedly getting the COVID-19 vaccination. One of the most distinctive physical features of Bill Gates is his neck. Bill Gates has a great deal of loose skin around his neck. That loose skin completely obscures his Adam’s apple. The imposter, on the other hand, has much tighter skin around his neck, which displays a visible Adam’s apple.

Please keep in mind that this photograph of an imposter was posted by Bill Gates, himself, on his official Twitter account. He portrayed it as being him getting a COVID-19 vaccination.

Why would Bill Gates hire an imposter to stand in for him to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Why would he then falsely publicize on Twitter that he got a COVID-19 vaccine? The answer is obvious. He knows that the vaccine is unsafe and ineffective. He is not going to allow himself to be poisoned with an experimental vaccine. But he is probably the single person on the planet who will benefit the most financially by the imposition of the COVID-19 vaccine. He must portray to the world that he got the vaccine to quell his critics and falsely portray the COVID-19 vaccine as safe and effective.

What possibly can be clearer evidence that that COVID-19 vaccine being pushed by Bill Gates is unsafe and ineffective than the fact that he would hire an imposter to pretend to be him getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

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18 thoughts on “Bill Gates Used a Stand-In to Pretend to be Him Getting a COVID-19 Vaccination”

  1. This is an incredibly creative and powerful video (only 3+ minutes) from Fetz’s BitChute channel, showing the frustration of the lockdown has inflicted on our children. But my sense is we ALL feel this way….locked down or not.
    Resist…do not comply…do not buy into the fear.

    When you see this kind of tortured being done to our children and us, it’s SO damn easy to see why the RAT FAUCI should just be hung. The damage to the human psyche this son-of-a-bitch has caused is beyond measurement.

  2. Someone send me this video.
    He is has been a into truth stuff since during the Vietnam war, we keep in touch, I did job fo him years ago.
    The video won’t load so here is the guist of it.

    “Why give the health care workers with the vaccine first, if it makes them sick we are stuffed. They should give it to the politicians, then, if it does fail, nothing lost.

  3. It would be easy to make this more believable. The reason it’s laughable because it’s intended to be rubbed in our faces. The Steeple Covidian Tribe thinks Gates is their Daddy. Trying to point out the scam is pointless to these mind controlled zombies just like the scam-lection evidence would be.

    Did you all hear Trump’s new Patriot Party has been officially registered for the next Presidential election?

    1. Last I heard, Trump severed any relationship with that party. Strange, but true. Why would he do that?…because he’s still the president. Until I see EVIDENCE otherwise, that is my current stance.

      1. Don…I didn’t say he was detained. I presented the idea as a reason for the doppleganger since I could find no logic behind an imposter when it would be so much easier to just fake the shot in the real Gates.

  4. My question would be, why go through the trouble of using an imposter when it would be so much easier to fake the jab in many different ways or just use some placebo IF the jab is real.
    I have no doubt it’s an imposter just from the shape of the top of the ear as in my reply to MikeN.
    It’s just another rabbit hole they want you going down as a distraction.Keep them busy watching this hand as the real deception takes place with the other hand.

      1. But I still maintain I see no reason for a doppleganger when it would be much easier to just fake the shot….UNLESS Gates is currently NOT AVAILABLE…AS IN PRISON, EH?

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