Simon Black, Why The Number ‘3’ May Make You Rethink The COVID Hysteria

Simon Black

Yesterday I promised to explain why the number three is among the most compelling data points discovered so far in Covid-19 research. And it’s something that you most likely won’t see in the mainstream media, even though the data is right there in the FDA’s research.

Covid has clearly been THE most heavily researched topic of 2020. Google Scholar shows roughly 90,000 scientific studies and academic papers on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 that were published this year, which is a great testament to how quickly researchers can mobilize.

Many of these studies, however, were limited in nature. They were small-scale, involving only a handful of test subjects. Or they relied upon data from numerous, disparate sources, which introduced a lack of uniformity into the experiment.

But late last week, the FDA published its analysis of the Pfizer/BionTech COVID-19 vaccine trial results, called BNT162b2.

And the results are extremely valuable:

1- The study was very large, involving tens of thousands of people;

2- The participants came from all walks of life and highly diverse genetic compositions;

3- The rules and protocols were completely uniform across the entire experiment.

This is quite rare. Of the nearly 90,000 COVID-19 studies this year, very few meet these criteria.

Perhaps more importantly, there was no funny arithmetic involved, like how the government and media tend to count anyone who sets foot in a hospital or mortuary as Covid-related.

I told you yesterday that the vaccine results are very promising: only 8 people out of 20,033 who received two full doses of the vaccine ended up testing positive for COVID-19.

And perhaps even better, ZERO out of the 805 subjects over the age 75 (who received the vaccine) tested positive for COVID.

So Pfizer has clearly done something extraordinary here.

But as the New England Journal of Medicine wrote late last week, “Important questions of course remain.”

There were numerous adverse reactions to the vaccine, and the Journal rightly wonders whether “unexpected safety issues [will] arise when the number [of vaccinated individuals] grows to millions and possibly billions? Will side effects emerge with longer follow-up? How long will the vaccine remain effective?”

These are among the big questions that remain unanswered.

But the FDA felt that the benefits of Pfizer’s vaccine outweigh its potential risks… so they approved an ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ for BNT162b2.

And that’s great. Pfizer’s vaccine is now available to anyone who wants one. Imagine if everything in government could move so briskly.

This is what leads me to the number three… because, in addition to the people who received the vaccine, another roughly 20,000 people received a placebo.

How many of them do you think ended up testing positive for Covid during the same evaluation period?



Well, out of 20,000 people who did NOT receive the vaccine, 162 of them expressed symptoms of acute respiratory illness and tested positive for COVID-19 during the evaluation period.

And out of those 162 in the placebo group who tested positive for Covid, THREE of them had ‘severe’ Covid. And only one of them was hospitalized.

(The study also clearly defines ‘severe’ Covid by a quantitative measurement of oxygen saturation. So there was no subjectivity involved.)

So from the roughly 20,000 participants who did NOT receive the vaccine, 162 (0.8%) tested positive for COVID-19 during the evaluation period. And THREE (1.9% of the positive tests) had ‘severe’ Covid. [see page 30 of the report]

Remember– this was a BIG test. Tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, under uniform research conditions. So this is pretty pristine data.

Yet the numbers show that 98% of the people who tested positive for Covid during the evaluation period had a mild case.

It’s astonishing that they still want to shut down the economy given this data.

Now, I’m not dismissing Covid. A lot of people have suffered from it, and a lot of people have died.

But it’s absurd that COVID-19 has become a sacred, hallowed, untouchable topic that outweighs every other priority in our society.

Covid is more important than any other medical condition. It’s more important than freedom. It’s more important than our value system. It’s more important than basic human decency and the ability to engage civilly with one another.

Politicians and public health emperors don’t want a single person to die of Covid. But they don’t give a damn about suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, and every other disease that’s going untreated right now because of the Covid hysteria.

  • They’ll happily arrest people who dare to open their businesses.
  • They’ll pepper spray people who, even if sitting by themselves, take off their masks.
  • They’ll censor and cancel you for expressing a view that doesn’t conform to the fear narrative.
  • They’ll shame and ridicule you if you have any concerns about the vaccine.
  • And they want us all afraid and locked up against our will.

Human beings aren’t meant to live like this. Yet now we can see the data for ourselves: 1.9% of people who tested positive for Covid had a severe case.

And if you include people who had asymptomatic Covid and didn’t even realize they were sick, the percentage of severe cases is even lower.

Certainly there will be people who reject this data. But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t dismiss the Covid severity rate while claiming that the vaccine is safe.

Both results come from the same research and the same conditions. So they’re either both true, or neither is true.

Yet all we hear about now is gloom and despair.

Joe Biden talks about the dark winter ahead and waffles about a national lockdown. Bill Gates insists we’ll be locked up until early 2022. And Fauci says even if we take a vaccine we’ll still have to wear masks, social distance, and avoid other people.

But maybe they ought to ‘listen to the scientists’ and have a look at their own data for a change before abusing the Constitution and playing God with people’s lives.

*  *  *


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26 thoughts on “Simon Black, Why The Number ‘3’ May Make You Rethink The COVID Hysteria”

  1. Jim Stone lives in Mexico. Here’s a recent nightmare that touched his immediate family….Again, taking the vaccine or even a flu-shot can be deadly….PLEASE stay away from all of it. As I have stated before, the last time i took any shots was in 1965 in the USMC and I wound up in the hospital for two weeks. I have had no shots for 55 years now and never get the flu or a cold. I spoke to a marine this weekend who just got through boot at Parris Island…..and he told me the ‘vid vax was NOT mandatory for Marines.

    Two deaths in the family in four days with a third possibly on the way. One of them definitely from the flu shot. We are trying to get flu shot confirmation on the others. Claudia is in shambles. (Claudia is Jim’s wife)
    VERY IMPORTANT: Two of Claudia’s associates in Mexico City also got the flu shot and “died from Covid” in the last week. it is confirmed they got the flu shot and died. I blew that off until people in the immediate family started dying. It is not just this family. This is obviously widespread death caused directly by the flu shot.

    Ok, more details. The first death happened four days ago in the United States and they did not call it coronavirus. I’ll also point out that he was there on business and was not illegal. He was the husband of one of Claudia’s sisters.

    The second death was today, and it was the father of Claudia’s sister in law. This death specifically started with someone who felt perfectly fine and then got a flu shot and descended into “hell on earth” immediately and then died. They DID call that death “coronavirus” and everyone knows it was the shot Another one of Claudia’s sisters is also dying now and I am attempting to find out if that one was gullible enough to get the flu shot too, but Claudia says that question is “too sensitive” to ask! The current one on death watch KNEW BETTER. She was NOT STUPID. I think claiming the topic is too sensitive is ridiculous – we need to know if the flu shot caused it.


    It looks like there will be three deaths within the immediate family within about a week’s time frame. WOW. Claudia is scared because she strongly believes they are spreading a new virus via the shots. That was her idea, not mine. She started saying that after her friends in Mexico city who got the shot died. I can certainly say I would not be surprised. She is afraid the people getting the shots are contageous, and that’s how they will kick off Covid round 2.

    Obrador said Mexico was not going to be allowed to be wrecked by coronavirus and refused to give shut down orders. QUESTION: Did the New World Order decide to punish Mexico by distributing the new virus via shots administered here? Do they have a plot to use Mexico as the starting place for a new outbreak? My answer: I would not put it past them, Gates did, after all, at least indirectly say he’d do it.

    It would not be the first time. It is now proven the spanish flu was caused by tainted vaccines, and guess when that happened? DURING THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. What worked before can work again! Just bury a little history and call everyone stupid.
    FACT: The last time there was a HUGE outbreak like this, the communists used it as a front for taking over Russia. Now, with the vaccine ID they are doing the same damn thing, ALL OVER AGAIN. Lock everyone down. Kill the economy. Take over. It is EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING, and they are obviously, just like with the Spanish flu, spreading the excuse for their takeover via the shots.

  2. A MORE than interesting read:

    One of the important observations, when it comes to the difference between Zionism and Judaism is that, all the practitioners of Zionism are the practitioners of Judaism, as well. On the other hand, not all the practitioners of Judaism are the practitioners of Zionism. This is because all Jews do not agree with the extremist views of Zionism.

    What is Judaism?

    The practitioners of Judaism are called Jews. The practitioners of Judaism live in several parts of the world particularly in Israel and America. It is not necessary that all of them should subscribe to the views of Zionism. When it comes to center focus, Judaism is centered on spirituality. On the other hand, Judaism is all about spiritual growth. It speaks a lot about piety. Judaism says that spirituality and piety are the goals set by the Almighty on the people or the followers of the religion.

    What is Zionism?

    Zionism is a religion followed by some of the Jewish population. This is an extreme view that is not peaceful. Moreover, the practitioners of Zionism are called Zionists. One of the important differences between Zionism and Judaism is that Zionism is more centered on racism. Zionism concentrates on expansionism as well, in addition to racism. Moreover, Zionism believes in the power of technological advancement. It says that high technology is a driver of force.

    1. I used to think the Jews all followed the Old Teastament. Some do some don’t, many don’t believe in God and claim it is a race, which the Third Tride write got suicided ove. Anyhow I don’t believe in the Bible anymore. In the OT God punished them if they did not kill their enemies as instructed. Then Jesus said turn the other cheek, but the Christians still killed each other and othes. I think follow the golden rule and there is a Ceator. Religion is a psyop.

  3. This video that appears on Fetz’s BitChute channel is more important than ever with the roll out of this human altering vaccine that has likely already changed the humanity of those innocent and ignorant enough to have allowed themselves to be stuck. I would venture to say those who have taken this poison spent more time researching what new TV they were going to buy than the time they put into researching this vaccine they allowed to INVADE their body. Please listen to James Corbett:

    1. Organ transplants, and even blood transfuions also change your DNA. See Wikipedia “genetic Chimera”:
      Chimerism has been documented in humans in several instances.

      The Dutch sprinter Foekje Dillema was expelled from the 1950 national team after she refused a mandatory sex test in July 1950; later investigations revealed a Y-chromosome in her body cells, and the analysis showed that she was probably a 46,XX/46,XY mosaic female.[22]
      In 1953 a human chimera was reported in the British Medical Journal. A woman was found to have blood containing two different blood types. Apparently this resulted from her twin brother’s cells living in her body.[23] A 1996 study found that such blood group chimerism is not rare.[24]
      Another report of a human chimera was published in 1998, where a male human had some partially developed female organs due to chimerism. He had been conceived by in-vitro fertilization.[3]
      In 2002, Lydia Fairchild was denied public assistance in Washington state when DNA evidence appeared to show that she was not the mother of her children. A lawyer for the prosecution heard of a human chimera in New England, Karen Keegan, and suggested the possibility to the defense, who were able to show that Fairchild, too, was a chimera with two sets of DNA, and that one of those sets could have been the mother of the children.[25]
      In 2002, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine describes a woman in whom tetragametic chimerism was unexpectedly identified after undergoing preparations for kidney transplant that required the patient and her immediate family to undergo histocompatibility testing, the result of which suggested that she was not the biologic mother of two of her three children.[26]
      In 2009, singer Taylor Muhl discovered that what was always thought to be a large birthmark on her torso was actually caused by chimerism.
      In 2017, a human-pig chimera was reported to have been created; the chimera was also reported to have 0.001% human cells, with the balance being pig.[27][28][29]
      Debate exists surrounding true hermaphrodites in regards to a hypothetical scenario in which it could be possible for a human to self-fertilize. If a human chimera is formed from a male and female zygote fusing into a single embryo, giving an individual functional gonadal tissue of both types, such a self-fertilization is feasible. Indeed, it is known to occur in non-human species where hermaphroditic animals are common. However, no such case of functional self-fertilization has ever been documented in humans.[30]
      Bone marrow recipients
      Several cases of unusual chimera phenomena have been reported in bone marrow recipients.
      In 2019, the blood and seminal fluid of a man in Reno, Nevada (who had undergone a vasectomy), exhibited only the genetic content of his bone marrow donor. Swabs from his lips, cheek and tongue showed mixed DNA content.[31]
      The DNA content of semen from an assault case in 2004 matched that of a man who had been in prison at the time of the assault, but who had been a bone marrow donor for his brother, who was later determined to have committed the crime.[31][32][33]
      In 2008, A man was killed in a traffic accident that occurred in Seoul, South Korea. In order to identify him, his DNA was analyzed. Results revealed that the DNA of his blood, along with some of his organs, appeared to show that he was female. It was later determined that he had received a bone marrow transplant from his daughter.[31]

      1. Two very rare instances.
        1/ A woman had dual genetics.
        2/An honest lawyer ” A lawyer for the prosecution heard of a human chimera in New England, Karen Keegan, and suggested the possibility to the defense, who were able to show that Fairchild, too, was a chimera with two sets of DNA, and that one of those sets could have been the mother of the children.[25]” From the genetic chimera stuff, the prsecution could see injustice and helped the defence lawyer win!!!!

        Bit like Johnny Cash in ” A Boy named Sue” If you are a lawyer do you call your daughter “Sue”.

        I read that that Johnny Cash parents had so many kids they never gave him a first name too hard. When he joined the army he needed a first nane so he named himself “Johnny”. Some think that is where he got the idea for “A Boy named Sue”.

        Upon first meeting Cash for the first time, Sam Phillips, the producer of his first records, thought that Cash had made up his last name. It sounded like “Johnny Dollar” or “Johnny Guitar.” In fact, the family name of Cash can be traced back almost a thousand years to Scotland, to the ancient kingdom of Fife. It was the “Johnny” that was an invention.

        The story goes that Cash’s parents were indecisive about what their fourth child’s name should be. His mother’s maiden name was Rivers, and she stumped for that; his father’s name was Ray, and he held out for that. “J.R.” was a shortcut to avoid conflict. It was not uncommon for Southern kids to have names made of initials in the days of the Depression, and Cash was called J.R. all through his childhood (except to his father, who nicknamed him “Shoo-Doo”). He was still J.R. even after he graduated high school; “J.R.” is the name on his diploma.

        It wasn’t until Cash joined the Air Force in 1950 that he had to assign himself a name. The recruiter would not accept a candidate with a name comprised of initials, so J.R. became “John R. Cash.”

      2. her·maph·ro·dite

        a person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics, either abnormally or (in the case of some organisms) as the natural condition.

        of or denoting a person, animal, or plant having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics:
        “hermaphrodite creatures in classical sculpture”

      3. A current case of human mosaic DNA is Michelle Obama. She has the half the DNA of a male, hence her manly tall body and the broad shoulders of a football player. People with mosaic DNA are also infertile.


      4. hi all.

        I have yet to see Michelle Robinson’s Birth Certificate. Can someone pls post it here?


      5. I assume that a Michelle Robinson BC or even Michael Lavon Robinson does not exist. Is it hidden, destroyed or what? So far I have seen no credible evidence that Michelle is a male. We’ve only seen some sketchy photos of Michelle in trousers with vague shadows, which mean nothing as far as forensic proof of her sex. My conclusion as of now is that she’s a mixed DNA female. Snarky remarks on-the-run by some random comedienne are not proof of anyone’s sex. Other cute remarks about Michelle’s sex litter the internet. These guffaws entertain but do not represent evidence.


      6. This is BAD. I have reported on this dozens and dozens of times. Go and watch “Fake News: Issues of Identity”, I present loads of proof. Frankly, your lack of knowledge astounds me. Barack has even referred to him as “Michael” in speeches before the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We have found the parents of their “kids”, where the older looks just like her father and the younger her mother.

      7. I’ve seen your video several times, Jim. It presents evidence but no proof that Michelle is a man or was born as a male. No documents are presented for our eyes to see. Yes, those two daughters are the children of their doctor and her husband. I have no problem with that.

        Everything about the Obamas is a lie. Barack is not even bi-racial….he’s totally Indonesian. Jerome Corsi told me on the phone in 2011 that his bio mother was a bar worker in Hawaii.

      8. Michelle has a package most women do not have. We have early photos where he has no breasts. His doctor walked in on him taking a leak standing up in a trailer near Trenton on the campaign trail. We have him letting his beard grow, when his husband is no longer president. I would have said that you are either cognitively impaired or unfamiliar with the evidence. Egad! He even played football at Oregon State. There’s plenty of proof.

      9. Don…What evidence would you accept as proof? Common sense would tell me that any ‘paper proof’ has long been disappeared as has anyone who might be a witness. Bet on it.Common sense also tell me that a simple look at ‘Michael’ to any acute observer, pretty much indicates this ain’t no female. SO, all I see that would satisfy your inquiry would be a DNA test. Would I be incorrect? In that case, get as close as you can to ‘Michael’ and grab a handful of hair. That’ll work.

        Good luck.

  4. Simon Black…….”Now, I’m not dismissing Covid. A lot of people have suffered from it, and a lot of people have died.”

    Mr. Black, I defy you to prove that statement. The virus has never been isolated, so there can be NO PROOF that anyone died specifically from the so called virus.

    You have made some interesting points, but they are all based on the false premise that the virus exists. Those points would be just as valid if based on a false virus and totally worthless TESTS for the virus.

    This article does not pass the sniff test….

    Good try, but no cigar.

    1. I looked that up, the virus has never been isloated.
      Whateever the exact truth is, it is a scam and who gave the citizen elected (theoretically) who gave them the right to lock us up? This is a psyop power-grab.

  5. RE:

    Paul is dead right again.

    The vote was rigged.
    Treason is involved.
    The spending bill is a joke.
    There is no political solution.

    I have stated it time and time again on this website: It’s the Jewish Problem.

    The USA should have deported the entire Jewish population a long time ago, just like all the other countries that got rid of them throughout history.

    It’s too late now.

      1. Thanks for that, Ralph. I have had mixed feelings about an old friend with whom I had parted ways and rediscovered (on the air) why.

      2. At least he thinks Covid, 9/11 are scams.
        Trump me prove to be a scam, yet.
        He may prove to be the mechanism to create a civil war.
        Which may be a good or bad thing, depending on who wins, and if it is worth it.
        You know cost/benefit analysis.
        One thing Levi Jeans are named after a tribe of Israel, and evidently even Harley Davidson are Jewish.

    1. The Jewish diamond merchants would not allow my uncle and father to buy diamonds at the usual wholesale price for their store. This forced them to close their store with a loss of several hundred thousand dollars in today’s money. Jews are not nice to do business with IF you’re a goy.


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