Michael Snyder, A Nation Divided Shall Surely Fall

by Michael Snyder

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.  –John Adams


It is often said that a house divided will surely fall, and the same thing can now be said for the United States as a whole.  If there is anything that this election has made clear, it is the fact that there is little hope of healing the very deep divisions that exist in our country.  Most of those on the political left absolutely hate those on the political right, and most of those on the political right absolutely hate those on the political left.  But it isn’t as if the two opposing sides are even united.  The radical left is absolutely disgusted with “moderate Democrats” such as Joe Biden and is very much looking forward to the day when their “progressive revolution” finally triumphs in America.  Meanwhile, the right is hopelessly divided into countless political, religious and economic factions, and there is endless conflict between “conservatives” that are pro-Trump and those that are anti-Trump.  Over the past 30 years, not much has actually gotten done in D.C., but what little has been accomplished has almost always involved more spending, more debt and more socialism.

One of the reasons why the United States became such a great nation is because originally we were united by a core set of values and principles.  In the beginning, everything was about faith, family and freedom.  Our notions of right and wrong were defined by the Christian faith, the family was the most important institution in our society, and early Americans were desperate for freedom after experiencing deep oppression over in Europe.

But now we have completely abandoned all of that.  The Christian faith has been relentlessly pushed to the fringes of public life, the traditional family unit is mocked while rampant sexual immorality is celebrated all over America, and with each passing day our freedoms are being eroded even more.

At this point, our Constitution has essentially been relegated to being “just a piece of paper” that sits in the National Archives.  It has been trampled on over and over again in recent years, and the courts do not seem to care.

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In fact, much of the time it is the courts that are doing the trampling.

We have now gotten to a point where our nation is almost ungovernable.  When Barack Obama first entered the White House, millions upon millions of Americans did not consider him to be a legitimate president.  Then when Donald Trump won the election in 2016, even more Americans did not recognize the legitimacy of his presidency.  Of course that trend is only going to intensify now that Biden is being installed as president.  According to one brand new survey, a whopping 82 percent of all Trump supporters do not believe that Biden is the “legitimate winner of the 2020 election”…

A strong majority of Donald Trump supporters reject the legitimacy of Joe Biden as President-elect, with many citing election irregularities and the most pervasive censorship campaign in American history in support of Biden on the part of Big Tech companies.

A poll released Sunday by CBS News reveals that 82% of self-identifying Trump supporters do not recognize Biden as the “legitimate winner of the 2020 election.”

Of course if the election results were reversed and Donald Trump was given another four years, a similar percentage of Democrats would almost certainly not be willing to recognize the legitimacy of Trump’s victory.

No matter who is in the White House from now on, tens of millions of Americans are not going to accept that individual as being legitimate.

And thanks to the events of the past several weeks, the election fraud that has been going on for decades in this country has now been exposed for everyone to see.  From this point forward, a very high percentage of Americans will not have any faith that our elections are fair.

If people don’t believe in the system, it is just a matter of time before it completely fails.

John Adams once made the following statement

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Today, the American people are neither moral nor religious.  Instead, we have evolved into an “idiocracy” that is dominated by power-hungry control freaks.

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If you go back and read the extremely eloquent things that our founders had to say in their time, you will quickly realize that the way that we speak and write today is completely different.  If they could have traveled to our time and interacted with us, we would have seemed like cavemen to them.  Most of us can barely hold conversations with others, and when we do it is mostly just a bunch of unintelligible gibberish.

But even though we have been dramatically “dumbed down” over the decades, if we could at least try to get along with one another we could still have a functional society.

Sadly, I have never seen more hatred in our country than I am seeing now, and it just keeps on growing.

You would think that Democrats would have an interest in at least trying to pull the country together, but instead they just keep rubbing their “victory” in the faces of their enemies.  For example, just consider something that Debra Messing just said

The “Will & Grace” star — one of Hollywood’s most vocal Trump critics — expressed a desire for the president to “live a long life in prison” in a tweet to her more than 677,000 followers last week.

She called Trump “a weak, scared, stupid, inept, negligent, vindictive, narcissistic, criminal” before writing she hoped he became “the most popular boyfriend to the all inmates.”

Can you feel the love in those words?

Yes, let the healing begin.

More blood was spilled on the streets of D.C. over the weekend, and the left and the right will continue to go after one another in the weeks and months ahead.  We have now entered a period of semi-permanent civil unrest in this country, and what we have experienced so far is just the beginning.

If we would return to the values and principles that our nation was founded upon, our future could be very different.

But that is not what the American people seem to want.

So we will continue to steamroll toward oblivion, and there is no future for our nation if we stay on the road that we are currently on.

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16 thoughts on “Michael Snyder, A Nation Divided Shall Surely Fall”

  1. This is rumor, but in the spirit of keeping on top of whatever the hell is going on, here it is:

    RUMOR: Ratcliffe complied with the executive order and delivered the report on time
    Subsequent rumor: Trump will declare martial law in MI, WI, PA, GA and AZ and will have the marines fully secure all election facilities and assets. PROBLEM: Army chief of staff McConville said NO WAY. But we’ll see who wins this one. I have a hunch Trump will now remove obstacles and open GITMO for such types. The games are OVER.

    MY TAKE: That’s stupid. She got a saline shot and fell ill after hearing Ratcliffe delivered the goods. I don’t belive Pelosi is down for anything else. NO ONE is getting the real shot except for lowly peon head nurses!

    Why is SO MUCH rumor right now? Answer: Everything is moving too fast while people are trying to keep a lid on things. The following is NOT RUMOR:
    Maricopa county is refusing to comply with court orders to hand over machines for audit.
    Maricopa county is refusing to comply with subpoenas issued by the state senate “as long as any litigation is ongoing”. The two subpoenas served to the Maricopa county board of supervisors call for copies of every mail in ballot and access to election equipment for forensic analysis. They are supposed to deliver before 5 PM Dec 18 AND THEY ARE REFUSING.

  2. Justice Roberts (I use the term ‘justice’ very loosely) sold out We the People. He sold us out because he FEARED what could happen. There is no place for fear at SCOTUS. Judge each case on its merits and not on any perceived consequences for you or even for We the People. We the People will handle our end and YOU, Mr. Roberts have your own security, I am sure. We need BRAVE men and women on the Supreme court of this land; not limp wristed cowards. Impeach his arse!
    In case you did not see this:


  3. I see no problem signing this petition:


    Petition to declare that an insurrection exists to overthrow the will of we the people and to utilize military tribunals

    Created by J.W. on December 01, 2020

    Sign This Petition

    Needs 88,710 signatures by December 31, 2020 to get a response from the White House
    11,290 signed
    100,000 goal

    Regrettably, the Courts and the Legislatures of the Several States have reached a level of corruption that is only remediable by the measures prescribed by our Founders in the implementation of the Insurrection Act of 1807 and in all other legal devices available to suppress insurrection.

    It is evident to all objective observers that our election system has been irredeemably corrupted and also that the cost in human life will be less if the President and the Congress will take active measures to suppress the coup and insurrection that is presently underway and to apprehend and prosecute all those who have been a party to fraud and censorship that is illegal based upon aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States.

  4. @will “What the hell is the solution ?”

    If it really is your genuine intention (hope, wish and fantasy) that you “awaken” somebody, I have sad news for you.

    But, in any case, don’t ever appeal to facts, reason and logic, those things give a headache to stupid-dumb animals. Take a look at what professionals do and try to learn from them.

    Every Holywood movie, every New York TV show, every 30-second commercial is a behaviour modification device. Not one of them appeals to reason, they all appeal to mindless emotion.
    When the U.S. government wants to send people off to a large-scale, out-door blood-sacrifice or to fight against their own future, they appeal to mindless emotion (Rah, raw, rah; U.S.A, U.S.A.) —no need for any logic or reasoning.

    As for reality and the situation on the ground:
    Jefferson Davis had a government structure and organization; he had an equipped, trained army (many of them veterans of the war against Mexico) —they lost brutally.

    Does anyone think the government, entrenched in Washington and in every member State, could be removed with lesser military force ? without exterminating millions of government employees ? Does anyone think that the beings who want a world government can just be voted out of office; or be sued in a supreme court and put out to pasture ? The bipedal units who organized and put Europe through three world wars, will just accept the will of the deplorables and step aside ??!!??

    No dictatorship was ever removed by internal uprising, they were all destroyed by external military force.
    Evil empire Rome was destroyed by a) Attila and his soldiers exterminating the Roman armed forces b) 20 years later the Germans just marched in (without anyone resisting) and ransacked the city.

    Empire U.S.A. will not be stopped and dismantled by Trumpeters in MAGA hats, at the voting station.

  5. RE: “The Raw Deal” Friday December 12, 2020

    In my opinion, the referenced show is one of the best in the long series. Paul from California and Jack Mullen both present compelling viewpoints which are not entirely consistent with those of Dr. Fetzer.

    I frankly can’t see how Jack Mullen’s powerhouse analysis of our all-encompassing Jewish Problem can be disputed.

    Excellent! And praise for Dr. Fetzer for sharing his platform with Jack Mullen.


  6. The “we are so divided” premise I don’t buy. That assumes we were all on the same page at some point. If we were, I’d be quite alarmed. During Big War N0.2, there’s an assumption everyone was for it. You know who was not? Charles Lindbergh the most famous man on Earth at the time. He begged us not to enter the war against Japan because he knew it was a back door to another war with Germany. At the time our population was heavily of German descent.

    1. The division is between the democratic governmnet machinery and the deplorable bitter clingers who would like hope and prosperity.

      In the 1930s the deplorables were united in the concept of no war (they lied to us in 1917, we shouldn’t be fooled again), so the democratic government machinery orchestrated a Pearl Harbor to overcome reason with mindless emotionalism.

      This year 120,000,000 to 150,000,000 deplorables united behind the concept of prospect and prosperity —that is more unison than any time in our lifetime.

      The completely alien ruling class and the government employees object to this hope in change.

      1. 789, for the most part, I agree. I am not sure where you came up with those figures. Be that as it may, I would seriously question if most of them realize this is a coup attempt, since I would guess the great majority still depend upon the MSM as their source of information. IF there was a way to alert those numbers to the truth of this coup, THIS COULD NOT STAND.
        What do you see as an answer to that conundrum? THEY control the idiot box and patriots do not. What the hell is the solution? Leaflets dropped from planes, street warriors, V for Vendetta strategies? What?

  7. Do you still “Trust the Plan”?

    Where are all the arrests?

    You still don’t get it?

    The USA has been hijacked by City of London Jewish Bankers aligned with the British Crown. The USA is an occupied territory.

    Donald Trump is compromised, along with most of the Congress, Judiciary and major USG bureaucracies.

    Things are never going “back to normal”. The only way a mask is coming off your face is if you take it off.

    Game,Set, Match: Zionists

    1. Until the year of 1800 —instead of relying on the good offices of the Bank of the United States— the revenues of the government of the United States were collected and kept by collectors. In that final year of John Adams’ federalist administration a law was passed, on May 10, that made the Bank of the United States the depository of the custom-house revenue.

      On the eve of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency the outgoing Federalists set the Treasury building on fire and incinerated the documents that would have testified how many of them were stockholders of banking institutions. More than a century passed before Mr. Beard sifted through the documents in State archives, which revealed that at least 29 (out of 90) members of the first Congress of the United States were bankers first and representatives of the people much much later.

      John Randolph of Roanoke on Thursday, February 29, 1816:
      “Every man you meet in this House [of Representatives] or out of it —with some rare exceptions, which only serve to prove the rule— is either a stockholder, president, cashier, clerk, or doorkeeper, runner, engraver, paper-maker, or mechanic in some other way to a bank. The gentleman from Pennsylvania might dismiss his fears for the State banks, with their 170 millions of paper on 82 millions of capital. However great the evil of their conduct might be, who is to bell the cat —who is to take the bull by the horns ? You might as well attack Gibraltar with a pocket pistol as to attempt to punish them.
      There are very few, who dare to speak truth to this mammoth; the banks are so linked together with the business of the world, that there are very few men exempt from their influence.
      “We are tied hand and foot, and bound to conciliate this great mammoth, which is set up to worship in this Christian land —we are bound to propitiate it. Thus, whilst our Government denounces hierarchy, will permit no privileged order for conducting the service of the only true God, whilst it denounces nobility, has a privileged order of new men grown up, the pressure of whose foot at this moment I feel on my neck.
      “A man might as well go to Constantinople to preach Christianity, as to get up here and preach against banks.”

      Senator James Simmons [R.I., whig] in the Senate, Friday, December 18, 1857:
      “Rhode Island, which was one of the last States to adopt the Constitution, and one of the most lavish in paper money, because she used it to pay her soldiers, and had more soldiers, in proportion to territory, than any other State, adopted the Constitution in 1790 or 1791; and one of the first acts of the General Assembly, immediately afterwards, was to create a bank to issue paper money. That bank is in existence to-day. It is one of those irresponsible institutions of which the President [Buchanan] speaks. Its first board of directors contained three or four men who spilled the first blood of the Revolution; for, say what you will, the beginning of the Revolution was the capture and burning of the Gaspee, and the contest in which Lieutenant Duddington was wounded.”

      Newspaper report on January 4, 1812:
      “The trusties of the late Bank of the United States have made an application to the legislature of Pennsylvania for a charter, with a capital of 7,500,000 dollars — and Theodorus Baily and others have given notice of their intention to apply to the legislature of New York for an act to incorporate a bank with a capital of six millions of dollars. The title, in Pennsylvania, is proposed to be the American Bank, in New York, the Bank of America. Though it is not avowed that the application to be made to the legislature of New York, is to be made on behalf of the late directors, or present trustees of the late Bank of the United States, there seems no reason to doubt, though two incorporation are desired, these banks will, in fact, be one and indivisible.”

  8. It is too bad that President John Adams was a federalist, a kindred grand-grand daddy to present-day democrats.
    During his presidency more people were imprisoned for sedition than during King George’s whole rein.


    Mark Steyn, The leader of the free world
    On elections and election frauds.

    The books mentioned in the broadcast:
    Gustavus Myers, Tammany Hall

    Lincoln Steffens, shame of the cities

  9. When many States use voting machines that are purposely designed to cheat, what hope does the honest person have?

    Dumbed down? When I want to hire a fellow to work in my factory I hand him a ruler and ask: “Show me 1/16 of an inch.” I’m amazed how often they give me a blank look. Many have no idea what I refer to. That usually ends the interview.


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