Richard Stenger, How a Guy in Temecula Could Save the Election for Trump

By Richard Stenger

NYT praises Powell’s expert on Dominion fraud

As it turns out, attorney Sidney Powell has plenty of firepower to back up her Kraken claims about the 2020 presidential election, including high-tech intelligence experts who concluded electronic ballot theft tipped the results in key battleground states.

First and foremost is Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, an experienced cyber crimes investigator and digital security executive, who has worked with the CIA, NSA, FBI, and U.S. military counterintelligence, as well as corporate financial giants like Deutsche Bank and Stripe.

In an affidavit filed with Powell’s complaint in a Georgia court before midnight Wednesday, Keshavarz-Nia had this bombshell assessment.

Hundreds of thousands of votes

“I conclude with high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred to Vice President Biden.”

These alterations, he added, resulted from widespread vulnerabilities in voting software and systems that allowed a “Man-in-the-Middle cyber attack” by covert operators.

Chances are good the mainstream media, on cue, will launch an assault on the credibility of Keshavarz-Nia, who currently lives in Temecula, California.

To read Dr. Keshavarz-Nia’s affidavit, click here for the twitter link.

Exposed a fake CIA spy

But months ago, the New York Times spoke highly of him for his role in exposing a scam artist named Garrison Courtney posing as a CIA spy. “Keshavarz-Nia, those who worked with him said, ‘was always the smartest person in the room,’” the Times reported on September 9 in the story, “How One Man Conned the Beltway.”

The Washington Monthly was similarly favorable. In a September 17 piece, “The Spy Who Was a Grifter,” it called Keshavarz-Nia a “hero” for exposing Courtney, who was sentenced in October to seven years in prison for an elaborate fraud scheme that raked in at least $4.4 million.

Iran and China had access

Powell, who promised to “release the Kraken” to overturn the presidential ballot results in battleground states, had other big-time intel backup in her legal filing in Georgia and a similar one in Michigan.

The 108-page document refers to a former military electronic intelligence analyst with the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, who concluded:

“The Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent U.S. general election in 2020.”

A block chain prophecy

Could there be more high-tech bombshells ahead, either from Powell or the President’s legal teams? One early theory was the election ballots could have been tracked via digital blockchains, which would serve as hidden “watermarks.” Whether the technology was deployed or not, it certainly was on Keshavarz-Nia’s mind four years ago.

The problem with electronic voting in general, he noted in a 2016 cybersecurity forum in, coincidentally, Atlanta, Georgia, was that it’s easy to erase evidence of changing votes.

“When you have the implementation of some of these blockchains in things like electronic voting you have records of it, actually multiple records of it that are nearly impossible to destroy,” he told GDS

“That’s the real value of the blockchain. They are immutable.”

Richard Stenger also posted this op ed at his Press California


Richard Stenger, a former and New York Times Digital journalist and syndicated political columnist, is founder and editor of, California’s largest independent news aggregation website. He can be reached at
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66 thoughts on “Richard Stenger, How a Guy in Temecula Could Save the Election for Trump”

  1. Hey, you brown eyed doppleganger demented diaper wearing blathering over the hill unable to utter an understandable sentence imbecile. You are not the president, president elect or any other faux title you create and never will hold that office in your wildest dreams. Take your 100 day mask request and stuff it up Pelosi’s wrinkled old butt. YOU are on your way out. Gitmo and your cell mate Bubba await your presence.
    Even Governor Kemp has had enough. (not that a signature match will solve the problem because nothing short of a full on audit will show the outrageous fraud perpetrated on We the People). But, it’s a beginning. The house of cards is falling. You are all going down.

  2. I would have a few questions. Donald Trump must know a lot more about elections than I do. In the 1980s and especially in the 1990s Mr. Collier talked to people all across America about the vote fraud. He told anyone who cared to listen for 5 minutes that as long as the machine counts the vote (even the paper ballots) it is the machine that decides not the voters. Mr. Collier also explained that if an election doesn’t go according to script there is a glitch around 10:30; for 90 minutes the talking head experts just sit there and kill time; when the system comes back, the candidate of the voting machine is now the leader and goes on to win. This has been observed countless time since 1971.

    Trump must have known this.

    In 2016 Trump was losing until about 11:00, then somebody pulled the wrong switch and Trupm won. Was it on purpose or by accident ? The counting machine gave Hilary 60million votes, not the voters. She probably didn’t get more than 20million votes from the hard-core. Trump was winning by a landslide, but only became President because the vote-counting machine so decided at 11:00.

    Trump must have noticed this, too.
    (In 2016 Donald Trump must have noticed that the woman who appeared on the debate stage is not the same Hilary with whom he had many family dinners.)

    In 2018 it was the vote-counting machine that gave Pelosi the House —in stead of the wipe out which the voters delivered. (neither Limbaugh, nor anyone who is now loud and vocal said anything)

    In 2020 not one prominent Trump supporter called attention to the massive vote fraud that the Democrats were preparing for. 25 years ago Patrick Buchanan knew all about James Callier’s book and research, he purchased and read “Vote Fraud.” This year not a beep out of him. Trump talked to large audiences, but not once told them to prepare, to organize, to have teams in and around every building ready stay there for 72 hours, until the results are signed, sealed. Why ?
    In four years not once did he advise his supporters to get rid of voting machines and use paper ballots, and hand count, only !!

    Rush Limbaugh —who not only did not support Ross Perot and Buchanan, but opposed them— in February 2020 pronounced the official wisdom that the deep state is presenting Biden as candidate because no democrat wants to suffer the embarrasment of being defeated by Donald Trump. Really ? the people who spent 4 years of fabricating evidence, who in March plunged the country into government-ordered disaster, suddenly just gave up ?!

    The ultimate insiders at Fox are now the voice of reason ?! The people who treated 9/11 sceptics as dirt, are now conspiracy believers ?!

  3. Breaking News Dec 2…:

    Former national security advisor Mike Flynn blasted out an article by the ‘We the People Convention’ calling for martial law with a new election overseen by the military. The article cites Abraham Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War, and says only the military can be trusted to carry out a fair election. President-elect Joe Biden got 6 million more votes than Trump, who has called the election ‘rigged.’ The move comes as Attorney General Bill Barr said there was not evidence of fraud to overturn the election.

    There would have to be martial law imposed and a Constitutional suspension because the Constitution has no provision for do-over elections. The Founders thought that most people were honest and could at least conduct an honest election. Seems like they didn’t count on millions of internal enemies.
    Things are getting rather gritty folks.


    1. Bring on martial law. I am starting to think that may be the answer. It all goes too deep and it all needs to be ferreted out. I never dreamed I would be saying that. And I think it will stop this leftist momentum dead in its tracks.

  4. Election Fraud in Nevada

    From Big League Politics:

    Nevada Poll Worker Alleges Rampant Electoral Fraud for Crucial Battleground County in Sworn Affidavit
    A poll worker with the Clark County Elections Department in Nevada is blowing the whistle in a signed affidavit making appalling allegations of electoral fraud that they claim has occurred in the key battleground state.

    “We were told by (my team leader), and two other assistants to advise people who wanted to register to vote and did not have the proper Nevada ID/Driver’s License, that they could go out in the parking lot and make an appointment with the DMV to get a Nevada ID/Driver’s License, and then bring in proof of their appointment confirmation (either a paper copy or show it on their phone to us) and then they could be registered,” the whistleblower said in their deposition.

    “They were then permitted to vote with a provisional ballot, even though their appointments were not until January of 2021. We were told this was being allowed all over the Valley, at all polling places,” they continued.

    The whistleblower described catching Democrats altering ballots in a seemingly unlawful manner, which they then allegedly attempted to obscure once they realize they were being watched.

    “I personally witnessed two people handing multiple unopened mail in ballot envelopes to two other people who then opened and filled out the ballots against the side of the Biden/Harris van. The same two people who marked the ballots then put the marked ballots in official pink and white envelopes. These individuals were not poll workers,” they explained.
    The whistleblower added that eventually “there were 5 or 6 additional people who formed a human wall, which moved as I walked by, apparently in an attempt to block my view of the four people who were opening envelopes, marking ballots, and placing those ballots in the pink and white return envelopes.” This was ignored by the team leader when the whistleblower reported the violation through the proper channels.

    “I regularly saw people walking in with multiple ballots. We were not allowed to talk to the monitors or observers. We were not supposed to say anything ever to the observers,” the whistleblower said.

    The whistleblower’s entire deposition can be seen here, with Sean Davis of The Federalist noting that Nevada’s democrat attorney general Aaron Ford has not taken any concrete action to investigate these explosive claims at the present time:

  5. For those who may have missed Paul Craig Roberts’ blog post about Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (with video)…

    Mathematician Shows That in Arizona the Dominion Machines Counted Biden Votes as 1.3 Votes and Trump Votes as 0.7 Votes
    December 1, 2020

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai explains that the machines have a feature that permits “vote weighting” and that the only reason for such a feature is election fraud.

    This presentation to the Arizona legislators is worth the 32.5 minutes of your time. The explanation will greatly increase your ability to understand how easy election theft is and make you aware that election officials intentionally organize election fraud. The vote weighting was not a glitch, or a data entry problem, or some other kind of “mistake.” It was organized election theft.

    It is extraordinary that state governments have approved the use of machines that are designed not to count the actual vote but to steal elections. As this is a direct violation of the 14th Amendment, the Supreme Court should step in and prohibit the use of machines designed to subvert the equal protection clause of the US Constitution.

  6. From DCClothesline:

    Retired 3-star General McInerney calls for President Trump to invoke Insurrection Act, suspend Habeas Corpus, declare martial law and initiate MASS ARRESTS under military authority

    Highlights from this Howse / McInerney video:

    • What took place in America was not merely “vote fraud” but rather “cyber warfare.” These were acts of war against America, using cyber warfare weapons and techniques to overthrow the government via a rigged elections process.

    • McInerney calls for President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, suspend Habeas Corpus, declare martial law and deploy the military to seize and secure all the voting machines.

    • Six to ten states were coordinated via cyber warfare to change the outcome of the election. “These are treasonous acts.” Russia, China and Iran were also involved, adding to the treason.

    • FBI and DOJ are completely AWOL on all this, not lifting a finger.

    • Chris Krebs from CISA was lying when he claimed the election was “perfect.” This is “complicity to treason” and Krebs is part of the deep state.

    • President Trump must declare a national emergency based on the EO from Sep 12, 2018, which names “foreign interference” in US elections.

    • Trump should also invoke the Insurrection Act. He must suspend Habeas Corpus as Lincoln and FDR have both done in times of war.

    • The Democrats, Russians, Chinese and Iran, have committed blatant cyber warfare against America.

    For a video of the DCClothesline overview:

    For whole interview at the WVW channel:

    1. Heck of a find, Toni. It’s very true this is beyond fraud. It’s a concerted effort by various factions to bring down this Republic, including those involved in the ‘vid scam. It takes little research to understand THAT is a fact. Those factions would include Fauci, Gates, Soros, ANTIFA, Pelosi, the Clintons, the UN, swing state governors, untold Dem poll workers, Dominion and it’s various subsidiaries, the MSM, the WHO and CDC, Zuckerberg, Dorsey et al…..It seems Trump has this power with no approval needed from anyone else. Will he continue on the fraud path and use this as an ace in the hole if all else fails? Is he continuing along this path to allow more to incriminate themselves? I don’t know, but time is getting very, very short.

      1. File pic is the Dominion voting machine.

        Employees of Dominion traveled to each State where the planned cheating was taking place. They went to the Tabulation centers and instructed the tabulation supervisors on how to program the machine to cheat the counts. There was more than one way to tweak the software. The Dominion employees wanted to make sure the cheating was more or less hidden from view. The Dominion voting machines are actually cheating machines and have been used in several nations to cheat. If you want to cheat an election, get a Dominion, they’re the best. They’re so good at cheating that many nations have BANNED them.


    1. It was more of a rally than a press conference, though the attorneys did take questions at the end. It was very heartening to see no masks on the faces of the audience. I hope the covid hoax and the stolen election become twinned in the minds of citizens when the double fraud is exposed and their connection can be made clear.

  7. Remember when McCain didn’t remember which foot heel was injured. Yeah, the old switch-a- roo. Now we’ve got Biden with a micro bone break.


    1. For Toni:

      Here’s the comment:


      Thanks, Will. I believe things are going down of which we know nothing.
      Read this unverified article and see if it doesn’t make perfect sense.
      Maybe it’s hopium, but then why aren’t the military casualties in the
      server operation in Germany not a story? Perhaps they are part of a
      bigger picture. From State of the Nation (for reference, ‘evidently’
      here evidently means without evidence): <>

      SOTN challenges any reader to verify any of the key statements in this
      “Obama, Biden & Haspel arrested” report.

      Posted on December 2, 2020 by State of the Nation

      Obama, Biden, CIA Director Gina Haspel Evidently Arrested for Espionage,
      Voter Fraud

      By Judy Byington (for Before It’s News)

      Evidently Barak Obama has been arrested in Hawaii and charged with
      Espionage according to an announcement by Assistant Attorney General for
      National Security, John C. Demers on Saturday 28 Nov. 2020.

      That same day Obama’s former VP Joe Biden began wearing a boot that
      could hide an ankle bracelet, although he claimed the boot was due to an
      ankle injury. Two weeks ago CIA Director Gina Haspel was captured and
      detained on charges of Election Fraud – and said to be spilling the
      beans on Obama and Biden.

      Obama, Biden and Haspel were suspected of colluding with foreign powers
      including the Chinese Communist Party, plus promoting the use of
      Election Fraud, to put the socialist leaning and compromised Biden/
      Harris ticket in power, overtake the US government and establish a New
      World Order.

      Obama’s complaint alleged that the former US President compromised US
      security by conspiring with a business partner and former CIA agent to
      give US government classified information to high up Chinese
      intelligence officials in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

      Biden was reported to be under house arrest for compromising US security
      by conspiring with a foreign power to interfere with a US Election.
      Although, Biden was quite upfront about his Voter Fraud on national TV,
      saying right before the election that he had “compiled the most
      extensive Voter Fraud organization in the history of politics.”

      Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop was said to contain evidence tht Biden was
      compromised, having accepted millions of dollars from China, the Ukraine
      and other countries during his years in public office, including his
      eight years of serving as Vice President of the US.

      A Sun. 22 Nov. report showed Joe Biden stole $140 million from US
      Treasury and transferred it to his personal account in the Cayman
      Islands: “Report Shows Joe Biden Stole $140
      Million From US Federal Treasury & Transferred the $$ to Rosemont
      Seneca, Purportedly For Bank Bailouts & Then to His Personal Account in
      the Cayman Islands.”

      Months before the Election, the Ukraine had issued warrant on Biden for
      his dealings there – news which like everything else connected to the
      Democrat Cabal, never made it to the Left Wing Mass Media headlines.

      Haspel’s, Obama’s and Biden’s alleged arrests were said connected to an
      extensive investigation of massive Voter Fraud issues centering around
      Dominion Company servers and the 2020 Presidential Election that Biden
      claimed to have won.

      On 7 Nov, the Saturday after Elections, CIA Director Gina Haspel was
      captured and detained for Election Fraud. She was injured by US Spec
      OP’s forces that raided a Frankfurt Germany CIA server farm site.
      Unfortunately five US soldiers and one of the CIA mercenaries were
      killed in the firefight.

      Haspel, evidently in Frankfurt to protect server data that would
      incriminate Deep State leaders such as Obama and Biden, was said to be
      cooperating to lessen her own sentence and revealing information about
      an extensive Voter Fraud scam perpetrated by Democrats in the 2020 Election.

      The Military raid captured Dominion Voting servers, which were found to
      have swung vots from Trump to Biden from their locations in Germany,
      Canada and Spain. Simultaneous raids took place in Toronto (Dominion
      Voting System headquarters) and Barcelona Spain (another CIA Scytl
      server farm used in the election vote switching fraud).

      Although you would never hear about it in today’s Mass Media, the
      connections were obviously there. George Soros was head of the Board of
      Directors for Dominion. Since the Nov. 3 election, a boatload of
      evidence has come forth around George Soros-owned, CIA-developed
      Dominion Voting Machines that tabulated the US Election results. The
      tabulation was done on easily compromised servers in Germany, Canada and
      Spain which were hooked up to the Internet. The Dominion programs were
      said to be designed to throw millions of Trump votes to Biden.

      In 2002-2004 a Hammer Supercomputer Scorecard app vote switching
      algorithm software on Dominion machines was borrowed from the CIA to be
      used in Venezuelan-developed Smartmatic vote switching software by
      dictator Hugo Chavez and Venezuelan military officers in order to rig

      On Sat. morning 28 Nov. Obama’s Criminal Complaint was unsealed by
      Demers, U.S. Attorney for the District of Hawaii Kenji M. Price,
      Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division Alan E.
      Kohler Jr., and Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Honolulu Field
      Office Eli S. Miranda.

      A judge has imposed a “media blackout” in the US on news about the
      arrest, but Canadian outlets like Conservative Beaver and a couple of
      Spanish speaking newspapers were not subject to those rules and have
      reported on the high profile arrest.

      Under direction of General Michael Flynn Mass Arrests were continuing on
      over 209,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the
      nation since President Trump took office. On Wed. 25 Nov. Flynn began
      executing high level arrests overseas and was presently after pedophiles
      in the Netherlands – the New World Order and Council of Foreign
      Relations headquarters – where recently, a lot of planes have
      mysteriously crashed. Henry Kissinger and others have been ousted from
      the Council of Foreign Relations.

      Military rendition flights were all over the US. It was said that
      hundreds of treasonous actors were being extracted, put onto flights and
      interrogated until they turned, with an emphasis on finding evidence of
      voter fraud. These Military flights were increasing in preparation for
      potential Antifa violence and RV release security.

      For years Democratic Party and some Republican political elites
      apparently have been working in cooperation with the Chinese and other
      Communist Parties to overthrow the US government and set up a New World
      Order. Trump and the White Hats of the Alliance set up the 2020
      Presidential Election as a Sting to catch these bad guys in treason –
      with intelligence gathered by “The Kraken.”

      The Kraken was the nickname of the 305th Battalion Military Intelligence
      corps located at Fort Huachuca, AZ. It provided electronic warfare and
      signals intelligence (SIGINT). The 305th consisting of six companies,
      HHC, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo.

      On Wed. morning 4 Nov. right after the Election, the Department of
      Defense, 305th Battalion and NSA began recording real time fraud
      evidence of vote switching from all six Battleground states (GA, PA, MI,
      WI, AZ, NV) in a blockchain tech ledger that was un-hackable and
      undelete-able. This real time digital evidence would now be used to
      prosecute all Deep Staters involved in Election and Voter Fraud –
      including Obama, Biden and Haspel.

      Page 9 of Sydney Powell’s Federal Lawsuits filed in Georgia and Michigan
      midnight Wed. 25 Nov. 2020: “The Dominion software was accessed by
      agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and
      manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in

      On Tues. 1 Nov. Lt. General McInerney Tweeted: “It is TREASON. They are
      trying to overturn this government.”


      1. So weird.

        You do know that Gina Haspel’s peril has been debunked by Snopes as an extension of their previously debunked story on the raid on German servers, They pose the irrefutable conundrum, “How can you die in a raid that never happened?” This is just part of their heroic debunking of all the charges of fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. Just doing their patriotic duty.

        So that about wraps that up. Nothing to see here.

      2. And there was a time I believed what Snopes said. I guess we have all come a long way. After watching Trump’s speech today, is it not hard to believe all this stuff is going on in the background and he does not even hint at it. That’s an Oscar right there, eh?

      3. Snopes still reports that the Obama pdf birth certificate from 2011 is authentic.
        L. Fuddy was about to reveal it was fake and she suddenly ended up dead.

        Snopes’ website is just as fake.

        The number one person in 2012 who was all over Jerome Corsi to get his book about the Obama B/C was guess who. According to Corsi a certain man called his home 4 times about getting a prerelease copy of his new book………….Donald Trump.


    1. Why not write of Mike Adams speaking of Biden ready to surrender in that same show?
      Is that particular part of the program not included in TDSism dogma?

  8. Will delusional Trump cultists stop reading his ridiculous tweets, and pay attention to his record?

    Did he fix election fraud?
    Did he allow the Covid lockdown?
    Did he tighten immigration?
    Did he bring industry back home?
    Did he increase industrial production?
    Did he continue giving (more) money to Israel?
    Did he allow his Jew son-in-law to set US foreign policy?
    Did he close any foreign military bases?
    Did he fill his cabinet with dual citizen neocons?
    Did he jail Hillary? No, he told us how good she is!
    Did he jail any deep state criminals?
    Did he drop more bombs than Obama in his first term?
    Did he encourage the Fed to print more money?
    Did he increase federal spending?
    Did he increase the Defense budget?
    Did he expose Covid 19? No, he gave big pharma taxpayer money for vaccines!
    Did he involve the military in Operation Warpspeed?

    Trump is a fraud——- just like Covid 19, just like the election, and just like practically everything else in the USA. Top to bottom. From “diversity is strength” to the “two party” political system, to the Federal Reserve.

    Mass secession will destroy the corrupt USG, but not the people. And it can’t come fast enough.

    Nobody will miss the Empire and World Police.
    Nobody will miss paying taxes to fight Israel’s wars.
    Nobody will miss the NSA and mass surveillance.
    Nobody will miss the FBI.
    Nobody will miss the thoroughly corrupt Federal Bench.
    Nobody will miss the parasite deep state.
    Nobody will miss TSA.
    Nobody will miss CBP.
    Nobody will miss ANY of the do-nothing federal agencies.

    Think about it.

    1. Hey there, RS….no matter his shortcomings (which YOU have turned into a religion)…he’s still in another universe compared to gropin’ Joe….But whomever gets elected here would be little matter to you, since you abandoned your country.

      1. Oh, come on Mr. Will, you can do better than that!

        You’ve got lots of things to talk about before you go there.

        For example, feel free to weigh in on this:

        With respect to my assertion that Trump is at least partially controlled, I believe it useful to consider the probability that Trump’s personal balance sheet may be very light on equity. He’s a billionaire—- if you don’t consider his debt.
        And who would be holding Trump’s considerable debt? Jewish bankers, that’s who. I think that might explain a lot. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t release his tax returns……….

        With respect to your assertion that I have turned Trump’s shortcomings into a religion, my response is that I am simply pointing out, endlessly it seems, what should be obvious to Trump cultists, but apparently isn’t.

        In any event, thank you for your response.

      2. ((With respect to my assertion that Trump is at least partially controlled, I believe it useful to consider the probability that Trump’s personal balance sheet may be very light on equity. He’s a billionaire—- if you don’t consider his debt.))

        Cmon, man….show me ONE billionaire without debt. YOU can do better than that, RS.

        ((And who would be holding Trump’s considerable debt? Jewish bankers, that’s who. I think that might explain a lot. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t release his tax returns………))

        He’s not releasing his tax returns because Jewish bankers hold his debt? Are you serious? What does that even mean?

        ((With respect to your assertion that I have turned Trump’s shortcomings into a religion, my response is that I am simply pointing out, endlessly it seems, what should be obvious to Trump cultists, but apparently isn’t.))

        ….endlessly it seems……Feel better with that confession?

        RS….if you are thinking of becoming a professional debater, do not give up your day job quite yet. Although, I hear there is an opening in the local chapter of TDS, INC. for a PR man….now there’s an opportunity.

  9. Jim Stone’s recent post. I would love to get an opinion on this in light of Corsi’s strategy, the essence of which Stone is not aware (I find that hard to believe) or is ignoring.

    Sidney powell is either a traitor, or is in fact uselessly stupid.

    I figured this out during the interview of General Flynn and General Mcinerney, when it was revealed who “The Kraken” was. As it turns out, it was the 305th military intelligence division. If Powell was on our side, and she knew that, her stating “release the Kraken” was a warning to the election thieves and communist subverters about who they needed to target to save their asses.

    LET’S ALL FACE IT: Powell is a FREAKING LAWYER. No lawyer would EVER reveal a secret like that unless they were a traitor, or terminally stupid. There’s a BIG reason why Trump got her off the team, and it is because she is not stupid. She warned ALL Trump’s enemies when she said “release the Kraken” – we all guessed at what that was, but you can damn well bet Trump’s enemies were not guessing.

    We all called her a genius. We called her a “genius” because she was out and about, stating what even an 8 year old would know – that the election was stolen, and she said it amidst a sea of lies so when she confirmed the obvious, she looked smart. REALITY: It does not take any sort of gift to see this election was stolen. The media knows it, every troll knows it, the judges all know it, the lawyers all know it, every damn last federal worker, bartender, mechanic, hood rat, Bar Mitzvot, congressman and EVERY LAST FBI agent knows it. But since Sidney was one of the only widely known about people saying it, everyone called her a friend and a genius, and hopped on the bandwagon with her. And then, with the spotlight on her, she called from the rooftops: KRAKEN!!! and blew Trump’s cover straight into the sewer.

    That, I believe, was an act of treason.
    Expect NOTHING from this woman, if Trump somehow makes it, it will take the military to make it happen, Mcinerney himself has said this because every last step in the chain of justice is broken, from the Republican congressmen to the judges to the media to even the postal worker. This system cannot be fixed without the help of military intelligence and actual bloodshed, – KRAKEN? F*** YOU SIDNEY, yes, the correct dismissals and behind the scenes movements can now happen to finalize the death of the United States. She blew the one secret Trump had in his favor straight to hell.

    We will now hear a few word games to prove how great she is, that will serve to anesthetize the American public and maybe even the military into not acting until there’s a jack boot at the door.

    ENJOY THE SHOW, because like a hollywood production, that is ALL we will get through any legal recourse. The deeply entrenched Bolshevik communists will hand us a few victories to make it look like there is an actual effort to keep things clean, and then they will take everything – all they will need is ONE last elector we just were not able to get.

    Mcinerney is RIGHT TRUMP. As soon as it is completely proven there is no legal system in the United States that will make a difference, on December 16th after Biden is scammed in, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY USE EXECUTIVE ORDER AND THE INSURRECTION ACT TO POUNCE WITH WHATEVER MILITARY YOU HAVE AND START THE HANGINGS WITH SWIFT 10 MINUTE MILITARY TRIBUNALS OR YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND ALL THE REST OF US WILL BE DESTROYED.
    You will have to act quick to prevent the corrupted portion of the military from stopping you, and you’ll even need to target THEM TOO. Hopefully “the Kraken” will be able to totally disrupt their communications when they try to enforce communism.
    DO NOT give ANYONE you know is guilty “their day” in a corrupted civil court, swift and decisive action will be needed or we will ALL be toast. You’ll need to hang the judges too. If anyone refuses to sing like a songbird on the 16th hang them on the 16th and go after more with whatever you get from whoever does speak up on the 17th. If Rudy is not on board with this, ditch him ON THE SPOT and hang him too.

    MAKE A CHOICE TRUMP: KILL OFF A FEW THOUSAND CRETINS OR LOSE 9 DIGITS WORTH OF GOOD PEOPLE. The evil absolutely will murder hundreds of millions of people to save their sorry asses. We are counting on you Trump. Make your decision, – US, or THEM.

  10. Corsi….Trump wins. 100% Certain!… e-book..

    His argument is irrefutable. It’s clear as day. The states do not have any lawful right to institute mail-in ballots WITHOUT going through the STATE LEGISLATURE to change the law. No state did this.State law rules. According to Corsi this MUST be brought before SCOTUS NOW…the Constitutional issue being that mail in ballots violate Article 2. This has nothing to do with proving fraud…SCOTUS has NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT!

    Must watch and listen:

    1. This is the site at which to purchase the book (20 bucks)….and I place it here because the summary is worth going there whether or not you buy it.

      I also wish to add that all of Trump’s recent efforts and cases he is bringing in various key states may be for naught or may be some part of his overall strategy. I truly do not see how any of the corrupt judges in these states will hear these cases. I would think his energy and resources would be better spent in getting this to SCOTUS ASAP. These mail in ballots are a clear case of unconstitutionality via article 2; whereas these fraud cases will take much more time to get to any fruition especially in those corrupt states. TIME is of the essence as proved in 2000. But I have learned to not second guess Trump.
      He must make the correct decision for this Republic to continue.
      This has been a coup attempt and We the People will not go quietly.
      In truth, we will not go at all.
      Do not test us.

    2. At this moment, it already looks like Trump’s team has presented a case to SCOTUS with the exact motive Corsi has stated….

      The Republican plaintiffs who are challenging legislation that allowed mail-in ballots from all-comers in Pennsylvania, today filed a request to the Supreme Court to block the state from certifying the election.

      The state Supreme Court had dismissed the case on Nov. 28, overturning a temporary block on election certification issued by a lower court.

      Challenging that ruling, the emergency application for injunction, dated Dec. 1 asks the Supreme Court to prohibit the Pennsylvania governor and secretary of state from “taking official action to tabulate, compute, canvass, certify, or otherwise finalize the results of the election.”

      “To the extent that the above-prohibited actions have already taken place, petitioners seek an injunction to restore the status quo ante, compelling respondents to nullify any such actions already taken, until further order of this court,” says the petition.

      The emergency application essentially asks the court to put a temporary hold on certifying the state election pending the filing of a full writ of certiorari—asking the court to review the lower court decisions.

      The case was filed by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) and others. They claim that an act passed last year by the state legislature that allows voting by mail without excuse violated the state constitution.

      The state Supreme Court dismissed the case with prejudice, saying that the lawsuit had not been filed in a “timely manner,” since the act in question was signed into law on Oct. 31, 2019.

      That ruling, however, appears to leave open the broader merits of the case—that the law, Act 77, requires an amendment to the state constitution.

      One of the plaintiffs, Republican congressional candidate Sean Parnell, told KDKA on Nov. 30: “While we believe that Act 77 is certainly a state issue, we also believe that there are very important federal questions nested within it. So what we’re doing is we’re looking to appeal to the Supreme Court on those federal questions.”

      The petition, filed with Judge Samuel A. Alito, poses two questions for the Supreme Court to answer: Can a state violate its own constitutional restrictions without violating the U.S. constitutional clauses relating to elections and due process? And did the Pennsylvania Supreme Court violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution “by dismissing with prejudice the case below, on the basis of laches, thereby foreclosing any opportunity for petitioners to seek retrospective and prospective relief for ongoing constitutional violations?”

      The state Supreme Court said on Nov. 28 that the petitioners waited until days before the county of boards of election were required to certify the election results, which could “result in the disenfranchisement of millions of Pennsylvania voters” who voted by mail.

      “It is beyond cavil that petitioners failed to act with due diligence in presenting the instant claim,” the court wrote.

      Parnell told KDKA that it was a “Catch-22” situation. “Had I filed it earlier, I would have probably not been able to bring the case into court because I wouldn’t have had legal standing,” he said. “So they would have probably said ‘well, the harm that you’re alleging is speculative.’”

      Parnell said that the case was not about whether mail-in ballots are good or bad per se, but about state constitutional procedure.

      “Democrat or Republican, if the citizen learns that his law is unconstitutional, it’s our duty and responsibility as citizens to challenge that law,” he said, noting that he was being criticized by some Republicans for his actions.

      The lawsuit is filed against the state, the majority Republican general assembly, Gov. Tom Wolf, and Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar.

      In the state Supreme Court ruling, Chief Justice Thomas Saylor issued a separate opinion agreeing to reverse the preliminary injunction. However, Saylor said he believes the Republican petitioners should still be able to argue their case about the constitutional validity of Act 77.

      “I find that the relevant substantive challenge raised by appellees presents troublesome questions about the constitutional validity of the new mail-in voting scheme,” Saylor wrote.

    3. States control voting. The Presidential Election must follow the Rules of the US Constitution. If the States contravene the US Constitution, the Mail-In ballots are illegal, which makes that part of the Election null and void. Trump is the winner.

      It may still end up in the Congress but there are many variables that may yet play out.

      The 2020 Election its far from over. Corsi predicts that Trump may well win in the Supreme Court. The issue before the Supremes is not fraud but states that followed unconstitutional voting procedures. They thought that no one would notice.
      Corsi talks about all of the issues covered his book, in the link.

      Image file: Dr. Corsi


  11. Hey Gents, here’s a new theory for you from Jim Willie the Stats Geek Guy … Biden capitulates his run for President… quite different than conceding it to Trump. He also mentions Biden’s arrest on High Treason charges by January. Fanciful notions? Perhaps, a guy can dream can’t he? But the evidence of the fraud is becoming a Tsunami. The witnesses coming forward now number in the thousands.

    Jim talks about this election being the last one the lifelong politicians win regardless of how they perform or how unpopular they are with their people… Think about Fancy Nancy and her “shit on the streets” capital of Earth, that soulless ghoul Chuck Shumer having to run against real opponents in a legit contest. Haven’t you ever wondered how unpopular politicians stay power? Think about Gavin Newsome running against “fill in anyone with a pulse”, Cuomo the Homo and his sidekick brother Fredo the newslinger. How anyone but their mother would vote again for them is beyond reason.

  12. The following is Dmitry Orlov’s work.
    It reminds me a lot of common sense.

    Trump keeps talking about making America great—by bringing manufacturing back from China. Except that the opposite has happened over the past four years: China’s industrial production has continued to grow (although more slowly than before) while in the US it has continued to decline. Nor is is there any reason at all to think that this is going to change over the next four years.

    Biden keeps talking about America continuing as the leader of the free world—except that America is no longer the leader of much of anything and there is no reason to think that anything can be done to reverse this slide. Thus, no matter who becomes (or remains) president, the US administration will continue to wallow in nostalgia while steadfastly refusing to admit defeat.

    This defeat has multiple elements. First, the shale oil gamble is over. Drilling rates have collapsed, many shale oil companies are bankrupt, and US oil production is set to plummet from over 12 million barrels per day at its peak to around 5 million by next June (according to Art Berman, whose opinion I trust). After that point the US will once again become a major oil importer, and since no other swing producers are available this will drive up oil prices, perhaps beyond the previous all-time record of $150/barrel, resulting in a US oil import bill of half a trillion dollars a year. But it is doubtful whether that much extra oil can be produced at almost any price.

    Second, national bankruptcy is looming ever closer. The federal government now overspends its revenues by a factor of two or more, meaning that for every dollar of federal revenue it borrows and spends at least two. Previously, despite its already ridiculous size and exponential growth rate, US federal debt could be given an appearance of legitimacy because enough foreign buyers could be found for it; but this is no longer the case. And so this debt is looking less and less legitimate because it is being monetized—simply printed into existence—as the Federal Reserve degenerates into a pure pyramid scheme.

    Third, the US dollar (along with some other currencies to which it is tied) is poised on the edge of a hyperinflationary wipe-out. In an effort to shore up the economy a great deal of money has been unleashed into the economy and it went chasing after stocks, keeping it from triggering hyperinflation. Thus we have the truly bizarre combination of a record-high stock market along with record-high bankruptcies, foreclosures and evictions. At some point confidence in the stock market will evaporate and all of this notional money will go chasing after anything that isn’t made of paper (with the possible exception of toilet paper). Much of this notional money will evaporate as people liquidate their stock holdings, but enough will remain to result in hoarding and hyperinflation. The US dollar will devalue internationally and the US will lose access to imports.

    Fourth, the US has lost its lead militarily, definitely to Russia and possibly to China and Iran. Its major military asset is its aircraft carrier fleet, which is by now completely useless because it can be destroyed using conventional weapons from a safe stand-off distance which is greater than the reach of its aircraft. Consequently, it cannot be deployed close enough to an enemy shore to make its aircraft useful. US military bases, hundreds of which are scattered all over the globe, but mostly clustered along Russia’s and China’s borders, are also useless militarily, as demonstrated by Iran’s rocket attacks against two of them in Iraq. In short, the entire US military is by now more of a liability than an asset—likely to draw the US into a military confrontation which it cannot win.

    Now, do you hear these points discussed in the national media, in the course of the election campaign or otherwise? Do these points come up at all in conversations with colleagues, neighbors, friends and family? Are these topics of discussion in high school civics classes? (Wait, what high school civics classes?) No? And yet they are real, and their consequences are at this point unavoidable, and refusing to acknowledge them will only exacerbate their effects.

    Collapse is bad enough when you and everyone around you can acknowledge it. But if everyone from the president (pick either one) to the lowliest convenience store clerk is incapable of accepting it as real and thinking through some of the immediate consequences, that makes it much, much worse. I refuse to accept any of the responsibility for this dreadful state of affairs; I’ve been doing all I can to warn people for a decade and a half now. It is now pointless for me to issue any more warnings. All I can do now is watch the inevitable unfold.

    1. All so much rhetoric.Show me figures…statistics …that are adjusted for the FAKE PANDEMIC.
      So, China’s industrial production has increased…what else is new? They have a population that is four times that of the US. Is all that coming here? They have their own country to worry about.
      The US has been bankrupt since 1871….again, what else is new?
      The US military has lost its lead? Are you serious? I have yet to see anyone challenging us, have you?
      So all your info comes from Orlov who has made a living predicting doom and gloom. Is he a bright man and prolific writer…yes, but I would look for a more objective source….maybe a source who is a REAL AMERICAN, eh?

    1. There’s no telling how entrapped Donald Trump really is. He’s beholding to many entities, and many of those are not nice little fellas. Trump is great at frustrating his believers, at times you figure he’ll come through with a totally supportive outlook on the various issues. He’s clearly a love him/hate him sort of character, as is John Durham, would- be prosecutor for indictable individuals. Trump is preferable to Biden by a fairly large margin, but he’s no saint, not even close.

      1. Another lockdown (which will surely come this winter, the “Dark Winter”) will permanently and irredeemably wreck the US economy and decimate the population. That’s the banker plan, isn’t it?

        What is Trump doing to prevent that? He’s going to give us all a vaccine!

        Let me spell it out for you. If your last hope is Trump, your’e fucked already.

        WAKE UP!

    2. I’m just guessing, but “Q” might say “Trust the plan.” Right?

      Maybe Donald Trump is just too busy playing 5D Chess to see what is right in front of his face. Is that it?

      No, of course not. Trump has a plan! He’s going to show us. Just be patient.

      1. She has a job because she’s perfected her “I scare you” message. People such as Fauci like that kind of co-worker.

  13. A remarkable list from the Federalist, the Spectator and Dr. Navid Kershavarz-Nia that absolutely shows how impossible it was for Biden to win:

    J.B. Shurk, who frequently publishes at American Thinker, wrote a knock-out article for The Federalist about Joe Biden’s magical performance in the election. You should read the whole article, but here are four things that don’t pass the smell test:

    1. Biden allegedly got 80 million votes, which is more than Obama received at his peak, in 2008 – and Biden did this despite losing minority voters to Donald Trump and trailing Trump in voter enthusiasm.

    2. Biden broke 60 years of precedent by winning nationally despite losing prodigiously in bellwether states and counties. The last time this happened was when the mafia got out the vote for John F. Kennedy in 1960.

    3. Trump had extraordinary coattails, so much so that even the New York Times admitted that the “Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America.” Think about that: Biden had no coattails and no enthusiasm, yet he allegedly won a record number of votes. Smells fetid to me.

    4. Biden barely made it through the primaries, while Trump soared, with Trump’s performance being a historically sure sign of voter enthusiasm and probable victory – yet Biden, again, allegedly scored an equally historically strong victory.

    At The Spectator, Patrick Basham, a professional pollster, also felt that Biden’s alleged win cannot pass the smell test. Again, this is a summary, so you should read the original article:

    5. Trump exceeded his original vote count by the largest margin for any incumbent in American history. He got 10 million more votes than before; by contrast, Obama, in 2012, got 3.5 million fewer votes than in 2008.

    6. Trump’s support among blacks grew by 50%, while Biden’s fell below the important 90%-mark that Democrat candidates need to secure victory.

    7. In the Rust Belt, Biden lost black support everywhere except in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee. In those cities, every single black person apparently voted for Biden.

    8. While pollsters can and do manipulate polling outcomes, non-polling metrics (historical norms such as the economy, enthusiasm, etc.) have never been wrong – only we’re being told that this year was the exception.

    Then there are the indicia of fraud that Dr. Navid Kershavarz-Nia detailed:

    9. The fact that Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia simultaneously pretended to halt ballot counting while continuing to count is evidence of election fraud collusion.

    10. Optical scanners were set to accept unverified, un-validated ballots.

    11. The scanners were almost certainly programmed to fail to keep audit records.

    12. In the contested states, the voting machines were alleged to have processed hundreds of thousands of ballots within a short time, which is a physical impossibility.

    And here are a few more indications of fraud:

    13. In Pennsylvania, statistically impossible numbers of late-arriving mail-in votes went to Biden.

    14. Dominion and ES&S voting machines were created to have back doors and specific functions to manipulate votes either at the machine or over the internet.

    15. Fox News’s behavior on election night (refusing to call pro-Trump outcomes while prematurely calling Arizona for Biden) was so abnormal that Vegas oddsmakers instantly assumed that the fix was in.

    16. The allegedly late-arriving mailed-in ballots increased Biden’s equally alleged lead with statistically impossible perfection and stability.

    17. There were anomalies in Virginia that suggested that computers were subtracting votes from Trump and, sometimes, giving them to Biden.

    18. One analysis shows that voting machines in Michigan systematically removed votes from Trump and handed them to Biden. I saw a rebuttal (which I cannot locate now) that purported to debunk this but did so by using a different scale on the X-axis, which I found inherently suspicious.

    19. Over 100,000 Pennsylvania absentee ballots were returned either a day after they were mailed out, on the day they were mailed out, or on the day before they were mailed out.

    20. In all the contested areas, and at Dominion’s website, Democrats have been systematically failing to create or have destroyed all data that could be used to demonstrate fraud. This creates the legal presumption that the data do, in fact, show fraud.

    Me….The fraud is undeniable. The state supreme courts can throw it all out, but when it gets to SCOTUS, I see no way they can deny the 14th Amendment has not been upheld. SCOTUS will send it to the House where Trump will win. There can logically be no other outcome.

  14. I have never said this before… drop what you are doing now and watch statistician Jim Willie slice and dice the election numbers and add context to the incredible numbers he is coming up that will split your mind in half. Gems like this: the statistical improbability of zero Trump votes coming in for large tracks of time. Like flipping the same coin 100 times and getting heads every time. But instead of that, you get 138,000 heads in a row.

    1. That was one helluva an interview. If one had known nothing of the election problems and just listened to that, there could not possibly be any doubt this election was a fraud. It ended kind of abruptly….made me wish for more.
      Anyway, what becomes painfully honest is that all this will not be a question of evidence……the problem will be getting the evidence HEARD, accepted and then acted upon. It will not be long before we know IF SCOTUS is as corrupt as the state supreme courts.

  15. wow guys… I keep digging and finding more gems beneath the layers of white nose “no evidence” echo chambers. Ever heard of Jim Willie… I was fascinated by this semi-interview… more like one guy talking 97% of the time and the other listening. Jim claims that the cheating included a weighting of electronic votes where every vote from Biden was worth 1.3 votes and a Trump vote was worth only .7 votes and Trump still smoked the living corpse. I can’t remember where the fractional vote tallies were found… the totals were supposed to be rounded off to integers and it slipped through the treacherous cracks.

    Team Biden’s plan to win without campaigning was foiled by the sheer numbers of Trumpsters that overwhelmed their cheating al-go-rhythms … (almost sounds like a musical term).

    1. I posted the same link twice … I thought I was posting part2. That might not be available yet. One of the points Jim Willie brought up was when he went to bed at ten… Trump was surging ahead by miles in a trend that was impossible for Biden to catch up with. And that’s why all Battleground States were forced to shut down the count. They had to calculate how much to backfill Biden and the only way was to throw the kitchen sink at Trump’s lead. The votes were switched on live TV for all the world to see. I don’t see that as an accident. I see it as throwing the cheating in our faces and daring us to do anything about it. This is often seen, because when we bring it up to the asleep sheeple, we sound live raving lunatics to their programing. Here’s a typical zombie response: when I mentioned the over 100k Michigan votes in a row for Biden to a 27 year old I had just met, he filled in the gap of logic with a shovel and a pile of manure.. that- –that was the mail in ballots kicking in. When I mentioned that zero votes came in for Trump… it just did not click to him.

    2. I heard that election workers were videoed taking sacks of ballots to a nearby crematorium. Think it was Philly. Nothing would surprise me now

  16. Here are photos and names of the 5 US soldiers killed in the raid on the CIA safe house in Germany. The safe house contained the Dominion servers involved in switching votes to Biden. The servers were successfully seized.

    Capt. Vandekamp, CWO. Dallas Garza, Sgt. McKee, CWO, Ghabour, Sgt. Sherman.


  17. Jim Stone:

    DOJ is likely threatening witnesses

    Leah Hoopes, a Republican poll watcher from Chester, Pennsylvania, testified before the GOP Pennsylvania Senate hearing last week Gettysburg. Hoopes said she was kept in what she described as a “play pen” as an observer and no Republicans were allowed close to where the counting was taking place.

    And then I went to Trump’s twitter and saw he tweeted about the FBI and DOJ being in on the election fraud. This morning I went back and the tweet was gone. So I looked it up and found this quote on Sputnik news:

    “This is total fraud and how the FBI and the Department of Justice, I don’t know, maybe they’re involved, but how people are allowed to get away with this stuff is unbelievable. This election was rigged. This election was a total fraud,”

    When the tweet on this topic was gone I was surprised. I knew darn well he said that. I was not mistaken. Here is a capture on this topic from Sputnik News:

    If the DOJ is going around threatening witnesses as many are stating now, (this is not the only case) how big is the trouble we are all in, as a nation, really?

    Can you add two and two?


    1. RS…You have a talent for taking an article that supports Trump in 99% of it’s content to find the ONE statement that would make it seem PCR opposes Trump.

      Here’s the context:

      Trump is a populist, a president of ordinary people. Trump is hated, because he was intent on rescuing ordinary Americans from subservience to the agendas of the elite. Unfortunately, being a populist is not enough to overthrow an entrenched elite. Only a revolutionary can do that, and Trump is not a revolutionary leader.

      The elite are getting rid of Trump in a way that makes it clear to all presidential candidates in the future that their only choice is to represent the elite. If somehow an anti-establishment person slips in, he will experience the same fate as Trump’s four years. The Dominion machines and corrupt Democrat big city regimes will steal his reelection even if enough voters have escaped their intended brainwashing to defend their champion in the voting booths.

      Trump’s Department of Justice has failed him. So has the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Homeland Security. This is easy to understand. These are establishment institutions. They protect the establishment, not law and justice. Will the judiciary be the next to fail the president and American democracy?

      Me…Trump IS a populist and where PCR says he’s not a revolutionary leader, I would disagree. Show me one other president that has rallied patriots to his side as much as Trump. These patriots (including myself and Dr. Fetzer) ARE ready to stand for this country against the coup when the time comes….and it’s coming fast.


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