Kevin Barrett, Does the Presidential Election Matter?

Kevin Barrett

It’s Not Who Wins—It’s the Chaos, Stupid

Will the 2020 elections change history? If they do, it won’t be because one or the other candidate won, but because they accelerated the polarization that brought down the American empire.

Political partisans, including most of the mainstream media (MSM) are screaming from the rooftops that the fate of the known universe depends on the outcome of Trump v. Biden. The dominant anti-Trump MSM faction casts Trump as a new Hitler who has exterminated more than 200,000 Americans in a coronavirus holocaust. (Why not say six million and imprison anyone who disagrees?)

Critics say Trump is a malignant narcissist and egomaniac—which is true. They call him a mental midget, or as several of his senior military advisors have said, a “moron,” which is also true. They say Trump has wrecked the system of so-called alliances with occupied vassal states on which the US empire depends. That, unfortunately, is not entirely true, but give Trump another term and he might get there.

If Donald Trump did actually finish off the Anglo-Zionist Empire, the good news is that he would go down in history as a hero of world-historical stature. The bad news, for Trump’s ego anyway, is that he would be credited with destroying the evil empire through sheer incompetence. If such happens, insha’Allah, perhaps he will be immortalized by statues of him stumbling on a stairway, whiffing at a golf ball, or ingesting vast quantities of junk food and diet coke while staring hypnotized at a big screen tuned to Fox News. Future archeologists will decipher the lapidary legend: “My name is Donald J. Trump, king of kings; look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!” Such would be a fitting epitaph for our age, and for the obese imperial colossus that sat bestride it.

The liberal MSM pundits who envision Trump destroying the USA and its Empire imagine that a Biden presidency would, by contrast, save America, and perhaps the world. Biden, they say, would patch up US “alliances” and resurrect the moribund institutions by which the US has dominated the planet since World War II. According to the never-Trumpers, Biden will slay the coronavirus, stop Global Warming, rehabilitate America’s reputation and soft power, put Russia and China in their places, save Israel from its own hubris, and refrain from tweeting utterly insane things every 20 or 30 seconds.

Pro-Trump pundits offer a mirror-image vision of “why the world will end if our candidate loses.” They imagine that if Biden wins, George Soros and his legion of Antifa terrorists will take over America, burning and looting whatever is left in the stores after the next COVID lockdown. Law-abiding citizens’ guns will be confiscated. America’s borders will be flooded by (nonwhite) immigrants, crime will rage out of control, police will call in sick, the internet will be purged of conservative voices, and brain-dead Biden will quickly be replaced by a vicious prosecutor named Commissar Kamala who will become America’s first ethnically-ambiguous female dictator.

In contrast to the cartoonish visions of political partisans, history suggests that it matters less and less who gets elected president. Each succeeding election becomes the new “least consequential election in US history,” and the 2020 election appears to be no exception. Candidates are selected by an oligarchy of politically-active billionaires who set strict limits on policy agendas. No president ever has the political capital to pursue more than one or two major policy proposals, which generally get watered down anyway even if eventually approved.

No US president has imagined that he is really president since JFK was executed for that crime in 1963. And since the Trilateral Commission chose an obscure Georgia governor named Jimmy Carter to launch the neoliberal revolution in 1976—and then replaced him with the more radical Ronald Reagan in 1980—the oligarchs haven’t even bothered to go through the motions of pretending America is a democracy. The 2003 introduction of black box voting machines, better termed vote-fabricating machines, formalized the permanent state of emergency inaugurated by the 9/11/2001 National Security Special Event Day.

Donald Trump campaigned on a long list of extravagant promises: End all foreign wars and reveal “who really did 9/11,” bring the troops home, pull out of the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), ban all Muslims from entering the US, wall off the entire southern border at Mexico’s expense, end NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP and all trade treaties, bring manufacturing back to America, end NATO and all alliances (unless the vassals vastly increase their tribute payments, which they won’t), rebuild America’s infrastructure, demand and get vastly better trade terms from China, resurrect 1950s-style family values, and restore Americans’ pride in their history. These are, in essence, the specifics behind Trump’s promise to “make America great again.”

So how much of that agenda did Trump accomplish? Only the tiny fraction supported by oligarchs. A cabal of Zionist-extremist plutocrats wanted to pull out of the JCPOA and exert “maximum pressure” on Iran, so Trump was allowed, or directed, to pursue that insane and inhuman initiative. Other than that, Trump fulfilled none of his promises, because the oligarchs wouldn’t let him. Instead, following oligarchs’ orders, Trump lavished money on tax cuts for billionaires and record increases in the military budget. Aside from Iran policy, a Hillary Clinton presidency wouldn’t have been all that different; Clinton might have thrown slightly less money at the billionaires and the military-industrial complex, but not enough less for ordinary people to notice.

Trump is hardly unusual; recent presidents have increasingly accomplished less and less of whatever their ostensible policy agenda was supposed to be. Obama was elected to close Guantanamo, end torture, end the 9/11 wars, prosecute the war criminals, restore the Constitution and the rule of law both domestically and internationally, reduce economic inequality and racial disparities, and stop wasting money on foreign wars in favor of domestic spending while increasing average Americans’ standard of living. Needless to say he did not accomplish any of those things, as predicted by my 2008 book Questioning the War on Terror.

Previous presidents were almost equally ineffectual. George W. Bush (2000-2008) was elected on promises to end America’s role as world policeman—and, incidentally, stop kidnapping pro-Palestinian Muslims on fake terror charges. (The Muslim vote put Bush in office.) Instead, Bush was himself kidnapped on 9/11/2001 when his orders to fly from Florida to Washington, DC were disobeyed, and he was coerced into spending the rest of his presidency reading from the neocon-Zionist 9/11 coup perpetrators’ script.

Bill Clinton (1992-2000) like Trump and Obama came into office pushing significant policy initiatives: He charged his wife Hillary with shepherding a single-payer national health care plan through Congress, and he intended to force Israel to completely withdraw from 1967-occuppied territories in return for peace. But the insurance lobby demolished the former plan, while the Zionist lobby and its agent Monica Lewinsky devoured the latter. So all Clinton really accomplished was neoliberalizing the globe under billionaire orders (and learning who really runs the world).

So whether Trump wins a second term or Biden replaces him, the US empire will mostly likely continue to decline in more or less the same fashion. Hostility, sanctions, and the possibility of war will dominate relations with Russia and China. Biden might return to the JCPOA, easing overt tensions with Iran, but the covert Zionist-directed war on the Islamic Republic will continue no matter who is in office. Meanwhile ordinary Americans will continue to be plundered by the oligarchs, the military-industrial complex and its Zionist friends, and other powerful special interests. A private bankers’ cabal will keep creating the entire currency supply out of nothing by lending it into existence at compound interest. Debt will keep increasing and the petrodollar will keep slipping toward the precipice. Infrastructure will continue to crumble. There will be no national public health care because the oligarchs and insurance companies won’t allow it. Manners and morals will continue to decline. Oligarch-directed hoaxes and lies, along with bread and circuses, will distract the public. In short, nothing will really change.

This year more than ever, American voters have been whipped into a frenzy of sound of fury signifying nothing. When the hoodwinked sheeple yank the levers of their rigged voting machines, like suckers yanking levers of Sheldon Adelson’s rigged slot machines in Las Vegas, they may think they are participating in the making of history—when all they are really doing is demonstrating their own ignorance and gullibility.

The Real Issue: Polarization-Induced Civil Strife

But by working themselves up into a political lather, and yanking those voting machine levers so hard, the voters might actually be helping make history—but not in the way they intended. They may be setting themselves and their country up for a failure of epic proportions. (Whether that failure would be the deliberate result of a plan by the globalist elite to divide-and-conquer America in service to The Great Reset is beyond the scope of this article.)

The United States of America has experienced countless episodes of mass domestic violence, but only two all-out civil wars (in the 1770s and 1860s).[1] Today, many observers expect a post-election flare up of unrest that could conceivably erupt into another civil war—or even multiple civil wars.

The levels of polarization and fanaticism seen today have not been witnessed since 1860, when an unusually galvanizing election set the stage for what has been variously termed the American Civil War, the War Between the States, or (among Confederate sympathizers) the War of Northern Aggression. The parallels between the 1860 and 2020 elections are suggestive. In both cases, party realignment had destabilized the political system. In 1860, the Republican and Constitution Parties were new, while the dominant Democratic Party had split into two factions over the issue of slavery in the Western territories. Likewise, in 2020, voters will choose from political parties that have shifted positions: Trump’s newly populist Republican Party has attracted much of what used to be the Democrats’ working class base, while the Democrats have shamelessly embraced their new identity as the party of the “moderate” billionaire oligarchs[2]—exactly what the Republican Party used to be!

Like the 1860 election, the 2020 election will poll a starkly divided nation worked up into a frenzy over race-related issues, facing a stark choice about the future direction of the nation. In 1860, the key issue was whether new states in the Western territories should allow slavery. If slavery was banned in all new states, as Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln urged, the southern slave states would become an increasingly disempowered and untenable minority faction in the Union, eventually facing economic ruin as the tariff-loving industrial North grabbed an ever-greater share of the South’s wealth. When Lincoln won, southern leaders foresaw looming disaster, and felt compelled to secede from the Union in hopes of saving their economy and preserving their sovereignty.

In 2020, populist conservatives likewise feel existentially threatened—and might want to fight and/or secede if they lose. Just as the looming demolition of the slave system foretold an apocalyptic end to the antebellum South, today onrushing demographic change threatens white majority America. Alongside that demographic change, which promises to reduce whites to minority status by 2044, the destruction of working class jobs through global outsourcing and automation threatens to impoverish much of what was once the (mostly white) American middle class. Meanwhile religious and family values are eroding, in part due to an all-out ideological assault by a media and academy dominated by secular-progressive, disproportionately Jewish elites. Those increasingly radical elites embrace all varieties of victimization-based identity politics—starting with a pro-Zionist Jewish identity politics aimed at maintaining Jewish privilege—while casting whites as monolithic villains whose efforts to defend their own interests are relentlessly demonized.

Today white identity advocates like Kevin MacDonald and Jared Taylor, and their fellow travelers in the pro-Trump camp, feel about the same way southerners did in 1860: If the election swings the wrong way, they will witness the annihilation of their country and way of life. Better to go down fighting, many say, than accept such an inglorious fate. Like the secessionists of 1860, today’s rebels may react to a Biden win by picking up their guns in support of Trump’s efforts to contest the results. Out of the resulting chaos might emerge a series of armed confrontations between various rural (pro-Trump) and urban (pro-Biden) areas, as well as a larger clash between red states and blue states that could conceivably escalate into a Civil War Redux. How the US military (split between pro- and anti-Trump factions) and local and state police (mostly pro-Trump) would react remains to be seen.

But Trump supporters are not the only ones who might react violently to an election loss. If Trump wins, or claims victory, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa protests from last summer will likely flare up into a series of regional brushfires, if not a nationwide inferno. The dominant liberal faction of the mainstream media (MSM) will echo Biden’s June 11 statement that the military should “escort Trump from the White House with dispatch.” Militias and Trump sympathizers in the military might mount an armed resistance against Trump’s forceful ejection from the White House. The violence could easily spiral out of control.

Skeptics may say: Sure, there is plenty of chatter about post-election violence. But is there any actual evidence supporting the notion that this election is different from any other, and that people are more likely to violently contest the outcome? The answer is: Yes there is. A series of polls by YouGov shows that the number of Americans who believe violence is justified for their political party to achieve its goals has risen dramatically in just three years. In 2017, eight percent of Americans supported political violence on behalf of their party. In 2018 it was 12%, in 2019 over 15%, and by June 2020 it had doubled to 30%! The latest poll, taken in September 2020, found that 33% of Democrats and 36% of Republicans support partisan political violence.

Another factor driving potential post-election chaos is pent-up frustration over the COVID-19 lockdowns and the economic and social damage they have inflicted. Democrats have blamed Trump for all the COVID damage, with some success. Many Republicans, however, believe COVID was deliberately unleashed, and/or exaggerated, in order to overthrow Trump. (It is true that without COVID, Trump probably would have ridden the strong economy to an easy re-election; and it is also true that COVID is probably a deliberately-released biological weapon, though Trump was almost certainly not the main target.)

As Americans have had their lives upended and degraded by the pandemic and lockdowns, they have been divided into two camps, each scapegoating the other for the terrible situation. History has shown how such mass scapegoating can devolve into mass bloodshed.[3] The underlying factors driving America’s current trajectory toward civil war—including demographic change, the decline of religion, the rise of identity politics and the culture of narcissism, and economic inequality and the impoverishment of the working and middle classes—are growing stronger every year. Polarization around the grotesquely divisive figure of Donald Trump may serve as the catalyst that sets off a chain reaction of violence.

As conservative pastor Chuck Baldwin writes, “Trump’s vulgarities, blasphemies, duplicities, thefts, immoralities, racism, narcissism, covetousness, self-deification, misogyny, unconstitutional conduct and mass murders disqualify him from being elected dog catcher, much less President of the United States.” But Trump’s Republican supporters, like Democrats who supported serial rapist Bill Clinton and his rape-enabling wife Hillary, or war criminal Obama, or corrupt apparatchik and likely sex criminal Biden, follow President Roosevelt’s reasoning about the vicious dictator Somoza: “He may be a son of a b*tch, but he’s our son of a b*tch.”

An election driven by such unprecedented levels of mutual hatred, with both sides increasingly ready to pull triggers rather than voting machine levers, could turn out to be a national booby-trap. Whether it goes off in ten days, ten weeks, or ten years—or miraculously fails to go off at all—will (unlike the minor issue of who wins) determine the course of history.

An earlier version of this article was first published in Crescent International


[1] The American Revolution was in fact a civil war between colonists in British North America, and involved massive bloodletting between revolutionary and anti-revolutionary factions.

[2] The “moderate” Democrat oligarchs are funding “radical” causes like BLM and Antifa as a divide-and-conquer strategy against the working and middle classes. They are fomenting strife around identity politics, especially race, in order to lure leftists away from Bernie Sanders style proposals to redistribute wealth. Antifa and BLM extremism also serve to discredit “leftism” (and by extension Bernie Sanders’ agenda) in the eyes of the majority of working- and middle-class Americans.

[3] On the many holocausts and genocides of recent history, see Gideon Polya’s US-Imposed Post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide. For a deeper analysis of how an innate human tendency toward scapegoating and human sacrifice are the source of such atrocities, see René Girard.

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24 thoughts on “Kevin Barrett, Does the Presidential Election Matter?”

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  2. I cannot agree with the premise of this article. If you don’t believe there is a difference between Trump and the Dems, ask Border agents (who now have the right to return illegal immigrants to Mexico), ask male college students (who now have the right to due process in sexual assault cases), ask skilled manufacturing workers in the Midwest (who now have a fairer chance to compete against China), ask the soldiers who are no longer in Afghanistan (almost all soon), ask Amy Coney Barret and Brett Kavanaugh (who would have never made it to the Supreme Court), etc. In fact, this election is the most consequential in modern history. If Trump loses, there will never be another opportunity to defeat the power of the elites. To say that he has not succeeded 100% neglects the fact that he is fighting on all fronts against the elites and their henchmen. He cannot appoint who he pleases since he needs senate confirmation on all of his cabinet appointments. He was dealt a bad hand with the fake pandemic and has seemingly vacillated; but despite having to give a certain amount of slack to the so-called “medical experts” and express sympathy to those who were sickened by this flu, he was the only national politician who early on argued against the lockdowns. The incessant vitriol spewed by the elites against Trump clearly indicates he is not only NOT one of them, but that he is their worst enemy.

    1. Trump was dealt a bad hand. Agreed. But he can’t blame everything on that. Let’s not forget that Trump has dropped more bombs than Obama.

      Trump is a salesman— he talks a good game. And Trump might have some good instincts.

      I believe the problem is that he is indebted to Jewish bankers. AND HE IS WEAK.

      Look at all the idiots that work for him.

      1. How has he dropped more bombs than Obama? He killed Soleimani (against international law but with little protest from the Iranians, curiously enough) and he destroyed a couple of airstrips and vacant buildings in Syria (not designed to kill anyone); but the wars in Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq have virtually stopped while the peace wrangling is going on. Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize in his first year and promptly decided to overthrow the governments of Iraq and Syria and remains, to this day, the only president to be at war for the entirety of his two terms. Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize many times and for many different reasons.

        Please clarify?

      2. Our problem is bigger than Trump. It’s the Jewish Problem, AKA City of London bankers in collusion with the British Crown.

        And in case you haven’t noticed, they have pretty much won.

        This is just my stupid opinion. Take what you can use and throw the rest away.

      3. Ralph…my cat has fleas….should I blame that on the City of London, the Jews or the Vatican?

  3. I woke up at 3 am and saw this page of Trump winning Pennsylvania by close to half a million votes on FOX news website. And I tried refreshing it at 9am MST and it still shows him up by the same amount. But them I look at Fox news live this morning and Biden is in the lead? The same thing happened with Michigan, with Trump up by over 100,000 votes and now Biden is in the lead with 120k votes in a row for Biden. I know the fraud would be huge and its growing by the minute.


  4. A Few Words About Trump, Who Does Not Happen To Be The Messiah

    Jon Rappoport (4 November 2020):

    ” If Trump is re-elected, people must be relentless in insisting he back up his campaign rhetoric and make the open US economy a FACT, not merely a proposition calculated to win a second term.

    His claim of having the military take charge of deploying the COVID vaccine remains very disturbing. To strangely assume this is part of his brilliant plan to guard our freedom to refuse the vaccine is based on zero evidence.

    Add to that the secrecy surrounding the federal collaboration with the Pentagon to develop a COVID vaccine, and you have a prescription for a medical nightmare.

    Trump has never spoken directly to the American people and admitted the extent of the economic destruction which has occurred since the fake pandemic was declared.

    He has never taken any responsibility whatsoever for permitting this horror show and tragedy in the first place.

    His supporters say, “Well, he couldn’t have gone up against the medical people and rejected the lockdowns…” The job of the leader involves doing exactly that when the heat is turned up to its highest pitch. He stands firm. He takes the blows. He strikes back. He shows exceptional courage.

    The truth is, when Fauci came into the White House with the absurd and insane projections of Neil Ferguson, claiming two million people could die this past summer in the US, Trump folded up in ten minutes and never questioned the source or the numbers.

    Ferguson, of the Imperial College in London, bankrolled by Bill Gates, was and is a failed computer modeler, with a track record of ridiculous predictions.

    For example, in 2005, he stated that 200 million people, worldwide, could die from the bird flu. The final official figure was several hundred.

    But Trump never made inquiries into Ferguson. He never stopped the Fauci train in its tracks then and there and exposed him as the predatory criminal he is.

    Trump climbed on board the train and rode it.

    NOW he says there is too much nonsense about COVID and we are coming out of the darkness. He says this is great and that is great and everything is great.

    Sorry, pal, that’s not the true story. The forces of unalloyed evil are jacking up and rigging new case numbers to extreme heights. The plan is more lockdowns.

    If Trump serves a new term as president, we must apply enormous pressure to make him support, and take WHATEVER ACTION is necessary, to ensure freedom survives and the economy is OPENED ALL THE WAY. PERMANENTLY.

    Forget pipe dreams and fantasies about Trump. This war is far from over.

    The US, along with many other countries, has been invaded. The enemy is within the gates. Moving like locusts through a field, they’ve destroyed millions of businesses and companies and people.

    If this doesn’t call for swift and decisive and remorseless executive action, nothing does.”

  5. Quote: Michael Kruse is a senior staff writer for POLITICO.
    “He was the first reporter who took Donald Trump seriously. An old-school, pen-and-paper, document-driven, sourced-up investigative ace for the Village Voice in New York, Wayne Barrett nailed the aspiring real estate developer 38 years ago. “Donald Trump,” he wrote, in January of 1979, “is a user of other users.” Barrett’s unflagging work on Trump in the intervening years never disproved his initial read. He remained the most influential of Trump’s chroniclers right up until Thursday—one day before Trump was sworn in as president—when Barrett died, at 71, of complications from interstitial lung disease.”
    “Barrett was the son of a nuclear physicist and a librarian. A Goldwater Republican from Lynchburg, Virginia, in his teens and early 20s who flipped ideologically in the late 1960s as a graduate student at the Columbia School of Journalism, he was a community organizer and a public school teacher before he became a reporter. He once told his son’s elementary school classmates that his job was to be “a detective for the people.” He called his long line of devoted interns his “soldiers of detail.” He taught journalism classes at Columbia, Hunter College and Long Island University. The credo of the indefatigable Barrett: “the exposure of the plunderers, the steerers, the wirepullers, the bosses, the brokers, the campaign fixers and takers. … Stew, percolate, pester, track, burrow, besiege, confront, damage, level. Care.””
    “Barrett started looking into Trump in 1977. Trump had been sued by the federal government for racial bias in renting apartments in Brooklyn and Queens and at the time was renovating what would become Manhattan’s Grand Hyatt hotel thanks to tax breaks of historic proportions. Before network television made his name synonymous with being a boss, before his divorces and his affairs and the bankruptcies at his casinos, before Trump Tower was erected as the hub of his vanity and ambition, Barrett sat in a spare room at the offices of the State Urban Development Corporation and scoured for hours thousands of pages of public records. He was 33, and Trump was 32. “I was a rookie, he was a rookie,” Barrett would say. And one day, a nearby phone rang. “Wayne!” said the voice on the other end. “It’s Donald! I hear you’re doing a story on me!” Someone at the UDC had tipped off Trump to what Barrett was up to. And when Trump eventually saw that Barrett saw through him—that he was focused on the sham, not the show—first he tried to bribe Barrett with a new apartment, and then he threatened to sue, invoking the name of Roy Cohn, his pugnacious and politically connected mentor. What Barrett nonetheless published in the Voice made him, forever, the original authority on Trump.”
    ““He’s the consummate example of what his voters rail against,” Barrett said last March, identifying the central paradox of what would become Trump’s surprising, unprecedented rise.”
    ““Shamelessness is a skill,” he said the day after Trump was elected president.”

  6. Judicial Watch talks to Rudy, the President’s personal attorney. The Obama Crime Syndicate crossed a huge line when they started intercepting communications between a Presidential Candidate and his lawyer. The AG won’t go after Killery, Barry or Creepy Joe because all three are part of the untouchable class of criminal. They make what Tricky Dick did seem like he pulled a tag off a mattress. If Barr goes after any of them, it opens a can of worms so big, just the stench could kill him.

  7. The title is certainly provocative enough. I would say the time it mattered the least was Bush vs. John Kerry in 2004 since both were Scull and Bones and took a blood oath to blindly following the order in exchange for a gold paved road to riches, power and fame where no blunder or skeleton in the closet would hinder their path to the top. Does that sound like Dubya and Ketchup Kerry? Sounds even more like Creepy Uncle Joe and he did not even attend Yale.

    In my estimation, the only Candidate attractive enough, loveable enough and centrist enough to beat Trump was Tulsi because she spanned so many gaps and checked so many boxes. She had credibility as a Veteran and was not extremist like Bernie or completely unlikeable like Pocohontos and Harris… who could not win a popularity contest if her mother was the Judge. Have you heard Kamala’s brand new faux “sister of the hood” affectation persona? It’s just off the charts for measuring race pandering. It shows how worried they are about minorities leaving the Demo-crip Plantation. The desperation of pulling the Lady Gaga card out of the deck tells me they know they are finished. By the way, most of those imported professional malcontents burning cities and looting… aren’t even registered to vote.

    I watched a chunk of all 6 of Trump’s rallies in 24 hours (one spanned late Sunday and the wee hours of Monday).His stump speech is such a consistent message and he is fearless going on the attack. Exactly what Romney lacked. The crowds are gargantuan and the love vibe for Trump broke the needle on enthusiasm. If you believe the polls that tell you Biden is in the lead, I have some waterfront property for sale in the Everglades. The price is rock bottom and won’t last! Log on to and click virtual tour

    1. David, fixed the date, a trivial mistake. Your comment makes so many excellent points (including about Tulsi, who has been a favorite of mine) that I am including it in my NeedToKnow: The Fetzer Report (3 November 2020) today–and not for the first time! Will be posted several places, including my twitter @JimFetzer (or @JamesFetzer) and NeedToKnow channel. Terrific! Keep ’em coming. Thanks.

  8. Despite the cynical and erudite tone in Keven Barrett’s article, and some useful information, the differences between Donald Trump and the Republicans, and Joe Biden and the Democrats, are glaring and obvious. The Democrats have been very much behind the Soros-funded Antifa riots, while Biden has been silent on them; and the Republicans and Trump have been very much against them, and Trump has resisted them with legal measures and threats of sending in the the National Guard. Trump has been in favor of opening up America despite the CV Scamdemic (although his talk of a speedy vaccine is alarming, albeit politically expedient), while Biden seems likely to vaccinate everything that moves on behalf of his corporate owners — as usual. Furthermore, Trump is clearly not a bought-off shill of the Red Chinese, or a bought-off corporate whore in general, while Biden is clearly that. Don’t even talk about Kamala Harris, who could easily replace Biden soon; she is kind of, to put it charitably, a witch from hell. For these reason I strongly urge any undecideds to vote for Trump; and, meanwhile, very important, rally locally behind Republican and Patriot groups and any group showing initiative in fighting the New World Order takeover of our country and the CV Scamdemic and Mandatory Vaxxing in general. We need Trump, because we need all the help we can get; and, most of all, we need to help ourselves.

    1. Operation Warpspeed is just one example of how the USG is so out of control that anybody paying attention would be alarmed.

      Maybe Trump has an Attention Deficit Disorder. Or he’s so busy playing 5D chess that some of these little details got by him.

      Any old excuse will do, I guess. But this doesn’t place Trump in a good light.

  9. Another unfortunate and worse-than-useless article by Kevin Barrett. So SARS-CoV-2 is a deliberately-released bioweapon, is it? And Trump is a malignant narcissist, egomaniac, and mental midget? I have yet to fathom why anyone pays any attention to the confused mutterings of Kevin Barrett. With all due respect, certainly.

    1. Exactly my thoughts Vivian. Kevin has a thought in his head and then inflates and exaggerates it to ridiculous heights to make an absurd jumble of fantasmagoric nonsense. I wish I hadn’t read it.

    2. Yes, I think the record suggests that SARS-CoV-2 is a deliberately-released bioweapon.

      And Trump does have a big ego.

      Mental Midget? Do mental midgets play 5D chess? I wish I could figure that out myself.


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