Jon Rappoport, The Rudy, Sidney, and Jenna show: a blistering press conference for the ages

Jon Rappoport

OK, Sidney, now I see what’s happening!


Yesterday, I took Trump attorney, Sidney Powell, to task for her lack of court-case filings.

Where’s the beef, I asked.

Because time is of the essence.

From everything I’ve studied, the amount of vote-fraud is titanic. Court cases are obviously necessary.

I want to read Sidney’s filings. I want to see the progress of cases through the courts.

But after the monster press conference yesterday, during which Rudy Giuliani, Sidney, and surprise star Jenna Ellis spoke, I believe I understand what’s really going on here. Ultimately, it has nothing to do with Sidney. I’ll speak to that in a minute.

First, the press conference was a hell of an event. Rudy broke through and hit home runs out of the park. Sidney made a stalwart presentation. Jenna Ellis, legal advisor to Trump, served up MAJOR high heat to the gathered press.

She hammered on the distinction between an opening presentation (the press conference) and a court trial, in which evidence is presented in detail.

She told the press they wouldn’t even accurately report this very press conference the next day. Her tone was iron conviction heated in a forge.

You don’t learn that in school or in a courtroom. It comes from someplace else.

Rudy took the reporters to school. He told them their claims of “lack of evidence” for fraud were ridiculous. Affidavits are evidence. He waved a list of sworn statements at them, from on-site witnesses, which asserted:

Fake ballots. Back-dated ballots. Unobserved ballots. Unsigned ballots. Mountains of them. From multiple states.

Sidney spoke about Dominion Voting Systems, Smartmatic, and their Swiss Cheese software with back doors. The easy opportunities for hacking into machines. The algorithm set up to flip votes from Trump to Biden.

Jenna said a prosecutor could take days to prepare a case about a single crime that was committed during the course of a few minutes. Here, the lawyers were dealing with a case that stretched out across a massive amount of space, and went back in time.


Trump’s lawyers ARE under the gun. The moment Trump settled into the Oval Office, after the 2016 election, he should have appointed a high-IQ, loyal-to-the-death, grim reaper to prepare for this moment: his next election.

Because it was obvious the Democrats—if they couldn’t impeach him first—were going to call in all their markers to take him to the cleaners in 2020: They’d assemble foot soldiers, enforcers, journalists, bureaucrats, city-machine politicians, computer pros, straight-out thugs, agent provocateurs, every usual suspect and bribable piece of scum in every big city in every key state. All hands on deck.

But a Trump team to plan for that kind of 2020 didn’t materialize. Not soon enough. Not good enough. Not thorough enough. Not relentless enough.

And because Trump is a salesman, and a deal maker, and not a detailed planner, he didn’t button up that team and discover their deficiencies.

So, when the time came, and the 2020 election votes poured in, he wasn’t ready. Not in the way you have to be ready for this kind of war.

Therefore, the whole battlefield has to be occupied by his lawyers. Right now. For the multi-dimensional fraud case of a lifetime. With deadlines looming.

No small band of lawyers, no matter how sharp, could handle this on the fly, without breaking into a cold sweat. Especially when some of their attorney colleagues are jumping ship, because their careers are being threatened by fanatical Left Democrats from Nome to Tampa.

And every day, the bloated news network slugs calmly twiddle and twaddle about the brand spanking new president Joe and his plans and possible choices for cabinet posts, as if the sky is clear and the course is fixed, and all’s right with the world. Justice has been served. The people have spoken. The US is most certainly not a banana republic.

Right. Sure. Down in those forlorn places, troops with guns take over the radio station, which is all you need to stage a coup. Up here, our very best coiffed and powdered professional liars are ALREADY the radio station. And they call the election.

If they say Rex the shaggy dog is the next president, the nation of viewers nods and goes back to sleep.

But not this time.

Jenna Ellis first interview since the block-busting press conference of 19 November 2020

The millions of Trump voters want to live in freedom, work, earn a living, raise their families with the least possible government interference. They don’t want more lockdowns, economic devastation, and unconstitutional COVID mandates from gangster governors.

The millions of Biden voters want, or will dutifully submit to, those mandates and lockdowns. They believe government can not only establish equality of opportunity for all, but can guarantee “equality of outcome” across the board. That way spells the long night of disaster.

That is why I want the Trump voters to win.

To see if that happens, there must be an honest count.

So far, we have a news-network count. That’s all.

So the lawyers go to court.

I don’t profess naïve faith in the judicial system. But it’s a road that has to be traveled.

Win or lose, this isn’t over, because the truth isn’t over. Ever.

Slavery is always waiting and percolating in government halls and offices and conference suites that make Las Vegas money-counting rooms look like church chapels.

Freedom is in homes and in the open air of adventure and striving.

That dream, that reality isn’t dead in America.

No tonnage of lockdown or fraud can kill it.

OK, Sidney, OK, Rudy, you shouldn’t have to carry all this freight, but you’re in the slot. The Department of Justice should be all over the case with warrants blazing. Unfortunately, we’re not in a pre-packaged movie about Eliot Ness taking down Al Capone.

This is you, and the election system of America. The decades of cash-and-carry City Halls in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee.

Just make sure we know where to go to read your court filings, and the evidence you can disclose in those filings. Show us every step of every case.

Stay tuned to us, we’ll stay tuned to you.

What we’re facing now is all part of the ten thousand year war for freedom.

Determination, war, blood, sacrifice: It started in clans in caves; it made a majestic layover in ancient Athens; it flashed forward to the signing of the Magna Carta and the American Constitution; it stopped to take a quick photo of a New Orleans DA who was standing outside on a rainy night with a valise full of papers exposing the assassination of a US president; it moved into another kind of struggle with zeroes and ones flashing inside technological masterpieces designed to invent reality, any reality.

It’s still the same war.

Jon Rappoport is the author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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28 thoughts on “Jon Rappoport, The Rudy, Sidney, and Jenna show: a blistering press conference for the ages”

  1. Don’t miss (at least) the first twenty minutes of the above embedded Gorka video interview with Senior Legal Adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign, Jenna Ellis.

    1. Jenna is hot stuff. She put those “reporters” in their place at the briefing and they didn’t even realize they were eviscerated. The MSM in this republic has absolutely ZERO credibility…actually less than zero because every word after the actual date of the broadcast is a lie. Why anyone watches them is beyond my understanding. They’re not even good actors. They all parrot the same script. They have absolutely nothing original to say. They have no personality and no character. Thanks again to Obama for repealing the Smith-Mundt Act that virtually turned the news into a soap opera (and a bad one at that) and a propaganda outlet for the DEEP STATE.

  2. “Sidney Powell talks about her allegations regarding the computerized voting systems on election night”
    by Larry O’Connor, Host of Examining Politics podcast |
    | November 20, 2020 04:49 PM

    “The Trump Campaign’s legal team’s lead attorney joins the Washington Examiner’s Examining Politics podcast in an exclusive interview.

    “She tells Larry O’Connor she is willing to stake her personal and professional reputation on the allegations she has made. She says the legal team has pictures of votes being manipulated in real time. She answers pointed questions about her allegations regarding the computerized voting systems on election night. She says Republicans have benefitted from these systems as well. She also says she would LOVE Dominion to sue her over her allegations so she can conduct civil discovery. She also responds to the charges made by Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday evening.

    “She says a whole lot more! It’s one of the most comprehensive interviews with Sidney Powell to date.”

    Full interview here:


  3. The worldwide communists [called Democrats in the USA] have been trying to takeover the USA for the past 100 years. I sadly predict their next step could be cold-blooded murder. They will stop at nothing to achieve their vile goal.

    Many States used the SAME voting machines that were used to cheat the election and install communists in Venezuela.
    No wonder people call the US a banana republic.

    1. If you haven’t seen the movie, Richard Jewell yet, I highly recommend it. L. Lin Wood was made by his representation of his friend Richard Jewell, the hero of the Atlanta Olympic bombing who was set up as the bomber in a collusion by the government and media. Regardless of the believability of the rest of the official story (in 2005, Eric Rudolph confessed to the bombing, among other crimes, to avoid execution), the Wood/Jewell part of the story details everyday bravery in the world and heroism in the court.

      Sam Rockwell is Lin Wood.

      Richard Jewell trailer:

      Clint Eastwood made this movie. His producer said she hadn’t heard him talk about a movie this way in a long time, that he just want to do it so badly.

      “I just kinda went after (the story.) It did happen. It could happen again. It could happen to anybody. I just wanted the real victim to get some relief – the truth is put out there.”

      It’s kind of funny because despite the clear timeliness of the story, all the typically Hollywood-thinking actors don’t get why Eastwood would want to make this movie. But they all give in because they want to work so badly with the legend.

      Richard Jewell, The Making of featurette


      1. Thanks, Toni…it was a remarkable movie …I’ll watch it again tonight…been a while…and I enjoy anything Eastwood does…directing or acting. “Mule” was a highly underrated movie…Eastwood at his best…aged like a fine wine. You made my day!

      2. That song is as underrated as “Mule”. I never understood why it didn’t take off…maybe the length. The visuals created from Dylan’s words are like an oil painting. And, yes….ever since Grossman screwed Dylan out of all his early songs, he’s very careful.
        My favorite verse:

        Strange how people who suffer together have stronger connections than people who are most content
        I don’t have any regrets, they can talk about me plenty when I’m gone
        You always said people don’t do what they believe in, they just do what’s most convenient, then they repent
        And I always said, “Hang on to me, baby, and let’s hope that the roof stays on”

        And for visuals:

        Well, we crossed the panhandle and then we headed towards Amarillo
        We pulled up where Henry Porter used to live. He owned a Wreckin’ lot outside of town about a mile
        Ruby was in the backyard hanging clothes, she had her red hair tied back. She saw us come rolling up in a trail of dust
        She said, “Henry ain’t here but you can come on in, he’ll be back in a little while”

  4. Al Perrotta

    Perhaps the most gut-wrenching scene in Braveheart occurs when William Wallace discovers he has been betrayed by a man he thought of as a friend. The heartbreak on Wallace’s face is far more terrible than the torture Wallace would later suffer. You expect brutality from your enemies, but not from your friends.

    Robert the Bruce had done what was politically expedient at the moment. Betraying Wallace — and his own heart — increased his chances of becoming Scotland’s king.

    Right now, a lot of people are doing what is political expedient to rid themselves of a brash, unorthodox, charismatic, fearless leader who was overturning the status quo. We know his enemies. They have been swinging swords at his head, clubs at his knees, using every means, legal and illegal, to take him out for five years. Right now, they are engaged in an extremely brazen effort to steal an election from him.

    Oh, don’t give me your “baseless allegations” garbage. You know it, and I know it. You saw it happen with your own eyes. You know it in your gut. And if you’ve closed your eyes to the mounting evidence, failed to research it yourself, failed to be honest with yourself, that’s on you.

    And that is the heartbreaking part. For the temporary political expediency of seeing Orange Man gone, otherwise good people are turning away from the fight for our country.
    Abandoning Their Neighbors

    They are leaving bloodied on the streets those attacked Saturday in Washington, D.C., by Antifa and BLM armies prowling the streets hunting MAGA supporters.

    They are turning away from the two Wayne County certification members who voted against certification, only to be doxed by their colleagues. One revealed the schools his GOP colleague’s kids went to after calling her a racist. He endangered her kids.

    They are turning away from the rule of law, rules of fairness, rules of equal protection under the law. Away from the things that made America the envy of the world, and the inspiration for millions “yearning to be free.”
    Please Support The Stream: Equipping Christians to Think Clearly About the Political, Economic and Moral Issues of Our Day.

    They are silent as conservative voices are silenced, conservative websites de-platformed, and legitimate news stories are censored.

    They are silent as members of Congress and media figures call for hit lists on Trump supporters.

    We look on them as Wallace looked on Robert the Bruce. If we look closer, will we, too, see shame?
    We Know There’s a Target on Our Back

    We know there’s a target on our back. That for many, supporting Trump is a career death sentence. And for some, like Bernell Trammell, a literal death sentence.

    We know that the dukes and earls and lords of the Swamp would be happy to see us routed on the field, even at the hands of a foreign enemy, even by betraying our founding principles. As long as their own realms are protected.

    We know the odds are long, the flaming arrows and charging cavalries come at us from all sides.

    But know this: The shield of faith shall extinguish the flaming arrows. While others trust their cavalries, we will trust in the name of the Lord. The fight is far from over. The fight for a free and fair election is right.

    Robert the Bruce felt shame for his betrayal. That turned into bravery and support for the cause of liberty. We pray this will happen in America.
    It’s About the Nation

    Because this is not about one man. It’s about one nation conceived in liberty. It’s about millions of Americans, mocked and forgotten, demanding accountability. It’s about millions of Americans not yet born who deserve to know “liberty and justice for all.”

    Yet, even if our neighbors do not join the battle, if deceit is to carry the day, if we are to go down, if we are to be figuratively dismembered, if we are to be alone, at least we will leave with one word on our lips: “Freedom.”

    Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl. And if you aren’t already, please follow The Stream at @Streamdotorg.

    Me….NEVER give in. NEVER surrender. NEVER test. NEVER vaccinate.
    What is coming is for the whole thing….Understand this is not about a fake virus or a worthless vaccine. This is about your life….your freedom to live the way you wish….your ability to express yourself without fear of censorship and reprisal…..your human right to interact with your friends, neighbors and family…..your human right to pursue your dreams….to raise your children according to what YOU think is best….to travel freely….to breathe FULLY…to LIVE our CONSTITUTION or DIE TRYING.

  5. All I can do is remain hopeful that Trump remains President until 2024. Anyone that thinks The Living Corpse actually won legit lives in a dreamworld called Covidia, a land within a land. The Covidians are a strange people who believe rioting, arson and looting is mostly peaceful and restricting their oxygen supply will keep them healthy and destroying the economy will protect them from harm. To become a citizen of Covidia, all that’s required is ‘surgically removing your common sense and pleading allegiance to a hankerchief

    1. I pledge allegiance to the mask of the united covidiots. And to the scamdemic for which it stands; one herd, under Fauci’s invisible virus with injustice, worthless tests and unneeded vaccines for all.

  6. John R. writes this….” The US is most certainly not a banana republic.” John, let me whisper you a secret. The USA is a banana republic and was turned into a B.R. the day JFK was killed in broad daylight in front of his wife, if not before and has only gotten worse in the ensuing years.

  7. The following is blockbuster news…..

    Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Barret and Alito have been assigned full control over the circuit courts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. This is a new development that just happened today. This marks an EXTREME escalation in the election fraud issue, and as a bonus, today it was revealed that it was indeed Trump that seized the server and his team has it.


      1. My pleasure….I guess this is just another dumb or stupid or Zionist move according to a few on this blog. Gawd forbid, a man who has been tortured for 4 years should be given any accreditation.

  8. Sidney Powell fires back at Tucker Carlson…
    “No, I didn’t get angry with the request to provide evidence,” Powell replied. “In fact, I sent an affidavit to Tucker that I had not even attached to a pleading yet to help him understand the situation, and I offered him another witness who could explain the math and the statistical evidence far better than I can. I’m not really a numbers person.” Powell then concluded about Mr. Carlson, “He was insulting, demanding and rude, and I told him not to contact me again, in those terms.”

  9. A lot of what we are currently experiencing can be laid at the feet of Donald Trump.

    “Trump caved in on Hillary almost immediately after he was sworn in. He made no attempt to go after her. Had he done that one thing, he could have kept one promise and probably dismantled a portion of the machine that caused him his current situation. When people get exposed and go to prison, the lower level hangers on have to decide if they want to follow them and ruin their lives. Proper prosecution early on could have decapitated the leadership of the plot that made him a completely ineffective president. I never thought he was going to amount to much after I saw who he started to hire for key positions.”

    1. Ralph, You make lots of posts, many of which I agree with, some not. Given what Trump has been put through, however, I regard this as not only STUPID but COLOSSALLY UNFAIR. Take it anyway you want, but I don’t like seeing such massive stupidity on this blog. Sorry about that.

    2. Insiders such as FBIAnon said arresting Hillary wouldn’t do a damn thing to change anything. Robert Steele doesn’t even believe she is still alive anyways. With her serious health issues, it would be a miracle if she was still alive 4 years after the election she lost.

    3. Hillary is a snake, but I’m not convinced she is the head of the snake anymore than Biden’s alleged election win is the least bit convincing. Trump has really appointed some very poor people, for example John Bolton. But the dishonest Dems have gone after him like a disturbed hive of Japanese killer bees. No matter how good a job anyone may have done, it’s impossible to win against fraudulent ballots and computerized vote swapping. Bidden and Kamala are the two weakest most undesirable candidates in my lifetime. Enthusiasm for them and the Dem platform is close to zero; all the while Trump was generating large crowds and large election day legal voter support. The fact that Biden and Harris are so weak, just accents the obvious election fraud that has taken place.

    4. Seymour….Do you understand this Republic is being attacked from all sides. The only one between us and communism is Donald J. Trump. Do you think your incessant criticism of the one man who is putting his life on the line is helping this nation to survive? As an ex-pat, one would think you could have SOME pride or fight left to be of some assistance in our fight to keep America going. At this very moment in our struggle, IF NOT TRUMP, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

      1. Seymour is a curmudgeon of the first order. I hate to call people names but this one applies.

        Many people name-call me cynical and I readily admit that it fits. I don’t mind at all.

        Yes the USA is being attacked on ALL sides. The most sickening is the attack from the media. Ben Franklin is spinning at warp speed.

        Biden can’t wait to move his toys into the Oval Office. His tin soldiers and Raggedy Andy dolls are all packed up.

      2. I visited a friend today who always has Fox on …probably 24 hours a day…all I heard was “president elect Biden….” …lies and arrogance…it exudes from all the MSM. They have absolutely no sense of what is right or wrong. Their time is coming…bet on it.

    5. Ralph, this is no time to second-guess Trump. With the Republic on the line now, anyone not standing with Trump is standing against him–period.


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