John Daniel Davidson, Yes, Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin, And Pennsylvania

John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson

In the three Midwest battleground states, vote counting irregularities persist in an election that will be decided on razor-thin margins.
[Editor’s note: Proof that the Democrats flooded the election with millions of fake ballots follows from the discovery that they LOST some 22 of 25 contested House seats, which would have been impossible had the “Biden voters” voted the down-ballot races or a straight Democratic ticket. This means they were predicting a Biden landslide because they had rigged the vote to produce it, which also means (given how tight the race has turned out to be) that Trump would have had a bona fide landslide had the Democrats not intervened.]

As of this writing, it appears that Democratic Party machines in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are trying to steal the election.

As reporters and commentators went to bed early Tuesday morning, all three states were too close to call, but President Trump led former Vice President Joe Biden by comfortable margins—far beyond what had been predicted in the polls. None of the networks called these states because enough mail-in ballots remained uncounted that it could swing either way, but Trump’s position looked good.

Then, something strange happened in the dead of the night. In both Michigan and Wisconsin, vote dumps early Wednesday morning showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent—that’s zero, so not even one vote—for Trump.

In Michigan, Biden somehow got 138,339 votes and Trump got none, zero, in an overnight vote-dump.

When my Federalist colleague Sean Davis noted this, Twitter was quick to censor his tweet, even though all he had done was compare two sets of vote totals on the New York Times website. And he wasn’t the only one who noticed—although on Wednesday it appeared that anyone who noted the Biden vote dump in Michigan was getting censored by Twitter.

Others were quick to note the partisan censorship from Twitter and raise concerns over how 100 percent of a vote dump could possibly go to Biden. But the social media giant has maintained its crackdown on sharing this information. Twitter users could not like or share a tweet from the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh noting the 138,339-vote dump.

Buzzfeed later reported that according to a spokesperson at Decision Desk HQ, the votes for Biden were the result of a “data error” from a “file created by the state that we ingested.” When the state noticed the “error” it updated its count, which somehow gave 138,339 votes to Biden and zero to Trump.

It turns out, the vote dump was the result of an alleged typo, an extra zero that had been tacked onto Biden’s vote total in Shiawassee County, Michigan. It seems the error was discovered only because Davis and other Twitter users noted how insane and suspicious the vote totals looked, and demanded an investigation that uncovered what was either a typo or an incredibly clumsy attempt to boost Biden’s vote count.

There was also something suspicious about the vote reporting in Antrim County, Michigan, where Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 30 points in 2016. Initial vote totals there showed Biden ahead of Trump by 29 points, a result that can’t possibly be accurate, as plenty of journalists noted.

After the strange results caught national attention, election officials in Antrim County said they were investigating what they called “skewed” results, working with the company that provides their election software to see what went wrong. The county clerk said they plan to have an answer by Wednesday afternoon.

Then another mysterious all-Biden vote dump happened in Wisconsin. Biden miraculously overcame a 4.1-point Trump lead in the middle of the night thanks to vote dumps in which he got—you guessed it—100 percent of the votes and Trump got zero.

Note the vertical lines in both graphs below:

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign demanded a full recount in Wisconsin, citing “reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results.”

In Pennsylvania, the Democratic scheme to steal the election is a bit different. Rather than vote dumps that impossibly go 100 percent to Biden, Pennsylvania is relying on the Democratic Secretary of State’s plan to count indisputably late mail-in ballots as though they were received on Election Day—even if they have no postmark.

This plan was of course rubber-stamped by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which cited the need for “equitable relief” to address mail delays amid the pandemic.

Note that this isn’t just about ballots that come in after Election Day, but about ballots that come in after Election Day that don’t even have a postmark—that is, there is no way to tell when the ballots were mailed, or from where.

Although it’s true that the long delays we’ve seen for absentee ballot counts are due in part to state laws in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania that prohibit the counting of absentee ballots before Election Day, which is not the case in most other states. But the cumulative circumstances under which these absentees ballots are now being tallied is highly suspicious.

Unless election officials in Michigan and Wisconsin can explain the overnight vote-dumps and, in Michigan, the “typo” that appeared to benefit Biden, and Pennsylvania officials can explain their rationale for counting ballots with no postmark, the only possible conclusion one can come to right now is that Democrats are trying to steal the election in the Midwest.

John Daniel Davidson is the Political Editor at The Federalist. Follow him on Twitter.
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11 thoughts on “John Daniel Davidson, Yes, Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin, And Pennsylvania”

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  2. Along with Dr. Fetzer’s statement about Biden’s double, please pass the following info around. Social media is, of course, censoring any attempt at organizing by We the People. Despicable, but what can we expect from an ongoing coup against this republic?

    This has gotten censored. I mentioned this last night also. Social media is attempting to block this from happening. There are supposed to be widespread Trump rallies/protests against vote fraud.

    I have done nothing but pay attention to this situation, and here’s where we are at as of Saturday morning (without you having to go and surf 50 sites to get this –

    The watermark story is a probable hoax, however, there were other sting operations underway and Biden is hopelessly, irrevocably busted. That’s why no winner has been announced. I really don’t know where this will all land in the end but there is such a mountain of fraud this time that it was like trying to contain the aftermath of a nuclear blast, containment is totally breached. There are even videos of CNN broadcasts that prove there is fraud, where numbers for the Republican candidates go DOWN, live, on screen, with votes vanishing, ON SCREEN, right on CNN. This time it was BAD folks, there’s no way out of it. Now there are (according to my estimates,) 48.1 million false votes for Biden. And they did not stop there, they went to steal the house and senate also. So it’s not just Trump that will blow this open, tons of Republican candidates are on stage for this sh*T show and it looks like it is going to be good.

    However, no matter how good it is people must keep in mind the outcome is not guaranteed to be righteous because we are indeed in the middle of an attempted communist coup, and as I said in the subsequent post, that’s the key factor in this – is America sufficiently subverted for the communists to simply brush all of this obvious fraud away? We are going to find out. I strongly suggest that if you can, pack your picnic basket and head into the city (preferably your state’s capitol) today and join in the protests.

    You know what I’d like to see? An ocean of guns, with everyone screaming: “This protest is peaceful, for now!”. THAT would send a message!

    There are over 50 rallies, but these are especially important:

    MI – 9:30am TCF Center (Detroit)
    ATL – 12pm State Farm Arena
    PA – 12pm PA Capitol Harrisburg
    DC – 1pm RNC Office 320 1st St SE

    Be ready to change locations on a moment’s notice, this is organized rag tag due to censors and we need everyone in the same spot in each city.


  3. Yes it is staggering to think of any cognizant “American” voting for Biden, and surely many did,
    but I agree w/ you that the numbers are simply impossible to believe. I re-state my position w/
    more vigor than ever – only White men of a certain age and property / economic status should
    EVER be allowed to vote. Period. The way it was once intended – certainly as a wall or buffer
    against what we are clearly seeing – the ire of a jewish led and inspired rabble of women and
    non-Whites w/ their never ending ax to grind. They will hate us and call us racist no matter
    what, and of course will be agitated to do so by you know who. There is literally nothing to
    lose and everything to gain – our freedom & sovereignty if that means anything – by being
    the racist misogynistic bastards they accuse us to be ANYWAY !! I spit on equality ’cause
    it doesn’t exist & I don’t care how much you cry about it. We fix this issue and nearly ALL
    of our political and election issues go away, and we can build a nation again. If we don’t,
    if we’re too weak willed, then we have no business crying about what we deserve.

    1. You forget that Trump did very well in 2020 with Latino males, black males, and white married females. After the massive 2020 election fraud is out in the open, a lot of other groups in our society will finally come the realization of who the bad guys are.

      1. William, I am ‘forgetting’ nothing. I don’t care how many blacks or women voted for Trump.
        Or voted for anybody for that matter. This is a ‘big picture’ issue. Honestly, I don’t think any
        Man under the age of 30 should vote. And I’d be open to make it 35. Women can make the
        sandwiches for the Men that vote – so that they’ll be well nourished ya know. We have very
        well entrenched enemies and they have shown themselves to be implacable & relentless.
        AND they are still in power and WILL BE after Trump has come and gone. I’m in favor of
        Trump for now – FOR OBVIOUS REASONS- but we have bigger fish to fry. Much bigger.
        I suggest we get out a frying pan and start to build a fire.

      2. Rommel, I would love to hear your logic and explanation as to WHY you believe only white property owners over 30 or 35 years of age should be allowed to vote.

        While scholars might not agree if the Constitution guarantees the right to vote, the U.S. Supreme Court does not hesitate to affirm the notion. In the 1972 decision in Dunn v. Blumstein, Justice Marshall stated, “In decision after decision, this Court has made clear that a citizen has a constitutionally protected right to participate in elections on an equal basis with other citizens in the jurisdiction.” And again in the 1974 Richardson v. Ramirez case, Justice Rehnquist wrote: “Because the right to vote ‘is of the essence of a democratic society, and any restrictions on that right strike at the heart of representative government,’… voting is a ‘fundamental’ right.”

        Would you trash the above decisions?

  4. The ballot dumping could be the tip of the iceberg–and it may not have occurred from the inside. What is briefly mentioned at the top of the post is what I remember from watching the results: Whereas late-night votes erased Trump’s lead, there was little if any comparable effect on the results for the Senate race. John James, the GOP candidate, was consistently underperforming Trump and then suddenly began to outperform him, although still narrowly falling behind. The “typo” explanation makes little sense because tacking on an extra zero would not yield a ballot increase of 138,339! The problem for the Dems is that, with almost all the votes counted, Biden’s “victory” margin is less than the 138,339 that were added.

    It is possible that the MI and WI results–and presumably others as well–were hacked, which can yield IP addresses and other signatures. This, in turn, may lead to evidence of a more widespread, high-level organized effort to hijack the results on election day.

    One thing is certain–the stopping of ballot counting in NV, AZ, GA, NC, and somewhat in PA is unprecedented in American political history and has precedent only to “suspect” elections in other nations where one party is trying to cling to power.

  5. Several Dem state governments illegally changed their voting laws to enable them to cheat the vote. This is what these Trump lawsuits are about. Trump correctly predicted this would happen. Only state legislatures are allowed to change voting laws….not some random state official or politician. This is all clearly stated in the US Constitution.
    What occured in those Dem controlled states is a Federal crime. Expect a lot of fireworks.

  6. Readers of comments here have complained over my assertions that the American people are stupid. In response, I simply say, look at the record; the truth is my defense.

    But nobody can convince me that 70 million Americans voted for Joe Biden. They aren’t that stupid.


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