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by Joseph A Olson, PE

Some physicians are more than robotic, pill pushing clinicians, some are medical scientists. One such doctor was Dr Robert O Becker, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at the Veterans Administration hospital, affiliated with Syracuse University.

His twenty-five year quest for the Holy Grail of orthopedics, regeneration, is documented in his epic work, Body Electric, but first, some history of other doctors who were medical scientists.

In 1953, Dr Michael DeBakey created the roller pump for blood transfusions. His colleague, Dr Denton Cooley invented the bubble oxygen generator in 1956. Together these cardiac surgeons revolutionized heart surgery, see Houston Hearts: History of Cardovascular Surgery at

Dr DeBakey was a US Army doctor who created the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) system that reduced frontline deaths from 20% to 4% during World War Two and was responsible for VA hospitals being located next to research universities. In 1960, Dr William Chadack and engineer, Wilson Greatbatch created the first electrical, pulse generating “pacemaker” at the Buffalo VA Hospital. By 1970, the interface of engineering and medicine needed a more formal engagement.

Leaders of the Texas Medical Center, where the DeBakey & Cooley team were performing dozens of open heart surgeries daily, approached the University of Houston engineering class to switch majors to the newly created Bioenginering degree plan. This is a fascinating history that will be covered in future articles.

Dr Becker was studying “current of injury” in plants and animals in 1961, a subject known for two hundred years, but never quantified. Regeneration involved a direct current, +/- 3 micro-amp current, and when supplemented with an outside current, Dr Becker was able to cause a three-fold increase in regeneration rate. All forms of electrotherapy had been banned in 1910 by the Carnegie (Rothschild) funded Flexner Report, which recommended only chemical treatments.

Dr Becker published his book in 1985. The reason this article is titled, SECRET is that the medical community has yet to recognize some of these proven discoveries. The reason for this article, is to provide a brief show prep for my Friday, Nov 27, 2020 interview on Coast to Coast AM radio. Science education is 90% visual, and to help the Coast audience understand some of these concepts, it is beneficial to provide the visual aids in this article.

Regeneration of lost limbs is common in insects, crustaceans, and with the salamander families of the amphibians, but not in frogs, reptiles, birds or mammals. All animals have a slight positive charge at the head, reducing down the nervous system and becoming negative in the extremities. The question was, how was this charge created, and how as it distributed along an apparent single nervous system network.

By separating the components of the ganglia, Dr Becker discovered that the parallel motor nerves and sensory nerves completed the loop required for the electrical circuit. The sensory nerves sent the “current of injury” signal and the motor nerves directed the repair action. In order to replace a lost limb, a full spectrum of new tissues needed to be created.

The search was on for the cells that could be converted to the needed stem cell inventory. The unlikely feedstock for regeneration, were the red blood cells. To maximize hemoglobin content, red blood cells do not have a nucleus. Upon receiving the repair signal, the red blood cells first form a blastema at the injury site, then eject the hemoglobin, form a nucleus and then begin forming the needed bone, marrow, nerves, muscle and skin for the replacement limb.

In the decades since this discovery, the chemical based medical monopoly and their captive government research grant system seem uninterested in pursuing this potential therapy. The Body Electric Secrets continued to amaze.

If the current of injury could be interrupted, it might be possible to do surgery without chemical sedation. While helpful to physician and patient, chemical sedation involves risk of shutting down the involuntary signals for respiration and blood circulation, as well as side effects and drowsiness after surgery.

Experiments on salamanders showed that magnetic anesthesia had none of these problems, but again the chemical anesthesia monopoly objected to further research on this subject. The figure below explains how an electromagnet can switch off the pain receptors.

As a trained structural engineer I found this next discovery to be shocking. Bone is piezoelectric. Concrete and steel are the most common structural components, and a first glance it would appear that bones behave like concrete with high compressive strength and low tensile strength. Steel has very high tensile strength, but compressive strength is dependent on geometry.

A short steel rod has a high compressive strength, but as the length increases the “slenderness ratio” quickly allows it to buckle. Engineers discovered that the same volume of steel, separated from the axis of vertical force had substantial increase in load. This is the Moment of Inertia used in wide flange and box girder columns.

Compare your longest bone, your femur to a tubular column with uniform cross section. If this tall column was constantly subject to a horizontal load, that was always from the same direction. The tension side can stretch a substantial amount, but the compression side will buckle. Now imagine if, using the same volume of material, one could relocate the extra steel from the tension side to the compression side.

Placing a bone under stress causes a redistribution of mass, which follows Wolff s Law where tension (+) leads to absorption and compression (-) leads to redistributed bone growth. It may be that astronauts suffer uniform bone loss due to lack of force along all sides of their skeletal structure.

Biological systems have evolved on a planet bathed in electromagnetic radiation, nuclear decay radiation and chemical toxins. The electrically directed defense systems operate in the milli-voltages and pico-amperage range. It is foolish to believe that every increasing human produced radiation has no impact on life.

We Will Discuss These Topics In Greater Detail On Black Friday, Nov 27th 2020 Interview To A Worldwide Coast Audience. See Here.

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About the author:  Joseph A Olson PE. Joe co-authored ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon – Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ the world’s first full-volume debunk of the greenhouse gas theory and is co-founder of Principia Scientific International. Retired Texan engineer and impassioned science writer, Joe is a respected innovative thinker with over 100 major civil engineering and climate-related articles to his name. Joe will be speaking during the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference (5-6 December 2020), which will feature 24 experts on events like JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, the 2020 election, the COVID-19 “pandemic”, the godfathers of sex abuse (Billy Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein), staging hate crimes (Jussie Smollett, George Floyd, Bubba Wallace), high-tech censorship, and much, much more:

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