The Saker, Cui Bono from the Situation in France

The Saker

I won’t even bother repeating it all here, those who are interested in my views of this entire Charlie Hebdo canard can read my article “I am NOT Charlie” here:

No, what I want to do is to ask a simple question: do you think the French leaders are simply stupid, suicidal or naive? I submit that they neither stupid, nor suicidal nor naive. In fact, they are using a well practiced technique which goes with some variation of this:


  • Infiltrate some pseudo-Islamic gang of cutthroats (literally!)

  • Keep them under close scrutiny ostensibly for counter-terrorism purposes

  • Inside the group, try to promote your confidential informers

  • Have your analysts work on the following question: “how could we best provoke these nutcases into a bloody terrorist act?

  • Once the plan is decided, simply execute it, say by organizing the posting fantastically offensive caricatures

  • Once the cutthroats strike, blame Islam and double down

  • By then, you have infuriated most of the immense Muslim world out there and you can rest assured that the process is launched and will continue on its own. You can now relax and get the pop-corn

  • Have your propaganda machine declare that Islam is incompatible with western civilization (whatever that means in 2020, both Descartes and Conchita Wurst I suppose…)

  • Shed some crocodile tears when the cutthroats murder some completely innocent Christian bystander

  • And announce a new crusade against “Islamism” (also a vague and, frankly, meaningless term!) and crack down on true Muslim communities and ideas while continuing to lovingly arm, train, finance and direct the “good terrorists” who have now become your own, personal, cutthroats.

Cui bono?

Anybody who knows anything about the political realities in France will immediately know in whose interests this all is and who is behind that: the Zionist power structure in France (CRIF, UEJF, etc. and the Israelis). They have a total control over Macron and over the entire political class, very much including Marine LePen.

Who else could have concocted the “beautiful” term “Islamo-Fascisme“?!

This is a new phenomenon, a new ideology and a new strategy, which Alain Soral calls “National Zionism” which I discussed in some details here: .

The Conspiracy Guy: How to Spot a False Flag (Part 1)

In its inception (from Ahad Ha’am, Theodor Herzl, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, etc) Zionism used to be a largely secular and nationalistic, then, later, after WWII, it became very leftist and still secular ( Ben-Gurion, Shlomo Lavi, Golda Meir). Modern Zionism, however, is both rabidly racist and religious – the perfect example would be US neocons. It is also a ruthless and genocidal ideology which has created something truly original: God-mandated racism, something which, as far as I know, no other religion professes (so much for the ignorant and, frankly, plain stupid notions of “Abrahamic religions” or, even worse, “Judeo-Christian values”!). National Zionism is the next phase of Zionism – it is rabidly “conservative” (in a Neocon sense only, of course!) and it parasitically feeds on whatever nationalist ideology the local patriotic goyim are inclined towards (the best example of that being the so-called “Christian Zionists” in the USA).

But here is the demonic “beauty” of it all: in a society like the French one, the Zionists don’t even need to micromanage their false flags: given enough uneducated and murderous pseudo-Muslim cutthroats and enough rabid secularists wanted to offend the faithful – some kind of violent explosion will *inevitably* happen!

The Conspiracy Guy: How to Spot a False Flag (Part 2)

Right now, between the embarrassing Yellow Vests movement, the crumbling economy, the massive influx, wave after wave, of unwanted and un-adaptable immigrants and the resulting social tensions, the French regime is in deep trouble. Add to this the COVID pandemic which just added to the chaos and anger and finish with a total lack of foreign policy successes and you will immediately see why this regime badly needed what could be called a “patriotic reaction”.

Finally, there is the time-proven method of scaring your own population into a state of catatonic acceptance of everything and anything in the name of “security”.

We see it all in France today, we saw it in the UK before, and also in Belgium. And, rest assured, we will see much more such massacres in the future. The only way to really stop these “terrorist” attacks is to show their sponsors that we know who they are and we understand what they are doing. Short of this, these attacks will continue.


(Republished from The Vineyard of the Saker by permission of author or representative)
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15 thoughts on “The Saker, Cui Bono from the Situation in France”

  1. It’s tough to think about France or any other foreign country right now with what’s going on here…
    Did you know the US Government gave 2 million dollars to fund sex education for Hookers in Ethiopia?

    Check out the amazing work of open the books dot com which has identified and tracked 2.3 trillion dollars in federal grants in just 3 years from 2017 through 2019. Just wait until you read the insane things we are paying for like $530,000 to Hookers for Jesus and $248,000 for Storytime at the Laundramat and 3.3 Million Dollars going to ENGAGING MOMS ON TEEN INDOOR TANNING THRU SOCIAL MEDIA.

    Just wait until you see the other insane things we are funding like Cricket Lessons in India and $150,000 to fight extremism using Comic Book Super Heroes.

    Turning from the ridiculous to the outrageous, how about 9.8 billion going to the Ivy League when their collective endowments are already worth 140 Billion Dollars ? The Ivy league Colleges collectively take in $34.5 billion a year, which exceeds 25 state budgets.

    The fantastic work of open the books has already gained traction with Trump’s administration.
    We gave 5 billion dollars in three years to AMTRAK which is a for profit company that has never turned a profit in 50 years of existence. And it’s no wonder if you have ever priced a long distance train trip. We gave them 5 billion dollars in gravy troth grants and they still managed to lose 392 million dollars over three years. This insanity has to end.

    How about 11 billion dollars to the UN ? Is that in any way justified? How about 1.3 billion to the World Health Organization? What exactly are we getting for 12 Billion? Is it world peace and great heath for all or one gigantic black hole to burn money in?

    Check out the website which exposes government corruption at all levels, like the 6.2 million in campaign contributions to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo from vendors that yielded a 1100 fold return on investment for 247 state vendors totaling 7 billion dollars.

    Check out the founder’s presentation called the Depth of the Swamp. It’s amazing:

  2. Some interesting ideas here, but both recent “beheadings” were fake. Any time the assailant yells Allahu Akbar, well, that’s a clue… No need to infiltrate a gang of cutthroats and prod them into a bloody terrorist act – just hold a drill, shoot a few cell phone videos, interview a few crisis actor witnesses and fake friends/family members, send in some ambulances, cordon off part of the area (but not so much as to make it inaccessible for photo ops), put the (ever-changing) story out in the media, get it verified by Rita Katz at SITE Intel Group, organize some public mourning events with candles and flowers, and … VOILA! The people buy it. Much easier to control than a real “terrorist attack” – and much easier to clean up after. Add in the new lockdown, and Macron and his bosses score a triple whammy for the coming “second wave.”

    1. The decapitated head they showed of the teacher was straight out of a Halloween costume shop. It was so fake you could see the mold marks in the rubber. It was almost as bad as the frozen fake heads in Jeffrey Dahmer’s freezer…Those were straight off the bargain rack. They’ve been doing these deceptions forever. How many people today still believe the OJ Trial was real. It was all fake. Just look at the numbers, ridiculous.

      O. J. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison

      The families of Brown and Goldman filed a civil lawsuit against Simpson and won.
      They were awarded more than $33 million dollars from Simpson.

      The infamous 33 hoax code…

      Bill Gates “predicted” a super-virus pandemic breaking out in China that could kill 33 million

      People think Trump is not part of it.

      Trump Says He’s Mailing $200 to 33 Million Seniors Before Election

      Trump campaign put together a list of 33 false or misleading statements Biden made

      They are ALL part of it.

      1. Here’s my latest demonstrating the profound corruption of the Biden Crime Family and of the Democratic Party more generally. Share with your friends and relatives: The public has to know the full dimensions of the scam being perpetrated here and now..

      2. With respect to Tucker’s lost thumb drive, I suggest this was pure theatre.

        It was used to focus the public’s attention on a completely meaningless election. “Democracy” is threatened!

        Anybody paying attention would know this is a joke.

    1. I just spent an entire month in the US, and the verdict is in: The US people believe all the lies! And they scrupulously conform to all the ridiculous Covid protocols. It’s fucking pathetic. The US people have drunk so much kool aid that the situation is hopeless.

      If Donald Trump wasn’t so spineless he would expose the scam. But, as we all know, he just goes along with it.

      1. You are correct Ralph. Its not just Trump but also all of the former Presidents and Congress. Not one has spoken out about the hoaxes, frauds and scams.
        Sandy Hook hoax imo is key to all of this. Its the capstone of this hoax era. To ignore this is to admit the USA is a failed nation on a huge scale. Until Sandy Hook is adjudicated, the USA stands degraded and shamed eternally.

        The File pic is the Sandy Hook club of dead boys club. The dead girls have one too.


  3. Who would want to travel France these days? When people go to France, they want to interact with French people… not third world barbarians who consider rape “rough sex”. When you are dealing with cultures that don’t consider rape a crime or even morally wrong, there is going to be conflict. I don’t know if I will ever do much international traveling. So much of my own state of Colorado I’ve never seen. I could see maybe going to Chamonix for a ski trip, but that’s about it.

    When I heard one of the barbarians speak of wiping out French culture through having 2 or 3 women pregnant at the same time from one Muslim man and that France was allowing them to bring twenty children and three wives into their country sounds like National suicide, the book written by Anthony Sutton about America. It brings me back to the speaker series from Hillsdale College in Michigan. My Lord, this is a fantastically informative youtube series. It’s one of the few institutions of higher learning that is fighting to keep America a Republic. The last one I watched was Stephen Moore, Trump’s economic advisor talking about what really counts… the economy and how it relates to free trade with China… there is none with the totalitarian regime.That China should be considered a hostile enemy and not a trading partner.

    I have a skiing pal that lived in China for quite a few years building micro-chip plants. When I told him about the forced organ harvesting of political dissidents… that if your tissue matches a rich Japanese business man who needs a heart, it’s not going to be a good day for you… I asked my pal Mark if he thought it was true. This is what he said… “I have no doubt”. He went on to describe a town that mines coal and everything has a black residue on it… he described it as a dystopic ecological disaster zone, a hellish existence for the people that live there. When the NBA carries water for China while relentlessly hammering the fans with Black Lives Matter propaganda, they have no clue how morally bankrupt that is. That the Chinese poured more concrete in just two years than the US did during 100 years from 1900 to 2000 and we fueled that insane growth and the building of cities without inhabitants.


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